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Ultra Body Fuel Our mission: help the peoples of this planet greatly improve their bodies, their finances, their spirituality/mental attitude and clarity. Simple!


Kangen Regeneration
Kangen Regeneration

Kangen Regeneration

Soaking produce in 11.5 water not only rids the food of the contaminants, but it has a fuller, clean taste! Contact me for questions or help!


My friend, Otis, had a tear in a shoulder muscle, and started having severe arthritic pain over the last year to the point of not being able to raise his arm up and back, or to lift his arm to take off a shirt over the head, or to cut his hair in the back. He started drinking the water over the weekend (2 weeks ago), and immediately was able to lift his arm up and back. He had been seeing an orthopedic for therapy, and on his next visit, was told by his doctor, "Remarkable recovery, and that he no longer needs treatment." Yay-ay-ay for Kangen (and to Otis for actually drinking the water)!

Enagic's Kangen Super-Hydrating Water mixed with Organic, Raw, Egyptian Wheatgrass is an elixir BEYOND! Contact me to he...
Wheatgrass treatment for Acidosis - Wheatgrass Cure

Enagic's Kangen Super-Hydrating Water mixed with Organic, Raw, Egyptian Wheatgrass is an elixir BEYOND! Contact me to help you acquire these!

Acidosis is not constrained to stomach acid or the pH of the stomach, it’s a health condition which is about the pH of the body’s fluids and tissues.


A diabetic who's been taking the wheatgrass for barely two weeks has noted that his glucose levels have stabilized and are in a much better range. Happy for him! This tells me that he's actually drinking it every day. He's getting more this next week. (Interestingly, it does cut sugar cravings, too!)


Another person (lady) just got taken off her blood-pressure medication. She said the only thing she changed was that she'd started taking the Kamut Wheatgrass. As it was only a few weeks, she is still a bit in disbelief that it could (or would), which is understandable. Her husband says she no longer snores, and that she's had more energy than she's had in years. One must find for themselves what is true. I don't twist arms to make people see that which is front of them. Hopefully she stays well.


A vendor-friend was taken off Coumadin after a few months of using a partial serving of Kamut wheatgrass daily in mornings, along with the daily use of Apothe Cherry (to sip on during the afternoons). That is a BIG win for him! It was great to see him so thrilled when he came to share the news!


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Since a child, I’ve wanted nothing more than to help and serve others throughout my life. Fulfilled a childhood dream of going to South America to help others (though I learned more of that country than I probably gave). Have donated years working with my church. Spent more years learning about nutrition and the importance of (natural) health, then educating others through lectures, sharing samples of bountiful, nutritional drinks at events and such. Money was never a focus--HELP was the focus. As the years pass, we can only culminate our experiences to finding what the best and simplest methods of help are to be offered. What is the most direct approach? How do I impact others’ lives to help them in the deepest sense; in the three major areas of one’s life (similar to the form of a triangle, wherein the 3 points of that triangle each indicating a different area of each of our lives). And that has brought me to Enagic, on which is based on the forwarding of that philosophy: help people with their physical health, their financial health, and their spiritual/mental health. Welcome! I am with the aspiration that I can help you and your fellow family members and friends.

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