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Lice Clinics of America-Marietta, GA Our FDA-cleared AirAlle device kills lice and eggs through dehydration. As a member of Lice Clinics of America we offer several treatment options.

Depending on your personal needs and budget from our AirAlle medical device that kills 99.2% of lice and eggs in a single treatment to a take home kit with options in between.

Give us a call for any questions! We can also book you for a head check for peace of mind or take care of the one and do...

Give us a call for any questions! We can also book you for a head check for peace of mind or take care of the one and done treatment for you!!

ATTENTION: Parents say their children have gotten lice repeatedly over the past several months.


Did you know: The head louse has a period of 7 to 10 days from when the nit is laid until it has hatched.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for a head check or treatment today!


Now that school is out, come in and get last minute checks before camps start! Sharing is always caring, but not when it comes to sharing lice!! 😜


Did you know head lice live up to 30 days on the head after they reach adulthood? Lice do not infest furniture or carpets. Lice don’t live very long off the head, as they need blood to survive.


Let us help you with the SUPER LICE! Our treatment is non-toxic and 99.2% effective.


We are here in the summer. It is recommended you check your elementary and middle school aged children every week for lice and nits. We are glad to help!


The children might be on spring break but lice don't take a vacation. Call today for your appointment or products!

'Super Lice' Strike in 25 States

We've been steadily busy here the past couple of weeks, and we're receiving calls from frustrated parents that are at their wits end with combating lice and nits on their own.

Though the initial cost of getting our Airalle treatment may be hard to justify, it is 99.2% effective at combating nits, and lice cases have been solved with just one treatment!

Spread the word! We're here for you! Let us help you and your friends from spending countless dollars and hours fighting those pesky little bugs.

The tiny insects are resistant to over-the-counter treatments.


Tell us you saw us on Facebook and "like us" and you save $20 off a treatment. Call today for your appointment!!


The four letter word that everyone dreads L-I-C-E!!!! We are Urgent Care for Lice Removal. Let us take the stress out of the process in a NON-TOXIC, FDA-approved, comfortable treatment that guarantees those pesky parasites are GONE! Call today!


How can you get your child's school more involved in the issue of head lice?
Talk to your child's school and the school's nurse. Address your concerns and let them know that fighting head lice matters to you. Do this in a calm, rather than an accusing matter. Remain positive and most importantly, work together! Be careful to stress that your goal is NOT to place blame but rather to work with them to help develop more proactive measures in hopes of ensuring ALL children will have a lice-free environment.

FINALLY: be willing to step up to the plate and assist where help is needed, whether it's checking children's heads, educating families or helping raise funds to ensure all children have the chance to get treated. You must be willing to do your part if you truly want to make a difference.


Who do we tell when we have a lice infestation in the home?

The best thing to do for everyone is to always notify those who may have had head to head contact with the person with the active case of Lice. Most often this will include: School Nurses, Neighbors, Team mates, Girl/Boy Scout troop members, close friends and family members, and any other category of people that could have been exposed. The worst thing is to treat your household but not give other's the chance to treat theirs. This will often result in a re-infestation over time.


Tuesday Question and Answer Time!
Q: Besides itching, what are some other symptoms of head lice?
A: Did you know not everyone itches? Be on the look out for symptoms such as low-grade fever, bags under the eyes, swollen glands, a rash, at the nape of the neck and falling asleep after a good night's rest. Head lice are nocturnal, meaning that they are more active at night then during the day. Thus, we toss and turn an in effect do not have a restful night, therefore the saying " a lousy night's sleep"


Lousy Endings is excited to offer it's first ever Facebook special. We are excited to be growing through the community. We would love to get out there even more. Share our page and ask your friends and family to post your name to our wall. The household who gets us our 50th "like" will receive a free Head Check and Oil Application. Thanks everyone to making us feel so welcomed!!


Tuesday questions of the day: If my child gets lice, can I just shave his/her head?
Well we don't encourage anyone to shave heads. While some boys might consider that a great option not so sure our daughters would feel the same way. And this day and age many boys would be devastated to loose their hair. Keep in mind if shaving is the route your family goes to, shaving does not mean run over the head with a size 1 or 2 guard. It means grabbing that BIC and going BALD!


Question of the day: "I've heard the worst part about head lice is all the cleaning. Is this true?
A: NO! While a good cleaning give your a clean house it does little to eliminate the head lice problem. As parent's your time is better spent on your child's head and letting his/her friends know about the lice. Head Lice do NOT live off the head nor are eggs lying in wait or the perfect moment to hatch and re infest your family. Lice do not leave your head by choice, and they can't survive for more then 24 hours off the head. They need blood to survive. The nits must have the warmth of the head, so once separated from the hair strand it dies.


Remember the difference between a treatment and a preventative!!! Not sure the difference? Give us a call, set up a head check and consultation and let us take you to Lice School!!!


We are excited about how fast we have been growing! In fact, we are growing so fast that we are looking for Part Time help! Please email your resume to [email protected] if you are interested in more information and becoming a Certified AirAlle operator.


Head lice are rapidly evolving resistance to many traditional
pesticide-based control methods which have never been able
to kill eggs (nits) effectively and usually require repeated treat- ments. Based on clinical study data, the AirAllé™ device kills or
removes over 95% of head lice and eggs in one single treatment.
Overall, greater than 99% of the eggs on people treated with the
AirAllé™ device are dead following treatment.


So what exactly are lice?? Well they start as nits and
"Nits are eggs that attach themselves to the hair shaft; they're hard to see because they're so small, and also because they can be confused with dandruff or shampoo residue," says Cheri Hayes, R.N., a certified school nurse and author of the children's book There's a Louse in My House. Yellow to white in color, a nit takes about a week to hatch into a baby louse called a nymph, which grows to adult size in another week or so. The louse is about as big as a sesame seed and has a tan to grayish color. It needs human blood to live and can survive up to 30 days in a person's hair.


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