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Hair Dimensions is Gwinnett’s top unisex beauty salon bringing talent, atmosphere, and customer service within reach. We offer a full range of services with top of the line hair products that will leave your hair at its healthiest and feeling great. Our resident cosmetologist and colorist have 30+ years of experience and can skillfully handle even the most advanced of services. Check out the Servi

ces page on our website,, or follow us on twitter for the latest and greatest deals,! We look forward to seeing you soon! Walk-ins are, of course, welcome.


My darlings, I hope you are all safe and healthy! We are opening our doors for those that feel comfortable coming. We are taking all precautions necessary to keep safe distancing. This includes appointments only for now, we have spread our stations apart to opposite sides of the salon, and we have also spread out our waiting area. If you can wait in your car until your appointment, please do. We are cleaning counters and all surfaces after every client, and consistently washing our hands and tools between customers. Our thoughts are with you all! xx Sophia ♡





I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re headed to Greece with the family for a couple weeks! Looking forward to relaxing a bit and having lots of fun stories to share with you all when I return!

With love,




It's that time of year! Hair services for friends and family during the holidays! But this stylist has had it!!! 👉 Click 👈 for how you should handle this delicate situation!



* 2017 Summer Trend ALERT:
Pink is the new blonde! -

By .moscow


Hair tip of the week: Make the switch to silk or satin pillowcases

If you're waking up with terrible bedhead and/or your hair is matted to one side of your face in the morning, you might need to change your pillowcase. This is one of my favorite tricks. Satin, or silk, pillowcases are fantastic in avoiding a rat's nest of a mess in the AM, on top of helping retain the moisture in your hair throughout the night. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and leave sheet indentations on your skin when you wake up. Try it out and let us know how you like it!


Jean Grey meets Pink ;)

Color melting at its finest! Shout out to Stylist Sarah Richards for creating this stunning vivid ombre using City Beats!


Hair tip of the week: (Men's edition) Pat dry gentlemen.

Rubbing your head with a towel after you shower is causing damage to your hair, not to mention major frizziness! Your hair is most susceptible to damage when it's wet, so when trying to rub it dry, you are also breaking it, causing damage to the cuticle, and exacerbating split ends. Instead, after showering, pat your hair dry with a towel. Drying will take a little longer, but you'll notice the difference in terms of less frizz and breakage.

What to eat for healthy hair

Alright ladies and gentleman, this type of article is near and dear to my heart. We are what we eat! I can always tell when people aren't getting enough fruit and veggies in their diet. Those who don't get enough have thinning, breakage, and no new growth.

Just like skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients.

Meet Sophia Karatzas of Hair Dimensions in Snellville – Voyage ATL

Well, now this is pretty cool to see! Thank you VoyageATL for telling our story!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sophia Karatzas. Sophia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. When I moved to Atlanta from Greece in the mid-70’s, I attended the International University of Cosmetology. I worked in several high-end…


Hair tip of the week: Scalp massages are crucial!

A gentle scalp massage can do wonders for your strands. It helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening current hair. Be sure to be gentle though! It also lubricates and conditions the scalp, helping to prevent flakes and dry scalp without the use of harsh chemical shampoos.

Happy head scratching!

FashionBeans Men’s Curly Hairstyles Gallery

Many men feel as though their curly hair is a curse. We beg to differ...

Check out these awesome styles!

Browse our Men’s Curly Hairstyles Gallery to find inspiration for your next haircut. Updated weekly, you can print off your favourite hairstyles in order to show your stylist.


Can't believe the volume on this handsome guy's head!


Hair tip of the week: Water, water everywhere!

Did you know that drinking water not only contributes to skin health, but your hair needs it just as much! Water is a natural miracle ingredient that supports vitamin consumption and assists in efficient and healthy hair growth. Water makes almost ¼ of the weight of a hair strand, thus, drink two liters of water every day to get gleaming and healthy tresses. If you're not a big on drinking water, try to add natural flavors to it. Here's a recipe we found for Strawberry-Cucumber water on

Place 8 ounces stemmed and thinly sliced strawberries and 1/2 thinly sliced English cucumber in a pitcher. For still infused water, add 2 quarts of water. For sparkling water, add 1 quart of seltzer during prep and a second quart just before serving. Refrigerate 2 to 4 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse. Stir well and strain, discarding the solids. For serving, add fresh strawberries and cucumber slices for garnish and plenty of ice. The infused water will keep refrigerated for up to 2 days.

Making an End of Dry Hair

There are many ways to remedy dry hair. This is a good way to address it.

Learn how you can return your dry, brittle hair to its supple silky nature. Your hair will shimmer and feel soft again

The Five Most Compelling Reasons for a Layered Haircut

'[Layers] are a good basis for young looking, casual hairstyles, which softly and nonchalantly frame the face.'

Layering your hair provides style and movement to your hairstyle. This and other advantages are compelling reasons for layering your hair


Hair tip of the week: Happy New Year hair mask!

Let's start the New Year off right!

1 egg (for shine and moisture)
2 Tbsp lemon juice (to strip out all that NYE hair spray build up)
1 tsp coconut oil (because coconut oil is just the best)
2 tsp baking soda (to start the new year off on a clean slate)

Of course you can substitute if you don't have everything on this list. Honey and/or avocado are great for moisture.


The 6 Hair Styling Tricks Every California Girl Swears By

Loving the 'au natural' looks in this article!

You've likely seen L.A. hairstylist Sal Salcedo's work before. In fact, there's a good chance you've double-tapped and pinned it, too. Over the past year, Salcedo has become one of the top stylists behind L.A.'s coolest hair looks, creating styles that are both wearable and edgy, on-trend and


Bride and groom cutting their cake after the ceremony


Hair tip of the week: Push reset after summer

From sun damage to styling products to salt sprays, SPF lotions and leave-ins – there are tons of stuff that had been building up on your hair during the summer. Fall is the perfect time to push the reset button and get your hair back to its shiny, healthy self. Hot oil treatments and natural oils restore moisture and elasticity to your sun dried tresses and deep conditioning is a must. Just stop by our place and ask about our Moroccan Oil Treatment or the infamous Semi Di Lino Conditioning Mask!




"Where there is love, there is life." - Mahatma Gandhi

Happy ❤Valentine's Day❤ everyone!! Let's share the love with our partners, our children, our friends, and our neighbors.


3 more days until the day of ❤LOVE❤!! Top off your box of chocolates with a gift card for a salon day!!

Visit our website to check out our full list of services!


Hair tip of the week: Pre-shower head massage

Oh, Winter...You can be so beautiul and festive, but so evil at the same time. Cold winds and icy temperatures can really take their toll on your hair (and skin!) leaving it dry, dull and lifeless. Consider giving yourself a pre-shower head massage with coconut oil. It will do wonders for your dry, itchy scalp, and even make your hair glow in the dull of winter. Olive oil works just as great too! Just make sure you shampoo it all out well.

Ps. Other ingredients that work just as well include apple cider vinegar, a couple drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo, and vitamin E.


What are your plans this Valentine's Day? Whether it's with your sweetheart or your besties, perfect hair for the occasion is a must! Flower accessories are always a great go to. What do you think?

A Declaration of Love from Schwarzkopf

It's that time of year again, darlings. The day to celebrate our love is just around the corner!

See how true love creates beauty: Enjoy a wonderful story about a man, a woman, flowers and the little things that make us fall in love with someone. Not jus...

Must-Try Hair Color Trends: Fall 2015 Edition

Happy Fall everyone! Thinking about a new winter color? Get it done before the holidays hit! Don't leave yourself for last, before all the Thanksgiving preps and Christmas shopping, be sure to take care of the important things. We're waiting for you at Hair Dimensions 😉

Fall is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about shedding your summer look for a cooler, crisper version to compliment the season. Celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins, who styles some of the biggest names in Hollywood, brings us the hottest hair colors straight from the runways and red c…


Hair tip of the week: When we all get home today, let's give our hair some DIY spa treatment.

How about this recipe:

2 tbsps. Honey (for all this summer's sun damage)
1 tsp. Coconut oil (for moisture)
6 oz. of beer (for some protein - That's half a bottle, I'm having the other half for happy hour)

Short and simple! Leave it in your hair for about 20 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

If you want to make your own, go back to our Hair Mask tip post (Feb 18) and choose what suits you best. Get creative!

How To Care For Your Skin Before & After You Work Out

"It's really important to remove your makeup before you hop on the treadmill or stationary bike."

Great article on skincare! We love everything "beauty"!

Most women have their morning and evening skin-care routine down pat, but whenever I ask about their post-exercise skin care, I'm typically met with a blank look. And I get it. Many of us barely have time to squeeze in a workout; adding a separate regimen on top of that is no easy feat. Yet, it's


Hair tip of the week: What to do with gym hair?

Okay, so we've said over and over that shampooing too much (especially with the wrong brands) can damage your hair, make it more oily, and strip it of all its healthy glow. But, in order to keep a healthy lifestyle, most of us visit the gym several times per week and cannot help washing our hair as often as we do. We get it.

However, most people confuse sweaty hair with dirty hair. I know it's hard to fathom not shampooing after a burly workout, but once it dries, it actually isn't as oily/dirty as we would expect it to be. If you absolutely have to do something, just rinse like we said in our last tip of the week, and restyle from there.

These Dry Shampoos Change Everything

I just LOVE my dry shampoo on lazy days!

Can you even remember a time before dry shampoo? Aside from a small group of ladies who evangelized about the power of baby powder, there really wasn't much in the oil-soaking category back then. Now, aerosol cans and powder shakers litter our bathrooms, gym bags, heck, even work desks.


Hair tip of the week: Calling all ladies with greasy hair

Greasy hair can be a huge pain. You have to wash it everyday. Right? Wrong. Your hair can be "trained," for lack of a better term, and with a little time and patience, you can teach your hair to produce less oil. Skip a few washes, and your scalp and hair will eventually get used to your new shampoo cycle. Ease into it by just rinsing with water every few nights instead of shampoo, and go from there.


Did you make your appointment this week to take advantage of our Snip & Foil Wednesday deal?


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Such a difference ! Before and After ! Thank you Sophia always making MAJIC happen! ❤️