Lost&Found Treasure hunt by a fellowmom!!! A Tony step tp bring back the forgotten traditions to life !!!

Have you ever thought how long we can eat natural or organic when we continue to add landfill?May be you will eat till y...

Have you ever thought how long we can eat natural or organic when we continue to add landfill?

May be you will eat till your life but how about our kids who have just started their life?

After many comparisons, recommendations and trials you are buying the best cold pressed oils.

If it’s in plastic container, you throw away to landfill .

The it comes in a long neck bottles, how will you clean it after emptying the oil?

Getting the best natural products but storing them in plastic does not sound the right way. It’s not .

Here are natural farming produces from us, farmers, who grow them, in re usable, easy to clean containers.

1. Cold pressed oils from heirloom seeds
2. Raw turmeric powder
3. Homemade herbal bathing powder
4. Desi Gir ghee, Ofcourse A2.
5. Sprouted Whole Black Urud dal mix
6. Palmyra Palm jaggary in palmyra leaves basket.

You get these products in 250ml, 500 ml and 1 li glass containers.

Don’t throw the containers. Don’t add to the landfill.

Because Earth gives you back what you give to it. It never fails in this idea.

Not all the medicines come in the form of tablets, capsules, medical equipments or through doctors.Here is Pirandai, aka...

Not all the medicines come in the form of tablets, capsules, medical equipments or through doctors.

Here is Pirandai, aka Adamant Creeper. It also known as Vajravalli. Vajra - Diamond. Thoughtfully and aptly named as its the best, proven food for your bone health.

I was able to convince my neighbour aunty to take this chutney ( We have this at home. The issue is she couldn’t eat anything as her taste buds were almost dead.) to relieve her joint pain that caused by weak bones , thanks to her chemo. After many days convincing.
Now she eased my job to make people aware of this precious food with her personal experience.

White Corn dosa with Pirandai chutney.


Jyola, we are a group of farmers who practice natural farming for ages.
We are a very common people

Though not possible daily, at least whenever we have chance...Brushing with Neem stick!!! Whenever we are at native, we ...

Though not possible daily, at least whenever we have chance...Brushing with Neem stick!!! Whenever we are at native, we never fail to enjoy the nature’s gift.

No need to tell about the health benefits of Sweet potato. One of the super food!!!Most of us might have tasted and enjo...

No need to tell about the health benefits of Sweet potato. One of the super food!!!
Most of us might have tasted and enjoyed its benefits.
How about our kids?
Do they even know these sweet potato exist?
Lets break the myth that healthy foods donot taste better.

Just replace your potato with Sweet potato when you do Cutlets/Veg Patties or Smilies.
You do not need to cheat your kids that this is potato only..
Tell them the truth, make them taste the new veggie. No panic. They won't say No, because it tastes really better that Potato. Tested with my kid's choosy picky eater friend.

My kid eats just boiled Sweet potato, the old way!!!

Here is Sweet Potato Cutlet with Brahmi chutney !!!


In South India, people light up bonfires in front of their homes.
They keep the fires burning by throwing useless household articles such as old clothes, old wooden furniture etc. They also burn agricultural waste in the bonfires.

When you realise that that the customs and habits that we have been following for ages are not doing anything good, dragging the life down, creating chaos in you, your dependants and what you depend , then it is wise to remove them from your life and bring new changes in their place.

Bhogi is a symbol : Beginning of every year, We introspect, find what to remove and what to add in our life to make it better.

Like never before, We pushed ourselves to a state that demands us to think of any change that we bring in our life should make the Planet E , a better place for us and most importantly and unavoidably for our forth coming generations.

So lets make the changes wisely.

Today is her Star of the week day at school.On this day, Star of the Week kid has to bring for her/his friends, anything...

Today is her Star of the week day at school.
On this day, Star of the Week kid has to bring for her/his friends, anything like Sweets, stationery etc. But not compulsory.
We already banned Chocolate,candies and cookies at home.
So today with my house help akka, we made these chikki's.
Last time , kids enjoyed the Ragi balls very much.

A small initiative. No wrappers adding to landfill.
We made her read the ingredients label of junk and explained what each one is. So without any fuss, she , herself lost interest in junk.
But when she feels like munching a chocolate (very rarely), we don't restrict her.

When I came to Bangalore, I didn’t miss even single shop or vendor asking for Vallarai/Brahmi. But no luck.After some 4 ...

When I came to Bangalore, I didn’t miss even single shop or vendor asking for Vallarai/Brahmi. But no luck.
After some 4 yrs, I happened to see a bunch of 5 leaves. Yes exactly 5 leaves. It costed rs 50.
But as you know if you cook any spinach, even a potfuls becomes a spoonful. I used to buy 3 bunches.
Like any other organic shop, they get veggies on Tuesday and Friday.
There will be max of 3 bunches only. I’ll be very nervous to reach there first to grab these.
But I noticed no one touched these and bunches will be waiting for me. Later I came to know people don’t know what it is. After some months they stopped bringing Vallarai.
Again I started my search. When you are keenly searching for something, it automatically will come to you.
My local greens vendor one day surprised me with the small pack full of it. Some of them with roots. My search ends here. All I needed was a pot.
Now I have 3 pots of Vallarai. Once again n 15 days I make chutney. I told my neighbors about it’s heal benefits and asked them to pluck it when they need it.
But till date no one touched my plants. 😀
Last week when I visited my neighbor I saw a bottle says Brahmi Brain tonic. I didn’t want to embarrass her asking about it.😀
P.S. it’s called as Saraswathi keerai. How aptly named !!!
I live in apartments only. So there is no excuse of saying no space!!!
You can make chutney just like how you make Curry leaves/Pudhina / Coriander. But you don’t need that much quantity. When making other green chutney, add a handful of this. And this is a heat producing green. When you add this with other greens( they are coolants), this heat producing effect will be nullified.


Rain in December is not normal. That too it has been slashing for days.
The strong wind makes 60% of out plantain trees struggle.
Water , Water and water everywhere. All our rainwater harvesting tanks are overflowing!!!
When we adults cross the fingers for the rain to stop, these kids started making lemonade, chitranna etc when life gives them lemons.

Children are always the rays of hope !!!

Our Wishing Wells !!!Have you ever thought why do we throw coins in the ponds in temples?Yes, We have been following thi...

Our Wishing Wells !!!

Have you ever thought why do we throw coins in the ponds in temples?
Yes, We have been following this ritual, throwing coins in the temple ponds for ages, without knowing the reason.

Some years before, almost all temples were having ponds annexed with them. Some temples, even now have a rule that one should enter the temple only after taking a holy dip in the pond.

I still remember : My grandma's village had a pond which served as the only water source for us.
Whenever crossing the pond, I saw people throwing whatever coin they have into the pond.
Grandma used to say, we follow whatever our grandparents followed. But not in the correct way.
Olden days coins were made of Copper. And I am sure all of you know the water purifying property of this metal.

Copper vessels kills the bacteria from the water in 8 hrs time.
Our people used to store water in Copper vessels.
How do you clean the whole big pond which serves as the drinking water source.

Make a ritual. Attach some religious belief so people won't fail to follow.

2. Water kept in the Copper vessel is infused with its properties. One such property cures infertility in men.
We have a custom asking the men with no children to go to temples with ponds and take a dip.

The theertham offered in temples is from this pond's water. Copper infused water with tulsi and Pachai karpooram(Edible camphor).

With time, we lost copper coins and vessels too.
The RO purifier we use at home removes all bacteria, good and bad along with minerals.

When copper wave tides recently, we can see copper water bottle, copper jug, copper this, copper that.Nothing wrong. But they mention 'Electrified copper' as a special feature.
When you electrify the copper, it not only reduces its oxidation rate, but also removes its very own characters.
Small dots and patches are not a big issue to clean when compared to removing a 'metal's' own property.

I still donot know the reason for putting Copper in purifiers.
Another marketing gimmick? :)
We have been drinking water in copper vessel only. So far so good.

People are hesitant to use copper vessels but they immediately hit the sales when big brands say 'We have Copper in this'.
So our ancestral traditions and wisdom is now only used by corporate to attract people!!! Sad !!!

No Chocolate Birthdays!!!!

No Chocolate Birthdays!!!!

So, It is Margazhi/Dhanur month for us.Temples open early in the morning.Again, back in my time, I used to see Men and b...

So, It is Margazhi/Dhanur month for us.
Temples open early in the morning.
Again, back in my time, I used to see Men and boys in streets, singing bhajans. They start by 6 o clock, covering minimum of 4 to 5 steets and reach Temple by 7.
The Bhajans they choose to sing usually make their mouth wide open often. They are fast paced that make them inhale more air.
And Women?
They draw Kolam in the wee hours. Its a must.
Not the usual , small ones.
But big ones that covers both sides of the street.

That way they were made to stay out in the early morning a little more time.
Any reason for these stringent rituals in the bone-chilling weather.
Surely yes.!!!
Ozone layer, also called ozonosphere, region of the upper atmosphere, between roughly 15 and 35 km (9 and 22 miles) above Earth’s surface, comes close to Earth during this month.
No need to say inhaling fresh ozone gives you the health benefits.

Some of you might have seen , we make small idol ( We call it as Vinayaka) of cow dung and put pumpkin flower in the middle of it.

Not all the house do this. The houses that have young men/women to be married , will do this.
The people going for Bhajan in the streets note this so that they can do further communication. Matrimony site of those days!!! How tactic!!!
I just love the idea.
So, people who are going for early morning walk, please go a little early that usual.
But I do not know whether the same-old-untorn-Ozone is still there.

I am a paranoid mom. But I was worst when my kid was an infant.I always felt like I would be peaceful if my neighbour wo...

I am a paranoid mom. But I was worst when my kid was an infant.
I always felt like I would be peaceful if my neighbour would be a paediatrician.
Like any other Bangalore kid ( Yes, when I was fed up of the every-week-doctor-visit,her doc asked me to shift to some other place and he blamed the pollution), She used to catch cold very often.
Its really true God pairs completely different souls, atleast in my case. Yes, I am Venus and he is from Mars.
He never allows me to use any medicine for her. He wants me to try every home remedy and If nothing worked/ I became very hysterical, He would take her to doc.
Inspite all his efforts, my ignorance ruined her first 2 years with medication, for every single symptom.
After second year, he gained control(?) and I also gained some courage and knowledge (not wisdom). Thats was the time , we were welcoming traditional practices slowly into our life.
Here comes the point :
1. Take a dry turmeric rhizome .
2. Burn the tip in a Diya flame.
3.Inhale the smoke.

When she was very small, I'll hold the turmeric and make her inhale.

So whenever any of us get cold/Headache/Runny nose, we will be sitting with this Turmeric as like we are born-smokers.

People laugh at us for our Turmeric doctor, because their bedroom is fully equipped with Nebulizer.
Do it call it a improvement from going to doc and taking nebulisation to keeping the kit at home and doing nebulisation even for simple cold?

And one more thing : I am not talking about Nasivion,Otrivin, Inhalers or Steriods.


Some unwanted facts !!!
1. It requires 2.75 kg of Sesame seeds to extract 1 li of Sesame oil.
2.You need to add jaggary with Sesame seeds while pressing them.
Vellam costs rs 44/kg.
Pure black jaggary - rs 219/kg
The cheapest option molasses - rs 15/kg.

3. The seeds (Sesame, groundnut) are available from rs 70 to rs 110.
Non-GMO seeds are of high quality but yields less compared to GMO Seeds.

4. In 8 hrs , you can press 80kg of till seed with 8 kg of Black Jaggary.
The yield is 32 li sesame oil + 47 kg Sesame cake.

5. 8 hrs pressing of 120kg coconut+ 4 kg of Black jaggary gives you 48 li of coconut oil + 71 kg of cake

6.100 kg of groundnut after pressing for 8 hrs results in 40 li of oil + 59 kg of cake.

7.The typical wooden Ghani should have both the pestle and mortar made of wood.

8.The typical wood used for pestle is Thumma and mortar is Vaagai.

9.The motar power used by the wooden Ghani should not exceed 1.5 hp.

10.With such motor, it takes 8 unit of electricity for 8 hrs.

11. They charge rs 50 for pressing 1 kg of seed.

You can frame a price for the pure-cold pressed- first-pressed -wood Ghani oil now !!!

And I did not add the labour cost of growing crop to bringing the oil to the container.

I write that elaborate process shortly.

My kid's school bus does not pick her up at doorstep. The pick up point is 1/2 km away from house.We always reach 5 mins...

My kid's school bus does not pick her up at doorstep. The pick up point is 1/2 km away from house.
We always reach 5 mins before bus arrives.
It has been 6 yrs, she has been doing her 'Thoppukaranam' in front of a tiny Vinayaka temple.
She is scene for many of the people going for morning walk.
" Is she grounded for not doing her homework?
I think it is not fair you punish this little kid DAILY"
Most of the comments thrown to me sounds like I am punishing her for not doing something . :)
Because when we were kids, this used to be most-common punishment we got from teacher when we forgot to do hw or not able to remember some poem etc.

Wait, What? Forgetting, remembering.
Yes, you got it. Our people designed this as a important kris of Ganesha worship.

So many reasons for making it as part of religious kris.
You can see Ganesha in the banks of rivers, ponds, nowadays in every street.
We symbolise Ganesha as the God of Wisdom.

Wisdom, Remembering things etc..Do you know where am I getting in?

Thoppukkaranam is a jargon for many of you. But SUPER BRAIN YOGA? Very common word !!!

The benefits of this, how to do, why holding ears, how these western people make every single details of it in their yoga regime , I leave it to you to Google.

But again I SWEAR this Thoppukaranam is the Mother of Excericises !!!

P.S : Its my daily task explaining people asking me what is she doing and its benefits.
Now She is not alone doing this!!!
Now, her group of people doing this getting big in size day by day!!!!

Its a lovely scene indeed!!!

All Saturday mornings started with mom yelling at us, me and my siblings, when we were kids.At home, there was built-in ...

All Saturday mornings started with mom yelling at us, me and my siblings, when we were kids.
At home, there was built-in cooking stove( the traditional) with a opening to place wood. After she finished her breakfast, before turning off the fire completely, she used to put two whole garlic (not pods) into the half-alive logs.
Not inside the stove, not into he fire.
The heat in the almost burnt wood slowly makes the garlic roasted.
She will be busy with her other routine when this is being done.
But the aroma of this garlic dragged the kids to the kitchen, they were well versed in taking the garlic out with whatever tool they get.
Peeled it, chewed it. The pungent taste makes a shrilling feel in the tongue, but thats the best part.
When she came to kitchen, all she could found was the peels lying here and there.
She always wished to give all of three equal parts. But it never happened. My elder one always was able to get the lion's share. Natural. :(
This used to be scene in almost every house in my street.

That time I did not know about Gastric, Allicin, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Microbial etc.
Though I have only gas stove, I burn this garlic directly on the fire or I burn the coconut shell and put the garlic over it.

Before breakfast, me, hubby and kid take these pods.

When you go to a drug store, you can see garlic tablets from almost all brands from Himalaya to Sun Pharma to Ranbaxy.

We all need a Big brand, appealing package and mind catching captions like 'cholesterol control, heart health, Digestion booster' etc to use all the simple but powerful herbs that Nature gives in front of our eyes.

Does it have only garlic extract?
Your wellness start in the home.

Note: Though the garlic looks burnt, in the picture, its only the peel. Inside it is perfectly juicy.

How we cook is as important as what we cook.We have a saying in Tamil "வெந்து கெட்டது முருங்கை; வேகாமல் கெட்டது அகத்தி."...

How we cook is as important as what we cook.
We have a saying in Tamil

"வெந்து கெட்டது முருங்கை; வேகாமல் கெட்டது அகத்தி."

It means You will destroy the nutrients in Drumstick leaves by cooking it for more time.
But the green Agathi/Agasti/Avisi/Agase releases its micro nutrients when cooked completely.
I am sure we all have sayings like this in our language that gives you some important tips. Collecting it from elders and sharing with you!!!

Friends,A few of you have asked for the Millet paniyaram recipe.I usually make paniyaram with Millet Idli batter.Recipe ...

A few of you have asked for the Millet paniyaram recipe.

I usually make paniyaram with Millet Idli batter.

Recipe for millet idli:
1.Any millet - 4 cups
If you are new to millet idli, you start using 1 cup millet + 3 cups of idli rice.
Gradually you can replace idli rice with millet.

2. Split urud dal with skin - 1 cup
You can use sprouted whole urud dal also.

3.1 tablespoon of fenugreek + 1 tablespoon of flaxseed soaked together.

Grinding, making the batter ferment, making idli is same as rice idli.

For sweet paniyaram:
1. Idli batter
2. Black jaggary/Karuppati
3. Dates soaked in warm water for 10 mins
4. Ripe banana
5. Cardamom powder.

I use a very lil jaggary and increase the dates.
If you don’t use dates, adjust the qty of jaggary.
Grind banana, dates and powdered jaggary to a fine paste. Add this paste and cardamom
powder to the millet batter.
Sit it for 10 mins.
You are ready to go!!!


Are you buying millets at rs 100/kg?

Yesterday’s coarse grains are today’s nutri-cereals. If consumers see millets as a solution to lifestyle disorders, producers have realised that it requires less inputs and is an economically viable option if marketing avenues are created.

Millets are almost always organic, since farmers grow them generally in areas with very little rainfall. Besides, nobody uses pesticides on millet crops so they are entirely safe, especially for kids.

So, you need not buy 'branded organic' millets. It is really enough to buy them from local shops/farmers at reasonable price.

Before buying anything that is new to you, please try to understand it nature, cost, where to buy etc.
Otherwise we are again making a biggest mistake , falling prey to the corporate world.

Pav Baji, Bhel, Doughnuts, Chocolate Mousse , Pizza, Potato spiral, Kurkure, cheese balls.. These things should only be ...

Pav Baji, Bhel, Doughnuts, Chocolate Mousse , Pizza, Potato spiral, Kurkure, cheese balls.. These things should only be occasional. Not murukku (codubele), Seedai, paniyaram, aappam and all. You should consume them any time and any day. But I have seen even on Diwali, people have changed to Badusha, Kaju Kattli , malai Jamun. Nothing wrong. But when you make all effort to learn the recipes of these, you can invest some percentage of time and effort in making our traditional sweets and savouries.

PIC : Kodomillet Paniyaaram for after school snack.

This is my kid. A prefect representative  of modern day children.She has a vast knowledge of the subject of interest.Whi...

This is my kid. A prefect representative of modern day children.

She has a vast knowledge of the subject of interest.
While I am pressing keys in my phone, she gets everything done for her by SIRI.
Her brains works as fast as lightening when solving puzzles.
You should see her fingers unveil the perfect candy's in candy crush.

In her STEM class, She makes ROVER.
She is super intelligent when it comes to gadgets.
During our last visit to Native, we were going for a evening walk.

Its Tamarind season. I could not control throwing stones at them, jumping to not-so-high branches, picking the flowers and tamarind and eating the raw with no effort, not winking my eyes.

This is a new mom to her. No the mom she sees in the cosmo-city.
She was very excited and wanted to try throwing stones.

Now comes the life skills in picture that you really need.

She did not know which stone to take, which direction to stand, should I look up or slanting, with how much force I should throw the stone..

FIrst 10 trials, the stones did not even go in the desired direction.

After some time, she found the trick. Now the force. No..they were going too high or not even close to the branch.

Many more trials. Her arms started paining. First time in her life, she is using her arm in all possible directions.
Sorry, her badminton knowledge also did not help her.

She sat on a stone, sipping water and noticing the branches for quite some time. She stood up as if she found the logic.

After 20 mins of her perseverance , her stone just touched the tamarind.

She was motivated enough by this and tried with the knowledge she gathered from this an-hour-operation.

Yes, atlast she was able to bring down 2 tamarind.

After this attempt, she was merely successful in hitting them though some his missed the target .

When I was watching all these, I came to know, how do you get a problem-solving skill. How do you solve a tough situation. Why are these gen kids very emotionally imbalanced, not able to cope up with failure, why do they always want to get engaged, and why do they get bored easily etc.

The real world is completely different from the virtual world.
While playing the gadget, if you are not able to win, you can just close the game, restart the levels.

Poor life, it does not come with that comfort.
So, let us first know what do our kids need to know.

I don't say that you should take them to climbing tree, working in farms, taking care of cattle.
You should if you have opportunity.
But let them go outside, see people, talk to them, fight with friends and then patch up, etc etc.

Atleast let them know there is something called 'Real,tangible world'

I am blessed to have a 'proper' childhood.

I am blessed to have a 'proper' childhood.






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