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Truth Telling Wins Have you noticed how hard it can be to know what is the Truth anymore? We'll provide posts and straight talk to help you cull truth from lies based on brain science and years of experience.

Learn to FEEL it and not be fooled again. No more blurred lines! We want to be a listening post for anyone who wants to join our community. It is liberating to feel free to tell your Truth - and be heard!

Operating as usual


Due to an unforeseen circumstance that waylaid me, I will not be doing my Live tonight. If you didn't listen to last week's, I encourage you to do so. It was good for anyone to hear. No politics, just human to human connection about Resilience and Emotional Health during these times.

I should say next Wed. I will be at a baseball game during the day, but should be home in time to get on at 6:00. See you then! Thanks everyone.


How are you doing these days?


I am going to be back with my Live this week. Did you miss me? Anyway, it will be a little different. I want to talk about what is going on inside of all of us since the Pandemic changed everything about life.

I also just discovered the loss of a good friend from suicide, so I'm a bit emotional. Hope you will join me at 6:00 on Truth Telling Wins.


America is Back!


Was George Carlin a Prophet when he talked about Fascism?


I will be on today after skipping last week. Looking forward to continuing the hope that Democracy can survive. Who knew George Carlin was so insightful. I'll tell you why I consider him a Prophet. See you soon.


Debbie Unterman and Jimmy discuss anti-Semitism and I continue my discussion of the Authoritarian Playbook


In keeping with my last two weeks about the Authoritarian Playbook, I went to see a movie about Nazi Germany called the "Final Account" with Jimmy yesterday. He and I will discuss it today in light of the Anti-Semitism and all the attacks on minorities lately.

Please join us in a half hour.


Authoritarian Playbook


Tonight’s Address will be a Study in Contrast


Coming on soon. Hope to see you there!


Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!


I just looked up and realized my baseball brain took over during today’s Double Header and never remembered to stop and do my Live at 6:00.

I was actually going to talk about MLB changing the location of the All Star game. As heartbreaking as it is for me personally- I get it. Would be a good topic to discuss.

But I also had my second vaccine today and although I feel no symptoms (as of now 5 hours into it), I am a little tired.

So I guess inadvertently I am skipping my Live this week.


When Happily Ever After becomes Nightmare on Elm Street.


Indians are the Only “Native” Americans.


Neanderthal Thinking - Yes it is!


A House Divided


“It’s gonna be wild!”

A photo I took of my TV for a friend who wasn’t around hers. Impeachment is what I’ll be talking about today on my Live.

A photo I took of my TV for a friend who wasn’t around hers. Impeachment is what I’ll be talking about today on my Live.

A photo I took of my TV for a friend who wasn’t around hers. Impeachment is what I’ll be talking about today on my Live.


Being Me!


Amazing Grace


A New Day Dawns


Impeached Again, Naturally!


I continue to be amazed at the current events that have occurred on Wednesdays. I think last week was the biggest surprise ever to occur before my Live, although the Valentine's Day school shooting at Parkland is a close second. I knew next week will be the Inauguration. But I thought this would be a regular old day.

Far from it, we just had a historic second vote to Impeach! So lots to talk about today. Hope to see you in about a half hour!


Insurrection, treason and sedition


I've been so happy to do this Live today. Then the sh*t-show began. It won't shut me up, but it'll change my ecstasy from the win

I Call BS!

Exponential Growth Denial and more Fuzzy Math


Do you believe in Magic?


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Our Story

This page was started around the same time as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements were gaining steam. Because of my personal knowledge from over 11,000 hours of working with so many survivors of abuse and trauma for almost 40 years, I wanted a megaphone through which to show my support, and to educate people to take back their power! There are too many people out there trying to make us believe things that are not true. So the first concept I shared in December of 2017 was “Gaslighting” - when someone tries to make you deny your own Truth. There is a lot of “victim bashing” going on out there - often by the very same perpetrators who cry foul and play the victim, after they got caught trying to get away with as much as they could! #EnoughisEnough! My platform has always been to stop the re-victimization of true Victims, which, by the way, I do not think is a dirty word. Unfortunately, there are real victims all around, who look just like everyday people until you hear their stories, as I do when they finally come to me for help, often after years and years of suppressing their pain. To deny it in yourself or others (such as Holocaust Survivors), is unhealthy and abusive.

My Meyers-Briggs personality type is split between The Champion & The Teacher and that's the role I assume in my FB Lives: Championing victims of school shootings, bullying, sexual abuse, natural disasters, PTSD, racial profiling and more. I understand and can teach concepts such as Implicit Bias, Co-Dependency and Addictive behaviors, and help people understand how our upbringing factors into our opinions of almost everything. And I can teach it through the lens of Neuroscience which I’ve been studying for the past decade.

Our brains are wired through Evolution to create results which may feel like things are our own fault, but it's not true - and that understanding can help us cope and stop the nagging voice of our Inner Critic. I've actually written a book about all those Inner Voices we encounter in our thoughts, and why they developed as helpful coping strategies.

In my book I go much deeper into many topics and I encourage you to order it to know much more about me and your "selves". It's titled "Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head." I've delved into the minds of thousands of clients, utilizing cutting edge techniques that access and clear the source of issues directly in the Subconscious Mind.

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This is what I was talking about.They just got banned from Facebook. They bought the most Conservative Republican ads in 2016. Very sneaky and broad reach. Connected with a spiritual group from China.
Debbie asked me to post somethiing here that I posted on my own page. Trigger warning... I am going to put a bunch of spaces after this so you can choose not to read it. #whyIdidntreport I do feel the need to speak it, to show people why it is not reported. I'm sorry guys if you're uncomfortable. I am no longer quiet because it makes other people uncomfortable. Being quiet is how we got here. Since some have asked, you are welcome to copy and paste and post without using my name. * * * * * * * * * Why I didn’t report (the many assaults)  Because I was three years old and had no idea what it was or how to put words to it  Because he was a priest and I was 9 (and 10 and 11), so he would know better than I if it was OK  Because he told me how special I was to have this opportunity because I was such a good student.  Because he told me it was a secret and I knew that God would hurt me if I told on a priest.  Because I very nearly had a psychotic break, and I began to write someone else’s name on my books. So I wasn’t even conscious of who I was anymore after three years of consistent abuse by this priest. And definitely not in my body or aware of what was happening to me.  Because I didn’t understand what that hard thing was that was floating in the pool behind me.  Because it must have happened because my b***s were too big too young.  Because he was my uncle, and my aunt made it clear that she had seen it, and forgave me (WTF?) for doing/initiating it, and was careful to assure me that he had had a vasectomy. What do you say to that?  Because I got in the car with a known ra**st – his fraternity brother had told me so – but he had lied about his identity. Once I was in the car and knew who he was he said, “So? What are you going to do about it?”  Because he was a bodybuilder and I was afraid.  Because I knew I could lose him at the fraternity party except that he lied about that too. No party. How stupid am I?  Because he told me he would bring the entire fraternity down on me if I made a sound.  Because I knew campus police wouldn’t believe me and would make it a joke.  Because after repeatedly being molested, I didn’t know that I was allowed to say no. I did not know this was a choice. A man had to explain to me that I was allowed to say no.  Because I got in the car with him and went to this remote place, thinking I was getting a ride home. So it was my fault.  Because I gave him a couch to sleep on so he wouldn’t drive drunk. My fault.  Because I had watched others report and knew the scorn and disbelief that was brought down on them. I saw their lives become hell. Not for me, thanks.  Because my family would not know how to deal with it and telling them would make everything uncomfortable.  Because why cause such pain for my family when there was nothing that could be done about it. Any questons? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I cannot provide dates, times, places or names, which of course must mean I am lying. Or confused. Or wrong about whether or not it happened.😊😊
If you didn't already know, here's proof that a "Boys Club" does exist in the board room and on the golf course, and it definitely is not open to women. It will take men and women to take it down. What do you know about it? Has it affected you at work? What do you say when you hear men talking this way (especially for you guys)?
Wishing you the best!