LunaSea A unIIon of Visionaries, eVolutionary Artists and Holistic Ambassadors, Celebrating Harmony of Mind & Nature, Activating Peace Through Culture, Attending and Intending their Time As Art and Life As Ceremony.

LunaSea functions as a holistic educational community, a "data-bank" of Humans and resources for a sustainable society, ensuring that art ministry and cooperative agencies of education and growth are a living, breathing, evolving philosophy and access-able way of life. LunaSea represents being ONE with our heart vibrations and expressing our arts and hearts in safe and inspirational way, with the intention of our words, our actions, our thoughts. We strive to acknowledge and humble ourselves together, by learning that every person is a very most valuable player in this web of life. We come, together in harmony with Nature, to remind our world family far and near, that everything we have is enough, and together, we have everything we need. We create networks and places of connection that recognize that everyone is a product of their circumstance, and that together, by having compassion for self, we provide a light of agency; we bring back the rituals and ceremonies, the places where reciprocity is for all. One by one, through sharing in the powers of our individual beauty, we create and are ALL ONE in the LunaSea of Life. This is a web, and ocean, a gateway for everyone. Not one of us more or less, and everyone a teacher and a student, together. "The dream you dream alone is only a dream. But the dream we dream together is Reality." -Yoko Ono

Mission: "To enliven, inspire and enrich lives through Creative, Cultural and Healing Arts."

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Now  Evolve into love

Now Evolve into love


Eclipse season has begun! And we’re all about getting to the HEART beat of it all!! Feel the pulses and surrender to the...

Eclipse season has begun! And we’re all about getting to the HEART beat of it all!! Feel the pulses and surrender to the flow! Life is juicy and Sacred, ya know!

"Drumming the Moon" by Lucy Pierce



💧🙏✅Sing a little prayer into those Sweet Molecules too!
Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking Up, Has Various Health Benefits

Sing a little prayer into those Sweet Molecules too!

The habit of drinking water immediately after waking up in the morning offers amazing therapeutic effects for various health conditions. This water therapy originates from the ancient Ayurvedic medicine, and it was known as Usha Paana Chikitsa, which roughly translates to, “early morning water tre...

Simple As That

Simple As That

All kinds of AMEN to this! 🙌

Wilder Child

Wilder Child

Some say the first New Moon of the year is the official beginning of the New Year. As we Birth the first New Moon cycle ...

Some say the first New Moon of the year is the official beginning of the New Year. As we Birth the first New Moon cycle of 2019, let us remember why we came here. It is in our humble honoring of oposites that we band ourself in Union. Centered are we when we watch the watcher, when we give thanks for the gathering. May every child, the child in you, know the grace of an open heart, an open path, a supportive family, a garden of plenty, a renewed hope and a song in their Heart. To each their own orchestra, Anahata. Begin again and again in Love. Hold your loved ones closer, and honor freedom to pulse and twinkle ✨ from every dimension. Aho 🤲🏻 estrella 🌟 do Mar 🌊


🐥Here’s lookin at you,Babe 🥚 😉 🌟 😎 ☀️ 😊 ✨

🐥Here’s lookin at you,
Babe 🥚 😉 🌟 😎 ☀️ 😊 ✨

I love you all alchemists

Blue Flame Seed Point for Triple Eclipse Gateway, Friday 13th 2018

...”The Key 🔑 to ritualizing the circle creates the spiral 🌀 and the key is the 13... hidden by the keepers of the flame 🔥 ...“

Happy ECLIPSE season Beloveds...
In A-Core-Dance with the earlier message we shared about 13, the feminine power, and the NEW LUNAR YEAR (Blue Cosmic Moon of the 13 Moon Calendar), this message is poundingly-potent. #Unity #808 #lionsgate #deliverance #codex #synchrogalacticyoga

Thanks for sharing @Louisa Azalea 🌺

In Lak’ech!
(I Am Another You)

Those that work with the crystalline memory of form shall see the Elemental Realm before them as moonlight becomes sunlight through the Sirius beam that is t...

Yes 🙌🏾🌿💜💦🤲🏻
Growing Wild

Yes 🙌🏾🌿💜💦🤲🏻

So here we go, come out and be part of the change.

“The Role of the Artist is times of Crisis -We face the reality of another school shooting in the US, the 18th, by exper...

“The Role of the Artist is times of Crisis -

We face the reality of another school shooting in the US, the 18th, by expert accounts, in the calendar year. That's a rate of over 2.5 per week so far in 2018. Atrocities against children. As we all struggle to deal with this latest disruption of our already fragile sense of security, art can offer a path to healing for so many.

Art is a language through which that which cannot be spoken is portrayed. Art heals, it exposes, it decries and demands. Art disturbs and disrupts our comfort zones and requires that we re-calibrate how we encounter the world.

As an artist, you are the voice box, so to speak, of a world that is full of indescribable cruelty. You bring beauty and truth, you offer an unedited look inside the mess that is humanity.

The responsibility you carry is great. The burden is heavy. Do not leave the details that may be an obstacle to getting your message out to the world to chance. Find the path to optimum exposure and pursue it relentlessly.

Absorb your community and let it absorb you, dive deep in the waters of those who share your spark and passion. Let them hold you up as you, in turn, hold them up. No one with a message so powerful that it compels them to follow a career path as precarious as this can possibly exist without a village. Find yours and hold tight.

Make art that speaks loudly to your journey, your beliefs, your convictions, and to the way you want to see the world changed forever. Do not for one moment let anyone tell you that this is an impossible endeavor. Find a way. Insist.

As we reel in the losses that will become more clear over the coming days, it is impossible to ignore how fleeting life itself really is. What are you waiting for? Do it today. Take charge and make your future one that you want to live. Make it count. Fall and fail but do not give up.

Remember the words of George Bernard Shaw:

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."

Do something. Your moment is now.

- Praxis Center for Artistic Support.”

#brainardcarey #bethevoicebox #artheals #harmonyworks #truthsparks #roleoftheartist
#PraxisCenterforartisticsupport #lunaseaphamilyreunion

The Sacred Plant 7-Part Docuseries
The Sacred Plant 7-Part Docuseries

The Sacred Plant 7-Part Docuseries

Join me as I watch 17 Doctors, 12 Experts & 18 Survivors reveal how THIS miracle plant is having a profound affect on health.


Sound galactivation moment...

Another amazing local arts Festival with a GREAT cause and WONDERFUL organizers with love at the center of their work! C...

Another amazing local arts Festival with a GREAT cause and WONDERFUL organizers with love at the center of their work! Come support the Laurel Center in Winchester this August!!!

We are so happy to bring such a diverse and talented group of local musicians together in support of our community for The Laurel Groove 2017!
💜Huge thank you to Kelley Wills for the absolutely beautiful art! 💙
Reminder that 100% of all proceeds goes to The Laurel Center: Intervention for Domestic and Sexual Violence

•Daycare Swindlers
•Jake and the Burtones
•Greg Martin and Scantily Clad
•Apogee Blues Band
•Someone to Ride the River With

This will be a film like no other! We are honored to know and consider the beautiful souls who are producing this profou...

This will be a film like no other! We are honored to know and consider the beautiful souls who are producing this profound work as humble and empowered teachers of truth. Please like their movie FB page, and donate if your heart feels drawn to supporting the consciousness of this Mother Earth 🌏

"Los 4 Altares como herramienta" - ¿Quieres ayudarnos a que este mensaje llegue a mucha gente? #comparte y #dona4A

En una época como la nuestra en donde apremian la confusión y la demanda de inmediatez, propia de la lógica de mercado, que despoja de contenido real o sustantivo a casi todo lo que consumimos: desde los alimentos, los estudios, las relaciones e incluso las “corrientes y prácticas espirituales” , la propuesta de retornar a lo más humilde, a lo más básico como es el conocimiento ancestral de los pueblos originarios basados en el entendimiento de los 4 abuelos: Tierra, Agua, Fuego y Aire y el lugar que ocupa cada uno en nuestra vida, es algo verdaderamente relevante y que vale la pena tener en consideración. La rueda de medicina es una propuesta ancestral completamente vigente para nuestro tiempo que nos permite retomar la conexión con algo real que todos estamos buscando y que paradójicamente se encuentra, como una semilla, dentro de cada uno de nosotros. Se trata de una herramienta verdaderamente valiosa para quien quiera pasar de la teoría a la práctica. #4altares #despertar #consciencia #cinemedicina #musicamedicina #4Afilm #loscuatroaltares

Galactic Mayan Weather Report

Galactic Mayan Weather Report

***White Wizard Mid-Wavespell Report***
Timelessness - Enchant - Receptivity
Yellow Resonant Sun, Kin 20

To enter the Patreon Competition that will draw its second winner of a Trinity Reading worth $144usd on the 1st of July, simply click this Patron Link and subscribe to the daily reports for only $3usd! :D

Please share with any networks, friends, and family you feel will resonate with the message! Your love and support are what makes this all possible. :)

In Lak'ech,

(I am another You)

Mark Bentley
Kin 199
Blue Self-Existing Storm

Exciting new classes & workshops!
Exciting new classes & workshops!

Exciting new classes & workshops!

Would you like to expand your practice and teach what you love? Join our 200-HR Teacher training that starts February 24.


These TEARS that I am crying are so much bigger than
"WHO," won, it is the WHY this could even happen.
WE created this. Collective Consciousness is a Thing.
So this morning--this mourning I feel in my heart is a for every heart. I hope we heed the calling to manifest things that nurture, include, balance, respect, love, care, help and grow.
Each situation that cause dis-ease mirrors back to us all of our unprocessed pain. A lifetime of media, family, society, religion, government feeding us what would become our ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, big and small, worthy or not--often drowning out our small intuition that says otherwise.
Are we ALL not Human Beings worthy of Love?
If we say no, that's a trap. First we need to learn to love our own hearts. Love, Forgive and Accept ALL the parts of ourselves--honor and nurture all that is, so we can let go of that which no longer serves. It is truly impossible for us to ever achieve a balance of harmony, dignity, compassion, humanity, and love if we don't look inwards first. We cannot give what we do not have.
In meditation I have found that the judgement I heap on myself feels exactly the same in my body as the judgement I put upon on others. So it has a been a process of coming to understand WE ARE ALL One. When I judge another and feel the discomfort-- I have--over time-- come to see it is mirroring back to me something else about myself that needs to be examined, forgiven and released. When I feel love for myself I can now know what is healthy and unhealthy behavior in relationships with others and the world around me. And as I begin to live from a heart-centered space, I can love all that seems unloveable. I do not have to approve, but I can see all our worst parts come from pain. Why do we continue to try to meet pain with more judgement? Who among us thrives under others' hate, abuse or judgement?
WHY in my lifetime do I think my thoughts, feeling and ways are better than yours?? Is it not because I quite like to feel superior? There is a safety in feeling right, regardless of truth. The Ego loves to feel superior. If this were helpful, we'd all be happy. Ego is an obstacle that has gotten out of hand and LOVE is the antidote to the hate, the pain, the poverty, the racism, the sexism, the abuse, the murder, the destruction of our planet, the poisoning of our food and water, the handing over our basic human rights to the government because we are afraid or apathetic. FEAR heightens our worst inclinations and our media and government are super excellent at feeding us a steady diet of "programming."
There are so many things that are good and beautiful. I pray we all start to really look inward. It is a difficult but beautiful journey to find there is a better way to be in the world--beginning within--so we might spread it outward.
I would simply offer that I will be sending love and healing to my heart and every heart as often as possible. If you are willing, please do the same. Let's see what happens when we do that. Namaste.



World Water Day Is March 22💧
Thank the water, love the water, bless the water, protect the water. Water is Life!
#waterislife #lovewater #blessthewater #worldwaterday

This is what it's all about!
Spark Firehouse Arts & Music in Baltimore, MD

This is what it's all about!

Help to co-create this arts, music and yoga education center with community prices in Baltimore, MD | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!



Here is a great discussion of the "Out of Body" or "Astral Projection" experience with Joy Andreasen, Clay Smith and Nancy McMoneagle of the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia.

Support in any divine way that calls you 🙏
Click here to support Support Rowan's Cure for LMS! by Ellen Kittredge

Support in any divine way that calls you 🙏

After discovering a large lump in her abdomen, active, full-time, full-on lover of life, mother of two, and community healer, Rowan Farrell, received the difficult diagnosis in January of 2013 of leiomyosarcoma (LMS), a rare and aggressive type of cancer. LMS is a difficult cancer to treat, and R...


Community Connections!!!

Today at 10:00 Mike's guests are Andrea Lo, Veteran's specialist from Lord Fairfax CC and Kate Gregori and Martin Brown from Global Self Defence Systems


Yay! Yoga with our beloved Kate!!

9:00 a.m today, Friday June 3
Kate Powell of Fertile Ground Yoga Episode 4
Watch here or

This documentary is golden... Featuring an inside look behind LunaSea Art Ministry's inspirations and belief in synchron...
Documentary Feature

This documentary is golden... Featuring an inside look behind LunaSea Art Ministry's inspirations and belief in synchronizing mind and nature... Time IS Art! Blessings be!

Official selection 2015 Chicago Blow-up International Arthouse Film Festival Now Available On Demand, Blue-ray, DVD, en Español and screening in select theaters.



“Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others.” ~ Chögyam Trungpa
(painting by Ting Yuen)

Looks like LunaSea pHamily is ready for a Jamaican re:unIIon!! 7 years ago, while sitting amongst the fishes in the Red ...

Looks like LunaSea pHamily is ready for a Jamaican re:unIIon!!

7 years ago, while sitting amongst the fishes in the Red Sea of Ras Sidr, Egypt, the essence of LunaSea flooded my soul as the heart of creation... I chose then to devote my life to spreading this light of love, and to bring my world family together through the heArt of wholeness.

The heart's song is much greater than any word could explain... It is pure presence and deep gratitude, becoming a channel for this amazing life with a willingness to be authentic and savor every moment... From the "Inn-side" out.

It's amazing the little blessings along our path that arise from surrendering and showing up! Who knew a Luna Sea Inn would find me on my journey in Jamaica... Right by the waters, crystal blue and warm. Always and forever, when we release resistance and "go with the flow," we are tremendously gifted with everything we need in the moment. These remembrances to stay true to your unique individual path, all the while sharing the infinite abundance of inspiration and shakti rising.

Be open to the tides, to the winds, to the changes and shifts of life. There is richness in these saturating seas, bringing it all together.

#SwimTheLunaSeaOfLife #liveyourdharma #bethelight #jamaica #yogaeverywhichway #phamily #reuniion #abundanciainfinita #theoceaniscalling

Hey Winchester... Here's some community events happening your way this month!

Hey Winchester... Here's some community events happening your way this month!

January 2016 Events


Winchester, VA

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Geared towards growing sustainable living, accessible wellness and explorative educational opportunities for children of ALL ages, LunaSea works as a fluid team and dataBANK of passionate artists, teachers and healers who provide sessions, lessons, workshops, celebrations, gatherings, outreach programs and performances in community and private setting to help inspire wholeness in our diverse culture, one intuitive being at a time.


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LunaSea functions as a holistic educational community, ensuring that wellness-arts ministry and cooperative agencies of growth are a living, breathing and accessible way of life.

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