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Some Facts about Energy Medicine:

Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. If you could see yourself with unlimited vision you would see a light being. Human eyes only see a fraction of what is really here; we are limited by our ability to comprehend beyond the 3rd dimension. However there are many who can operate within other dimensions like psychics and those with heightened a

warenesses. (audio, visual, emotional). The human body is made up of bioenergy fields and centers (chakras)

The earth is too; air, water, soil, plant life, minerals/rocks/crystals all vibrate with energy fields of varying designs. The earth also has chakras, energy centers - Sedona Arizona, Mount Shasta, etc. Crystals retain their electromagnetic fields after they have been removed from the earth. These link to (communicate with) the bioenergy fields in our bodies, to our higher self and healing intelligence. Every organ in the body produces a magnetic field as part of its normal function and these fields vibrate indefinitely into space. They are being mapped with great precision by new instruments being created and used for diagnosis and treatment at universities and medical research centers around the world . SQUID - Superconducting QUantum Interference Device is one such instrument ....

The cells of the body choose to align with the highest and most balanced frequency, in so doing they "let go" of the lower frequency vibrations that block the natural flow, and healing begins. In Western healing modalities, one of the reasons that a tissue heals slowly is because the normal channels of communication that usually connect the tissue to the rest of the body aren’t functioning optimally. Total health requires all organs, tissues, cells and molecules in the body to participate fully. Open up the channels of communication or help messages that are not getting through to touch in with each other, and you will greatly facilitate the body’s own repair system.

What is the nature of death? As shared by Ra in “The Law of One”, our human existence plays out in the space-time realm,...

What is the nature of death?
As shared by Ra in “The Law of One”, our human existence plays out in the space-time realm, while physical death propels us into the time-space realm.

There, the usual tick-tock of earthly time morphs into a spatial expanse…

Often recounted by Near Death Experiencers like an eternity lived in a 3D finger snap. 🫰

In this new realm, your perspectives shift. This is The Grand Overview.

The mirage of earthly woes clears, and you have all the variables at the helm now.
You realize, “Oh man, I was so selfish down there, I should’ve been more loving to the people in my life.”
Everything becomes abundantly obvious to you. 👀

And although this state is enchanting, the realm here on Earth, with its time-bound reality, is where the soul gains polarity and wisdom.

As we ascend through the 4th density and beyond, each realm presents a more harmonious existence, diminishing the chaos known to our current state.

But it’s the planned challenges of each density that foster our soul's growth, so don’t throw out 3D like last week’s Chinese takeout. 🥡
Our journey here is crucial for the soul’s poetic climb up the cosmic ladder,

After you exit this physical body, you’ll move to the next rung of that ladder, back into the ever-expansive space-time realm.

Love & Light,

Aaron Abke
Founder, 4D University

4D University has 1 overarching goal: Graduation from 3rd Density and the attainment of 4th Density consciousness.

A little about me you might not have known 🍃 #

A little about me you might not have known 🍃 #

We're excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Tina Landrum. We hope you'll enjoy our conversation with Tina below. Tina, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. Can you open up about a risk you’ve taken – what it was like takin...

How brave you are for slowing down. For not finishing that to-do list.How courageous you are for not crossing that finis...

How brave you are for slowing down. For not finishing that to-do list.
How courageous you are for not crossing that finish line, because your body said “enough.”
How fearless you are for choosing the quiet of your soul over those voices driving you always towards more.
How bold, how rebellious -
you, out there,
honoring your own natural rhythm,
going against the culture’s breakneck speed.
We tend to make heroes of those hungry with ambition, relentlessly doing, producing always more.
We applaud those who refuse to stop or rest, sacrificing sometimes their heart and soul in the process.
Those who push themselves so hard in the name of achievement
that they ignore their own body crying out.
We celebrate those who are ill or aging but never show it, never slow down, never reveal a moment of vulnerability.
This drivenness can be heroic, at times. It can, at times, be necessary for our survival or the greater good.
I want to make heroes of those who slow down.
I want to make heroes of those who listen to their bodies, and do not strive for more than what the soul truly needs.
I want to make heroes of those who do not force or push, but surrender to each moment as it opens.
I want to applaud those who may not be driven towards success as we know it, but instead are nurturing something deep and subtle and needed.
I want to celebrate those brave enough to cease all doing, even for a second, and sit with the ache in their hearts. A task many find harder than summiting the highest peak.
I want to make heroes of those who honor their limitations. Who are unable to keep up with the busy-ness of our times, yet show up to each profound, necessary moment.
Truly, it is an act of courage and rebellion to do any such thing,
in a world demanding you resist your own self, your own rhythm, your own soul.
The paradox is that often when we cease our incessant doing, even for a minute, and listen to that quiet voice within, we discover what it is we absolutely must do, and what instead can fall away.
We finally hear the call towards what serves our soul,
and what then will serve the world. Nothing more, nothing less.
A hero is simply someone brave.
So come, be softly brave.
Be a new, quieter kind of hero.
Few may applaud, it’s true, but your soul certainly will.~

~Leyla Aylin

A thoughtful read …

A thoughtful read …

Mi Casa No Es Su Casa.

Years ago after one of my every-five-year big birthday extravaganzas, my friend Ben gifted me with the title “Social Alchemist.” He’s right. I’ve spent my life as a mixologist of people as a boutique hotelier, restaurateur and bar owner, as the head of all the global hosts for Airbnb, and as the founder of MEA, a midlife wisdom school dedicated to life-changing conversations.

More than anything, I’ve loved hosting people in my life and home. Let’s face it, MEA’s campus was my home until I recently moved a ten-minute walk up the beach.

Recently, I was talking with my former mentee Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky who announced in his stellar quarterly earnings report that his primary goal for this year was to mainstream the profession of hosting, an aspiration he and I conversed about exactly ten years ago when I joined that little tech start-up.

But, I have a new slogan for the cancer inside of me: HOST NO MORE! I will no longer be the gracious hospitality professional nourishing you with sweets and alcohol. I will no longer treat you like a guest. You are an intruder and my home is no longer your home.

Ever since learning that my prostate cancer has spread to my lymphs ten days ago, I’ve been reading Rumi's “The Guest House,” which was my poetic guide for both understanding the hotel business and my emotions early in my career. It serves me well now as I es**rt cancer through its check-out process out of my body. I’m grateful for what cancer is teaching me and ready for the lesson to be over.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Most of us are feeling it, a new world coming …

Most of us are feeling it, a new world coming …

Posting for myself 🍃

Posting for myself 🍃

Just yesterday…!

Just yesterday…!

Be gentle with yourself. Healing is never linear. It takes time.

I’m so grateful to be a vendor at this huge and varied gathering of local artisans, craftspeople and entrepreneurs.  Joi...

I’m so grateful to be a vendor at this huge and varied gathering of local artisans, craftspeople and entrepreneurs. Join us June 5th!


This Saturday (and possibly Sunday) 10/16 ~ PopUp On The Patio, 11am - 4pm at 24774 Masters Cup Way, in Valencia!
50% OFF All Light Body Crystal Elixirs, while supplies last. (Pssst! Energy Shield and Letting Go elixirs in all sizes are already going fast!)
I'll have crystals for sale as well, at my already very reasonable prices

It's an inventory clearance sale to make way for updated labels, so get these great prices while you can!

PopUp 50% OFF Crystal Elixir Sale! The New Path Energy CenterSaturday and Sunday Oct 16 & 1711am - 4pm24774 Masters Cup ...

PopUp 50% OFF Crystal Elixir Sale! The New Path Energy Center
Saturday and Sunday
Oct 16 & 17
11am - 4pm
24774 Masters Cup Way
Valencia 91355

This is your chance to try us for the first time, or stock up on your favorite Light Body Crystal Elixirs!
It’s time for updated labels so letting go of existing inventory at half price!

YES!! I’ll offer crystals as well!!
(at our everyday low prices)

Crystal Sister Intuitive Workshop ~ No previous healing experience necessary as we join with the Stone Kingdom and use o...

Crystal Sister Intuitive Workshop ~ No previous healing experience necessary as we join with the Stone Kingdom and use our intuitive knowing to grid our own bodies into a state of balance and peace

I’m getting questions about what my crystal/Reiki healing session includes so here’s a description:Cleansing of your aur...

I’m getting questions about what my crystal/Reiki healing session includes so here’s a description:

Cleansing of your auric field, hands on Reiki energy for 30 minutes, evaluation of your chakras, i.e.: which are open and flowing and which are experiencing stress and need to be balanced. I lay crystals on your body in a grid pattern and use special double terminated crystal wands as I’m guided to benefit you physically emotionally and energetically. I close with a brain balancing, which evens out the energy flow between both hemispheres of the brain. During the session you’re lying on an amethyst biomat, which is emitting far-infrared rays and negative ions. They assist with serotonin and dopamine levels for mood elevation, and to control inflammation and boost immunity.
Session is generally two hours, though it could go longer.
The fee is $125. 😊❤️😊

The Treasure Map!  Find your way to all SCV Boutique Crawl locations May 1st

The Treasure Map! Find your way to all SCV Boutique Crawl locations May 1st

My daughter sells beautiful carved wood patterns for creating crystal grids, along with all the stones you’ll need.  Ck ...

My daughter sells beautiful carved wood patterns for creating crystal grids, along with all the stones you’ll need. Ck it out at

Then let me know which clear quartz activator wand you’d like to power up your grid, and you’re all set!

I know I don't keep in touch as often as I should, forgive me.    Life has been so overwhelming, I know you can relate.B...

I know I don't keep in touch as often as I should, forgive me. Life has been so overwhelming, I know you can relate.

BUT I am taking part in a Covid-safe physical-distancing Boutique Crawl next Saturday Nov 21st from 9am to 4pm and it should be a ton of fun AND SHOPPING! You may get drunk but it will be from Happiness...!
There will be 15 different homes/hosts participating with everyone keeping their distance, wearing masks etc.

I'll be at 23006 Mulberry Glen Dr ,and suggest you go to SCV Boutique Crawl and request to be added to the group. There you'll find a HUGE list (with photos) of all the vendors and their wares, plus a map to help you navigate your route around the valley.

I'll be selling my Light Body Crystal Elixirs and Healing Crystals as usual, hope to put together some beautiful pendulums before then as well, and have some sage stashed under the table, in case you're in need. Let me know if you have questions, and hope to see you and your friends on the 21st!!


Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden come together to bring hope to the upheaval and turmoil we are seeing in the world today. What we are experiencing is the struc...


Before anything can be fixed, you must first prove it is broken. Perhaps the reason why so many things seem unfixable in you is because the notion that anything is broken is but a matter of perception. Nothing in you is actually broken, off course, or less than the sum of the whole. It may not be exactly the way you want it to be, and in time, it will be precisely as you’ve envisioned it and more — whenever that moment is meant to arrive.

"In the name of aligning with your highest truth, dare to be a spokesperson solely of the content from your own living t...

"In the name of aligning with your highest truth, dare to be a spokesperson solely of the content from your own living testimony. Aspire to share, not what you’ve heard from others or what you saw on social media but simply what your eyes and ears have witnessed — in-person. Otherwise, you will be asked to answer questions that may offer greater conjecture instead of the clarity many are seeking.

* * * While there is a deeply-ingrained impulse in a human being to uncover the hidden, expose each lie, and cast light on the agendas of inhumane treatment, please know that tracking the activities of darkness places the vibrational power of your anchoring of light on pause in favor of trying to expose a dark agenda that you willingly align and resonate with * * *

This doesn’t mean anyone should stop watching disturbing videos or discussing these topics. It’s your decision to choose how you wish to serve the greater good of all.

If you wish to be of the highest noble help during this transition into 5D consciousness, my suggestion is to spend more time blessing humanity, affirming the highest outcome of your heart’s desire, and loving the innocence within you that sends love to all hearts in existence the more often self-love is embraced.

Those who dare to align and resonate with the light with such unwavering commitment that they forget to be updated on 'behind the scenes' activities will enter a parallel reality where all that many are fighting for-- already exists to be found. This is why there are three waves of ascension: the third avoids reality through substance abuse and technology addiction, the second yearns for truth and peace by waging battles against creations of deception and injustice, and the first wave enters the new 5D earth plane first by anchoring the light of oneness — no matter how divided or devastated the world may be.

Choose well radiant soul. Choose well."

-Matt Kahn

Excerpt from: "The Universe Always Has A Plan"By: Matt KahnHardship is how your nervous system responds to adversity. Ad...

Excerpt from:
"The Universe Always Has A Plan"

By: Matt Kahn

Hardship is how your nervous system responds to adversity. Adversity is how you perceive and relate to change and loss. Change and loss are some of the deepest ways in which life evolves you out of ego and into alignment with your soul. Change and loss occur through moments of renewal and erosion that come and go like the seasons or weather patterns. As you experience the nature of change and loss from the soul's sense of excitement, instead of the ego's perception of judgment, you are able to let go with authenticity and ease. Only the soul lets go. Equally so, all the ego can do is maintain struggle, judgment, and negotiation. With the utmost respect for its purpose in your evolution, what's the battle cry of ego -- "I wasn't ready to let go of that yet." The ego will never be ready to let go of anything. It can't because to let go is to accept evolution. You may wonder, "Why can't the ego accept evolution?" Because evolution requires leaving the ego behind; therefore, the ego cannot agree to something it cannot be a part of.

With enough time and experience steeping in heart-centered consciousness, the ego releases its control as a result of your alignment with thankfulness.

Your Mantra

"Thank you for this gift"


Some wisdom from Home (, aka

Greetings, dear ones.

We join you this day with such a joy. You see, when you left Home, you were all connected. There’s a very deep connection between you because you’re all a part of one other. Dear ones, it’s like calling two fingers on the same hand separate from one another. That separation defines you as an individual, for it is how you define things as a human. However, remembering the connection is how you define things as a spirit. Recently there’s been even great separation, and that deep connection seems to have gone by the wayside. In truth, some of the separation has been intentional. Why? Because if humans are to be controlled, there’s only one way to do that and it’s to separate and divide you from one another. That effort has been very successful.

Unity of the Heart

That separation and division can change, but it is up to all of you. No matter which side you think you’re on, the most important part of this is to lose the sides and begin reconnecting hearts. Remember, dear ones, everything is connected at Home. You will laugh about this when you return Home, for there’s a strong connection with everything. The months and years ahead will present new challenges, new difficulties. All you need to do is to look back at your own history and see that is true. As these new processes grow and the energies start coming together, you will quickly find the power of unity, especially unity of the heart. In truth, many of you even jumped into the timeline at this exact moment because individually you are carrying something important for the collective. The challenge is that if you are separated, you won’t remember.

Stitching Hearts Together

What we’re asking all of you to do during these times ahead is to lose the sides. Do you define yourself by your past choices? If so, it makes change that much more difficult. Start looking at how you can connect with one another, even for a moment. Find one thing that you have in common with every person who crosses your path. All you need to do is find that one little thing about a person that you can resonate with, then you instantly restore the connections that you had at Home. You can actually feel a strength coming from others when you can harmonize with them. It’s available to all of you at this moment, as the connections are very strong.

Dear ones, know that this is also an opportunity for light to stitch together the hearts that have already been separated for way too long. Those new energies are here right now, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them.

There are a wide range of waves emanating from differing parts of the universe that constantly bathe planet Earth. Last November we told you about one of these waves coming in and opening up opportunities to change everything by shifting the base energy on which you all live. That has taken place, but there are residual waves continuing to come in even now one right after the other. One of the most beautiful things that we have seen during this wave of energy is the rise of the feminine energy. It has moved into the base and anchored in an entirely new way, in a whole different place.

You have made that possible, dear ones, and you have been wildly successful at that. Although you don’t see the results of that quite yet, the new feminine base has been firmly anchored. It takes time for it to propagate and for that voice to be heard as a collective. Make no mistake, it is in motion. You are all responsible for that happening, because without the space for it to land the energy would have come then quickly gone back out. In effect, everything would have returned to normal. But that did not happen, even though you still have a lot of confusion everything is now in place.

You’ve anchored something very powerful here, and in the months ahead you will move into it. If you can begin to bring this energy in, finding a way that applies to you. Everyone will deal with it a little differently. Some people will feel it as a strength, while others may feel it as a weakness. Why? Because if you’re moving from the masculine energy, which defined power as force, into the harmony of feminine energy it can feel like you’re vulnerable. Dear ones, we tell you, it is in that vulnerability that the greatest strength lies. So, when this happens and you must plan how you’re going to react, bring all the energy in with intention. Stop, take a few breaths, and then act instead of reacting.

In the months ahead, you’ll find opportunities opening because of the work that you’ve already done. Although you may think you’re sliding backwards or your society is somehow going in the wrong direction, that’s not how it’s measured. Quite simply, it is measured one heart at a time starting with yours. You see, you are setting the energy for your own world in more ways than you know. Although it may seem like you’re disconnected from the others you’re not, for this is the practice of discernment amidst chaos.

A New Pace

You’ve been very busy. Planet Earth has not slowed down, in fact it is now speeding up. Years ago, it was discovered that the stars in the sky are moving away from Earth at ever increasing speeds, and now the Earth is also increasing its pace.

By connecting back with the basic principles of being kind to others as well as yourself, you will energetically open doors in so many new ways. It is a time of unity, dear ones. As you move from one season to the next, the energy on planet Earth is also shifting rather drastically right now. It’s connecting at the most basic levels. Although you won’t see this show up in your news on a regular basis for the time being, the energy is coming together and building. Expect a miracle, dear ones, and we’ll help you create it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together in this beautiful new Earth.


The group


​4 Common Behaviors That Attract Toxic People

As a humble beginner ....

As a humble beginner ....



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