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This! Is! It!

This! Is! It!

I've been rocking and cuddling my baby to sleep since that day he was born. I mentioned this to a nurse at my clinic recently. She said that she did the same thing with her son, and everyone warned her that she would still have a teenager sleeping in her bed. And then she told me that, a few weeks ago, her teenage son came home from school very upset. He didn't want to talk, and just went to his room and listened to his music, typed on his phone and cried. The mother gave her son space, and night time came and she went to bed. Just as she was about to turn off her side light, the door opened, and her 15 year old padded into the room. He climbed into the bed with her, laid his head on her shoulder and cried.
He told her all about the girl that broke his heart, all about the friends who laughed, all about the stresses of being him. She told him about her first broken heart, about friends who'd been cruel, and told him she understands. They talked in the dark for hours, until he feel asleep in her bed. Still sad but relieved after their talk.
'So you see' she said to me, when she finished the story. 'I was so scared that I wound wind up with a teenager who would 'need me' at night, that I never stopped to consider how beautiful that would really be.' 🌟

Words by the beautiful L.R.Knost - Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources
Photo by the talented Angelickpicture

Wow this is perfectly said!

Wow this is perfectly said!

Let us help you get there.

#breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport
Breast Milk’s Circadian Rhythms | La Leche League International

BRIANA TILLMAN, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA PHOTO:SHUTTERSTOCK/LEONID AND ANNA DEDUKH Human milk’s complex adaptations are amazing. Breast milk undergoes biochemical changes during a feeding; the consistency develops visually over the course of a pumping session from watery foremilk to creamie...

The Milky Way Movie

The Milky Way Movie

Forcing mothers to cover up while nursing is culturally orchestrated sabotage. NORMALIZE NURSING IN PUBLIC.

This is a wonderful attempt to get Lactation care covered by Medicaid. This would definitely change so much.

This is a wonderful attempt to get Lactation care covered by Medicaid. This would definitely change so much.

Fresh off the press! A published article on behalf of OLCA regarding ongoing advocacy in Ohio. Thanks to Julie Gladney, Christine Smith and Allyson Wessells for collaborating on this publication. Check it out and share widely to help others know about the importance of equitable and accessible lactation care and coverage for all Ohioans💗

Formula feeding is a risk in emergency situations. During any disaster breastfeeding is protective and safe.

Formula feeding is a risk in emergency situations. During any disaster breastfeeding is protective and safe.

Breastfeeding *can* happen during an emergency, like wildfire season. Human milk contains antibodies that fight infection, including diarrhea and respiratory infections common among infants in emergency situations. Learn more: #IYCFE


What questions would you like to have answered about breastfeeding your precious babe? I’m planning to go live in the near future again.

Wildflower Breastfeeding

Wildflower Breastfeeding

When a baby nurses at its mother's breast, a vacuum is created. Within that vacuum, the infant's saliva is sucked back into the mother's nipple, where receptors in her mammary gland read its signals. This "baby spit backwash” contains information about the baby's immune status. Then mother’s breast milk adjusts its immunological composition accordingly!

If the mammary gland receptors detect the presence of pathogens, they compel the mother's body to produce antibodies to fight it, and those antibodies travel through breast milk back into the baby's body, where they target the infection.

Reference: Katie Hinde, PhD, a biologist and associate professor at the Center for Evolution and Medicine at the School of Human Evolution & Social Change at Arizona State University.

Northern Ohio Lactation Association - NOLA


It's day 2 of #BlackBreastfeedingWeek2020!
Here's the first of the series of videos collected by the Cuyahoga County WIC Program, featuring local Black breastfeeding women who wanted to share their stories 🖤

My fur baby Winnie!!

My fur baby Winnie!!

My thoughts exactly!!

My thoughts exactly!!

#babysmiles #bestfeeling #notascuteat3am

Maya Bolman, IBCLC

Maya Bolman, IBCLC

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!
Hand expression is a great “handy”tool!
It can be used in many situations and different settings. Be kind and gentle to yourself. There are many ways to hand express! Choose the one that works for you and is painless and efficient. ❤️🤱🏾🤱🏻🤱

Every Mother, Inc.

Every Mother, Inc.

“For as long as there are children, breastfeeding will occupy a central irreplaceable position in their survival, development and well-being, in the rights of mothers, in the stability of families, and even in the economy of nations and in the defence of a clean and safe environment.”
Dr Richard Jolly, Former Acting Executive Director, UNICEF
(Celebrating Day 2 of World Breastfeeding Week 2020—thanks to Pamela Morrison for this photo and quote from UNICEF)

Join us for fun!

Join us for fun!

Tomorrow is the Global Virtual BIG Latch On Event! Don't forget we are completely virtual this year!

Register here for further instructions on how to participate-->

The Big Latch On will be completely virtual via zoom meeting from 10-11 a.m. There will be the official latch on at 10:30 a.m. We have lots of door prizes to give away!! Can't Wait to Celebrate with You!!


Going live 7/26 Sunday evening at 6:30. Please join me while I share some helpful information to prepare for breastfeeding. I will answer your questions as well! Thanks!

Firelands Area Breastfeeding Alliance

Firelands Area Breastfeeding Alliance

FABA is excited to once again be hosting a Global BIG Latch on!!🎉 Due to COVID-19, the BIG Latch On is completely virtual this year. We will be hosting our local Latch On via Zoom. After registering, you will receive an email with more information. We can't wait to "see"🤓 you on August 1st!!

Register Here -->

We will still be giving away door prizes!! 😁

Something fun for World Breastfeeding Week!   Join if you can!!

Something fun for World Breastfeeding Week! Join if you can!!

The Global Big Latch On takes place annually over three days during World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th August), and is all virtual this year! The Global Big Latch On events aim to protect, promote & support breastfeeding families. For More details visit--

Stay Tuned for More Details Later This Month!

Skin to Skin Contact

Skin to Skin Contact

Research Shows that it is Optimal to Place New Babies Skin-to-Skin with their Mother Skin-to-skin babies are warmer and have higher blood sugar, they breathe...

Revolutionary treatment for mastitis, clogged ducts and engorged breasts.

Revolutionary treatment for mastitis, clogged ducts and engorged breasts.

Orange Breast Basics:
Be Kind to your breast❤️
Let’s talk about Therapeutic Breast Massage. It can be a wonderful tool to help with engorgement and clogged ducts.
How much pressure to use with the touch?
The touch needs to be gentle! Like touching your baby’s face gentle!! It should not hurt!! Be kind to yourself!
Never underestimate the power of a light touch🤱🏾🤱🏻🤱

Take note! D is so important

Take note! D is so important

Vitamin D is a hormone that is important beyond bone health. It also plays a role in maintaining a strong immune system, lowering inflammation and chronic disease.
Vitamin D deficiency is common worldwide though prevalence varies substantially depending on geography, race and time of year.
An infant's vitamin D is acquired from their mother either during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. If mom's levels are low than infants will be low unless they are getting adequate sunlight exposure.
Given vitamin D is important both for mothers' and infants' health, studies look at correcting maternal vitamin D levels as a means to address infant vitamin d deficiency.
A recent study in Breastfeeding Medicine journal by Malhotra et al studied 132 exclusively breastfed infants and their mothers in India who were randomized into two groups.
The mothers in one group received a placebo while the mothers in the intervention group received high dose vitamin D (60,000 IU) postpartum and at 6,10 and 14 weeks when the infants were receiving their vaccines. The dosing averaged to a daily dose of 2,449 IU.
At enrollment, 90.4% of mothers and 88.6% of infants were vitamin D deficient (levels

New Beginnings

New Beginnings


Live Friday at 4 this week! Join me please:)


I’m doing many virtual consults which are going very well!

Raised Good

Raised Good


I help support moms with breastfeeding! Love it!


Don’t go it alone! Reach out for a visit!

So important now!

So important now!

Four Keeps for Breastfeeding in the Time of Coronavirus
Keep your milk flowing
Keep your baby fed
Keep your baby close
Keep your hands and pump parts clean

You can breastfeed if you test positive for COVID-19.
If you aren't able to breastfeed, seek support to express your milk.

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

Wic is a great program! Very helpful with food and ideas for nutrition with a family!

During this unprecedented time, many are facing challenges such as feeding their families and finding breastfeeding support. The Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program is offering enrollment into its services, via phone or online. Visit this link to use the zip code locator and find the phone number that serves your area.

It’s always beneficial milk!

It’s always beneficial milk!

There are many reasons to breastfeed a toddler. Can you add to this list? Via @bellybellybaby


I enjoyed the live spot on Friday so much! I will do it again soon!



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I hope this speaks to what I do!!
Nicole Robinson... June is great ☺️
If any mom's in need have a Freemie pump, I have an unopened box from the company with extra cups and lines I'd like to donate! If you haven't tried a Freemie and have a job where privacy is an issue (perfect for the office!) I'll even throw in the manual pump handle