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Hight Cure RSO 1 To all those fighting on a daily with various illnesses, keep fighting for your strenght defines you We support and have you all in our hearts . �

To all those fighting on a daily with various illnesses, keep fighting for your strenght defines you and not your illness.

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10 grams giveaway going on now the 27th November till the 5th of December for those who will order from 20 - 45 grams and for those ordering 50 - 60 grams for 90 days protocol will definitely receive 15 grams free. Never give up the battle let's keep praying and fighting and God answer your prayers 🙏 AMEN.

Photos from Hight Cure RSO 1's post

Photos from Hight Cure RSO 1's post

Delivery active tap in for all your tracking numbers 🔀📦🛳

Delivery active tap in for all your tracking numbers 🔀📦🛳

Packages are available now for the following persons should please indicate once your order is been delivered thanks 🙏🙏

Packages are available now for the following persons should please indicate once your order is been delivered thanks 🙏🙏

Beat cancer with RSO 💯

Beat cancer with RSO 💯

Photos from Hight Cure RSO 1's post

Photos from Hight Cure RSO 1's post


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RSO is the best natural remedy soo far

STAGE 4 CANCER TESTIMONIES.Jenny ann share her story how RSO turns her life around.She was told she has few months to li...


Jenny ann share her story how RSO turns her life around.

She was told she has few months to live by her doctor, when she came across my page, she asked if it’s possible for her to be cured from her advanced stage 4 cancer? I told her to try 60ml of and pure THC she used it for just two months. And unbelievably, just a week ago she went back to see her doctor only for the doctor to say he can't find any trace of cancer anymore and also asked "how is it possible"?.

RSO does wonders... You don’t have to give up on yourself, just try and see what happens.


On it now!!

Recently we received a report from a lady suffering with MS who ingested two ounces of high-grade cannabis oil a year ag...

Recently we received a report from a lady suffering with MS who ingested two ounces of high-grade cannabis oil a year ago for her condition. The effect of the oil treatment was very successful and even though she has ingested no oil over the last year, she remains in good health. From my experience, multiple sclerosis is often curable, but for people who have suffered for years with this condition, it will take time to undo the damage the disease has caused. Many MS sufferers smoke Cannabis for relief, but using Cannabis in this manner will not cure them and the disease will continue to progress.


Dosage Information: How to take cannabis oil:

For most people it takes about 60 grams (or about 60ml) of cannabis oil to kill most cancers. For the average person it will take about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram treatment of cannabis oil. It is important to remember that the 60 gram/ml 90 day treatment protocol is just a recommendation and starting point. It can take some people a longer time to finish their treatment.

People should start by orally ingesting three doses of cannabis oil per day. For the first week each dose should be the size of a half grain of white rice. After the oil has been taken for a week, start to double the dose. The dose should be doubled every four days until 1 gram or 1 ml per day is ingested. 1 gram of oil weighed out will be about the same as 1 ml of oil in an oral syringe. Most people to get to the point where they can ingest 1 gram per day in about 30-35 days. Once ingesting one gram of oil per day is achieved, dosage should continue at that rate until the cancer is gone. Some people have however increased each of their daily doses to 2 grams or more.

Since the starting doses of oil are so small it is very easy for cannabis oil to be dosed out of an oral syringe right into empty pill capsules. This allows for the dosing of the cannabis oil to be very consistent and precise for beginners or children just starting the cannabis oil treatment. Precise dosage is important so that the "high" side effect can be avoided as much as possible. Oral syringes also make it very easy to store your cannabis oil discreetly.

Dosing cannabis oil from Oral syringes into empty pill capsules will also allow for a patient/care-giver to dose out the cannabis oil treatment for many days in advance. This makes it easy for a patient to keep track of how much oil that they are taking and when they take it. It also makes it easy to add the cannabis oil treatment to any other oral medication regimen that a patient might be on.

Dosing the oil slowly over the first 30 days allows the body to build up a tolerance to it slowly. For people that experience a "high" side effect or extreme tiredness during the day, you can slightly reduce your dosage during the day hours and slightly increase your dosage before bed. This will help in gaining quality of sleep plus it helps build your tolerance while you sleep. We all have different tolerances for any medication.

The size and body weight of a person have little to do with your tolerance to cannabis oil. Be aware that when treating with cannabis oil it is also likely it will lower your blood pressure. If you are currently taking a blood pressure medication it's possible you will no longer need to take it once you start the cannabis oil. Closely monitor your blood pressure to make sure you can stop taking your current medication.

At the end of the oil treatment, continued use of the cannabis oil is a great idea. After the cancer is gone you can take the oil at a much reduced dose. Taking 1 gram per month is a good dose to maintain your health. There have been people who have experienced withdrawal symptoms when the original cannabis oil treatment is finished. They did not take a maintenance dose of oil nor did they ingest cannabis in any other fashion, such as vaporizing.

The symptoms experienced were extreme anxiety, panic attacks, repetitive negative thoughts, inability to focus, no motivation, racing mind, insomnia, loss of appetite, sweats, lack of s*x drive. The patients withdraw in some cases symptoms mimicked depression. These symptoms were gone within 10-14 days. Not all patients experience these side effects, but we feel it is important to let you know they have been reported to us.

Cannabis Oil Suppositories:

Using cannabis oil suppositories with the same dosage amounts as oral ingestion is another way that cannabis oil can be taken to treat cancer. Some people believe suppositories may get cannabis oil into your bloodstream better than orally taking the oil. To make a batch of cannabis oil suppositories you would want to start with 100 grams of cocoa butter for every 1-2 grams of cannabis oil. First you will need to melt your cocoa butter. This can be easily done by putting the cocoa butter in a stainless container and use a gentle heating device like a candle warmer to melt it.

Next add your cannabis oil to the melted cocoa butter while on the heating device. Stir the melted cocoa butter/cannabis oil mixture together so that the oil is evenly mixed throughout. Next you pour the warm mixture into suppository molds that can be purchased online. Let them cool at room temperature.

You want to start with 1-2 grams of cannabis oil per 100 grams of cocoa butter. This is a good starting point so the suppositories are not too strong. You can then increase the cannabis oil according to how much the patient needs or can tolerate. You will work towards being able to take as much oil per suppository as you would take orally.

Cannabis oil suppositories can be used when the cancer is in the lower part of the body like the bowel, prostate or a**s. Getting the oil as close to the cancer as possible is a great idea. The suppositories will also open up your lungs and make it easier to breath. They are great for people with asthma as well. If you cannot make the suppositories like above you can also use empty pill capsules as an alternative. Cancer survivor Corrie Yelland from our testimonial page used empty pill capsules as suppositories while treating her a**l cancer. You can also get suppository molds in our online store if you are trying to make your own suppositories. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR SUPPOSITORY MOLDS.

Starting with larger doses would be good to help patients get off addictive and dangerous pain medications like Morphine or Vicodin. When people using those type of medications start the cannabis oil treatment, they can a lot of times, cut their pain medications by as much as half. It might also be good to start with larger doses if the cancer is in the late stages. Most importantly though you always want to make sure you stay within your "comfort zone" when taking the cannabis oil. Everyone is different, some people can take more than others. So make sure that the dose you take is right for you.

Cannabis oil can have a very high success rate in the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, many people who decide to start cannabis oil treatment have been badly damaged by chemo and radiation. That damage done by those treatments can extend the time and the amount of cannabis oil needed to kill cancer. Depending on the damage done and type of cancer, it could take as much as 180 grams of cannabis oil and 6 months or more to kill the cancer. The oil is also able rejuvenate vital organs in the body like the pancreas. Some diabetics who have taken the oil find that after about six weeks of treating with cannabis oil that they have reduced their insulin use in half. And in certain cases they no longer require insulin at all since their pancreas started doing its job again.

To Treat Skin Cancer:

You will need about an ounce of high quality cannabis to make the oil to treat skin cancer. With this amount of starting material you should get 3 to 4 grams of high grade cannabis oil. You will apply the oil directly to the skin cancer and cover it with a clean bandage. RE-apply fresh cannabis oil every 1 or 2 days as well as a new bandage. Continue treatment until the cancer is gone. Once the cancer is gone continue to treat the same area where the cancer was for about two weeks just as if the cancer was still present. Doing this helps ensure that all the cancer cells die. If you've had skin cancer for a longer period of time, it may take a longer time to cure. In most skin cancer cases, the cancer disappears in less than three weeks. In extreme cases it could take longer. Just continue the treatment until the cancer gone. The speed of healing all depends on your own rate of healing and how deep the cancer is. Basal Cell Carcinoma being completely eradicated in just 35 days using only cannabis oil.

Lifestyle and Diet Changes:

When starting cannabis oil treatment the next steps that should be taken are a change in diet and a few lifestyle changes. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body that is highly oxygenated. You want to eat an alkaline rich diet by eating many greens everyday. Plant protein will fight the growth of cancer. Buy a juicer and start eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. Eat little to no meat or dairy products because the proteins in them will promotes cancer growth. You should stop eating sugars. Do not drink any soda at all. Replace the use of sugar with natural sweetener’s like raw honey.

*All to***co use should be stopped at once. Cigarette smoking kills over 500,000 people each year alone and its a fact it causes cancer. So stopping the use of to***co at once is very important. Why would you continue to use a product that causes cancer? This is the first lifestyle change you need to make.*

You will also want to get the patient’s Ph up as quick as you can. Cancer thrives in acidic environments so by raising the body’s Ph level it makes it hard for cancer cells to survive there. One of the most alkalizing foods to incorporate in the patients diets is chlorophyll. Remember: chlorophyll is the substance in plants that allows them to absorb light from the sun and convert that light into usable energy. By eating a diet high in chlorophyll (dark green veggies and super greens), we drink in liquid oxygen.

I encourage you to educate yourself about which foods are more alkaline forming. There are many acid-alkaline diet books and food charts available online that you can study. With a juicer take 1/3 apple, 1/3 carrot, 1/3 celery and make juice to drink everyday. This will help raise the Ph level in the body. Eating seeds from two apples everyday will give you a good daily dose of B17. B17 itself has had a good record of treating cancer.

Many people who use cannabis oil to treat their cancers didn't change anything, and the oil still worked. If its a matter of life and death, changing your diet is an easy step to take to help cure your cancer. I always suggest doing so.

It is also beneficial to oxygenate the body. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He stated in an article titled The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer that "the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements."

So oxygenating the body is essential to help kill the cancer. You can lightly bounce on a 3ft. little trampoline for 20 minutes a day. This helps to oxygenate the body and quickly increases white blood cell counts. If you don't want to bounce on a trampoline you can walk outside 3-4 times per week without fatigue to increase oxygen to the body. Also Drink lots of non- chlorinated/non-fluoridated spring water every day. At least 1(one) gallon with ½ tsp. of Himalayan pink salt. This increases the electricity in the body that is needed to heal.


Please when ordering you let me know your preferable delivery service. I've been using USPS for decades and have never had issues with them but I can use another service if you want and that's why I ask to let me know upon making your order. We work hard to get all orders delivered in time. Thank you


NED or Remission is the most expensive xmass gift you would ever have. If you aren't close to that but have been on this cannabis oil for several months then question your source. Do not forget about What you are going through and focus just on xmass because xmass Won't help in your healing process in any way. I wish I had the financial power to make RSO free for everyone! I have done some giveaways to the disabled and have added some few grams to every purchase but still I feel like I have done nothing. So I am starting up with another giveaway from today 23th, all orders from 20 grams receives 10 extra grams of RSO and that starts now. God bless You all and remember prayer is always the key. Thank you.


All orders are ready to ship please just be next to your phone because you will receive a message in your email once your package is at the post office thank you.


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Please for those of your placing your orders now I will definitely add 7 grams for give away this month and once you receive package please kindly indicate thanks.

Give cannabis oil a try for the many benefits you won’t look back

Give cannabis oil a try for the many benefits you won’t look back

WHAT IS RSO                                                                                                             ...

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil which is a full extract cannabis oil meant to be taken orally or applied topically. RSO is a ma*****na extract made utilizing a solvent to extract cannabinoids. The best solvent used for extraction is Everclear Solvent this is because it is highly edible. Some producers uses naphtha solvent for extraction which is highly dangerous for human consumption because it contains a very toxic gas that can help to kill you rather than helping you that is why you see some patients consume RSO and complain of numerous side effects whereas proper made RSO does not give any side effects.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RSO AND CBD? CBD oil derived from industrial h**p plants only contain CBD, while Rick Simpson Oil has a high concentration of THC of at least 80% and the full range of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. RSO is made using top quality organic indica strains which contains thousands of healing properties whereas CBD is derived from h**p which contains very limited healing properties. RSO is capable of healing almost every ailment whereas CBD can only help to provide relief but can not heal.
WHAT IS THE RSO 90 DAYS PROTOCOL? RSO Suggested Protocol The goal of a RSO protocol is to consume 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil in 90 days. This is a very large
amount of cannabis oil and should be taken with caution, increasing the dose gradually to avoid adverse
effects. Below is a suggested outline for increasing the dose until the recommended 1 gram per day dose is
Week 1: Start with 3 doses per day (morning, midday, before bed) every 8 hours
Half of a grain of rice per dose
Week 2-5: Double your dose every 4 days, maintaining the 3x per day schedule
Week 5-12: 1 gram per day (split across 3 doses) until the entire 60 grams of oil is consumed
Week 12+: Reduce to a maintenance dose (1-2 grams total per month)
Patients starting a RSO protocol should plan appropriately as the potential for side effects is greater during the
first three to four weeks of the protocol when consume more than the recommended dose. That is why it's always advisable to follow the protocol and maintain the right dose recommended. Once a tolerance is built most patients report few to no negative side
effects. The most common side effect is sleepiness and sedation, with quality sleep being an important aspect
of the healing process.
RSO Topical Use:
Like Rick’s original success, many patients use RSO topically for skin cancers. To do this, place a small
amount of RSO on the affected area and cover with a bandage, changing the bandage and applying more oil
every 1-3 days. Many patients report that over time the cancerous spots will dry, crack, and diminish. After the
area has healed, it’s recommended to continue applying RSO for at least two weeks.
High quality RSO got a pleasant taste and smell that is the reason why most patient find it preferable to ingest the oil as to get a more better and faster result.
The effects of the oil, similar to most forms of cannabis ingested orally, may take up to an hour to feel the effects. Rick goes on to say the max dose you should consume is a full gram and you should stick with this dose for the remainder of the 12 weeks.
Is RSO Decarboxylated?
Also known as full extract cannabis oil because it provides patients with full-spectrum benefits in oil form. RSO is fully decarboxylated. The decarboxylation ensures that THC-A will become activated (or psychoactive),
Is RSO stronger than distillate?
RSO is thought to be a more “raw” form of concentrate as it retains more plant matter than distillate, which strips away some of it during the extraction process. It's also an easier DIY method that results in a highly potent final product.

TESTIMONIALS GOD IS GOOD Using RSO Oil For Cancer (Rick Simpson Oil)From Death Bed To Treatment Plan! Stage 4 CancerOn m...


Using RSO Oil For Cancer (Rick Simpson Oil)

From Death Bed To Treatment Plan! Stage 4 Cancer

On monday morning sep. 19 Charlie had his follow-up CT scan of his torso from his neck to below the pelvic area to have a look at the status of the lymphatic growths; later in the day the hematologist, Dr. Yau & his nurse Harpreet, stopped by Charlie's room to deliver the results. It was quite comical watching a well mannered, smart, articulate, shorter Asian man trying, almost nervously, to give us the good news with jokes thrown in nonetheless!! The bottom line is that the size of the tumors have decreased significantly! Somewhere in the range between 25-50%......YES!!! We're all quite thrilled that something is definitely working & now with that report, there's no doubt! Charlie has made a decision regarding his next plan of action & would like everyone to know that it's his decision to stay on at the PLC in Calgary for at least one more round of chemo providing he's allowed to continue his RSO treatment. And to that he was met with no resistance from the medical team!! Another YES!!! Continued...
So guys, awesome news!! Charlie's no longer in hospital to die, but for treatment & be rehabilitated to the point where he's healthy enough to get out of hospital & become an out-patient, whether in Alberta or Ontario shouldn't matter as long as the results remain positive. So regarding our personal wishes of transferring Charlie to Ontario; altho they should not be abandoned, Charlie would like that we support his decision to further the positive results he's getting from his current hematology team at the PLC along with his alternative treatment program. This program is now well underway & requires Charlie to sleep allot more for the healing effects to take place; the ultimate wish being that one day Charlie can/will stop the chemotherapy & continue on with RSO along with healthy eating, positive support from all, and most of all, which is already present.

Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) is a high potency and strong cannabis extract with high THC levels and other minor cannabinoids. I...

Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) is a high potency and strong cannabis extract with high THC levels and other minor cannabinoids. It is used for cancer treatment and numerous other diseases such as Arthritis, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Severe Depression, Pain, Seizures, and much more.
In the case of Rick Simpson Oil, researchers found two cannabinoid receptors- CB1 and CB2 on cells throughout the body. For these receptors, cannabinoids present in RSO are the all-important “key”. The CB1 receptors are mainly located in the brain but are present in many major organs throughout the body, such as the heart and liver. CB2 receptors are found on cells throughout the immune system. When these cells mutate and become cancerous, they no longer die like normal cells, but grow and spread uncontrollably. Importantly, they still retain their CB2 receptors, even when they become cancerous. These CB2 receptors act as a target for the cannabinoids present in RSO. When those compounds hit the receptors, the key and lock come together and release a critical message- the cannabinoids tell the cancerous cells to die. Surprisingly, what follows is the cells “commit suicide”, a process called apoptosis. This is why full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil is able to kill cancerous cells.


Giveaway is coming up on the 24th September till 30th of September please for who just placed their order today will definitely receive their giveaway because we will ship their parcel on the 26th of September for them to receive on 28th September or 29th depending on where you live thank you 🙏.


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Yall should place your order now for tracking

Yall should place your order now for tracking

Ready to go 🙏

Ready to go 🙏

Hight Cure RSO 1  saw a 15-year-old patient who suffered with an itchy rash for 9 months post-vaccination - no response ...

Hight Cure RSO 1 saw a 15-year-old patient who suffered with an itchy rash for 9 months post-vaccination - no response to steroids or Xolair. After 3 days of Ivermectin it cleared completely.


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I'm completely cured from my HSV 1&2 recently. I have so many medicine and it's really help during my outbreaks but I totally got cured from my HSV with a strong and active herbal medicine ordered from a powerful herbalist and it completely fought the virus from my nervous system and I was tested negative after 14 days of using the herbal medicine, if you also need help you can email [email protected] or WhatsApp +2349065326267 Thanks
Visit his page
I am very pleased with all aspects of this transaction. Quality product, price and service, thank you for a pleasant and easy transaction.
My do you find an authentic, reliable source to purchase RSO?? I think I found one, then someone tells me it's a scam or he's not a good person. I have about 4 people who I thought were legit, now I just don't know!! I'm leary about taking it in the first place as I cant take the "high", but willing to try if it will help save my life!
Sorry for posting again...if uterine/endometrial c...will taking it rectally be better?
I had a terrible reaction to thc...was given a small capsule. Watching TV, it started to look strange, my heart start pounded, unbelievable panic attack, couldn't stop shaking, thought I was dying. Rushed to hospital, bp went through the roof! I'd like to take this RSO for a scary medical diagnosis, but couldn't go thru all that again. Any suggestions?

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