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Take a look at this video and really analyze this. What are your thoughts? For so long people get ostracized for calling BIG PHARMA out and these corporations for being in bed with each other. The truth is slowly coming out. You’ve been warned family. We are truly in spiritual warfare. Your govt is killing your with your fav foods. Either you take heed or fall into their traps. Get your spiritual life and physical health in check. Shalom 🫡


Summer time is here, if there is anyone in the surrounding area looking for 1v1 or group setting training sessions with their athletes. I am an available for inquiries I do ages 5-18. Please contact for more info


Thought cilantro was just for salsa? Think again! 🌿 Turns out, it’s not just your tastebuds—it could be cleaning up more than your plate! Studies suggest cilantro might be a detox powerhouse, whisking away metals like a green whirlwind. Now, that’s food for thought…

While we’re on the topic of natural wonders, why stop at cilantro? Discover more natural cleanses, supplements, and remedies that Mother Nature has up her sleeve. 🍃 Just a click away at . Dive into a world where wellness meets the wild!

Expand your health horizons.


Don’t allow your lack of accountability and Self-Discipline to hinder you from growing. Those who challenge you to be better are those that love you, not the ones that enable your lack of accountability. 🫡


Ever feel like your insides are a bit more… ‘inhabited’ than you’d like? 🤔 Pumpkin seeds aren’t just for snacking—they paralyze parasites, while papaya seeds work like a charm to strip away their shields. 🎃✨ But for the ultimate clean sweep? Our Wormwood, Black Walnut, and Clove Herbal Parasite Cleanse takes the cake! 🌿⚔️ It’s your gut’s knight in shining armor. Ready to evict those freeloaders? Comment ‘PARASITE’ for details or march over to the link in our bio to grab your cleanse kit!


Have not been active as much lately, however I just wanted to let everyone know that program are still available for purchase as well as nutrition plans. Feel free to contact for inquiries 💪🏽


Slots are available for Tomorrow-Friday, sign up now and let’s get you on the right track. It’s time to take control of YOUR health. Remember FREE Consultations all Through January.


Start the year off right and let’s get you going on the right track with a program specified for you!


If you’re still having trouble figuring out if you want to start your health journey or not. I’m
Giving away FREE 30min consultations ALL MONTH LONG! PM me or find me Tryon Health & Fitness Club.




Keep in mind family programs are available for purchase. So if you want to start the off right sign up for sessions and programs. Still looking for women to sign up for my 🍑 & abs program as well.


Today we honor Anarcha Westcott. She was a 17-year enslaved girl who underwent roughly 30 operations without anesthesia for a vesicova**nal fistula (an abnormal connection between the va**na and bladder= urine coming through your va**na).

James Marion, the man who performed these surgeries on her was denoted as the father of Gynecology.

Without her strength, grit, and bravery she wouldn't have survived those procedures. Anarcha is remembered today as the mother of gynecology.

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Last chance this year to come get a workout with Fit by Key this Saturday @ 10am. @ Tryon Health & Fitness Club. Join up and tell a friend ($10 admission fee)


I have a few spots left for my B***y 🍑& Abs 6 week program. Don’t waste the opportunity and Come sign up and let’s get FIT!


For those of you who have family in for the next couple days to week mention to them about training with Key and/ Or classes. Hit me up or come see me at Tryon Health & Fitness Club


Starting at the beginning of the year I’m looking for 5 women that’s trying to tone up those abs and 🍑. 6 week program specified for YOU! Put 🙋🏾‍♀️ in the comments and let’s get right!


Workout and meal plans are selling fast! Get your journey started before the new year. If you have any questions feel free to message me and let’s talk about it!


Finally!! I have it up and running ready to sell programs to people. It’s been a long journey but it’s finally ready. Now programs are available online to purchase, you can now sign up with me and all you need is your email. To get started with your very own personal fitness program right at the touch of your finger!

Basic plans start out at $75 per month with access to a weekly program to what you need best. Easy access to contact me if you have any questions. A daily track of what you need to do and how to do it. Videos to show how to get it done, AND MORE. if you’re looking to sign up now before the new year contact me so I can get you started!

This is only the beginning and it’s up from here.



Tuesday-Thursday morning and afternoon slots are open for consultations and workouts. If you know someone that needs a trainer. Send them my way!


wisdom and knowledge 💪🏽. Do what you will with this information. I’m just a messenger. Take control of your health now or it will take control of you 🫵🏽



Times slots are available through the week. Dm me for times. Just bc most people are going to be sitting around Thursday does not mean you should to. Invest in yourself and your journey. Do not wait till the beginning of the year

It’s pomegranate season!  A great time to pick up some pomegranates and feast on the goodness that it possesses. Here ar...

It’s pomegranate season! A great time to pick up some pomegranates and feast on the goodness that it possesses. Here are some benefits to you having this delicious fruit in your system!

* Heart health benefits
* Anti-inflammatory properties
* Anti-cancer phytonutrients (similar to those of broccoli)
* Urinary health support
* Digestive health benefits
* Elevated endurance
* A boast in antimicrobial properties that fight oral germs that cause gum disease and bad breath.
* Good for the skin
* Improved memory linked to pomegranate juice
These go great in smoothies,salads, juices, and etc. I have meal plans available for anyone wanting to loose weight, gain weight, find a healthy balance to their diet, or just flat out not know what to eat. Follow me for more nutritional guides, workouts, tips, and more understanding on your health

Shalom ❤️🙏🏾


Friendly reminder cardio sculpting class being held tomorrow @ 10am, put it down, write it in your calendar and tell a friend 🫡


Body sculpting class tomorrow at 9am!! Be there to get a full body workout for 1hr 💪🏽


Yet another successful class in the books on a Tuesday. The ladies and Gents that come to class ALWAYS come to work hard and they do very well. Shout out to all of you who continue to show up every week!


Saturday Sculpting with Key starting in 20mins @10 make sure you’re there!


Alright let’s talk about it, what is something in your journey to a healthier lifestyle that is hindering you the most? Diet, accountability, lack of consistency, finding your “why?” What is it? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about it.







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