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Capture Him: What to do?

In trying to recapture a guy, the best time to start is as early as possible. The wider the wedge between the two, the harder it is to bridge the gap. It is not right to think that men will do what they can to bridge this gap because either they do not know how to or they are already doing it but the woman cannot see it as she sees it as a way to drive them further apart.
Go back to the basics. How was she able to attract him in the first place? It may be her laugh or her joyous nature. Think it through and through as something changed first before the gap widened. Once they know the answer, then they know how to attack and Capture Him again.

Capture Him: Help Wanted

The program Capture His Heart can help the women bridge the gap. It can also help them see the bridge-building that their men are trying to build just to come up with a way to reconnect them both together. It can also teach them ways on how women can try to close the gap fast.

How to Make Him Love You More and Forever - Capture His Heart by Michael Fiore

Capture Him: The Introduction to Keeping a Man

There comes a point in a woman’s life that being single is no longer the option. Before this happens, the woman lives a life of happiness and contentment as a single person unattached to anyone. Sometime later, she will go to a party or to a bar with her friends and meet someone who will strike down her desire to remain single all her life. The words Capture Him rings again and again in her mind. That someone sees her, approaches and they make small talk. Later on, they are exchanging numbers.

The guy seems totally okay with the thought of taking things slow, which is a plus for him in her books. Later on, even if everything is taken slowly, they both start to have feelings for each other. One night, they both agree to become a couple. Thus, they spend the seemingly happiest day of their lives. Until the guy falls off the wagon, loses his interest and then seemingly act unnatural with her as if something is wrong.
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Capture his heart - - Internationally known relationship expert Michael Fiore and his new relation...


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