NiC BAND Infant Cranial Remolding Orthosis

NiC BAND Infant Cranial Remolding Orthosis Celebrating 25 years of cranial remolding excellence. The NiC Band Cranial Orthosis is part of the NiC Band Program for infant Plagiocephaly.

The NiC Band is available by prescription. For more information please call toll free 833 NICBAND (642-2263). In business for over 25 years, The NiC BAND Program has been correcting infants with our FDA cleared helmet and service. We offer late hours on Mondays & Wednesday in Mineola, and Fridays in Queens. Additional offices opening soon.

Operating as usual


In light of of our temporary closure from April 9-17 I suggest the following:
For redness issues note time of day redness happened, i.e. when baby woke from nap or overnight, or during day. If morning redness could be caused by sleeping position-use Aquaphor let redness fade completely then reapply helmet. If during the day could be caused by over tightening, wedging from being out of place on the head, donning too high on the forehead always make sure the helmet is at or just showing the eyebrows. If you cannot solve the redness leave the helmet off until we can see you in the office.


In compliance with federal and state guidelines and for the health and safety of our patient families, we are suspending patient care from April 9 to April 17. We will resume patient care hours on April 20th. Please LIKE US and check back for further updates. To check or reschedule your appointment please call 833-642-2263. We do not make this decision lightly and greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.


To be able to continue to treat patients the following has been instituted:
1. One patient will be allowed in the office at a time, to allow us to sanitize the patient care area and to comply with social distancing. Parents are instructed to call the office BEFORE GETTING OUT OF THEIR CAR. The secretary will inform you when the patient care area is ready. For Mineola appointments call 631-704-0388. For the Queens office call 833-642-2263.
2. No one attending the appointment should feel ill, coughing, sneezing or feverish. Infants displaying these symptoms cannot be seen and will be reappointed.
3. Please limit the number of people coming to the appointment. Ideally it will be one Parent/Guardian and patient.
4. If the patient has no issues with device fit, function or skin issues, your follow-up appointment can be delayed an additional 2 weeks. The EXCEPTION IS a helmet follow-up appointments 2 weeks after delivery.

Thank you for understanding these changes and the reason for their implimentation. If you have any questions please call the main office at 833-642-2263.

The current protocols are subject to change pending further governmental announcements. Please check back often for further updates.
Thank you and stay safe.



Since 1992, when the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a change to infant sleeping position, the incidence of Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) has increased exponentially. The reason for the change in sleep position was based on research in preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) related deaths. While the research showed a 40% decrease in SIDS deaths when infants were placed on their back to sleep, the incidence of Deformational Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) increased just as dramatically.

While cranial molding dates back as far as Hippocrates, using such materials as birch bark to bind the skull, today we utilize sophisticated equipment such as 3-dimensional surface scanning devices to capture the infant skull shape, CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer aided manufacturing) foam carvers to produce a symmetrical foam model which is used to fabricate the corrective helmet.
Plaster of Paris casting of infants is a thing of the past. The use of a 3-dimensional surface scanner allows the Orthotist to produce digital model of your baby’s head in about 3 minutes. The surface scanner basically takes pictures of the baby’s head and assembles them into a digital image which can be manipulated, modified in shape and emailed. In addition, this scanning technology permits before and after comparisons, thus tracking your baby’s progress is fast and accurate.

Cranial molding is best initiated between the ages of 3 and 6 months. To be effective, the CRO must be used during the period of rapid brain growth, normally between birth and 8 months of age. Daily wearing time is between 22 and 23 hours, with time off for cleaning and hygiene.

The total treatment time is dependent on several factors. Starting age probably plays the greatest role due to the need for rapid brain growth. The older the child starts the longer the treatment time and the greater the chance full correction will not be achieved. Severity of the asymmetry and compliance with wearing are other important factors when calculating treatment time length.

The best thing to do is discuss your concerns with your physician and call us for an appointment. The NiC BAND Program provides a no fee consultation assessment. We will perform a complete evaluation of your child, calculate all the variables to determine severity and offer an estimate of treatment time. We have offices located in Mineola and Queens. Please call toll free 833-NiCBAND to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Anthony J. Cappa, BS, CPO has over 25 years of experience in cranial remolding. He has worked closely with the leading neurosurgeons, craniofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons in New York City, the five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk. He has lectured physicians, allied health professionals, case workers and insurance companies on the treatment of Plagiocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis. Founded in 1996, the FDA approved (Non-invasive Cranioplasty Band) N i.C. BAND™ Program established 11 standards of care for the treatment of infants with cranial asymmetry. The Program utilizes the latest 3-dimensional Class 1(safe for the eyes) structured light scanner to capture the outer contour of an infant’s head. This device is portable so it may be used in hospitals for post-operative cranial care. Please call TOLL FREE 833-NICBAND(642-2263) for a free brochure outlining all 11 standards and more detailed information on Plagiocephaly and cranial remolding.

I will be posting scanner comparisons of before and after treatment.  Please take note of the start age and length of tr...

I will be posting scanner comparisons of before and after treatment. Please take note of the start age and length of treatment. I will offer advice regarding the length of treatment, but it is often the parents who decide when to discontinue treatment.

3-Dimensional Scanning

3-Dimensional Scanning

This is where it all started.  In 1992 the American Academy of Pediatrics published a directive that all infants were to...

This is where it all started. In 1992 the American Academy of Pediatrics published a directive that all infants were to be placed on their backs to sleep. This change in sleeping position lowered the rate of SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by 40%. It also created an industry- Cranial Remolding.

These are two of my favorite patients on Halloween.

These are two of my favorite patients on Halloween.


Does your child frown, look angry, while wearing the NiC BAND? This is caused by upward pressure on the back of the NiC BAND. If your infant slouches in the car seat or you cradle them in your arm, there is upward movement of the NiC BAND posteriorly, causing downward tension on the forehead skin thus causing frowning. If your infant is in the car seat and you notice the frowning, gently rotate the back of the NiC BAND downward until the forehead wrinkles have smoothed out.


Now that the spring and summer are coming ( finally) perspiration can become a bigger problem. A 15 minute break, once or twice a day, can help your child feel more comfortable. The procedure is to remove the NiC BAND and dry the inside with a soft cloth and apply some Caldesene powder. Next dry your childs head and leave them exposed to the air for about 15 minutes. Finally, reapply the NiC BAND.


If you are having problems with your NiC BAND taking on an odor try cleaning it with scented baby shampoo and a dedicated tooth brush. Also, I recommend Caldesene Baby Powder( it comes in a pink bottle). It can be found at CVS, which also makes a knock-off of Caldesene. I do not recommend using a cornstarch baby powder in the NiC BAND. Corn starch can lead to odors when used in this application.


Most rashs can be controled by applying Aquaphor or a hydrocortosine cream prescribed by your pediatrician. If this treatment does not clear up the rash in 2-3 days a cranial sock may be necessary. Ask your Orthotist or send me a message if you are unable to obtain the sock. The cranial sock is made from a special fabric called X-Static which wicks away moisture and protects the skin with antibacterial properties.


I had a mom today who stated , as many mom's do, that her child is sweating in the NiC BAND. I want to make sure all understand that no matter how much you disrobe your child they will still sweat in their NiC BAND. The skull gives off a great deal of heat, it's a defense mechanism to protect the brain, and since the skull is enclosed in the NiC BAND it retains the heat given off by the skull. So what would be best is to dress your child in a light sleeper over night and not to let them sleep in their diaper only. Also, as we enter the fall and winter, if you enter a heated space such as a mall , office building, someone's home you must take youir child out of any snow suit or coat and not just unzip it.
Good Luck and please post any questions.


In the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, August 2011, is an article seeking to determine the optimal time to start NiC BAND treatment. The article studied two groups of infants one group (#1) began treatment before the age of 6 months. Group two (#2) began treatment older than 6 months. The study found singnifcantly shorter therapy time in group #1 compared to group #2, about 1 month shorter. In addition, infants beginning treatment less than 6 months old have significantly better outcome.

I ask pediatricians to begin the referral process for evaluation of plagiocephaly by age 3-4 months. This early referral allows time for the infant to be seen by a specialist and, if needed, referred on to me for treatment- all before 6 months of age.


Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, September 2012 is an article on Cranial Helmet Therapy and it's influence on ear shift in infants with deformational plagiocephaly. The article concludes helmet therapy significantly improves an initial malposition of the external ear in infants with deformational plagiocephaly. This is statistical proof that ear shift CAN be improved, however I always tell my patients the NiC BAND cannot directly influence ear shift. There is no adjustment I can make to ANY cranial helmet to enhance its effect on ear repositioning. Ear repositioning is a byproduct of cranial helmet use. The main goal of the NiC BAND is to improve skull symmetry and balance.


The use of Caldesene baby powder during the hot days of summer can help control perspiration and prevent skin rashes. Also a 15 minute break once or twice a day is warranted if out in the heat. Simply take off the NiC BAND, dry your baby's head, dry out the inner foam, allow 15 minutes for your child to cool down, apply Caldesene powder to the inside of the NiC BAND and rub the powder into the foam with your fingers. Reapply the NiC to your child's head.

If you have questions or would like more information about Plagiocephaly, Flat Head Syndrome, or the NiC Band Program pl...
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If you have questions or would like more information about Plagiocephaly, Flat Head Syndrome, or the NiC Band Program please visit

Bay Orthopedic is a family owned and operated Orthotic and Prosthetic facility. It was founded by Michael Mangino, C.P.O., C.Ped. over forty years ago. The staff at Bay Orthopedic consists of three American ...


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