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💜Individual & Group work.
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💜Soul Nourishing Mentorship experience. More information at www.iamhealingone.org.

Offering Mental Health Services, Holisitic & Wellness Coaching, online Crystal Shop, Workshops. Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship experience. More information at courses.iamhealingone.org

We've made a TON of changes, pivots and shifts over the past 6 years. I've taken sabbaticals and time for mental health....

We've made a TON of changes, pivots and shifts over the past 6 years. I've taken sabbaticals and time for mental health. Then there was the whole world wide experience thing. Life. Growth. Expansion. Healing. All of it!

So I'm something I originally did in July 2018

🔥100 people in 100 days!🔥

We've completely revamped who we are and what we do over the years. It's still the same purpose, but the energy has shifted and most of our how, has shifted with it.

Open to current clients and students (we want to learn, what made you choose us, stay with us?)

For those who haven't worked with us yet but have wanted to, we'd love to know what's drawing you in.

If you've been in our online community / connections, we'd love to know what made you curious about us.

I would love your support.
30 minutes of your time, to share your feedback with me. And I'll share some tips and tricks to help support you in your healing journey.

Tag & Share so more people can find this and benefit. We appreciate YOU😎😎

Calendar 🔗 🥰🥰
Grab your spot!


Yall know I've been talking about managing fire energy more and more. Because so many don't know what to do with it.

🔥HealingOne has a Fire Walker/ Fire Keeper!!!🔥

We're onboarding and almost ready for booking!

I am a Fire Walker and it ain't for the faint of heart. So to have both in one person is so freaking exciting!!!😎😎

Now, let me explain 🤣
Cus no we not talking about waking on fire/coals at the burning man events, etc.

Years ago I asked spirit to show me, ME. I wanted to know what made me who I am, how I could better navigate this human being and life experience. While also better understanding my energetic makeup and spiritual journey as well.

I am pure fire energy, made from fire. And often what I experienced in healing sessions with others was it would get a little too intense for them. Even in relationships, my energy was raging intensely to power me, and I needed to better calibrate it and myself.

I started saying FIRE WALKER because I needed a way to describe what I often do in my own personal healing sessions.

The past few years I've been experimenting, learning, and tweaking. I don't do as much individual work, because I facilitate the Soul Nourishing Mentorship, so I put the call to spirit to find another person who specifically could and wanted to do this work.

And wouldn't ya know it! Spirit delivered! So here we go, adding it to our available support!!🔥🔥

Stay tuned as we share more details and links to schedule. Ask your questions, we wanna help make sure this best support you, or recommend one of our other service options if needed.

Let's heal forward!💜😎🤩🔥


I'll be doing a ritual for clients and students. (If you're currently a student/client/customer or I've worked with you in the past 6 months, you're included).


Gather your supplies if you'd like to work your own magick during the ritual. It will likely run until Sunday.

Focused on restoring your mind, body, heart and spirit. You've made it through a s**t ton of experiences and challenges, and it's time to boost your joy and help you remember how amazing you are and how beautiful life is!

💎💎If you wanna grab your crystals, I'll be using...

Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Malachite, Pyrite.

🔥🔥Clear your space before you start working. Yall know I love a good 🔥! Use that Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Citronella, etc. Get your oils or dried herbs and put them to work! If you've got fresh herbs, put them in a pot and do a stove boil. Get to it! 😎🤩

If you need to purchase access (we've not worked together in the past 6 months), grab your access here: https://buy.stripe.com/7sI6qEeMZ5cEgda8wy

Use CODE...
EarlyBirdy for 50% off!!
$54 until 11:59pm cst Wednesday.
Normally $108 and up for group rituals

🚨NEW VIDEO ALERT🚨Just popped a new video on yt talking about crystals. How do you know what crystals to use?Hop on over ...

Just popped a new video on yt talking about crystals. How do you know what crystals to use?

Hop on over and chime in, in the comments. 🥰😎

Send us your questions and we'll create more content.🥰🥰


Take a minute to breathe, release, and reset...

I started talking about SHAME in January and how it will sneak its way in so deep and control the narrative of everythin...

I started talking about SHAME in January and how it will sneak its way in so deep and control the narrative of everything you do. Spirit took me on a deeper dive into healing some things I didn't even know were there. Whew chile!

💜I've been curating the RECLAIM YOUR PEACE virtual spa experience and were finishing week two.

💜The Release the SHAME ritual is creating huge shifts and manifestations and we're only on day three.

I had only intended to talk about it for a few weeks and then move on to something else (adhd brain loves new things)

But this is hitting home for me and for so many people. This is what I've been leaning into, asking spirit what I should focus on right now. How can I best serve and support. And this feels aligned, purposeful and necessary.

All that said, I'm going to create the RECLAIM YOUR PEACE micro membership. Solely focused on helping you to release shame, resentment, guilt, and rejection. To help you heal deeper and shift into your own sweet spot of life.

😍😍I'm removing the issue of financial strain by making the membership $40/monthly. A monthly video chat, small group ritual, ability to send questions and get feedback from me, and periodic downloadable content. All geared towards helping you deal with that fa**ss purple elephant in the room, that nobody wants to talk about, but everyone sees.

If you need deeper and more intentional support, the Soul Nourishing Mentorship is here to support you in cultivating your own spiritual wisdom, gifts and healing.

💦The membership space will go LIVE officially on MARCH 11th, 2024. Until then you can get the early birdy access for HALF OFF. $20/monthly for as long as you're a member.

💦You'll also get access to some extra time with me to get hands on help and clarity and so you can movement NOW!

I'll open the doors on Monday FEBRUARY 26th, 2024 for the early bird access.

💦Anyone who signs up by midnight on the 26th will get a chance to ask me a question (ONE), and get a personal audio with spiritual guidance from your team, so we can dig into what you need and get you healing faster.

💦February 26th - March 11th
Anyone who signs up by midnight on the 11th, will get a card pull and quick (up to 5 minutes) audio with your teams response.

🔥🔥Be clear, you are powerful! It's as simple as we all need help and support sometimes.🔥🔥

My soul is literally dancing right now because I feel called into this so intentionally and purposefully🥰😍😭

Come join me and let's elevate and heal forward together. Community makes all the difference😍🥰 ❤️

Come connect with us🥰😎🔥

Come connect with us🥰😎🔥

Welcome to our channel!B e sure to click that buttin and subscribe so you dont miss us LIVE each week on tuesdays. New videos posted every week as well. 🤎F...


As you prepare to rest tonight, remember this, you are enough. Whatever trials or challenges have been coming, they'll never take away from your greatness. You are God in the human form. You are divine magick. You possess the world, within you. Let that soothe your nerves and reaffirm your belief in you. Wake up tomorrow ready to take the next step into your dreams becoming real and your miracles manifesting.


Trying to navigate your own personal healing journey can feel like you're trying to read a book through muddy waters. It starts off a bit crazy for most, if not all of us, and yet it's so worth it!

If you're ready for a lil help, come join the I Am HealingOne, LLC aka The Unapologetic Healer family. We've got multiple support options that are customized to meet each persons needs.

Whether it's some individual support with coaching or therapy, the group learning in the Soul Nourishing Mentorship or your own self paced healing using our inner soul safe membership... We've got you covered.

Healing isn't one size fits all. Let be honest, half the clothes made like that aren't that either. As much as we wanna love them, they end up looking weird as hell once you put them on. 🤣

Let's be real, we can't give you every little thing you need. However, our ultimate goal, is to help you connect deeper or reconnect with yourself. You are absolutely powerful and divine. We're not here because you're helpless. We're here because everyone needs support sometimes, and life is much easier and much sweeter, with community.

Come join our community and let's grow forward together.🥰🥰


Gooooooooooooood MornTing lovebugs and badasses!! Have you rested lately? I know, it's tempting and so easy to go all out and try to get everything done. But burnout is real! Make sure you create the balance that works for you. Nurture yourself, selfcare should be your greatest superpower. You're worthy of being well.

We're growing! As part of our new services coming, we'll be cultivating an online vault of mental health resources. If y...

We're growing!

As part of our new services coming, we'll be cultivating an online vault of mental health resources.

If you're interested in working with us to receive therapeutic support, we'd love to have you join us!

And as a gift, please join us in our new resources vault. Bear with us as we add content, and share your thoughts on what you want to see.

Join us here👇🏾

We've Got Exciting News:  We're Expanding Our Services to Support Mental Health and Insurance Needs!We're thrilled to an...

We've Got Exciting News: We're Expanding Our Services to Support Mental Health and Insurance Needs!

We're thrilled to announce that we're adding new services to our repertoire, focusing on mental health clients and accepting some limited insurance (more options will continue to be added). At I Am HealingOne, LLC, we believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of our client's well-being.

Understanding that mental well-being is just as important as spiritual health, we're in the process of adding some mental health professionals to offer top-notch counseling and therapy services. Our dedicated team will help you navigate through your challenges, with more ease and a safe space just to be you.

💜Whether it's supporting you in dealing with and managing anxiety,
💜Navigating life stressors and creating coping skills,
💜Cultivating a safe space to help you just be yourself in all of your messy glory,
💜Navigating divorce,
💜Exploring life after the military,
💜Preparing to expand your family,
💜Addressing and navigating childhood trauma
💜And so much more

We are here to help support you on your terms.

Additionally, we know that dealing with insurance can sometimes be overwhelming. We have expanded our services to include expert insurance guidance to ease this burden. Our team of professionals will assist clients in understanding your policies, filing claims, and maximizing your coverage. We promise to simplify the insurance process, ensuring you can your benefits with us, with less hassle. (Before any scheduled sessions, we'll confirm any benefits and let you know your expected out-of-pocket, if any).

By integrating mental health and insurance options into our range of services, we are now able to provide a holistic approach that addresses both spiritual and mental well-being. No matter the challenge, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more details and get ready to experience a whole new level of care at I Am HealingOne, LLC. We can't wait to help you LIVE your best, healthiest life!

Contact us today to learn more about our expanded services and how we can assist you in achieving optimal health and peace of mind. (At this time, we expect to be ready to take on new mental health clients by February 15th, 2024. We'll share updates if that changes)

Email us at: [email protected]

Or call us at:

We look forward to supporting you more intentionally potently and powerfully!

Jasmine & I Am HealingOne Team


Remember to prioritize your wellness and selfcare.

I spent theeeee whole weekend, chillin!
On my sofa. In my bed. Limited phone time. Bare minimum texting. Dogs kept themselves occupied. I allowed myself to just BE. In the moment, focused on how I felt and intuitively doing whatever came up in my spirit.

Sometimes we need to decompress. Even from our favorite person(s), and usual routines.

More ideas on self-caring...
💜Get outside and move
💜Seggy time
💜Watch your fav movies
💜Listen to an audio book
💜Dance and move your body
💜Cook your fav meals
💜Hang out with friends
💜Cuddle your pets
💜Cuddle your children
💜Take some naps
💜Soak in the tub
💜Add essential oils to your body wash
💜Scrub your feet, pray over your body
💜Sit in silence
💜Grab a coloting book & go ham
💜Crossword puzzles
💜Sit outside in the yard
💜Play some boardgames
💜Listen to podcasts
💜Get out and check out a new place
💜Spend some time with your altar
💜Create some ritual energy
💜Grab some crystals and clear your body

What are some if your favorite selfcare activities? Pop in the comments and share with me. Tag your besties and bros so they can get some ideas too

Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship experience. Come join us to deepen your own personal selfcare. And for Holistic & We...

Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship experience. Come join us to deepen your own personal selfcare. And for Holistic & Wellness practitioners who are ready to expand your skillsets.

Apply and join us

Listening to the Pour Horseman PodcastSymone Redwine said"If you ain't been to a black psychic, yo life incomplete!"🤩🥰🤣H...

Listening to the Pour Horseman Podcast

Symone Redwine said
"If you ain't been to a black psychic, yo life incomplete!"🤩🥰🤣

Have you called the HealingOne Hotline?

Come on thru and let us help get you together🥰🤩😎💯


Today I'm grateful for YOU🥰

Forr being part of my online community. Part of my business family. For rooting for me. Sharing your world with me. For the friendships we've built and encourage words and laughter we've shared.

I'm thankful for every single person who has trusted me over the years. Who has invited me into your safe space and allowed me to support and encourage you in your healing journey.

I appreciate every single one of you who has rooted for me and prayed or spoken good things for me.

This sale is for YOU!!

SAVE 30% OF $50 or more orders. Throughout the e tire shop! YES, even the JOURNALS are on sale🥰😎💜

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100! AND YES!!! You can use both 30% and free shipping on your orders.

ENDS on MONDAY at midnight.

I Am HealingOne, LLC aka The Unapologetic Healer is interested in finding a few affiliates for our Soul Nourishing Cours...

I Am HealingOne, LLC aka The Unapologetic Healer is interested in finding a few affiliates for our Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship experience. We'd love to connect with you if you're passionate about sharing wellness, selfcare and seeing the people you know and love thrive.

Hey there my loveYes, you. This is my reminder to you, that you are loved, truly and sincerely. Some of you are selectiv...

Hey there my love
Yes, you.

This is my reminder to you, that you are loved, truly and sincerely.

Some of you are selectively single, maybe enjoying some of it, while simultaneously desiring true companionship and hurting because that piece/peace is missing.

Some of you are single on purpose because you had to leave a hostile, abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationship or marriage.

Some of you are married or in longterm committed relationships, trying to figure out how to get the hell up out.

Some of you are with good people, it's just messed up and you need help to get you and the relationship back into a good space where you can thrive together.

And yes, there are some who are happy and peacefully coexisting with your boothang/spouse. This post is especially for those of you who aren't.

I see you.
I hear you.
I'm holding some sacred space for you.

Because I know how it feels to wake up one day and realize the person you're laying next to every night is not who you thought they were or who they presented themselves to be.

I know how it feels to realize that the very person who committed to loving and honoring you, is the person who is slowly killing you and sabotaging you.

I know... what it feels like to desperately put everything you've got into keeping your business afloat. Because you feel zapped and broken. Tired as f**k, overwhelmed, and anger.

It's taking everything you've got to deal with the relationship and figure out your next move. To keep yourself sane, manage your daily needs and children if you have them.

And then on top of that, have to deal with the business, clients, customers and all the s**t it takes to keep the business itself functioning.

I get it because baby I've been there. Working tirelessly to keep all the pieces going and to maintain some semblance of normalcy. To stay grounded enough to show up and make the magick happen with your clients, to get them the results. Yet, your own life was garbage and up in flames.

You're not a phony
You're not fake
You're not a fraud

You're human. You're a human, being. Learning and growing. You're really good at what you do with your clients, but that unfortunately doesn't exempt you from what you are going through in your own life.

So I reminding you, you're loved.

I truly believe that divine love is absolutely powerful and healing. It's purposeful and passionate. And can make all the difference when your self love and confidence is being challenged or is in the toilet.


My my job is to help you remember this. To tap into it, plug back into it. Because ultimately that's where your deepest and most powerful existence is.

That space, is what gives you the courage to walk away. Or if you're staying, to cultivate and demand a relationship that is supportive, healthy and can thrive.

And when you are in that space, knowing, trusting, being... that's where you truly thrive. Where you succeed in business. Because your clients and customers get the best from you. Because the energy you give is magnetic and calls forth those that are literally looking for you.

Why am I talking about it like this?
Because I lived it. Because I got out of it and worked on me, so that I could co-create something healthy. Because I see it everyday in my clients.

Your business is struggling.
Your relationship is struggling.
You feel like a fraud so you stop showing up as much.
You dim your light and energy.
And this cycles in your business and your relationship or marriage.
You feel stuck. Confused. Chaotic.
You're desperate to see change.
To get your business thriving for the first time, or again.
Desperate to see if you can change the dynamics in your relationship and really be happy together and not ready to kill each other in your sleep.

You may even be seeing it in your friendships and all other relationships around you to some extent.

Because you're the catalyst. You're the common denominator. And no it's not because you're bad or not good enough.

That's the biggest lie.

But somewhere deep inside, you started to consider it. To believe it. And it took root and has slowly choked you and everything around you. It might have started in childhood or crept in as you experienced various hurts.

And it especially shows up in your business. Because you're secretly thinking, if I can't even get my marriage, relationship or personal life right, how in the world am I helping them?

Crazy thing is, yes you absolutely still can help your clients. The bad thing is that you're using your own personal thoughts emotional resources to do so. Because you've got so much doubt and fear running rampant, it makes you struggle to trust yourself. To really know your full capabilities and power.

So you rev up, show up for them. And then run out of steam and feel the walls crashing in personally. That's a dangerous cycle to stay in. You can't sustain it. It leads to burnout and what can feel like irreparable damage emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and even financially. Because you're giving everything you've got left to keep the business going.

Signing up for all the classes and conferences. Business coaches and gurus.

But its not about the business.
It's about you.

Right now, YOU, need to be the focal point. Loving you. Honoring you. Healing you.

Doing so, gives you the space to step back and really see your relationship/marriage with clarity. To see your friendships/relationships with clarity.

To make a healthier decision on whether you should let it go, or re-commit and see it through to a new space of healing.

Right now you haven't been able to make that decision with ease or peace because you're missing the clarity of seeing you.

That's what I'm here to help you with. See, I told you. I've been there. I woke up one day and realized my life was a s**t show. I was miserable in my marriage. Didn't really even care for most of my friends anymore. I was literally existing. My business had stalled and I was desperately working to keep myself afloat. Because it all felt like too much. I had no idea where to start to fix the s**t show I felt trapped in.

You know, like I know, we are our own blindspot. So I couldn't see everything, to create a strategy or plan. I just felt lost in the tornado.

And I'd tried everything I could think of. Losing weight. Getting in shape. Different hairstyles and cuts. Lighting, topics, esthetics, backgrounds, etc. Software, webinars, challenges, all the things.

I finally realized it wasn't any of those things. Listen people are out here killing the game and looking like the grinch that stole Christmas. Yes a lot of people will work with you based on how you look. But there are plenty who want just the real you. But you can't be you, if you've lost sight of who that is. When I found me again, thats when my peoples (clients and customers) started finding me again.

I tapped in and got some support. I got some healing coaching. I got some therapy. I worked on me. I healed me. That's when my relationships and my business turned around.

Because they are simply an extension of me. The more I healed and begin to thrive, the easier it became to let things and people go. I'd been holding on with a death grip. The easier it became to navigate my business and create relationships with clients and customers that give me so much joy😊.

Let me help you do that.

Because honestly, yes, I believe you can do it alone. Yup, you can knuckle up, grease your face down, and go to battle with yourself to heal and get through all the s**t, by yourself. You can make it a one woman, one man or one being show. If that's what you believe in, go for it. I'm not here to convince you otherwise.

But if you've already figured out, that's not where it's at. It's not necessary and doesn't have to be that scary or hard, you don't have to do it solo. Then ask yourself, are you ready to take the next step.

Though it's become a buzzword, I truly believe in alignment. The things you want, want you. The things you need, can show up when you're open.

The next step, is to chat with me. Because I know I'm good at what I do. I'm great, Yup I brag on me😎

But us having a conversation allows us to both check the energy and vibe. Because it's about you being ready, and having the best fit with the person you're going to trust to help you.

And I'm committed to my own peace. I choose to feel amazing when I step into the healing space with my clients. That's a collaborative effort and experience between the two of us.

So think on it...
You really ready?

Because I don't come to play.
I show up and I expect the same commitment from you.

We, together, are gonna rock your energetic world and get you thriving again. And that my love, is going to change everything around you.

Change is a beautiful and glorious thing.

You ready?

I'm ready.

Let's do this!

Your next step is jump in and answer a few questions I'll go over them to see where you are. From there, we'll chat and check our vibe and if it's a great fit for us both, then we'll make some spiritual magick happen together. I can't wait🤩🥰😎

Originally posted on September 18, 2021. I don't think I've written a better post that describes The Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship experience. Whew!

This is a must in business... knowing who you're talking to and why. Check her out and sign up if you need help clearing...

This is a must in business... knowing who you're talking to and why. Check her out and sign up if you need help clearing up your messaging.

Say what you wanna say to the right people

Have you grabbed your spot yet? Join us and choose the ritual by itself or include waistbeads to hwlp kero the energy in...

Have you grabbed your spot yet? Join us and choose the ritual by itself or include waistbeads to hwlp kero the energy in motion and working 🤩🥰😎


Affirmations truly can make a difference. No, it's not going to work because you said it one time. Or even twenty times. They work as a process.

Crafting them in ways that makes sense and feel good to your mind and soul. Even if it doesn't quite feel true, allowing yourself to hold space for duality. Over time you start to notice and feel the shifts.

The things that felt untrue, now start to seem slightly possible. You start to see small pieces of evidence showing up that just maybe there's something happening.

Affirmations take time, like much of life. You didn't get into the position you're in, over night. And you may have been in it for a while now. So retraining your psyche and brain to create completely new experiences may not happen in the snap of your fingers. But it can and does happen.

Don't give up. Don't stop. Keep going and keep speaking over your life.

This morning is a beautiful opportunity to take a moment and just breat... In and out, at your body's preferred pace.  L...

This morning is a beautiful opportunity to take a moment and just breat...

In and out, at your body's preferred pace. Let your mind wonder. Daydream.
30 seconds. 9 seconds. 5 minutes. 60 minutes.

Start where you can, work up to what feels right for your soul.

Go into your day invigorated and purposeful 🥰🤩


To my black, people of color & indigenous owned businesses.... are you networking?

If so... How's it working for you?
If not... what's stopping you?

If you're local, IN BIRMINGHAM, I'd love to have you visit a group I'm a part of. It's made a difference I'm my business. If you're not local to me, I'll do my best to help you find one close.

I am passionate abt seeing more of us in the right spaces with the right people who can help us grow and scale sustainably and intentionally.


We've been talking about pricing. When you're running a business there are so many pieces and parts you've got to consider when it comes to pricing.
It's not just you anymore once you turn it from a hobby into a business. It's overhead, supplies, possibly contractors and more.

These are real conversations we hold space for in thr Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship. Because they matter. Because it offers us freedom to grow when we have people willing to be transparent and open.

The business journey is beautiful. Fun. Adventurous. It's also painful sometimes. Scary.

Being a powerful Healer, Coach or Practitioner isn't just about your skills or abilities. It's about setting yourself up to succeed by building a business that you can grow on your terms, and that can sustain itself over time.

The journey looks different for us all. But community and open conversations are part of the prosperity. If you're ready to strengthen your journey and make it easier. Come join us.

That's why were different.
We're not just talking about healing, growing your skills for your clients. We're talking about you first, business second.

Registration is open and we're waiting on you🤩🥰😎www.iamhealingone.org

There's a specific process I walk my clients thru when they want to work on money stories. It's simple, yet POTENT! I do...

There's a specific process I walk my clients thru when they want to work on money stories. It's simple, yet POTENT! I do it myself in my own personal healing journey and have seen it work massive movement for me personally as well as in their lives.

So often we make the journey more painful because we listen to everything and everyone outside of self. This journey is about YOU.

Take this 12 week journey with me.
Grab your copy. Dive in and get to know what you're really thinking and feeling about money.

If there is enough interest, I'd actually love to do this as a live bootcamp in a private group with some limited zoom time as well. You game?

WARNING!!! This ain't for you if you're not ready to cry some tears and feel some thangs! I wanna be as upfront and clear about that as I can 🤣😭

But if you're ready to get jiggy wit' it and get some major movement happening in your finances and money experiences, LETS GO!

If you wanna grab your copy when its live, and you want access to me to jump in the deep end get this schmoney popping, 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾pop in the comments and say, I WANT IN. I'll let you know as soon as the book is live so you can grab a copy and deets on live mastermind/bootcamp experience.


Stockbridge, GA

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Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - 4pm
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Saturday 10am - 4pm




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Healing Doesn’t have to be hard! Join us in ‘Inner Soul Cafe’.

Hi there and thank you for coming to check out our facebook biz page. :) We have been making some powerful and positive changes behind the scenes and we are so excited as everything is coming together and aligning with our more focused spiritual and healing focuses. So what did we change? EVERYTHING! LOL, we still offer strategy coaching and support, however we have shifted those as our secondary offerings. We now have our Intuitive Readings, Private Membership Group & Custom Healing Jewelry Pieces as the forefront of our offerings. One of the biggest changes was re-launching and opening our on-line private group membership. ‘Inner Soul Cafe’. This membership is perfect for you if you want to connect with me as an Intuitive Healer and Coach, to be able to ask questions and receive ongoing support, along with the other benefits listed below, yet don't need or want full on coaching. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE..? CLICK HERE

WHY DID WE MAKE SO MANY CHANGES? Because I, (Jasmine) finally found my sweet spot/ full alignment with my own personal voice and professional voice. Now, I don’t have to feel like I’m existing in 2 different spaces and standing on the proverbial tight rope. It feels amazing to bring the things I love and that help me to THRIVE in my own life, into my business full force w/o fear or constantly feeling the discord that comes when you can’t fully do what you love.

I’ve always loved coaching and supporting others in healing. Now, I get to do it with a much more satisfying fulfilment and enjoyment via my services and connecting with clients. :) Feel free to visit our website: www.iamhealingone.org Please excuse the process while we are getting all of the information updated and consistent between our social media accounts and website. You can also view and schedule our different session types and purchase your custom Healing jewelry pieces here on our on-line schedule: https://iamhealingone.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php Thank you for connecting with I Am HealingOne,LLC & Jasmine. We look forward to serving you and supporting you in your THRIVING! :)

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