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Koko FitClub State College Koko is more than a gym. We're dedicated to changing lives by meeting you where you are, and by helping you get where you want to go. Koko FitClub is a fitness studio that runs on brilliant technologies and exercise science.

We are the first health club that uses technology to bring strength training, cardio exercise, and nutrition planning together in one place, customized precisely to your body and goals. There's no longer a need to spend hours at the gym or waste time figuring out what to do. There's no struggle to stay motivated. In short, there’s nothing to hold you back from finally getting the results you've always wanted. Our patented technology makes sure you're always doing precisely the right exercise, the right way, at the right pace, for the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Our mission is to take the struggle out of exercise so people can live healthier, happier lives every day. Contact us today to get started!

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We’ve got a joke to start your Friday! Have a fantastic, fitness included Friday!

Today’s exercises:

•Squatting Front Kicks
•Hammer Curls
•Squat w/upright row (can use weighted bag)
•Bicycle Crunches
•Weighted RDL
•Two-Way lunge (switch leg each circuit)


Thought for your Thursday: the only exercise you should hold your breath for is underwater swimming.

Today’s exercises:

•Wall Sit
•Plank Row
•Double Crunches
•Jump Rope
•Side Lunge w/sword pull (one side each circuit)


Well, it’s wildcard Wednesday and that means it is time to roll the exercise ball!

Here are today’s exercises:

•Butt Kicks
•Alternating Reverse Lunge
•Donkey Kicks
•Hurdle Hops
•Chair Squat w/Front Shoulder Raise


Join us this morning a workout! 4 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise. 💪🏽

•Low to High Moving Squat
•Military Style Shoulder Press
•Curtsy Lunge
•Russian Twists
•Hip Adductions
•Bent Over Row to Tricep Kickback


Let’s set the tone for the week and get a workout crossed off our list!

30 seconds each exercise, take a rest between when needed, and complete 4x through the circuit.

You’ve got this!

•Jump rope
•Alternating Lat Pulldowns
•Squat hold
•Figure 8s
•Hip Abductions
•Weighted Alternating Swings


Thank Goodness It’s Friday! And thank goodness it’s workout time!
Be proud of what your body can do for you. No matter the road your body has taken, love the fact that it is still working and give your body some love back with a workout.

Today’s exercises:

•Boxer Bounces
•X Arms
•One Leg RDL
•Bird Dogs
•1-2-3 Knee
•Squat/Lunge Combo (switch leg each circuit)


It’s the middle of the week, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be a slump. Keep your energy flowing with a workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Tricep Dips
•Stationary Squat w/row
•Standing Toe Tap Crunches
•Mountain Climbers
•Stationary Front Lunge with Lateral Raises


Too hot to workout outside? We’ve got you covered! Run through this workout 4x and. Complete each exercise for 30 seconds. Take a 10-15 second break between movements.
(For an extra challenge, string two workouts together!)

Today’s exercises:

•Ski Jumps
•Clamshell Crunches
•Concentration Bicep Curls
•Alternating Rev. Lunges


Happy Monday! We hope your weekend was wonderful and you are ready to get a workout done ✅

Today’s exercises:

•Jumping Jacks
•Front Shoulder Raises
•Weighted Swings
•Crunch “Rope Climb”
•Weighted Squats


Wake up! It’s time to workout! 😃

Today’s exercises:

•Up/Back hops
•Fire Hydrant w/extensions (switch leg each round)
•Plank Up/Downs
•Bicycle Crunches
•High Knees
•Squat Pulse 3 counts, followed by 3 sec. Hold


We”re ready to get moving this morning. Are you? Challenge yourself to complete 4 rounds of this circuit, sustaining 30 secs for each exercise. You can do it!

Today’s exercises:

•Bent Over Reverse Fly
•Squat with Alternating Oblique Knee
•Standing Oblique Crunches (switch sides each circuit)
•Jog in Place
•Alternating Front Lunges


Wednesday workout time!

Today’s exercises:

•Alternating Tricep Kickbacks
•Plank Twists
•Crunch with Chest presses
•Fast Feet
•Side Lunges (switch leg each circuit)


Monday snuck up again! How does it always do that? That means it’s time for a workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Cross Jack w/ 2 punches
•Bicep Curls
•Lateral Moving Squats
•Internal/External Rotations
•Burpee (step to modify)
•Reverse Lunge w/ knee drive (switch leg each circuit)


Time for a fun Friday workout!

Today’s exercises:

•“Hurdle” Hops
•I & t’s (alternating)
•Wall Sit
•Standing “X” Crunches
•Romanian Deadlift


Think short term goals to get you to your long term goals. What can you do today to promote a healthy lifestyle? Move a little more maybe? Add an extra serving of vegetables to your meal? Every healthy choice helps make the next healthy choice!

Here are today’s exercises: (30 secs each exercise and repeat circuit 4x)

•Jack Feet
•Runners lunge (switch leg each circuit)
•Straight Arm Carry
•Plié Squat w/upright row
•Overhead tricep extensions


It’s Wednesday workout time!

Today’s exercises:

•Fast Feet
•Squat to a shoulder press
•Supine Chest Fly
•Double Crunches
•Butt kicks
•2 way lunges (switch leg each circuit)


Did you know that Tuesday is a perfect day to workout? Let’s get it done Kokonuts!

Today’s exercises:

•Boxer Bounce
•Stationary punches
•Alternating side lunges
•Penguin Heel taps
•Squat with back leg raise (hip extension)
•Back Rows


Happy Monday!! Let’s workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Jump rope
•Alternating reverse lunge
•Crunches with chest press
•Hip Bridges
•Squat w/lateral leg raise (switch leg each circuit)
•“X” pulls ups (can use resistance bands)


Fun Friday! Let’s begin with fun fitness!

Today’s exercises:

•Butt Kicks
•Bent over tricep extensions
•Squat & “toss”
•Bent over alternating rows
•Clamshell crunches


Potential thunderstorms can’t stop you from getting a good workout completed. Let’s get it done ✅

Today’s exercises:

•In & out fast feet
•Chest Presses
•Squat pulses
•Russian Twists
•Plank Mt. Climbers
•Alternating side lunge w/ bicep curl


Rise and shine Kokonuts! It’s workout time and apparently blue Tuesday!

Today’s exercises:

•Jumping Jacks
•Chest Flys
•Donkey Kicks (switch leg each circuit)
•Stationary lunge with dumbell pass through (switch leg each circuit)


It’s Monday, let’s get motivated to workout! Statistically if you workout today, you are more likely to get workouts done later in the week too. So here we go!

Today’s exercises:

•Jog in Place
•Alternating Reverse lunge w/overhead hold
•Concentration Curl (switch arm each circuit)
•Standing oblique cross crunches (Alternating)
•Stationary squat
•Lateral Raises


Sing-a-long Saturday! Ok, we aren’t singing but you can turn up the music and belt out your favorite tunes while you sweat today!

Here’s today’s exercises:

•Front Shoulder Raises
•Romanian Deadlift
•Alternating Plank Toe Taps
•Squat w/leg lift (switch leg each circuit)


Are you starting the weekend early? Let’s get a workout in!

Today’s exercises:

•Cross Jack with 2 punches
•Chest Push Outs
•Hip Adductions
•Side lunges
•Squat with oblique knee
•Double Crunches


Don’t forget to schedule time for your workout! Here’s today’s exercises!

•“MB” jacks
•Side plank
•Tricep extensions
•Squatting front kicks
•Hip Abductions
•Figure 8s


What’s up Wednesday? Ready to workout?

Today’s exercises:

•Grab & Throw
•Plié squat with upright row
•One Leg, One Arm Row
•1-2-3 knee
•Hip Bridges (Weighted if possible)
•Up/Down Planks (hold plank to modify)


Happy Tuesday Koko Family! (And Happy Birthday to Jillian!)

Are you ready to sweat? Let’s get to it!

Today’s exercises:

•Jumping Jacks
•Donkey Kicks
•Double Crunches
•Ski jumps
•Internal/External shoulder rotations


Hello Monday, nice to see you again! Ready to get your workout completed?

Here’s today’s exercises:

•Lateral Shuffle
•Runner’s Lunge
•Bodyweight squats
•Jog in Place


It looks a little dreary outside this morning. Let’s make our own sunshine with a great workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Fast Feet
•Walking lunge with rotations
•Chest Fly
•Squat with overhead press
•Upright row
•Alternating X Crunch


Finishing the work week strong with a workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Two way lunge (one side each round)
•Tricep Dips
•Wall to wall dash
•Wall sit
•Ab Boat Hold


Are we ready to get moving this morning? If you are, here are today’s exercises:

•Burpee (step to modify)
•Lateral raises (no weight to modify)
•Squat pulses
•Punches (can be weighted)
•Jump rope
•Standing Oblique Crunches


It’s Wacky Wednesday workout time! Let’s get it done!

Today’s exercises:

•Stair step-ups
•Bent over row
•Speed shuffle
•Penguin heel taps
•Bicep Curls (weighted bag or weights)
•Straight Arm Weighted Bag Carry


Finish that cup of coffee and let’s wake up with a workout! Happy Tuesday Kokonuts!

Today’s exercises:

•Boxer bounce
•Front shoulder raises
•Alternating Side Lunges
•Russian twists
•Jump squats


Happy Monday! Let’s begin the week with a workout!

Today’s exercises:

•Overhead Press
•Jumping Jacks
•Alternating Reverse Lunges
•Alternating Weighted Bag Swings
•Bicycle Crunches


Happy Independence Day Koko Family! Here is a workout to get you moving!

Today’s workout:

•Side to Side Hops
•Side Lunge Pick & Pull (switch sides each circuit)
•Plank Toe Taps (switch leg each circuit)
•Straight Leg Toe Taps
•Alternating Front Lunge w/Wide Bicep Curl
•Stationary Squat


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