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I already have an outsource billing company and a contract is in place? How can I use of Emed Pro Services?

I advise to hire a professional like my self to come do and audit on your current billing company . I will come in as a consultant for first TWO hours free and a small charge per hour after that. I will track down all your services rendered in hospital and in office by reviewing your reports. I then audit what has been billed, paid or unpaid. I can help in following up in what has not been paid. If needed, I will submit or resubmitt claims and work what has been denied. At the end of the agreed auditing time I will issue you the provider or your office manager a clear report.

We can then analyse the percentage of work done and percentage of the un-billed. Let us help you find the answers you need.

You dont have the time but we do! You have nothing to loose just call our professionals. We are currently consulting in Las Vegas and California

Emedproservices.com 909 749-2536 Esmeralda


Is it smart to let my billing go out to a medical billing company?
Industry experts agree, it’s not only smart, it’s good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care and outsource other functions, like medical billing. It’s even smarter to outsource with E-MedPro Services because we do what we say as we become1 to show you the successful results.

Does Emed Pro work with Doctors in different states and different specialties? We absolutely do! Esmeralda or another consultant will speak with you directly VIA telephone, facetime, skype or even in person. Esmeralda or a team member will come to your office no matter where it is and will go over in detail to discuss and come up with a business/billing plan for you. We offer so many services, that you will be amazed on how much of a great help we can be.

How does E-Med Billing reduce my administration headaches and how can I benefit from your services?
By taking on the burden of your billing and giving you more time to run your practice! Not only do our medical billing experts take the heavy burden of insurance claim submission, coding, audit, insurance payment posting(includes checking for correct allowable) patient responsibility collection, statements and so much more. Replace it with improved cash flow and more time for patient care; but you will no longer have to worry and watch over your in-house billing staff. We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision. You don’t have to provide office space for a medical billing department. We even help your front desk staff “capture” the demographic information properly to assist in the billing process! Esmeralda and her team will even come to your practice as needed to help front staff with admin training. The purpose for admin training is important to help in the following :

Eligibility-it is not to see if is active/inactive only as there is more to look out for. We will train on what needs to be looked at in detail to avoid denials that can create an entire account rejection

Referral/Authorization- We can train your staff and come up with a system that will avoid these type of unnecessary denials

Treatments/Procedures- We inform you of bundle ling denials and come up with a system that will help avoid these unnecessary denials and get you paid how you deserve

Audit-we check for unscheduled appointments, encounters without claims and even your documentation and much more

This helps tremendously as a team! We work on what could have been a denial later in the front end. We limit your denials by double and triple checking prior to any claim submission.

Attention Medical office front office staff :Is your current billing department / outsource company to stressful and you...

Attention Medical office front office staff :

Is your current billing department / outsource company to stressful and you feel they aren't helping your Doctors office ?

Call EMED Pro Services now to schedule a lunch that will be delivered to you and your team. We can then discuss all of it together and come up with a plan 👌🏻easy to fix 😊 Remember, when there is a billing problem EMED has the solution 👍🏼

909 7492536

We know the answers !

Physicians also deserve to be trained on how they can audit their billers. For example: What to look into during the aud...
EMED Pro Services

Physicians also deserve to be trained on how they can audit their billers. For example:
What to look into during the auditing? Has any of your hard work been missed in the billing/charge process ? During payment posting , was it paid correctly ? Payers also make mistakes , they can under pay you and during the payment posting, the biller/ posting department may have not even noticed ! EMED Pro specializes in this individual service .

Our rule is , we don't just get the job done , we get the job done RIGHT. We double / triple audit our selves to ensure mistakes are not happening .

Before EMED Pro was founded by me . I was an employee for many doctors as well as for out source billing companies . I have put this two job descriptions into one and know the importance of
both roles . I do care and I do come outside the box
to look into detail and fix any missed errors from
Front to back staff prior to any claim submission . If any mistakes from demographics to authorizations/ referrals etc. are found during claim processing I fix it in the front end. Once the correction is made I will surely address this mistakes to the correct department so as a team we eliminate this mistakes in the future . Less denials more payment.

Clean claim submission is what will decrease those unnecessary denials. Payment comes
In faster and allows the billing team to focus on bigger things of the billing process. My team is trained to follow the same protocol and keep you as a physician happy according to your expectations. We work with you, never against you . We become one team !

Call EMED !

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ICD-10 is one of the most significant changes the physician community faces. Find out why:http://www.emedproservices.com...
Since ICD-10 is one of the most significant changes the physician community faces, what preparation should I expect from a billing company? - E-Med Pro Services

ICD-10 is one of the most significant changes the physician community faces. Find out why:


Practices that aren’t prepared for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 may see an immediate hit in revenue on Oct. 1, 2014. It may even serve as a death blow for some. Savvy practices will rely on billing companies that have completed end-to-end testing and have already performed the appropriate tra...


Medical Billing is not that complicated... as long as you know the right process ! We can help you, just give us a call and we can answer all your questions !

(702) 587-3688

Billing Facts: Claim Denied or Rejected?Is a question that many ask in the medical field. Learn more about this and othe...
Billing Facts: Claim Denied or Rejected - E-Med Pro Services

Billing Facts: Claim Denied or Rejected?

Is a question that many ask in the medical field. Learn more about this and other facts!


The insurance company (payer) processes the claims usually by medical claims examiners or medical claims adjusters. For higher dollar amount claims, the insurance company has medical directors review the claims and evaluate their validity for payment using rubrics (procedure) for patient eligibility...

EMED Pro Services

EMED Pro Medical Billing is the most efficient company that won't stop .. we don't bill just to get the job done , we bill to get the job done RIGHT!

Are you a specialist in the medical field? Save time and money by hiring medical billing services, give us a call for a free consultation: +1 702 587-3688
Serving Nevada, California and Arizona
Billing Facts: How many people does it take to generate 1 bill?

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