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The teeth of a T. Rex were sharp enough to saw meat and strong enough to crack bones. They could grow a new tooth in less than 2 years, whenever one fell out.


Your tongue has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds!

Periodontal Disease: Causes and Prevention

It is not normal for your gums to bleed while brushing or flossing. Daily and proper oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/31ZDZW2

Swollen and bleeding gums are early signs of periodontal gum disease. Visit Colgate.com to learn about periodontal disease treatment and the techniques you can use to prevent periodontal disease.


How often should you get your teeth cleaned? Leave your guess in the comments below.


Think you might have a cracked tooth? Some symptoms may include - pain when chewing, sensitivity to heat and cold, and swelling of the gums. Call us today if you're experiencing any of these.

How Important is Flossing | Colgate® Oral Care

You may not be a flosser but it's important to include it as part of your daily routine. By not flossing you're at risk for gingivitis and cavities. http://bit.ly/2ZODJMs

How important is flossing to you? Many people hate flossing. Why? Because for many, it may be a challenging task. Here's why you shouldn't skip this step.


Live your best life with a brighter smile. Contact us today!


It is best to include nuts like macadamia and pistachios in your diet to prevent gum disease. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps to ease the inflammation.


Both electric and manual toothbrushes have their pros and cons. Not sure which one to choose? Contact us today to find out which is best for you.


Just because you don't have tooth pain, doesn't mean you don't have a cavity. Sometimes, you may not be aware a cavity is forming, which is why dental checkups are important. Call us today to schedule an appointment! In the meantime, learn more about cavities and how they affect your oral health. https://mayocl.in/2PO3l8p

How to use Mouthwash

Mouthwash should never be used as a replacement for brushing your teeth. Read this short article to learn how to properly use mouthwash and the benefits of it. http://bit.ly/2ZJD1Am

Find out how to properly incorporate mouthwash into your oral care routine correctly, how much to use and for how long. Learn more at Crest.com


Trying to hide your smile is a big tell-tale sign that you need to schedule an appointment with us!

Is It Worse to Skip Brushing Your Teeth or Flossing?

When it comes to brushing or flossing, neither is superior to the other. Brushing removes plaque from the front and back of surfaces, whereas, flossing removes plaque between teeth and gums. They are equally important to ensure a healthy smile. http://bit.ly/2Pt3HQ8

Brushing your teeth and flossing are both important to a good oral health routine. Both help remove food and bacteria while freshening your breath. But which one is more important? Here’s what you need to know about brushing vs. flossing and which one not to skip.


Water is the healthiest beverage for your teeth - it keeps your mouth clean and fights dry mouth. So, put that soda down and grab a glass of water!

What to Do Before Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

It is recommended to know what to expect before your teeth cleaning procedure. Prepare all your questions and don't hesitate to ask your hygienist. http://bit.ly/32DqEo1

Want to be prepared for your next teeth cleaning appointment? Believe it or not, it might be good to keep a little food stuck in your teeth.


Sensitivity to hot or cold food may be a sign of damaged tooth pulp. If you're experiencing discomfort, don't hesitate to check in with us!


How do you pass the time while sitting in the dental chair? What thoughts go through your mind?

Genes could play a role in tooth decay and gum disease

Recent research has shown that genes may play a big role in gum disease. Make it a habit to go to your scheduled appointments to avoid developing dental problems. http://bit.ly/30v40fz

Tooth decay and gum disease impact on illness and healthcare spending, yet the role of genetics in dental problems is largely unknown. New research led by an international team, including researchers at the University of Bristol, suggests hereditary traits and factors such as obesity, education and....

Do I have to wear a mouthguard?

Fact or Fiction: Do you think you know a lot about mouthguards? Take this quiz and find out. http://bit.ly/32Ix1GD

Many experts recommend that everyone, from children to adults, wear a mouthguard during any recreational activity that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth. Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth if they’re not wearing a mouthguard.


You can't have too much of a good thing! Brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day is one of the best habits you can have - just make sure you're not applying too much pressure or using too hard of a brush. Think "massage" instead of "scrub". The next time you visit us, ask about recommended brushes!

Fluoride Deficiency & Signs | Colgate® Oral Care

You might think that your gums are in tip-top shape and not realize that you may be suffering from fluoride deficiency. Learn more about it here and don't skip your regular dental checkups: http://bit.ly/2NpNxnV

Even if you have great oral care habits, you may still develop a fluoride deficiency. Learn more about fluoride deficiency and signs of deficiency, here.


You may want to avoid eating gummy candies. Gummy treats are known to stick to your back teeth which make it difficult to remove, even with brushing and flossing.


Losing baby teeth can be a bit scary for some children and it’s completely normal to feel that way. Watch this video with your child to put them at ease: http://bit.ly/2EkB2aw

A baby tooth must learn to grow up in order to fall out, but is terrified of what might happen. I made a little movie based on my memories from going to the dentist…


Nail Biting can chip teeth and impact your jaw. Try reducing stress or finding something to keep your hands busy.


Giraffes and humans both have 32 teeth. However, giraffes do not have upper front teeth but have molars in the back of their mouths.


Tooth enamel is a crystal - so is Ice. When you push two crystals against each other, one will break. Usually it's the ice... but sometimes it can be your tooth or filling. It's not worth the risk!


The original tooth fairy was no fairy at all! In Hispanic culture, this mythical creature began with a mouse named Perez. Children left their baby teeth under their pillows for Perez and received a gift in return.


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Dr. Zina Alathari and Dr. Humam Alathari offer excellence in general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire Family.

  • Preventative Care - Diagnostic Procedures

  • Root Canals

  • CEREC one visit Crowns -Veneers - Inlays - Onlays.
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    Always a pleasant experience with Dr. Zina. I used to always have a bit of anxiety before my annual dental visits. No longer! Dr. Zina is professional and thorough. I can’t say enough positive things about her. Her front office staff is very efficient, warm and welcoming.