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Challenge accepted from Anne.
Could I please get two (2) friends or family members to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just two. Any two. Say DONE.


Poem submission 6/12/2019


I sit quietly, listening.
Putting my hand to my chest, I wait to feel it.
Like someone lost in a dark room, stumbling around, sliding hands on the walls trying to find the light switch.
My memories seem to melt together, colors and places, smiles- all swirl together- lost

It’s gone.

Get your smock on:
Art can heal PTSD's invisible wounds

Get your smock on:

Trauma silences its victims, says creative arts therapist Melissa Walker, but art can help those suffering from the psychological wounds of war begin to open up and heal. In this inspiring talk, Walker describes how mask-making, in particular, allows afflicted servicemen and women reveal what haunts...


“Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother,
and my sisters, and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people,
Back to the beginning!

Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them,
In the halls of Valhalla!
Where the brave may live forever.
-Viking Prayer

Responding to dick comments because, no, we can't sleep either:

Responding to dick comments because, no, we can't sleep either:


Screw you healthine.garbage. Thanks for being unhelpful. I'm surprised one on the list isn't "Sleep."

1.)Lower the Room Temperature. Share on Pinterest. ...
2.)Use the "4-7-8" Breathing Method. ...
3.)Get on a Schedule. ...
4.)Experience Both Daylight and Darkness. ...
5.)Practice Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. ...
6.)Do Not Look at Your Clock. ...
7.)Avoid Naps During the Day. ...
8.)Watch What and When You Eat.

Invisible Wound

Invisible Wound


I visit the statue often.
Even though the statue is far from home.
I find myself standing alone in the darkness, in a clearing.
He is imposing in size, made of solid, immovable stone.
His heavy feet stand in a place that was likely a house..a foundation weathered into a clearing long ago.
I approach the statue.
I often wonder what he's looking at in the distance. Or maybe he's not looking at anything. It's hard to tell. On my toes, I balance myself to stare into his unmoving eyes.
I slide my hand over his smooth, cool arm. I pull myself to it, momentarily find comfort despite its lack of response.
I knock on his chest, the sound is hollow, thunderous even.
I press my ear against his stone chest...imagining he might be crawled up inside somehow. I listen quietly, almost sure I hear a heartbeat.
I hear nothing.
I can't remember how long this statue has been there.
It seems like days, but just as likely, years.
But I remember the night I realized I was too late.
All at once I noticed his feet had been hardened into place. I ran to him. Why couldn't he hear my screams to tell him he was changing?
He doesn't hear me even though he nods at me. How long has he been unable to hear me?
I sobbed, wrapping my arms around him.
I pleaded to his deaf ears as I felt his body turn to stone, cold, pressed against mine.
I looked up at him, desperate to find his familiar, blue gaze.
It was too late, his eyes were already fixed.
It was done.

When I visit him, I wrap myself around him. My eyes squeezed tightly, I try to will those stone arms to hold me.
Maybe my love will be enough.
But those heavy arms never move.

I visit the statue often.
I press my face against his smooth cheek.
I whisper to him about my life, ask him for his thoughts, and cry in his stone lap when I'm sad.
At times, I think he can hear me, but I can't be sure.
Although I know he's a statue, I still think my love can be enough.
I hold him and hope for one day, to feel him stir in my arms.
I visit him, often even though it's far from home.

Invisible Wound's cover photo

Invisible Wound's cover photo

Invisible Wound

Invisible Wound

A huge failure in the Veteran community has been not focusing enough on the traumatic brain injury (TBI)  that often acc...

A huge failure in the Veteran community has been not focusing enough on the traumatic brain injury (TBI) that often accompanies PTS. No one talks about it- it just happens at families while they are busy fighting the emotional symptoms of trauma. Families fearlessly face PTS, but are never told to look behind them and the silent enemy. There's no road map for this. Although many of you walk it, there isn't even a road. But you're not alone.

To explore stability of relationships and predictors of change in relationship status two years following TBI/Polytrauma.Five Department of Veterans Affairs Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers (VA PRCs).357 active duty service members and Veterans enrolled ...

Stages of PTS. They aren't linear- you can go back and fourth between a few in any order. None of them seem like stages ...

Stages of PTS. They aren't linear- you can go back and fourth between a few in any order. None of them seem like stages to look forward to. Not sure how I feel about this one. Thoughts?

Predators in training with Anis Heremic in Virginia. (Krav Maga: Ratnik Self-Defense System)
Bosnian War Survivor Teaches Others the Art of Krav Maga

Predators in training with Anis Heremic in Virginia. (Krav Maga: Ratnik Self-Defense System)

With the Bosnian War now more than two decades in the past, one of its survivors has set up a new life in America and is using his experiences and lasting memories of the conflict to teach others how to defend themselves. Anis Heremic escaped Bosnia with his parents and sister in 1998, just three

On Memorial Day we remember those who sacrificed everything. May we honor those heroes by caring for those Veterans who ...

On Memorial Day we remember those who sacrificed everything. May we honor those heroes by caring for those Veterans who live- That can’t sleep at night, because they remember those who sacrificed, not just today, but every day.



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#project22 & #invisiblewound A poem to help those who are battling to cope with Invisible Wounds (ie Grief, TBI, PTSd, depression, diabetes, seizures, & etc) "One More Day, To Stay" Just breathe and take a few moments, Gives you, one more second, to check it, Gives you, one more minute, to spin it, Gives you, one more hour, to take power, Can, Give, You, One More Day, To Stay! - Rob Springer Disabled Warrior 2012'
Reach Out To the father of his father's father... for it's he who taught his son.... that life...words weren't enough... his fists could overcome... his feelings of insecurity... the anger and rage inside... the notion that somehow force... could protect his childish pride. Through all the years...of anguish and tears... round and round the carousel... again he passed his legacy of pain... his inheritance of hell... to another generation... of men who will never be men... because as he has done to his son... so his son will do again. Animals act on instinct... but only the lowest ones... abuse the family around them... the time has finally come... to show these pathetic creatures... for the cowards they really are... today...gathered here together... we are just the tiniest part... of the huge and growing movement... that is demanding an immediate end... to the tolerance of any abuse... by these animals who think they are men. Fear has kept this lady... from leaving and living her life... isolation has insured him... that she would remain his wife. Love for her innocent children... has forced her to quietly endure... the pain both mental and physical... hoping someday she might find a cure... for whatever it was that changed... the man she loved back when... to the monster who now holds her captive... as he loves her then hits her again. She need but look around... at the army that is gathering before her... to see the power she has gained... through the millions of those who support her. Now she will never be alone... if she should decide to go... now there's a legion of friends... who will help her because they know... just exactly what she is feeling... because they've been there themselves... they've known the terror and uncertainty... the fear of asking for help. So here we are today to offer another solution... we can change the way it is... to how it will be in the future. United we can tell the father... and the father's father before him... it’s his turn to be afraid... because now the laws won't ignore him. This crime will never again... be called just a family matter... next time he raises his fist... to slap, beat...or batter... the lady he promised to love... the love he promised to protect... we promise this lady today... we will never again reject... her pleas for understanding... her fear of leaving her home... her fear of losing her children... her feelings of being alone. All of us here today vow to stand beside you... if you decide to leave... we’ll be there to guide you. All of us here today... vow to change the laws... that have always up till now... ignored the problem because... up till now we've been hiding... like the ostrich with his head in the sand up till now...pretending... we didn't we couldn't understand. But's out in the open... it's time for the cowards to run there's an army of angry people... and the battle has just begun. How dare you beat the ones who love you... just because you can. from now on...we promise you this... each time you raise your hand... you will hear such a cry... such a blood curdling scream... from the millions of people all over the world... who have lived that horrible dream. You’ll never again be allowed... to think that you have the right... to raise your fist to anyone... because of some stupid fight. It's a shame it took so much pain... to finally see the way...’s coming to an end... as all of us join here today... to promise each and every woman... with bruises and broken bones... reach out...and we will be there... and you will never, ever...again be alone. co 1999 skybird pub co james bruce joseph sievers