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Access Deaf/Disability Consulting (ADC) "Access for All & All for Access" All access consulting company for all your Deaf/Disabled needs: ADA Advocacy, Referral Service, ASL Interpreting and more...

Consulting for ADA Compliance for all disabilities, businesses & situations ADA/Disability Advocate Interpreting, ASL classes, ASL Interpreter classes & certification Referrals as needed for other services

Mission: To provide the best in ADA advocacy,ASL Interpreting and Consulting in Deaf/Disabled ADA Compliance. Our goal is to make Ulster County, starting w/ Rosendale & other hamlets, the example other towns emulate for all access. We teach & train ASL Interpreters for all occasions and all situations (medical, musical, theatrical, court etc.)


HI everyone!! I don't know exactly what happened to this page but apparently all the previous "likes" disappeared. Please spread the word to your friends to like the page. I would really appreciate it. Since I'm currently working this on my own & seek donated legal help to make ADC a non profit, I do not get paid for helping. I help those with disabilities to make their life easier. IE: A call the other day from a woman who found our flyer, who has age related deafness & needs a 'shake awake' alarm so she can get up because she can't hear her alarm. I did the research found the most cost effective & best alarm I have personally used & is highly recommended to give her that information to buy it. I don't SELL anything & I do not get paid anything. My goal is to merely make people's lives easier. That being said, organizations, public entities, business etc., who need consulting or advice on how to make their places accessible for the general public with various disabilities, or places that need someone to guide them in the right direction to assist in complying with the ADA Law, must pay for those services, which would save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in Dept of Justice fines for the lack of compliance. In attempting to get a board of directors and the organization no profit those would then be donations to a 501(c)(3). Anything that may be paid before that or after that goes right back into assisting the disabled NOT IN MY POCKET in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!! I am presently working on a detailed mission statement & will take letters from folks interested in being on our board of directors with sincerity in their goal of helping to make Rosendale & other areas completely compliant with the ADA. I can quote it, tell people how to & how long/big/wide a ramp needs to be, that asking someone disabled for paperwork to prove their disability or deafness to get an interpreter is absolutely ILLEGAL & I can quote how much will then come in the form of fines if someone should desire to file complaints with the DOJ regarding non compliance.I also have legal expertise in this area; while I can & will not represent anyone in court, I can & will help with how to file complaints & how to try to get help for those who are disabled in their desire to be considered actively participants in this life which is everyone's human right. Thank you for reading & please pass along our information & this page to your friends!! Peace


We had a very successful weekend at the @Rosendale Street Festival and could use some more help. We need some volunteers to help us get our information out & to help with making events/companies and so forth, ACCESSIBLE as per the ADA law. It can't be done by just one person! Thank you.
DO YOU have an event or are you attending an event that could use some consulting on making it accessible for folks of all disabilities? Please let us know or let them know to contact us here at ADC. Thanks!!!!


Hi All, ADC is volunteering @ the Rosendale St. Festival. We'll be providing info & handouts to all & help to those w/ disabilities find their way around the most accessible areas. Knowledge of ASL is not necessary as we work w/ all disabilities. Our goal is to help make Rosendale, it's organization, businesses & events, accessible to local residents & visitors. We aim to help Rosendale (& all of Ulster County) become the model other towns & hamlets emulate to create "Access for All & All for Access". If u can help by volunteering w/us during the festival & in the future, please "like" our page, & let us know. The more the merrier & we will be doing more events like this (incl voting day + more). Thank you in advance!


We have two 'gigs' this week already. Will be at the Rosendale Street Festival meeting on 7/10 @7pm to propose our helping with trying to make it as ADA accessible as we can!!! We could sure use some volunteers to lead folks to us & pass out cards & flyers!! If you know some ASL that would be great if not, we work with all disabilities so we would appreciate ANY volunteer help that day even if it's just for an hour or so!! Thanks folks (PS pass the invite around so your friends "like" us too!!)


We also need VOLUNTEERS & INTERNSHIPS. If you are taking ASL classes, studying disability law and so forth, PLEASE contact us; we are able to certify credits for you to do internships with us. We also need VOLUNTEERS - they are always the most important part of our work and if you are looking to learn more about the ADA Law, deafness, disabilities and how to help our deaf & disabled neighbors we have a LOT to offer you! (small office space but BIG reward)... Just contact us!! Thanks


Our new business cards arrived today!! Yeahhhh already have a meeting Tuesday to help make the Rosendale Street Festival as accessible as we can with some volunteers and help for those who need it!! Can't wait!


I'd like you all to meet my partner in this endeavor: Kathleen Walsh. She is fantastic & I am looking forward to us working together to make Ulster County a more accessible place for everyone!!


Rosendale, NY


(845) 658-4059


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