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OT Radio Show This is the official OT Radio Show page. You have the best of both worlds with OT and UK fi After high school he earned a degree in computer technology.

Atlanta, GA, July 30. 2011 – The OT Radio Show, broadcasting out of Love Joy, GA has been known to bring listeners the latest in local and national news, interviews and new music from established and upcoming artists alike. Now in its third year, and hosted by Ollie “OT” Tanismore, The OT Show expands its studio and gives music artist a new and unique opportunity to expose their music. The OT Show

will add a new segment to its format, the “Jukebox”. Live mini concerts on the radio once a month for musicians and artists to perform live in studio. Full bands, solo artists, spoken word artists even comedians will all be heard live on the radio. “The OT Show is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve the community, and we thought this would add a bonus opportunity for the artists”, says host OT. To facilitate this new endeavor, The OT show is moving into a new and larger studio in Union City, GA in July 2011 and can still be heard on https://www.otradioshow.com

The OT Show began broadcasting in February 2009 to give a voice to Love Joy, GA and discuss issues that affect their community and the world around them including relationships, health, education, religion and government. Since the official launch listeners in 2700 cities and more than three (3) countries tune in every Friday from 7pm to 9pm EST to listen to the popular, the Orange Kool-Aid song of the Day, New Artist Spotlight, and Miss London bringing news from the U.K. The OT Show has interviewed an impressive list of artists, performers, authors, film makers, athletes and entertainment professionals. Over the last three years authors Omar Tyree and Teri Woods, Designer Eva Danielle, artist, K’Jon, Tia P. and Kenny G, Chef, Aaron McCargo Jr, Gospel artist Canton Jones, Comedian, Roy Wood Jr,, film makers, actor Kenyon Glover, film maker Al Greeze and ESPN’s Ashlee Ray,Author,Baje Fletcher, Singer Avery Sunshine, Hairstyles Dr.Boogie and Many more have all been guests on the show. Host and Producer of the OT Radio Show, Ollie “OT” Tansimore was born in Philadelphia, Pa. As a child he was a member of the rap group Staff and a fan of all music genres. He became a member of the 100 Black Men Philadelphia Chapter the director of the 100 Youth Program. Tansimore also founded an afterschool program for the Waterview Recreational Center. Keeping with his roots of making affective change for the youth and the community, the OT Radio Show’s mission is to become self-sufficient and provide a voice, resources and positive changes for the world. The OT Radio show broadcast out of Love Joy, GA every Friday, 7pm – 9pm. You can tune in at https://www.youtube.com/c/OTRadioShow1. Artists interested in performing live on the OT Radio Show please send a media kit/EPK, 2 MP3’s (radio ready), bio and direct contact information to [email protected]

Check out my bro  back at home friday at the Philadelphia Library downtown.

Check out my bro back at home friday at the Philadelphia Library downtown.


KiKi Shepard is a versatile performer who loves entertaining, whether on film, television, or the stage. She has been a fixture on American television for over 30 years, and Hosting for KiKi, is a natural arena... it fits her perfectly!

KiKi is best known as the "Apollo Queen of Fashion." For 15 years, she starred as the smashing Co-Host of NBC's original "It's Showtime at the Apollo". Ms. Shepard was also the Host of NBC's, "Live In Hollywood;" and TV One's game show, "The Bid Whist Party Throwdown."

KiKi performed on Broadway for over 10 years and continues to Host numerous special events today. She has been Blessed to work on television and film., and continues to make appearances in numerous TV sitcoms, episodics, MOW's, and studio films. She was most recently seen on the BET movie "BlackJack Xmas."

Ms. Shepard feels especially compassionate to the fight waged by the patients and families living with Sickle Cell Disease. In 2006, she proudly formed her own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The KIS Foundation, Inc., whose mission is to raise awareness, advocate, and educate the public about SCD.

The KIS Foundation, Inc., supports the SCD community through educational scholarships, student mentorships, its Crisis Care Package Backpack Program, and their amazing "KiKi Shepard's Annual Celebrity Golf Classic," which is in its 6th year."

KiKi Shepard hails from Tyler, Texas, holds a BA in Business Administration from Howard University, and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

She always emphasizes the need for higher education, has an unfaltering will to succeed, and sincerely believes in the greatness of family and God!


-Defensive End for New England Patriots
-Defensive End for Pittsburgh Maulers (USFL)
-Attended Sacramento City, San Joaquin Delta
-Currently working on his first book
-Will be hosting his first football camp on June 22nd
-Married, 3 girls


Christina Collins (PE Teacher, entrepreneur, lobbyist, athlete)

“Sitting is the new smoking” (Dr. James Levine, Mayo Clinic). Movement is simply essential for survival, and physical education (P.E.) teacher, former athlete, mother, and entrepreneur Christina Collins, CEO of NeverStopMoving365, is effectively creating a ripple of change nationwide through her state lobbying efforts and launch of her business and franchise that offers skill development for youth, outside of the classroom, as well as franchise opportunities for fellow teachers in need of additional income. From lobbying for a change in NY state mandates for the required time of physical activity for students to making physical activity and coaching available nationwide to her fundraising campaign, Christina is well-deserving of her recent nomination as a "Woman of Impact'' by the American Heart Association.


Eric Metcalf is an American former professional football player in the National Football League (NFL) for the Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection for the Browns and the Chargers. He was also the 1988 US Track and Field Champion in the long jump and a two-time NCAA Champion in the same event at Texas. His father Terry was a running back for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Eric Metcalf is an American former professional football player in the National Football League (NFL) for the Cleveland ...

Eric Metcalf is an American former professional football player in the National Football League (NFL) for the Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection for the Browns and the Chargers. He was also the 1988 US Track and Field Champion in the long jump and a two-time NCAA Champion in the same event at Texas. His father Terry was a running back for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Hill Harper is a lawyer, union organizer, actor and single father who owns a well-known coffee shop in Detroit. He’s not a politician, but he’s running for U.S. Senate anyway to ensure every single Michigander has economic security and real representation focused on the people, not lobbyists or wealthy donors. Raised in the Midwest by two doctors, Hill learned early on the importance of public service, and that the purpose of life was to make life better for everyone. Throughout his life, whether on the campus of Harvard Law School or on the set of The Good Doctor, Hill Harper always kept alive that passion for service. It took him to Iowa and then across the country as he campaigned as a top surrogate for his law school classmate, President Barack Obama. That passion for service led him to sit on President Obama’s Cancer Panel, to write several best-selling books aimed at empowering marginalized young people, and to establish a charitable foundation that helps young people achieve their dreams through scholarships, mentorships and grants. Now, Hill is running for U.S. Senate because he believes the depth of the challenges facing our nation demands independence over conformity, and service over personal ambition.

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My oldest bae.

My oldest bae.

Join me on February 8 at 3 PM for a special IG live with ! 🌟 Let's discuss Etherine Tansimore college scholarship and hi...

Join me on February 8 at 3 PM for a special IG live with ! 🌟 Let's discuss Etherine Tansimore college scholarship and highlight the purpose of supporting high school seniors with a 2.5 GPA aiming for the medical field. 🎓 Excited to see you all! 💙 Contribute or apply for the scholarship here: https://go.bold.org/OT 🚀

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Live tonight

Live tonight

Founded in 2023, Theoretikally R&B (TRNB) is the passion project of three longtime college friends–Aram (Slap) Boykin, Yasmin (Yaz) Perkins and James (JC) Ca...


She is simply known to family and friends as Reina Shuford but is quickly making her name ‘Reyna Love’, known to her fans and the entertainment industry. Love, who was born in South Florida knew at an early age she was destined to be a star. At the tender age of seven, Love found herself on the popular show, “Sesame Street.” It was then her mother realized she had a very talented daughter. “My Mom watched me day in and day out singing and dancing on set and she saw the joy on my face,” explains Love. “Dancing alongside Gloria Estefan for the world premiere of “Elmo’s Palooza,” was confirmation I was headed in the right direction.” Love was also intrigued with the arts and culture, which led her to other activities such as golf, tennis, and some modeling between the ages of 7 to 14. Although Love was enjoying the other interests, it was her love for drama that made her continue to take an interest in entertainment, so she joined the drama club at her high school. At 15, she landed the lead role in a high school play and was awarded 1st Place by the local community youth fair.
Things were starting to pick up steam as she received a call back for a Disney project, but unfortunately, everything came to a complete stop. Love learned she was pregnant with her first child and realized she had to put her acting on hold to provide for her family. Love enrolled in medical school and worked in the medical field for three years. Not feeling completely fulfilled and missing the acting bug, Love decided to give modeling another try to get back in front of the camera. It didn’t take long for things to pick up for Love. She began modeling for brands such as Chic Couture Online, Pretty Little Things, POSH Beauty, and Lina Zuniga Cosmetics to name a few. As luck would have it, Love received a message from Miasha Coleman, a New York best-selling author about a project she was working on and was interested in having Love audition. “Miasha explained to me she wanted to transition her novels into film.” says Love. “This was a dream come true for me, for I knew the project was going to be a trilogy series. "As the saying goes, the rest is history; Love landed the lead role of ‘Celess’ in the trilogy series. She has brought to life the character in all three installments; “Secret Society,” “Secret Society: Never Enough,” and “Secret Society: Til Death.” The first two installments received rave reviews, earning a #5 rating in the country on Amazon Prime. The final installment is set to be released on December 15th on Amazon as well. If one could play on words, you could definitely say the ‘secret’ is out; Reyna Love is a star who is ready to shine brightly! Keep an eye out for this starlet.

Live Now

Live Now


Elizabeth Correia is a resilient entrepreneur and award-winning visionary, who has triumphed over unimaginable adversity throughout her life. Recently enduring the heart-wrenching loss of her son in a sudden car accident, she draws upon her extraordinary strength cultivated through a turbulent childhood and adolescence. Born and raised in the projects of Toronto, Elizabeth faced a challenging upbringing marked by all forms of abuse, poverty, and foster care, ultimately finding herself on the unforgiving streets at a young age. To survive, she navigated the hardships of selling drugs and became a young mother at 16. After numerous encounters with the legal system, Elizabeth committed herself to a transformative journey.

Amidst her transformative path, life dealt another challenging blow—she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, leading to a gruelling five-hour emergency surgery. Defying the odds, not only did Elizabeth survive, but she thrived. In a remarkable testament to her resilience, she penned her bestselling book, 'If You Played In My Playground,' a poignant narrative detailing her journey from adversity to triumph.

Elizabeth is the visionary founder behind 'her-HEALING & Co,' a transformative women's network dedicated to empowering women on their journey from pain to power. Through the pillars of self-care, wellness, and faith, she guides and supports women in their pursuit of healing, fostering a community that uplifts and inspires each member to embrace their strength and resilience. With a passion for women's empowerment, she is committed to creating a space where healing is not just a destination but a powerful and ongoing process of growth and self-discovery.


This past year alone she has performed for a Make-A-Wish Gala at prestigious Sony Hall, worked with some of the nation's leading entertainment companies, Emerald City and Ben Mallare Entertainment, and is currently on her second contract at America's Resort. Often sought after for her physical theatrics and vocal versatility, she's a true reminiscent of renowned musicians.
Homing in on her craft by age 9, Raylee began performing at events and theaters around her hometown (killeen, Tx) Eager to continue training she received her BFA from AMDA- College of the Performing Arts where she studied in NYC and Los Angeles.


- Melinda Santiago is a serial entrepreneur in the
entertainment industry. For over 30 years, Melinda has
consulted, managed, and branded several celebrity clients
and helped them achieve new successes. Integrity and
respect are her driving forces in this once-male-dominated
She is the CEO of The Santiago Firm LLC, an entertainment
services firm, and she is the CEO of Santi Media Group, LLC
a multi-media company with 3 divisions, Santi Books -the
book publishing division , Santi Music - the record label
division, and Santi Films -the film and television
production division.
- Melinda has always been a creative storyteller and became
a published author by writing her first Fiction Novel
titled “Til Death Do Us Un-Part” which she published under
her company Santi Books and is in the process of writing.
several business books to aid in education. She has also taken the step into screenwriting and converted her book into screenplay for feature length film.
development. Melinda is an associate producer on “Video Soul” w/ Donnie Simpson currently on BET+, Feature Film “Hollywood Hearts” aired on BET and currently on UrbanFlixTv. Community Giveback / Philanthropy:
- Melinda is also committed to community development and
philanthropy. She sits on the board and volunteers throughout the year for 2 nonprofit 501c3 organizations. “Believe In Our Vizion” is a nonprofit organization that supports the needs of underserved foster children, and 2-
“The Bobby V Foundation” is a nonprofit organization that helps address food disparities and support youth in seeking. higher education. She has also started her own non-profit foundation called “Pick Up To Get Up Foundation” , an organization that encourages literacy and entrepreneurship.


Po Dean's life story, captured in this autobiography, illuminates an odyssey through youthful days filled with endless parties and spontaneous adventures. As time flew by amid the enjoyment, Po realized the consequences of overlooking goal-setting and planning for the future.

Reflecting on the past, regrets and missed opportunities come to the surface. Po wishes for wiser choices, judicious time investment, and a more purposeful pursuit of success. Instead, dedicating himself to others, he left his aspirations unattended.

Life, a collection of moments, features both brilliance and regret. Po Dean's narrative intertwines experiences showcasing his lapses alongside moments of joy, humor, and resilience. Through candid self-reflection, he invites readers to contemplate choices, time usage, and the paths forged.

This memoir serves as an inspirational call to action, urging readers to seize opportunities, take charge of their destinies, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In professional life, Po Dean serves as the Head of Marketing/Promotions for the Ruff Ryders Brand, with a network spanning the U.S. and overseas. With expertise in event planning, branding, and communications, he boasts over two decades of experience in product messaging, strategic positioning, and core content creation for the Ruff Ryders Brand.

Ruff Ryder BET Video



T'Mil Curtis is a serial entrepreneur skilled in marketing, coaching, ministry, public speaking, event production, and promotion. With all these talents, it’s not surprising that she is rolling out several books starting this quarter and throughout 2024. She can now add serial author to her extensive resume!
Her ability to develop industry relationships has contributed to her success. This has allowed T’Mil to establish a solid reputation and build trust with people of all walks. By fostering strong industry relationships, she gained opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and increased visibility, solidifying her reputation as someone worth watching.
Her book, Church Growth Through Digital Ministry, is a comprehensive guide to help churches grow using digital strategies.
Churches are experiencing exponential growth through digital ministry. In recent years, digital platforms and technologies have become more widely used in religious practices. Digital ministry involves using online platforms and tools to connect with a wider audience.
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital ministry. Churches had to quickly adapt to gathering restrictions by using digital tools to continue services and stay connected with their congregations. This period highlighted the importance of digital ministry and its potential for growth.
However, T’Mil was ahead of the game. She conceptualized the idea of bringing church to the digital age before the pandemic.
“This book started as a handout created for a class at The Fuel Strategies Summit but quickly morphed into what I believe is strategy in motion for pastors and ministries,” states Curtis.
What sets her book apart is its ability to explain important topics for church growth while also addressing overlooked aspects of digital ministry and church operations.
And although each church will have its unique strategies and approaches, it’s important that they all recognize the importance of leveraging technology to extend their ministry reach, enhance communication, and create a sense of community both online and offline.
Church Growth Through Digital Ministry begins by exploring the basics of digital ministry, including what it is, why it’s important, and how to get started. It then discusses digital evangelism and discipleship, along with specific strategies for using digital tools to reach people, build relationships, and grow your church.
Curtis shares some of the key principles or strategies she discusses in her book for achieving church growth through digital ministry. “The key principle is this; any pastor or church that isn’t serious about their digital presence has no real vision to me.”
Digital ministry allows churches to transcend geographical limitations, reaching individuals who are not physically able to attend services or events. Online platforms allow churches to connect with a worldwide audience and share their message, teachings, and worship experiences. This accessibility can attract new members and foster a sense of community among believers who may be dispersed.
The multi-talented entrepreneur states, “The Great Commission is to go into all the world, and we can’t do that in today’s time without using technology. Some strategies I cover are to:”

Proud sponsor of ABA "Akron Aviators" TeamWatch the game

Proud sponsor of ABA "Akron Aviators" Team
Watch the game

The Columbus Wizards host their inaugural game in the ABA Live from the Armory in Columbus, OH.


I need 100 men or more to participate in the survey. What kind of woman should you not date?
DM your answers. We will announce the answers live on the radio Thursday 11/2 at 9:00 am

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Jessica Marie Courts (J Jig Cicero), 2015-2016 Ohio Hip Hop Award Winning Best Female Artist was born Jan 11th in Cincinnati, Ohio and was reared in both Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio. Jig is a talented multidimensional songwriter and explosive performer of several different musical genres specializing in rap/hip hop. She is also a songwriter and performer of r&b, neo soul, and poetry. One might say that Jigs vast array of musical genus and storytelling styles is attributed to the many pathways of life in which a child from a broken home is forced to travel. Exposure to many of life’s positive and not so positive experiences birthed who we now know to be J Jig Cicero. Growing up in several homes over her childhood left her in peril. In search of answers, she found s*x, drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Indulging in all those things broadened her perception of life. She extracted from those experiences several tools for survival and later learned to channel the negative energy into positive energy, finding the passion used to bring her art form to life in the studio and on stage. Church choirs, school cafeterias, and dope houses all became home to J Jig Cicero as she traversed through life. They all became playgrounds in which she would learn to translate joy and pain into equivalent wordplay. This is where she learned to sharpen her sword and learn to wield it. That sword today is a microphone. Jig is gifted at painting lyrical collages of relevant experiences most often seen through the eyes of an inner city native. Not only is she a prolific narrator with a forthright and aggressive ear catching delivery, but also, she puts on a dynamic stage performance that most anyone would feel fortunate to witness. An unyielding J. Jig has attempted to gain acclaim in her musical career before and missed the mark. Because of her newly transformed liberated frame of mind, she now understands that failure can be one’s best teacher. Jig has stated, “I just wasn’t ready, I didn’t know nor understand many things about the art form and about life as a whole that I understand today”. She holds herself totally responsible for past failure, she states, “Immaturity, inconsistency, and lack of guidance are the reasons why I feel I didn’t fully get off the ground in the past”. As of recent years, J Jig has earned title of Best Female Artist in the state of Ohio two consecutive years in a row. This talent is truly one to keep an eye out for as she narrates about love, life, gains and losses and the societal state as a young adult in the global community.

Today she is a transmitter of positive thought and understands that dedication is the key to life’s successes. She has been reinvented; mind, body, and soul and has bravely taken the journey from once 400 pounds to now less than half of that and none of the negative baggage that it carried, “I want to be an inspiration to all who aspire to be more than what is expected of them. I want to be a catalyst for a positive change now and into the future. I want to grow to be a better person, writer, and entertainer and take the necessary actions to see that these things manifest. I believe in myself, and I believe in our youth and the music is a medium that can help make that change.” Jig could very well be a vital link into a positive transition in the lives of the American youth. J. Jig is the voice of change and catalyst for new direction in our culture. Talented, Confident, and aggressive, this is one artist who will not wait in line. This artist will pave a new path and make a lane of her very own. Keep your eyes and ears open; this is surely one you won’t want to miss.

Website https://artistecard.com/JJigCiceroMusic

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Something to think about

How do you protect someone you love and then you throw him under the bus for profit. This F- Up.
"Not worthy" This man never said anything about her. He doesn't deserve this. No respect!!. God protect this black man.



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