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8.26.20This morning I wrote this outline in hopes that you will add to it, edit it and recreate it for the highest good ...
Ho’oponopono Prayer for Forgiveness, Healing and Making Things Right

This morning I wrote this outline in hopes that you will add to it, edit it and recreate it for the highest good of all. Forward this Movement to those interested and to those who might need help in expanding their consciousness into greater opening to larger possibilities. As each of us takes a step( preferably a leap & bound) toward a more humane, responsible, beautiful, powerful and humane world we all benefit.

2020 Earth Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to contribute to One World Existing in Peace, Loving Kindness, Harmony and Balance

All Beings have a right to Prosperity, Education/Learning, Freedom, Unity, Peace, Liberty, Justice and Caring for All
(sound familiar?)

• Jails and prisons will evolve into rehabilitation centers, some areas will be restricted to individuals who endanger self or others. If a person commits a serious crime they will receive guidance and education by people who are trained in mental health and criminal behavior to serve and assist them.
• Individuals who commit crimes will be offered a choice of incarceration or rehabilitation. If a person agrees to rehabilitation as an incentive they will be granted incremental freedom according to their mental stability and ability to work and serve. Anyone who has a history or is presently polluting/ harming the waters, the air, the earth, nature or people will be required to care for the earth or earth inhabitants. They will be under restricted guidelines and be required to learn how to care. Anyone who harms another will be on 24/7 monitoring and will offered therapy. We can all stand to learn from programs such as:

• All wild animals will be placed back in their natural ecologically viable habitats and given sanctuary and protection (the end to circuses, zoos, aquariums, unnecessary restricted spaces and any form of animal abuse/cruelty. We as the society of humane-ity know it is our duty and right to end all suffering. Through the power of the people, we stop and prevent any further development of inhumane laboratory experimentation on people and animals). We will provide educational resource centers centers that house animals, insects and plants in their natural environment. If the organization does not treat animals with respect food and take care of their needs we will shut them down.

• I and all people have a right to education- education is not just meant for those with money.

• Education will teach true facts not not be outdated and false information or mass programming.

• We all act as Earth Stewards to protect the planet. We end the use of non biodegradable product, fossil fuels and use only sustainable products in clothes housing and our environment.

• Accessible Energy is derived from Solar, wind, hydropower, and via Nikola Tesla’s free energy

• Currency and banks will be changed

• Everyone on the earth will have access to food housing clean water, medical dental and mental health services. People will share resources. Over time selfishness and greed will end. People will come to realize that there is great beauty and benefit in sharing, caring, listening, giving, serving, offering,…

• Housing, businesses and land will be developed by ecologically minded engineers, land developers, architects, businesses, governing and real estate offices. Those who have more than they need, will choose to share and create homes for the homeless, assist habitat for humanity, create schools that are made in nature, smaller medical facilities that work side by side with holistic practitioners where they learn from each other not opposed to one another.

• intentional communities, community centers and community gardens will bring people together where they can learn from one another and create educational platforms for humanities next evolutionary steps.

• Animal control officers, guards, police officers and military personnel will change their job to serving people, animals and nature, keeping them protected from harms way. Their new position will be to protect and care for each individual according to their needs. Each region within each state will have an Office of Peace and Educational Center that will teach police and military non violent communication and other effective programs with an emphasis on serving and attending to what is needed.

• Resource offices as well as guarding and protecting employment positions will become more progressive as they discover how to care for the hungry, take care of the elderly and the disabled, children and adults with a focus on humane treatment. Mental health education and empathy will not only be required but be a means to acquiring certification.

• International Borders will eventually be eliminated so that people can move around, visit and live in foreign countries regardless of race, religion, position, culture, gender, job. This will expand our consciousness and increase our education, and teach us how to live in harmony with one another. Those interested can learn and grow from each other. When learning about foreign cultures it will expand our knowledge and assist in trading/sharing resources. This will assist in developing effective small farming practices, food production, increase awareness and understanding in all fields (ie. holistic medicine healing practices, medical, governing processes, creative and inspiring educational programs, etc)

• Guidance will be provided to co- create neighborhoods and community gardens placed inside community parks. Within each community, each neighbor will find it in their heart to serve in some way due to the support of neighborhood committee’s teaching the beauty of serve others for the greater good of all.

The Ho’oponopono prayer is part of an ancient Hawaiian practice, and it could play a central role in your relationships and your own physical and emotional healing. Its four tenets: repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. If you're ready to feel better, heal better, and move forward your own...

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling's cover photo

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling's cover photo

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling

Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling

Dear Beloveds,I am being guided to create an open art studio here in Thousand Oaks, CA as a new business to inspire enco...

Dear Beloveds,
I am being guided to create an open art studio here in Thousand Oaks, CA as a new business to inspire encourage and support others in developing their creativity. Please place this new venture in the Light. Looking for a name for community art studio: The Artist Tree, Tree Sanctuary, Community Arts, The Color Rainbow... feel free to send me your idea for a name...Many blessings to all of you as we go through these change times.


Art: Spirograph
Connected with neighbors and their ducks
Walked in nature with daughter and dogs
Gardening, planted my favorite plant, a Passion flower vine
Called my mum
Organized my art room
Made jewelry
Hung up hummingbird feeder and chimes
Reached out to friends
Bathed in sun
Truly Loving this vacation!!!


Death 💀 is only bones
Bones for ravens pickins
bodies erode to dust
Wind blows form back to earth
Splattered by the rains & cleansed by fire
Up taking and recycling natures way

Soul-spirit flies on, zips, floats or
dances (up to us)
reuniting with loved ones
Getting the cosmic joke
That maybe... just maybe
we took life a lil’ too serious along the way

Now they say our bones can help
create coral reefs for fishes & octopi
guts can help grow trees
Bodies can be worn on the neck in stylized glass
Seeds can be planted in my eye sockets in a shallow grave with a bright and eager sun

We can even recite our obituary on camera before we take the big dive
I plan to sing a sweet & salty song
toasting to a life lived swell
Let us come celebrate each other in bouncy castles, sway in our rocking chairs and tell our last story
before we
glow and orb
out into celestial skies

You will not know whether your service has been for good or for ill, and it will most likely be the case that the one yo...
The Law Of One – Learn about yourself and the nature of reality

You will not know whether your service has been for good or for ill, and it will most likely be the case that the one you seek to serve will not even be aware of the service that you have rendered. But take heart, my friends, for when you serve as deeply as you may with an open heart, it is never in vain, for that which seems to miss its mark nevertheless finds its way to a home in spirit unerringly.

Yes, the way of an adept, the way of a seeker of spirit is an arduous path, and you can feel, if you allow yourself to so feel, that what you have to offer has no place in the society around you. But, so long as you are willing to understand that what you have to offer is not a matter of right thinking, true information, proper perspective, but rather only a matter of simple open-hearted love, there you cannot go wrong.
-Q’uo-The Law Of One

The material can be read at session by session or freely downloaded in PDF/e-book format at the homebase of all this material Please consider supporting LL Research since they provide all this material for free.


On this day
This perfect day
The Verde river teems with life

I step Into the sacred waters
Feet down into the winding river

My toes weave their way
Into the silt and sand
slimey algae
& jagged rocks
Fish swim in and out of Roots
as they feast on 🦠 amoebas

trees take in carbons
Releasing sweet oxygen

I can breathe

The winds blow my hair
To and fro into a tassel
birds rustle their feathers
Today I feel the touch of heaven on earth


There are many things going on internally and externally in our lives. The external world is a reflection of the collective unconscious. As a collective we agree to certain experiences that we co-create together. The more divided you are internally the more chaos you will experience in your outer reality. Many of us are experiencing a pressure cooker feeling. Something is about to burst, emotionally, karmically, through expression/ communication. As an empathic intuitive I hear from my clients an internal unrest relating to the conditions of our world. More than ever are we being exposed to other people, their choices and an increase in manifestation. Be careful what you ask for.

We are magical beings learning how to get along even if we don’t agree with one another. This can be seen in the division of races, religions, corruption and pollution... At the same time, we can learn how to appreciate our diversity and see our similarities vs our differences. We all have a shadow side. We need to learn how to communicate with it and learn to accept that people are going to make bad choices as well as ourselves.

Depending on how you look at it, our differences are what make us unique. Our differences are what helps us grow and learn. shadow can be a great teacher if we listen closely. When we come to accept that we are co-creators in a world of polarity we can learn how to take our next step as being an observer, a fighter, a keeper of the justice, or the problem.

Keep tuning into good thoughts, adhere to love, hope, faith, Joy, peace and freedom in all ways.

Harlem symphony Lovely and Relaxing

Harlem symphony
Lovely and Relaxing

Dear Beloved OnesFor those of you interested in Art Therapy I have a monthly group that can be viewed on MeetupCheck out...
Expressive Arts Alliance (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Dear Beloved Ones
For those of you interested in Art Therapy I have a monthly group that can be viewed on Meetup

Check out Expressive Arts Alliance

Artist Syrkl is a long standing creative community that has been gathering for several years. It’s roots started in 2000 in CO, then moved to NC and now resides in CA. I recently decided to offer this

Like A  Tree Hidden Inside It’s SeedSometimes in life… we get moments of bliss nirvana appears and then disappearstime s...

Like A Tree Hidden Inside It’s Seed

Sometimes in life…
we get moments of bliss
nirvana appears and then disappears
time stands still
Where we feel led to travel
This infinite abyss
This dark star
where we know not
where it goes

There lies
Questions that no longer need answers
Both absolve into the nothing
From whence they came

nothing to do and no where to go
All that is left is Simran
Great meditation on the One

Eyes of my child like nature forever wonder why
For soul, our higher self, innately knows
Without needing to be told

This basic self keeps wanting to know
higher self knows all it needs to know
Watching and witnessing
What is inside of me that still grows

Wings of the angels enfold me as a small fledgling
Reminding me to take in deep restoring breaths
Relaxing into the heartbeats that help me to remember
I am still
I am peace

In this perfectness of knowing
that I am loved
And Loving is all there is
Knowing this
Brings me peace

Sat Nam, True Name,
sacred name of God,
thank you

I lift, unfold and spiral
inwardly and outwardly
through mediation of Sound & Light

I open my welcoming arms
To the shining sun
The one that keeps us warm and fed
the sweetness of the soft and gentle breeze
the sacredness of deep blue waters
That run free and guided
Seeps into my veins

I AM is secretly hidden
inside the seed
that lies
wirhin my heart
It’s essence
Beacons to be awakened

birthing seed stirs
to be born
to lead a life
of strength & compassion

I am ready, I am free

Lilla Oakes Khalsa

Today a new dayA day to feel the luster of lifeA day to be joyful And thankfulFor my breathFor my able bodyTo walk in Ge...

a new day
A day
to feel
the luster of life
A day
to be joyful
And thankful
For my breath
For my able body

To walk in
And greet all life
With LOve,
& a hug

Photos from Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling's post

Photos from Creative Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling's post


Red hot
Fire Elementals
Rapidly Danced
through the woods
behind my house
They ate everything in site
Beatles and spiders ,
skunk dens, owl nests

Twig houses
Wrapped around
The strong arms
of oak trees
That house
Cranes and things

They came in with a fury
They left
dropping embers
On roof tops
lake docks
and hillsides

These last few days
Has felt like weeks
I’ve been wrestled
To the ground
And humbled
by fires ‘rapid tango’
that tore
through the woods
of my peaceful back yard


Dear Friends,
I think I’m metamorphosising
It occurred because of an activation that took place thanks to a special someone who is very aware of her multi dimensional Self
This is why I am reaching out to you....
If you are noticing increased changes around you and within you, please comment to any of this if you fee guided in sharing your experiences.

Are you experiencing any of these signs:
- Increase in awareness of things going on around you and within you
- Noticing the brightness of people’s light who pass you by, you meet or know
- less food, better food intake/ change of diet
-Less interest in eating meat,
- more life force energy food that doesn’t harm animals
- taking more time to be quiet
- finding it is essential to be in nature
- listening within for answers
- aware of your breathing, your heart beat
- feeling more spontaneous
- finding you are doing things differently
- smiling laughing more
- appreciating life - happy to wake up
- insight into things
- surprising moments of wisdom comes out of you and you’re not sure where it came from
- having more fun, being child like
- increase in self care and positive thinking
- wonder🦋


Dear Beloveds
I’m offering energy healing for love donation for
those of you in need. I’ve been facilitating healing work (Sat Nam Rasayan, Pranic Healing, Reiki) since 1982. I would be happy to offer any one who is in need, part of my ministry.
I live in Agoura Hills. Feel free to contact.
Many Blessings


There is nothing greater than to love with all your heart and soul
The memories we take with us are how much we loved and the love we were given
We can care more
We can give more
We can share precious moments
Because there is nothing greater than to love
With all your heart and soul


To the beautiful and courageous
This is my honoring to you
You who play and dance
To you who play music and sing from your heart

To our homeless artists and gypsies
To the leaders of our world who care

Love and blessings to those who perform
the clowns who humor and bring joy to others

To all of you who endure the trials and tribulations of this crazy world
Thank you for making the best of it

To you the kind and loyal
I honor this day
with big hugs and sweet kisses



The crooked branched tree

was swayed by the forces of the winds
She grew to the right then to the left
Her limbs molded by landscape water and winds.
Her trunk was nibbled by beavers
On a bristley day she fell over

Beaver came and dragged her into the water
She transformed into a den for a beaver family
She watched the young ones grow

then came the day came when the beavers left her as a dwelling
She fell apart

her pieces floated down stream
And became part of a dam mixed with leaves and twigs
fish jumped over her to reach the other side

Last but not least ...
She sunk to the rivers bottom and lay as a nest where fish and frogs laid their eggs


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