TranQuility Elite Mobile Massage Services

TranQuility Elite Mobile Massage Services Trained Cert. Therapists: Nerve, Emotional Strain, Muscles Tension, Circulation Clotting Relief.


Check out the moon from central Kentucky tonight! Beautiful! 🌙

📸: Janet McClanahan


It’s the way she looks at me ❤️🫶🏾



I’m sitting back admiring the fact I have true Independence in Having my own Label, running several successful companies, watching my Artists and Team flourish in their gifts, bouncing back from people writing me off and over looking me, rising from the bottom and healthier than I’ve ever been, my career is catapulting, I have 4 beautiful children, 2 grandkids and happily married to a king. This is what MY Independence looks like. 💙❤️💜



My heart is broken. C. Ashley Brown-Lawrence was my niece. I've known and loved her since she was born. I know she's resting in heaven now, but this one hurts.

Pray for her husband, her family, friends and everyone her music ministry touched. 🙏🏽


Tune into tomorrow for the premiere of Smokie Norful's new video "I Still Have You" airing at 6am and at the top of every hour through 11am ET!

Our bodies are capable then more than we can comprehend understand our belief. A relaxed body starts with a relaxed mind...

Our bodies are capable then more than we can comprehend understand our belief. A relaxed body starts with a relaxed mind and recognizing the capabilities of being able to do all things! Practice in anything makes perfect

This Tribe Spend Most Of Their Lives In The Water, And Their Bodies Have Adapted In A Bizarre WayFor copyright matters please contact us at: copyright@Feel f...

Happy 2023 New Years23% Discount till March 31st

Happy 2023 New Years
23% Discount till March 31st

Rejuvenation and Renewal


Put yourself first! It’s not selfish, it’s necessary if you ever want to experience true happiness.
A year ago I was living a stressful life in Los Angeles, being the “go to” person for everyone else, but always putting myself last.
Then last summer I made the decision to put myself first! I completely rearranged my life, packed up a few things, and went on a global journey.
The first stop was Bali, Indonesia. And now South Africa. Why did I do it? Because I was tired of working like a dog to make everyone else happy. I was tired of living a life that revolved around other people and their desires of me. But, above all, I was ready to finally put my happiness first!
Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so put your happiness first today! I guarantee you the world will not stop spinning if you make yourself a priority. In fact, your world will get much better and brighter ☀️❤️


The comeback is always stronger than the setback. Not even sickness can keep us down!


A new analysis of ancient DNA traces the migration history of giant tortoises through the Western Indian Ocean and reveals a new extinct species from Madagascar.

TranQuility Elite Mobile Massage ServicesWe CARE!We Want You to Feel Better, Think Better and Live a Longer and Better E...

TranQuility Elite Mobile Massage Services

We Want You to Feel Better, Think Better and Live a Longer and Better Exciting Life!


Daily/Overworked Muscle Tension Relief, Nerve Stimulation, Joint and Knotts Reflexology Treatments

Effleurage-Circular Stroking Movements - Tapotement/Tapping - Vibration/Shaking Movements - Friction/Rubbing Strokes - Petrissage/Kneading Movements - Oil - Fragrance - Steam

Multiple Massage Techniques:
Skilled Trained Appointed Anointed for the Task ...
"Healing Is A Virtue"

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Your Life * Your Body * Your Mind * Your Control



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