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Reading over makeup tips today and thought this was all spot on!

Life would be pretty sweet if one make-up how-to worked for everyone. But we know that we’re all unique in our own ways, so a tutorial on a dark, smudgy eye look – which would look fantastic on the big-eyed model in the picture – won’t do any favors for someone with small or narrow eyes.

So here are some handy hints and tricks on how to apply eyeliner to suit your eye shape, size, and position.


How do I know if I have round eyes?

Round eyes are usually large and quite wide. If you can see white above or below your iris when you look straight ahead, you have round eyes.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

If you’d like to make your eyes look a little longer, try lining the outer edges of your lash line, or go for a nice, long winged liner look. You could also apply liquid eyeliner (we love Mode Liquid Eyeliner) on your upper lash line from about where your iris starts at the inner corner all the way to the outer corner.


How do I know if I have almond eyes?

Your eyes will literally look like the humble almond nut. When you look straight ahead, your iris disappears into your upper and lower eyelids.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

Go nuts with winged liner to complement the wonderful curves of your eyes. For bonus beauty points, give it a good flick up at the end. If you just want to use a regular pencil liner, like Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner, take note of your eye size before you start. Only draw a thin line for small eyes, and go a bit thicker for bigger eyes.


How do I know if I have small eyes?

Look at your eyes in comparison to your nose and mouth. Are they proportionally smaller? Bingo, you have small eyes. You’ll also notice that the distance between the tips of your lashes and your brow bone is quite short.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

Never apply dark eyeliner on your bottom water line, as this will make your eyes look even smaller. Instead, swipe a thin line on your top lash line and the outer corner of your bottom lash line to gently frame your eyes. For extra definition, try applying your liner in between the roots of your lashes with Bourjois Liner Feutre.


How do I know if I have big eyes?

Your eyes are classified as ‘big’ if they are proportionally larger than the rest of your facial features, a la Mila.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

Lucky girl – having larger eyes means you can play around with lots of liner looks. First of all, you can easily line both your top and bottom waterlines without making your eyes look small. What’s more, you can apply eyeliner to the bottom lash line for the same reason. You can also experiment with other winged liner or cat eyes.


How do I know if I have close-set eyes?

Check out the gap between the inside corners of your eyes. Can you fit another eye in that space? If not, then you have close-set eyes.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

When you have close-set eyes, you want to focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Using a soft eye pencil, like Max Factor Liquid Eye Effect Pencil, apply your liner thinly at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner, taking the line a bit longer than your lash line. When you’re working on the inner corners, avoid lining all the way to your tear duct as this will emphasise the closeness of your eyes.


How do I know if I have wide-set eyes?

If the gap between the inner corners of your eyes is big enough to fit more than one eye, then you, my friend, have wide-set eyes.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

When you have wide-set eyes, you want to focus on the inner corners of your eyes so your eyes seem closer together. Start the line by your tear duct, and avoid extending it past the outer corner of your eye. If you have small eyes, you can also apply a small amount of liner at the inner corner of your bottom lash line – just don't line the whole thing.


How do I know if I have deep set eyes?

Your eyes are set deep into your skull, so when you open your eyes, the space between your lashes and brow bone recedes, making your brow bone look more prominent.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

Avoid drawing a thick line (and smudging your liner) on your top lash line as this may cause your eyes to look more sunken (and even smaller, if you have small eyes). To combat this, apply a thin line using essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen as close to your lash line as possible, and only line the outer half of your eye. Try finish off the look with a thin line on your bottom lash line.


How do I know if I have prominent eyes?

Prominent eyes bulge outwards from the eye socket, meaning that you’d have a lot of your eyelids visible.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

You can create the illusion of smaller lids by using a thick liner (we love L’Oreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner) to line your top lash line. Feel free to apply from corner-to-corner, too. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to your bottom lash line - play around and see what you prefer.


How do I know if I have monolids?

Monolids are flat and barely have a crease. The brow bone is also less defined.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

When lining your top lash line, start off with a thin line at the inner corner and make it thicker as you go along. A monolid also offers the perfect canvas to play around with dramatic winged liner and cat eye looks.


How do I know if I have hooded lids?

If you notice that your eyelid droops down over the crease when your eyes are open, you’re the proud owner of some hooded lids.

How should I apply my eyeliner?

Because the folding over of the lid causes eyes to look smaller, you’ll want to try and make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner. Start by thickening your lash base by applying liner between the roots of your lashes and be sure to apply your liner thicker at the outer corner of your eye.


5 Ways to make your makeup sexier for summer:
1- Line eyes with two aquatic hues. Like BeautiControl's eye crayons Sea Moss & Lagoon
2- Trace the skin above your Cupid's bow with highlighter to make lips look plumper. I use BeautiControl's Downtown Chic or Sedona
3- S*x up your decolletage with shimmery body lotion. I love the beachy scent and the shimmer in Island Sunset collection (BeautiControl)
4- Next time you do a cat eye, use white liquid liner for a summery (and 60's ) twist. Pacifica in shadow trio works great
5- Run blue liner (try the lagoon eye nicely) along inner rims to make bloodshot eyes look whiter

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Winter Skin Savers - Fix Dry Lips and Skin

Write up in "Good Housekeeping" about BeautiControl's Microderm Abrasion
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Are dry lips and scaly skin your cold-weather fate? This year, keep everything soft and smooth with these GHRI-tested solutions.


Kardashians @ NYC fashion show all wearing BeautiControl..... When will you be ???


LOVE chocolate ? Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants called flavanoids, which reduce the amount of UV light your skin absorbs, according to new info in the journal Nutition. You Need a 3-ounce candy bar or one packet of flavonoid-enhanced cocoa powder in your milk a day !.........SO eat the chocolate (dark choc in moderation) and it will help keep your skin looking great !


Practicing looks for prom this Friday ! She voted negative for the smoky blue eye and dark brow ... Tomorrow night- ill try again :)))

Bright Spring Makeup Tutorial

Do you love this look ? I thought it was awesome for Spring/Summer ! I just re-created it on myself using a few different combinations of colors. Want the look? ... I have the new eye crayons that have the primer built in for shadow that lasts all day !We can create the look in the colors you love AND I'll teach you how to apply!

This is the look I was wearing in my February Favourites video. I got a few requests to do a tutorial for it, so here it is! :) BHCosmetics


If you have a photo shoot coming up or if you want to flatten out your belly for that upcoming beach vacation…. Try these great tips
1- A week out- eat foods with a lot of fiber (at least 5 grams or more per serving) Not only does fiber keep you satisfied, it also aids in digestion, so in the next 24 hours, you’ll feel less bloated.
2- The night before- warm water with lemon. This drink is a win-ein. The soothing combo helps you fall asleep more easily, and the lemon and water paired together act as a natural diuretic.
3- The morning of- a banana. It’s high in potassium, which offsets sodium (a main culprit of belly bloat)
4- During the event – pack your own unsalted nuts, you are better off snacking on protein, since carbs make you retain water, causing extra pooch


Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best.
John Maxwell


The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.
~ Ayn Rand


Wedding pictures will be treasured forever! Don't let your makeup on that special day be anything but perfect ! Your makeup application will need to be different for the time of day the wedding and pictures are scheduled ..... you have several options... but I would suggest having someone on hand for application AND touch ups!!! Contact me and let's schedule a trial run .... I suggest 2-3 months before the big event !


Studying trends for spring I've seen several times that glitter is coming back for the spring .... glitter eyes and glitter lips ....I am really wishing that a girl I'm doing for prom to opt for a glitter lip!!!! So cool and YES I've got it .... in every color ! LOVE IT ! Sooooo out there ! OR if they wanna just go a little funky and different - a glitter eye liner would be awesome !


Great Spring tips ... LOVE what he has to say about "Power Brows" .... have I done your makeup lately? What did I tell ya ? :) Do you have a "Great Red Lip"? Get the flawless skin that looks freshest for spring he refers to, what to do so that you can wear a winged eye + TFF Eye Treatment is the KEY ! Stay tuned for more !!!

SUBSCRIBE TO WIN FREE MAKEUP!!!! RED LIPSTICK Lipstick's most iconic color was reinvented this season, proving tha...

Candice Holloway Makeup Artistry

Candice Holloway Makeup Artistry

So the shoots in Nashville went great. Drew was extremely entertaining so we had a lot of fun. Gari Flowers did some beautiful makeup with me. Jessica Ford was amazing and beautiful and ridiculously talented and it's always a pleasure working with James Erdman.

I got home around 3am and just finished Say Yes to the Dress this morning and shooting this afternoon. Whew. #needcaffeine

How to Apply Underbrow Makeup
How to Apply Underbrow Makeup

How to Apply Underbrow Makeup

Underbrow makeup should be a really nice highlighted color to draw the attention upward to the beautiful shape of the brow. Create a nice highlight on your underbrow with help from a professional...


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