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TBI Coach - Celeste Campbell Personal life coaching for people with brain injuries and their families, friends and supports You, the client drive the process. Want more information?

The foundation of the life coaching process is the scheduled, structured coaching sessions via telephone. These phone sessions are supplemented by regular booster contacts via e-mail and phone, and by exercises and homework completed between sessions. Life coaching identifies priorities, designs strategies, and focuses in on the essential tasks for achieving your goals. It does not dwell on what's

wrong, but looks at how you can

Turn Possibility Into Reality! Life coaching helps you to screen out the clutter in your life and zero in on what is important with a focus and intensity that allows for no other outcome but life success. It looks at all of the various arenas of your life to ensure you create and maintain balance. Life coaching works because you take control of your life direction and steer a course of your own choosing. You are now able to

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Do you know what it is? And, what are you doing to feed it?
How often do we have that sense of something we were meant to be doing, but come up with multiple excuses to not do so. Sometimes it is mere procrastination. Sometimes it is fear or anxiety. Sometimes we overthink and talk ourselves out of something. Sometimes we let life get in the way. Sometimes others tell us how ridiculous we are being – and we believe them!!

We need to learn to trust our gut instincts. That primal sense that knows what is most in sync with our being, that leaps for joy at our passions. Yes, I know there are many realities and responsibilities we have to deal with, - family, friends, jobs, school, health, finances, community, politics, climate change, social issues, global unrest, and on and on and on. But maybe, just maybe, we can take a moment each day to feed that which is most essentially us.

This is not to say to run off on a whim every time a new idea pops into your head. It is of course wise to research and plan and seek advice. But, how many times do we hear that little voice saying “wouldn’t it be neat to…?” but we let the moment pass or immediately come up with all the reasons it is not feasible. Or how often do we find ourselves saying “I have always wanted to…” and let it lie as just a mere wish. And how many “I wish I could…”s repeatedly come into our heads with no follow-through.

At least write these thoughts down!! You will discover patterns and themes that will point you toward your passion. Writing these down makes them concrete, real. Now you can begin the process if actually making a plan to chase your passion! It is often the case that if you are devoting time to actually going after what you are passionate about, you have more energy and motivation to tackle all the other important, necessary and mundane tasks and obligations in your life. Chasing your passion energizes you. You will become more effective in the other arenas in your life.

So don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Find your passion!!

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Happy New Year!!
As we embark on a new year once again, our thoughts turn to resolutions – or as I prefer to think of them, goals and plans. I use these terms because they are more active and involve creating specific steps to accomplish specific achievements rather than wishing and hoping. I have said it before and I will say it again (and again no doubt!) the first step to accomplishing great things is to write down your goals and the steps to getting there. It sounds simple, yet so many of us keep our ideas in our heads and wonder why we have not gotten to where we want to go. The New Year is a great time to take stock and reflect on where we have come, and set some concrete markers for where we want to go next.

To help you get started on your New Year endeavors, I am offering my Goal Setting Seven Dollar Seminar for FREE in January, 2016. Visit www.tbicoach.com to access the seminar. One of my goals this year is to bring you more seminars, so keep your eyes out for them. The plan is to roll out one new seminar each month on the 20th of the month (see what I did there? That’s a SMART goal!).

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, safe, fun and productive New Year!!

Celeste Campbell
TBI Coach

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Timeline Photos

A New Attitude
A New Attitude

A New Attitude

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” As 2014 begins, how high is your attitude taking you? I consider myself to be a pretty...


In a recent conversation, a young gentleman stated, “ I think the reason so many people are afraid of change is because they don’t know what change looks like.” How true this is. Human beings are creatures of habit – our comfort zone is what we know, often even if what we know is uncomfortable. The unknown, the unpredictable can be very scary. So we shy away from making significant changes in our lives unless somebody can show us the way. Unfortunately this often leaves us following somebody else’s path, not our own. Again, it feels safer to tread on a beaten path - even if it is not going exactly where we want to go – than to beat down the bushes ourselves into the unknown. Yet change is inevitable. The times will change around us, we will keep aging, by subtle increments, our lives are not the same today as they were yesterday, and tomorrow they will be different again. The question is will you take charge of the direction of change in your life or just let it happen. Are you setting goals for your life or are you accepting what lands on your plate? Setting goals lets you put a face on the changes you want for your life – allows you to create a vision for your future. If you can create a picture of what change looks like, won’t this make you less afraid to go after what you want? A popular song says “if I can see it, then I can do it…If I just believe it there’s nothing to it. I believe I can fly. “ Do you believe you can fly?


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