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CranioSacral Therapy saved me from this, it can save you too. A full series, 6 sessions done in rapid succession (no mor...

CranioSacral Therapy saved me from this, it can save you too.

A full series, 6 sessions done in rapid succession (no more than 5 days apart, 2/wk is a good measure) with an experienced practitioner educated in both schools (Upledger for nuts n bolts of the work and Milne for Mind/Body connection aspect) clears the body (and soul!) of ALL past trauma we carry with us, leaving room for our minds and souls to rest and reset.

It makes you more at ease with the world.


...or injury...

...or injury...

Massage helps too...

Massage helps too...

TAKE CARE OF YOU 2020How many can you fit in?

How many can you fit in?


Rotator cuff injuries are painful and debilitating.

Finding out if you need surgery is important, but surgery can often be avoided (or recovery improved) if you treat the muscular nerve impingement that is likely the reason for the weakness in the first place.

Most often, the root cause is from the muscles in the neck, called the scalenes, being too tight around the brachial plexus, the main nerve for the shoulder and arm. This squeezing weakens the nerve signal to the shoulder, causing weakness and adhesion that can lead to injury.

Even if it’s torn enough to need surgery, you need the impingement treated to facilitate healing and avoid a repeat.

I developed the protocol my team uses to treat this, as well as a gentle melting technique to work on these tender areas. Please let me know if you would like my assistance, I’m happy to help.


There is an undercurrent of pain and sorrow that everyone is experiencing right now. It eats away at our energy levels from underneath, in ways we can’t really see because it happens slowly, out of sight of our conscious minds. It eats away at our thresholds, our limits on just how much strain we can take.

It’s no surprise, with this in mind, that the overwhelming feels can come on strong, unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere.

This is the trauma we will have to recover from. We will have to recognize it first, and then actively seek out healing from it.

The medicine for our collective grief comes from our collective experience, our shared compassion, our communal love for all.

This realization will be our greatest gift, the one small silver lining in this dark and stormy place we all call home.


IT REMEMBERS EVERYTHING Work on your trauma, so it doesn’t spill over into your consciousness...


Work on your trauma, so it doesn’t spill over into your consciousness...

PEOPLE ARE SO NICECheck out my reviews!!Articles in the pictures!!!
Jeff Bramson Massage Therapy - Park City, UT

Check out my reviews!!
Articles in the pictures!!!

Specialties: Flexible Hours, Outcall or In Office, Personable Service, and Professional Result-Oriented Massage for Injury Relief, Performance Enhancement and Deep Relaxation Established in 1992. From 1992 in Chicago to 2012 in Park City…


Nurturing oneself is a key factor in being able to maintain strength, resolve, motivation, and inner resources to continue to give to others.

Follow Your Heart 444

Follow Your Heart 444


There isn’t any magic innovation that cures pain.

Pain exists to tell you that something needs to change. If you refuse to change it, and try to find something to cover or help you ignore the pain, you will never truly heal the part that needs the change. And so it shall remain.

Don’t ignore the signals. Make that change. Before it becomes the focus of the rest of your life.

Urban Escape Healing

Urban Escape Healing

Veo Strip

Veo Strip

Veo is an ultra-light, single use adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes. They have unlimited capacity and easily apply to the forehead.

Magnesium is a necessary mineral in almost every function of the body on a cellular level, we need lots and it’s hard to...
ReMag™ The Magnesium Miracle™ - 16.2 oz

Magnesium is a necessary mineral in almost every function of the body on a cellular level, we need lots and it’s hard to get enough through diet alone. Nerve pain and dysfunction, muscle aches and soreness, brain functions, sleep and relaxation, all are helped by magnesium supplementation.

It wasn’t easy to do at first. I ingested as large a dose as I could until it sent me to the bathroom, then backed off until I was regular and slowly increased my dosage from there. I now take a TRIPLE dose over the recommended, daily, of the most potent and most absorbable form of magnesium on the market. TRIPLE. Boy is it nasty! Like some psychotic alchemist fused isopropyl alcohol and seawater. Good minerals don’t taste like chocolate! I don’t get anything out of sharing this link, I just believe this is the best product out there. They also have a lotion that’s great! Remember epsom salt baths are a nice form as well, but nothing beats ingestion.

Talk to your health care practitioner about it. I have found it to be absolutely necessary to maintaining the blistering pace of my lifestyle and career, and an important part of my anti-inflammatory diet.

ReMag Magnesium Solution from Dr. Carolyn Dean is truly The Magnesium Miracle™ treating dozens of health conditions naturally. No laxative effect.


Any chiropractor worth their salt can realign your pelvis. However, it is very rare to find one that can “finish the job”, which requires a direct adjustment to the pubic bone to lock the pelvis in place.

It works much like an electrician’s ladder, the kind that open into a capital A, with the two crossbars that drop down to lock it open and square. If one of the crossbars comes out of place even slightly, the ladder becomes unstable.

The same goes for your pelvis and pubic bone. Should either side of the pubic bone come up out of place, the pelvis becomes unstable.

This instability causes the muscles that attach to the pubic bone, namely the psoas muscle (which attaches from the front of the spine and hip to the front top of the thigh via the pubic bone) to clamp down (via an automatic nerve signal) to assist in providing stability, now missing because the pelvis is no longer plumb and square. This signal does not shut off until the bone is put back where it belongs.

The clench in the psoas muscle continues until it cramps, knotting the tissue and shortening the muscle. Sitting or crouching slacks the muscle, and the knot takes up the slack which shortens the muscle further, so when you stand back up it pulls and rotates that side of the pelvis.

Piriformis (a muscle in your backside that stabilizes your sacrum, or base of your spine, and happens to span the space occupied by the sciatic nerve that feeds the entire back of the leg and hip) clamps down to try to minimize the rotation, closing the space over the sciatic nerve and causing radiating pain. The rotation also reaches it’s end point in the SI (sacroiliac, in the lower back to the side of the top of the base of your spine) joint, causing shooting pains from there as well.

Furthermore, this also changes the angle that the leg inserts into the hip, causing the swing of the leg to change from it’s original design, which is to swing forward and back in a straight line motion. The change in the swing causes you to have to pull it back to center each time you step, creating undue stress in the knee ankle and hip.

This is a very common injury, and can be quite debilitating in a variety of ways as you can see. It can be very difficult to find professionals who understand the injury as thoroughly as this.

Getting the pubic bone adjusted with the rest of the pelvis is the key to ending what will otherwise be an ongoing issue. Removing the cramping from the psoas and piriformis muscles helps to relieve the pain and prevent your muscles from pulling your bones out of alignment. Lastly, CranioSacral therapy can help you erase the old holding pattern your subconscious has created to protect that spot, and accept the new position we are trying to move you to.

I have extensive experience with this injury, and have found this to be the only solution. Let me know if you would like some help, I am very familiar with the soft tissue component, and can direct you to the professionals that can assist you with the other components. Good luck!


Ear issues such as infections or vertigo-related disorders can be cleared up by chiropractic adjustments to the atlas/occiput, and massage of that area and around the vicinity of the ear helps tremendously. This gets the ear canal, cranium and surrounding area to drain properly, taking off pressure and reducing inflammation. Hearing can often be improved this way as well! CranioSacral also helps tons when done by an experienced pro, one who only does Cranio all day exclusively. Lastly, there are homeopathic remedies. Boiron makes some you can find at Whole Foods or a natural grocer, and there are combinations of specific ones that help. Get advise from a Naturopath or other knowledgeable professional, they are a safe alternative to Western Medicine!


Simple exercise for better posture!

Fake (weight assisted) pull-ups on a chin-up bar, using a step under (so you can touch the bar to your chest on your tippy toes) and almost all leg strength. 20 sets 3x daily morning, afternoon and evening, pulling minimal (but some) weight with arms and hesitating/squeezing the bar to your chest at the top, flexing the shoulder blades together in the back, then all the way back down with arms fully extended and then repeating. This will strengthen your upper back muscles, pulling your shoulders back and down naturally and creating stamina to do this all day, correcting your posture without any more effort on your part. Works like a champ!


Carpal tunnel comes from your scalene muscles (side of your neck) being so tight they strangle the brachial plexus (main nerve for shoulder and arm/hand), weakening everything the nerve feeds. Repetitive movements (typing, etc) over-use the muscles in the forearm that tire too easily now because of the diminished nerve signal, so they get tight, sore, and cramp up. This pulls on the bones of the wrist and closes the carpal tunnel, squeezing the nerves and tendons that pass through it and radiating pain.

You can massage the carpal tunnel itself, opening the space and taking pressure off, but this is temporary. Massaging the forearm muscles helps, but not completely. The answer is further up the line.

The scalene muscles are responding to your upper ribs (under the collarbone) being out of position, due to (multiple) impact/s to the area from a fall/falls taken long ago (how many times have you fallen in your life?!?). The muscles clamp down to protect and provide stability, and won’t let go until the ribs are put back where they belong.

Finding a chiropractor who is capable of properly adjusting the upper ribs is exceedingly rare. Same holds true for a massage therapist capable of gently melting the muscles around the nerve, a delicate procedure that can’t be rushed. A talented therapist that specializes in CranioSacral massage can also make a big difference.

Doing all three modalities together is the only natural method for complete eradication of the issue. Yoga can help keep the area moving, relieving the pressure on the nerve through stretching and movement, which helps. Getting a massage (from a talented local massage therapist or a self-massage tool like the Theracane) on the area of where your neck meets your shoulder, and down the pathway of the nerve to the wrist, will help more. Get adjusted anyway, even if it’s not exactly correct, it will help as well.

Traumeel, or Toprecin for Diabetic Feet (better than the regular version!), are great natural remedies for topical pain relief application, great for sore muscles. Arnica Montana 30C under the tongue works too. Lastly, let me know if you want to come out to Park City UT and get it fixed right! 😏


Plantar faciitis is related to a pinch in your sciatic nerve way up in your backside under your piriformis muscle. This is due to your pelvis, mainly your pubic bone, being shifted off center, a common problem especially in pregnancy and the cause of MOST lower back/hip pain. The shift in the pubic bone destabilizes the pelvis and causes a cramping reaction in the psoas, the muscle on the front of the spine that attaches to the pubic bone, in an attempt to provide more stability to the pelvis.
The cramping instead causes the pelvis to rotate on that side, creating a lock-down response in the piriformis muscle and closing off the space occupied by the sciatic nerve. This effectively is like choking a garden hose that is feeding a garden; less flow to the garden (muscles of the hip, leg and foot) means the garden won't thrive (less nerve flow to run the power plant, weakening the muscle). Weakened muscles get tired faster than they should, causing tightness, soreness and eventually subjecting them to the possibility of failure (tearing). The endpoint of the sciatic nerve is the bottom of the foot, right where you feel the most pain from plantar faciitis.
There are only 2 chiropractors I have ever heard of who address the pubic bone directly, both in Park City UT. Dr Christine Phillips specializes in maternity and pediatrics ONLY 435-655-2708, and she only works Tues Thurs. Dr Jen Hasselbrook will spend a whole hour with you doing lots of muscle work as well as chiropractic adjustments, 435-615-7971, expensive but worth it. These women are HEROES, pioneers in their field and really great chiropractors.
I can work on the muscle issues more in depth, feel free to contact me if you want to come in for some specialized deep tissue massage on the whole hip and leg/foot. Good luck!!


Nurturing oneself is a key factor in being able to maintain strength, resolve, motivation, and inner resources to continue to give to others.


*My birthday is Nov 21*

Native American Zodiac- October 23rd through November 22nd – The Snake Closely tied to the world of the spirit, the Snake is the traditional sign of the shaman. Its link to the spiritual world is why those born under this sign are so easily attuned to the ethereal. Healing comes very naturally for the Snake, so if you are born under this Native American sign you can expect to excel in the medical field. As a result of your natural spiritual link, people might find that you have a sometimes mysterious or even frightening bearing. There is a bit of an inclination to secrecy and darkness in the Snake, but those born under this sign can also be very caring and sensitive. In positive situations, the Snake can be humorous, helpful and inspiring. In adverse situations, you can expect despondency, volatility, or even violence.

Jeff Bramson Massage Therapy

Jeff Bramson Massage Therapy



The heel (or ham or calf or foot) itself will heal itself, but not until you solve the issues further north. You will need a chiropractor who understands the pelvis, usually a woman who specializes in maternity as they work on pelvises in all sorts of disarray. They will re-center the pubic symphysis, the semi-rigid joint at the center of your pubic bone who's imbalance is likely the center of your distress. A good massage therapist can then release the psoas knot that will be near the front of your spine behind and a bit below your belly button. Once this is cleared the piriformis, which resides at the top of the center-most part of your backside (right near the butt crack), can be released, as it was only locked to protect the pelvis from the forward pull of the psoas knot. Release this and open the tight adductor and hamstring muscles down from the top of the back of the leg to the calf muscles and it will relinquish the stranglehold on the nerve, thereby releasing the muscles causing the issue. You can stretch psoas, foam roll piriformis, and rub out the hamstring and calf to relieve some pressure but this will only provide temporary relief, not resolution. The protocol described above is the only permanent solution. CranioSacral work and specific rebalancing exercises provide a more rapid return to a centered homeostasis once the protocol is completed.

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