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Happy Sunday

Whoever said meat is necessary for breakfast has never had Break-fast meals

Looking for easy quick and Healthy Breakfast options that you and the kiddos will enjoy?

- Indian style Sweet potatoe Curry Vegetable blend (sautéed in avocado oil, sprinkled our
PLUS Complex just to coat and mixed thru the hash
-sprinkle minced garlic and sautéed with hash for 3-5min
-1 fried egg cooked separately
-1/2 🥑 sliced
-salt/pepper to taste
-garnished with cilantro

This meal is packed with anti-inflammatory properties , good fat, and Vitamins ...If you don't like taking 💊, no problem. We created so many products that are designed into capsules for versatility to be taken as pill or open and use in your food

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and share how you used it ..Can't wait to see your creations 😋


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Hey MVPs!!

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Despite the pandemic, many Black female/family businesses are on the rise! Join me as I chat with a few of these entrepreneurs and recognize several more! HellaBlack Dr. Zarinah - Dr. Zee Creative Edge ATL JAS Dr. Coily MokiPops BROWN GIRL jane Beauty by Bilal Chocolate Unicorn: Believe in The Magic Love Byrd Photo Born Warrior Apparel Rose and Bee Soap Company

"..... studied blood samples from Quest Diagnostics of more than 190,000 Americans from all 50 states and found that tho...

"..... studied blood samples from Quest Diagnostics of more than 190,000 Americans from all 50 states and found that those who had deficient levels of vitamin D had 54% higher COVID positivity compared to those with adequate levels of vitamin D in the blood.

The risk of getting coronavirus continued to decline as vitamin D levels increased, the study, published in the Public Library of Science One peer-reviewed journal shows."

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Getting sufficient amounts of vitamin D, a nutrient the body makes in response to sun exposure, can reduce a person’s risk of getting coronavirus by 54%, new research from a Boston University…


Professional Strength All Natural Pain Relief Cream. With MSM, and a proprietary blend of essential herbs and oils. Fast Absorption/Deep Pe*******on.


Relieves Body Aches and Pains

Works on Cramps and Headaches

Quick-Vanishing Formula


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It's getting colder and colder🥶..can you believe Winter is upon us? Unfortunately, increased muscle stiffness and joint pain sometimes comes along with it 😔 ...Our "Muscle & Joint Relief Freedom Gel" is a and Best-seller for so many of the 🥳. It's a proprietary blend of essential herbs and oils, & Potent MSM (METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE)
is also an active natural ingredient used to help reduce muscle pain, inflammation and damage.
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- WeThank you and super happy when you with Nature's Freedom Health Natural products 🌿


Looking for some other natural, non-opioid ways to reduce pain, swelling, disrupt fat accumulation, protect your gut, heal wounds, fight infections?
OREGANO oil via its potent Antioxidant CARVACROL has been shown in many studies to do just that. This powerful little herb goes great in many of your favorite Italian dishes. However, if you want to add more therapeutic potency for health benefits, you can try our pure form of .
Try it as a capsule or in your smoothie


So, I know you've heard it before. Vitamin D has been getting all the craze!
But WHY? Well, not only does it help muscle coordination to protect us from falls and fractures. It also has been shown to help on improve mood, reduce risk of respiratory infections , and even reduce symptoms related to chronic fatigue
But wait, if your doesn't have K2 in it, then your body is missing a significant amount of the intended benefits of the supplemented Vitamin D3
Vitamin K2 activates the protein, osteocalcin, which integrates calcium into bone. Without the marriage of D3 and K2, calcium cannot do its job effectively. SHOP NOW:


🎉 to all celebrating around the world! May you be blessed with Health and your homes filled with peace and happiness 🌱💗

"Up to 80% of COVID-19 Infections Are Asymptomatic, a New Case Report Says"Improve your Immunity with Nature's Freedom V...

"Up to 80% of COVID-19 Infections Are Asymptomatic, a New Case Report Says"

Improve your Immunity with Nature's Freedom Vitamins.

Vitamin C
Vitamin D3 + K2
Healing Freedom
Probiotics...and more!

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80% of people who tested positive were asymptomatic


Help us celebrate our beloved Cancer Survivors!🎉
We have come a long way in the last 10 years, but much more work and awareness is still needed. Most Americans are directly or indirectly impacted with Cancer. We want to continue the fight and awareness. Many of us have personally lost too many loved ones to Cancer... ... Did you know almost 1 in 5 cancers is caused by excess body fat,
alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, and a sedentary
lifestyle.....Let us control the factors that we can control...Reach out for help, you are worth your own ...and don't forget to Infuse NATURE & Gain


CBD & Pain Relief? 🌿
CBD=Cannabidiol is a substance derived from the leaf, flower portion of h**p plant. Which is different from **pseed oil, which comes from the seed. CBD oil does not contain the substance that can create a "high feeling"....BUT it does provide AMAZING benefits for pain Relief, ⬇ Inflammation, & more! .
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**pseed **p


Introducing one of most popular Vitamins, "MEGA Joint Freedom"
It's not hard to understand why. It has some of the most potent & ultra-pure ingredients you can find. This balanced combination is helping so many reduce pain in those muscles and joints.
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🌱This ultra-potent formula was designed with care & backed by science to boost immunity, fight allergies & reduce inflammation. Packed with ingredients like, shown as powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-ulcer, astringent and analgesic capabilities.
Throughout history it has been used for treating painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia.
Let's not forget the very potent !
Known for Fighting free radicals.
🔹potent antioxidant
🔹Reducing inflammation
🔹Relieving allergies
🔹Preventing infections
🔹Lowering high blood pressure
sourced from the highest quality resources & rigorous compliance processes to ensure potency, purity guaranteed! | 25% OFF sale Storewide | Promo CODE: 25OFFMVP


McDonough, GA


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Nature's FreedomTM is a premium doctor-formulated nutraceutical company. Designed uniquely with ultra-high potency and non-GMO. We are GMP Compliant with purity and potency guaranteed! Multiple testing has been done on all of our products at various stages of production to ensure that you are getting only the highest quality and safest nutraceuticals in the market. Finally a brand and company you can trust and helping your reach your #PainFreedom & #MVP goals long-term!

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