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Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal, will save and significantly restore a severely damaged tooth. Dental professionals consider endodontic procedures a superior alternative to tooth extraction for treatment of soft tissue infections in the root of the tooth.


Did you know that every person has a unique tongue print? Just like fingerprints, no two people have the same tongue print - that includes identical twins. However, scanning fingerprints is currently preferred to scanning and recording tongue prints.


What is the second most common disease in the United States - second only to the common cold? Cavities. While healthy dental habits have dramatically reduced tooth loss in the last few decades, cavities still remains a top dental problem for many.


Did you know that smoking presents one of the most significant risk factors associated with the development of periodontal disease? Once the disease develops, continued smoking can also lower the chances for successful treatment.


Whiten your teeth at home with a prescription-strength whitener. Dentist-dispensed home whitening kits include a customized mouth tray made from an impression of your teeth and highly concentrated whitening gel. The concentrations of peroxide are lower than the whiteners used in your dentist's office, but they can be applied to your teeth for a longer period of time, often yielding longer-lasting results.


Why is nylon a preferred material for toothbrushes over animal hair? While animal hair was used to create some of the world's first toothbrushes, animal hair can provide a hospitable habitat for bacterial growth and is more difficult to clean than nylon.


Is it okay to use toothpicks to clean your teeth? Only very occasionally and as long as they are used correctly. When cleaning teeth with toothpicks, be extremely gently and use slow movements - no pain should arise.


Root canals may be performed by dentists with a general practice or referred to dentists who specialize in endodontics. In all, there are an estimated 15 million root canals each year - that's 41,000 every day.


Not only do veneers provide a fully restored look to your smile, they also serve as a protective shield to the front surface of teeth. Since porcelain is stain resistant, your smile will stay brighter and whiter longer.


Because of advances in root canal techniques, treatment does not result in days of recovery time or require prescription medication to alleviate the pain after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain medications are often all that is needed to help with the discomfort.


According to a study by the American Dental Association, a person's smile was judged as the most important physical feature, beating out eyes, hair and body features.


If your general oral health is good but you have lost a tooth to injury or periodontal disease, a dental implant may be a good option. Through this method, you can replace the lost tooth without affecting your bordering teeth.


Endodontic disorders are diseases or injuries that affect the interior of the tooth, including the root tip or nerve and the internal pulp. This can be caused by severe decay or an injury involving the tooth, surrounding tissue, or even the jaw bone.


Should a toothbrush always be replaced after a bout of cold or flu? Not necessarily. If the toothbrush is more than 3 months old than it should be replaced. However, a new toothbrush can be sterilized with boiling water or a run through the dishwasher.


When a tooth abscess ruptures, pus is often released, which can ease pain considerably. However, dental treatment is still necessary and may include antibiotics and root canal therapy.


There are several medications that your periodontist might suggest in the treatment of your gum disease. This can include anything from a prescription antimicrobial mouthwash to actual oral antibiotics to treat the infection.


Did you know that, when given the option to save a tooth with a root canal or extract the tooth, about 66 percent of people choose to save the tooth?


One type of endodontic surgery is known as "intentional replantation," during which the tooth is extracted, given the proper endodontic treatment, and re-implanted back into its socket.


Antibiotics are not able to cure root canal infections. Because there are no blood vessels to provide blood in this area, delivering antibiotics to the source of the infection is not possible.


Did you know that people tend to chew their food on the same side of their mouth as the hand they write with? So, left handers tend to chew their food on the left side and right handers tend to chew their food on the right side. Perhaps ambidextrous handers chew their food on both sides?


What was the first type of dental floss made from? Silk. While Dr. Levi Spear Parmly recommended the use of silk floss as early as 1815, it was not until 1882 when un-waxed silk floss became widely available to the public.


Would you like to help protect your teeth from cavities and issues from long term wear and tear? Dental sealants can make a huge difference to the long term health of your teeth plus save money on future costs of dental care.


If uneven gum lines are affecting how you feel about your smile, don't worry! Cosmetic dental procedures which reshape and lift gums will safely even out your gum lines and create a smile that will show your pearly whites off in style.


If you have to transport a tooth that has been knocked out, try replacing it in the socket and biting down on gauze while going to the dentist. If that is not possible, place the tooth in a small container with a small amount of the patient's saliva or with milk.


Some of the main symptoms of periodontal disease are red, swollen, or tender gums; persistent bad breath; sensitive teeth; pain when chewing; and loose teeth.


Is it better to place a cap over the bristles of a toothbrush after each use? Absolutely not. In fact, caps should be avoided on toothbrushes because the caps trap moisture and heat and can create a perfect environment for bacterial growth.


A tooth may require a root canal treatment if a deep cavity develops that exposes the pulp to the exterior, whether due to decay or trauma. This quickly leads to infection, which can effectively kill the tooth and is very painful.


A myth associated with root canals is that an acceptable alternative is to pull out the damaged tooth instead. However, dentists agree it's always better to keep your natural teeth whenever possible.


Technicolor teeth can occur when teeth with composites, crowns or restorations are whitened because these materials cannot be whitened. To avoid technicolor teeth talk with your dentist about what can be done to create a uniformly white smile.


The first types of documented bristle toothbrushes were created in China from animal hair including hog bristles and horse-tail hairs - and the handles were made from wood or bone. These first bristle toothbrushes were introduced to Europe through travelers returning from China.


In cases where a root canal is not an option, endodontic surgery may be the only way to save a tooth. Some of the main types of endodontic surgery are an apicoectomy, exploratory surgery, and intentional replantation.


Some of the easiest ways to reduce your risk for periodontitis are to avoid steroids, stop smoking, and reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.


In order to be licensed as an endodontist, a doctor must have two or more years advanced training in the field of endodontics. Once certification is obtained, an endodontist is qualified to treat those diseases and disorders associated with endodontics.


The first types of toothbrushes were created in different cultures, thousands of years ago, from tree sticks. Many of the popular "chew sticks" came from trees known to have medicinal antiseptic properties including the Neem and Arak tree.


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