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Stanley R Fine MD Doctor Stanley Fine is a board certified allergist and Director of Allergy at New York Hospital-Queens Flushing Hospital. He is an asthma specialist and handles all allergic disorders.

His long-established practice caters to both families and individuals. Most insurance and Medicare accepted.

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If you suspect you have a cat allergy, before you do anything drastic such as removing the pet from your home, be sure to visit an allergist first. This way you can confirm an allergy either through testing or by monitoring your symptoms.


There are around 20 million people with asthma in America and just over 7 million of them are children. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, the numbers are rising every year.


The most dangerous allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis and can be fatal. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, dizziness, or loss of consciousness, and require immediate medical attention.


Did you know that many children can outgrow food allergies? Common allergies that are often outgrown include cow's milk, egg, soy, and wheat. It is less likely that those children with peanut or tree nut allergies may outgrow it.


Do you need to reduce allergens in your home? Keep these tips in mind: switch out carpet for hardwood floors, keep the humidity in the home below 50%, tell smokers to go outside and use an efficient air filtration system.


Many people with untreated allergies aren't aware of how much better they can feel once they've been diagnosed and treated for their symptoms. If you think you might be suffering from allergies, consult an allergy physician to see what he or she recommends.


Do over-the-counter antihistamines make you drowsy? Are you looking for an effective solution to your allergy symptoms which will still allow you to function during the day? Give us a call! Our allergy physician can help.


Have you had a positive experience with an allergist? If so, share the details of your story and let us know how an allergist has helped you treat your condition effectively.


Unfortunately, immunotherapy may not totally rid you of your allergies. Instead, the goal is to lessen the severity of your body's allergic reaction and allow you to take fewer allergy medications.


What are some of the main characteristics you look for when you visit an allergist? If you have visited an allergist in the past, did you have a positive or negative experience?


Did you know that sometimes food allergens can be airborne? This particularly happens when the allergen is carried in steam, and it can cause a reaction. Seafood that has been boiled or is simmering is a common trigger.


Do you suffer from periodic skin allergies? Skin allergies may be caused by certain foods, outdoor allergens or contact dermatitis. If your skin needs a helping hand, give us a call today! We can identify the offending allergens and ease your symptoms.


Did you know that immunotherapy can be an effective solution for allergies in children? If your child suffers from severe allergies, call us today! Our allergy physician will discuss the best treatment plans available, so you can choose the best option for your child.


Did you know that an allergist can treat sinus problems? Many sinus issues are a result of allergies or irritants you are exposed to regularly, and an allergist can help you identify the causes of your sinus problems and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.


Before you can begin a round of allergy shots, it's important to first undergo allergy testing. This will tell you exactly what allergens don't agree with your system.


A good time to schedule an allergist appointment is when you aren't sure what's causing your allergy symptoms. In addition to dust and pollen, various foods and chemicals can cause allergic reactions.


In some cases, your allergy symptoms can lead to the onset of asthma. Symptoms of this condition are coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, though inhalers can often help.


Living with severe allergies can be very frustrating, especially if you spend every day sneezing and dealing with nasal congestion. Visiting an allergist for testing is the best way to find out what aggravates your allergies and how to keep them under control.


When you have a severe reaction to common triggers, like insect bites and stings, it may be necessary to carry epinephrine with you. This will allow you to stop a severe anaphylactic reaction.


If you think you may have a food allergy, then it's important to contact an allergy physician for a diagnosis. Your allergist will take a thorough medical history and analyze current eating patterns and habits, as well as perform a physical examination.


Did you know that allergies can contribute to sleep apnea conditions and symptoms? If you think you may have sleep apnea, or you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea in the past, call us today and find out how we can help!


Immunotherapy is the name for the allergy shots you can get to help alleviate the severity of your reaction to certain allergens. Allergies to pollen, mold, dust mites and animal dander can all be treated with immunotherapy.


Did you know that certain medications are more likely to cause allergic reactions than others? This is mostly due to their chemical structure. Some of the most common culprits of allergic drug reactions include penicillin and other antibiotics.


Are you worried about mold allergies? If you think you may be allergic to mold, call us today to schedule an appointment with our allergy physician. We can help to confirm a mold allergy and create an effective treatment plan.


Are you looking for a quality allergist in your area? Ask your primary care doctor for a referral, since he or she probably knows some nearby professionals who can treat your allergy symptoms effectively.


Symptoms of allergic reactions to food can present in a couple of different ways. Skin reactions usually involve hives, itchiness, and swelling, whereas gastrointestinal symptoms may include vomiting and diarrhea. Some people experience respiratory symptoms as well.


An allergy skin test can help determine which foods you are in fact allergic to. Here, a small amount of allergen extract is placed on the back or on the arm. Any swelling or hives that develop indicate a possible allergy.


Things that trigger no reaction in some people can cause allergic reactions in others. Common allergens include pollen, food, mold, dust mites, latex and medications.


If you visit an allergy doctor, he or she is likely to run allergy tests on you to determine which types of allergies you have. The most common allergy test is a skin-prick test, during which the allergist uses a series of needle pricks or scratches and a possible allergen on your skin.


Allergies come in many forms. The most common are post-nasal drip, watery eyes, sneezing, ear infections, dizziness, hearing loss, skin rashes, chronic headaches and fatigue.


Once you begin taking allergy shots, it's important not to miss any of your regular appointments because it can set back your treatment. During the early phase of treatment, shots may be weekly, so plan your schedule accordingly.


Most food allergens can cause a reaction even after they have been cooked. The most common food allergens are proteins found in cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, and tree nuts.


Cross-reactivity in food allergies occurs when an allergy to one food leads to allergies to other foods within the same food group. This is most common with tree nuts and seafood, but doesn't often occur with foods from animal groups (like milk and eggs).


If you are prone to sinusitis attacks, give us a call. Sinusitis symptoms and attacks can be worse if you have allergies! An examination by an experienced allergist, and blood or skin tests, can help to identify allergens which may be contributing to your symptoms.


Does your teen or tween suffer from allergies? We can help! Our allergy physician will locate the allergens which are causing your child's symptoms and create a safe and effective treatment plan based on the best treatment options available.


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