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When it comes to treating your chronic arthritis, we will give you many different techniques for pain management. This includes everything from rest and passive modalities (such as heat/cold therapy) to both therapeutic and aerobic exercise.


In addition to reducing pain and improving function, physical therapy can also help to reduce repeated injury incidences by strengthening specific areas of the body though tailored movements that are designed to gradually strengthen and heal the affected areas.


Can physical therapy really help you? Absolutely. Physical therapy can have a huge effect on any number of conditions – from mild to severe – that are affecting your mobility, function, day-to-day activities and quality of life.


Recent studies on bones have revealed that bones have an amazing capacity to rebuild and recover with the right type of strengthening exercises and movements. If you are suffering from any orthopedic condition – new or old – physical therapy can help.


Tired of experiencing repeated sports related injuries? Whether you are a lifelong running enthusiast, or a weekend bicyclist, if you are experiencing repeated injuries to the same areas of the body – physical therapy can help.


Are repetitive on-the-job movements leading to long term discomfort and pain? A physical therapist will help to not only relieve pain caused by repetitive movements, but your therapist can also show you how to strengthen muscles and joints exposed to continual wear.


As you progress in your treatment program, we will monitor you to ensure that all therapies are being executed in the optimal way. We will correct any errors in posturing or practice, and will redesign the program as you improve.


After an assessment of your condition, we will create a treatment program unique to your situation. This could include anything from heat or ice to electrical muscle stimulation or ultrasound.


Every day, new studies are showing how important early physical therapy is to a number of conditions and injuries. A tailored and supervised physical therapy regimen is critical for improving recovery – and recovery results - for a range of conditions from sports injuries to traumatic brain injuries.


If you are enduring hip pain, we will put you through a gait evaluation. This will help us assess how you are walking. We will note any small changes in your hip while walking, and can evaluate the best course of action for treatment.


Do you have reduced functioning or mobility due to injuries? Functioning without a leg, arm, hand, or any other body part can be dramatic on your life. However gaining back their functionality is hard and can take time. We will do our best to get you back to 100%.


If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, we offer a variety of passive modalities (or treatments) that can help relieve some of the pain. This includes everything from heat/cold therapy to nerve stimulation and ultrasound.


Can physical therapy really have an effect on symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome? Absolutely. In fact, there are a number of helpful exercises and programs that are designed specifically to address and relieve carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms.


Have you recently suffered from a fall or undergone joint surgery? We offer a wide range of physical therapy services to help you recover and regain your ability to get around.


We see many elderly patients who have pain and limited mobility due to arthritis and other conditions. We can show you an exercise program that will help you maintain your mobility and reduce your pain and swelling.


Is there an age limit on physical therapy? Absolutely not – and this is one of the greatest benefits of physical therapy. Tailored physical therapy programs are effective on patients of all ages, from babies to seniors, and can be used to address a variety of conditions too.


Prevent falls in the home by picking up throw rugs anywhere in the house, make sure there's plenty of space between furniture, and keep electrical cords out of the way.


Drink lots of water during your running or walking program, it's one of the most important aspects of any exercise regimen, because it helps lubricate the joints and muscles.


The practice of physical therapy was a response to the outbreak of polio in the late 19th Century, along with the demands of caring for wounded soldiers in World War I, according to historians.


Physical therapy can include various strengthening exercises that work specific muscle groups to help patients better support their body and increase function.


Certain diseases and conditions of the foot can wreak havoc on your fitness regimen by causing pain. Learning how to treat and care for these conditions can help you alleviate and manage pain.


Physical therapy, also called physiotherapy, is a medical science that's used to help heal everything from sports injuries and arthritis to back pain, rehabilitation after surgery, to neck pain.


The creation of physical and occupational therapy divisions within the developing healthcare system in the United States came during World War I and was based on the way Britain managed the treatment of its injured soldiers.


Falling down can be a major cause of injury for some people. In order to avoid falling, it's important to avoid rushing or being distracted while in areas that could be trip hazards.


A sprain injury that involves the three structures of the knee is known as the unhappy triad. This injury occurs when the patient's knee receives tremendous force while the foot is planted on the ground. Imagine a football player getting tackled and hit on the outside of the knee while in the stance position.


Did you know that the Nintendo Wii can be used as a physical therapy treatment? Some doctors have found that the kind of motions used while playing the Wii are exactly the same as those achieved in physical therapy.


Because you use them while sitting, standing and sleeping, the muscles in your back are at an increased risk for injury. Learning the proper stretches and exercises can cut down on your pain and injury potential.


Slipping on icy surfaces during the winter months can cause embarrassing falls and serious injuries. Seeking physical therapy can help get you back up and moving around after a fall.


If you've been thinking that an aquatic exercise program is right for you, consult your physical therapist before beginning. This will ensure you're doing the right exercises for your injuries.


Another way to prevent falls is to keep stairs free of clutter and make sure there are handrails on both sides of the steps for easy guidance.


To improve your posture, if you stand all day, put one foot on a stool, and hold you head high, with your chin out forward firmly, shoulders held back, and your chest held out.


After a serious fall, you may discover that your balance is impaired for a time. Visiting with a physical therapist can help you determine situations that could be hazardous in your condition.


Did you know the Internet has had an impact on the field of physical therapy? In particular, many patients have relied on demonstrations on youtube.com to learn how to repeat exercises prescribed by their therapist at home.


Depending on the extent of your injuries, it may not be possible for you to complete some of the tasks you used to. In this case, ask for ways you can modify the tasks to make them safe for you.


One of the goal's of physical therapy is to engage the patient in movements that send signals to the brain, telling it how the patient wants to move. If a part of the patient's body has been damaged or paralyzed, consistent movement can send enough signals, or reminders, to the brain to help it move on its own.


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