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Ladies! If you were part of the meditation class on Saturday, I am sorry to announce that it will be cancelled. 1 person already paid, so that will be refunded. Thanks for your love & understanding to everyone. I am being extra cautious right now due to health and the spike in the virus ❤️


Did you know that blood pressure medication does nothing to help reverse or cure you of the disease. It masks symptoms, where as changing your diet and making other lifestyle changes actually reverses the progression of the disease. We all want to live a longer HEALTHIER life instead of just living longer with multiple diseases. You want quality as well as quantity. This month you can schedule as many appointments with me you feel you need for just $40 per session! To make this even better, you can use your HSA account to pay! I can help you learn small changes to a healthier lifestyle. Step by step, you can take control of your health!
Call or text: (269)221-2288
Email: [email protected]


FOOD IS MEDICINE! One of my client’s blood pressure went from 155/100 to 128/90 in just the 4 1/2 months we have been working together. A healthy meal plan with a balanced diet of not only the right foods, but the right amounts of each food has worked for him. Not only weight loss and more energy, but he can now see the medical benefits as well.


Did you know that your gut and digestive tract are linked? Pathogenic gut bacteria can indeed cause a multitude of skin conditions. Food can also most definitely be the culprit to our skin not looking or feeling as healthy as we would like it to. Besides eating a healthy diet, also make sure to drink plenty of H2O. Some supplements that can help improve your complexion are probiotics, Omega-3, Collagen, L-Glutamine, and a few more. Our whole body is connected, therefore treating it as a whole system is important, even for small things, like your skin!


Ladies, unfortunately I have to change the date of the November 18th meditation class. My daughter had several appointments scheduled in Cincinnati for the 18th-20th. Stacy is booked for November, so we are looking at a Saturday for this class. November 14th is what I am thinking. I want feedback on time tho. Would the morning like 11 be better, the afternoon at 2:00 or evening around 6:00? Let me know! I’m so sorry for the change, and hope you all can still make it!


Tonight is the 1st beginners meditation class! We did have 2 ladies that had to cancel last minute, so if you want a spot, just comment here and we will see you at 6:30! Can't wait to see you ladies relax with your soul!!


Don’t think about what you are restricting yourself from when making healthy changes. Swap that thought process and think about all of the things you are adding to your life. Workouts and diets alike. Think about the nutrients you are fueling your body with. The energy from foods or workouts that you are giving yourself. The less aches and pains. The better and healthier years you’re adding. The better sleep. Less anxiety. That feeling when you are done with a workout far beats the feeling before. That feeling after choosing healthy food compared to the guilt you feel after eating junk food. Changes take time, but to be able to keep all of these things in the front of your mind will make it a little bit easier.


I have been asked by several people, "what if I don't want a contract or a meal plan, I just want help making healthier choices?" I have you covered! You can do single sessions for information, education, and suggestions on how to get yourself on to a healthier lifestyle. You could do single sessions for $75 or 2 a month for $100 for the month! A true lifestyle change takes time and it takes work. I am here to help you along the way offering support and expertise advise on steps you can take to make those small changes that will become a new way of living.


Consider what happens when people value comfort over their health. Eating to “feel better” will cause poor eating habits that undermine their health.
This was something I read today that really made me stop and think. A good perspective to why it can be so hard to change your habits. This causes the health problems tho that over eating or eating unhealthy foods too often bring.


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