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Wave of Lights Certified Psychic Medium, Merkabah Reiki Master, Certified Angel Intuitive, Holistic Life Coach, Ordained in the Church of Light and Healing.

Illuminate Festivals
Illuminate Festivals

Illuminate Festivals

explore the best of local holistic wellness J O I N U S T O S H O P , S A M P L E & D E L I G H T Y O U R S E N S E S Energywork • Bodywork • Intuitive Readers • Crystals • Essential Oils • Luxurious Spa Products • Handmade Jewelry & Gifts • Art   where & when apply to exhibit buy tic...

7 Billion-Year-Old Stardust Is Oldest Material Found on Earth
7 Billion-Year-Old Stardust Is Oldest Material Found on Earth

7 Billion-Year-Old Stardust Is Oldest Material Found on Earth

Scientists recently identified the oldest material on Earth: stardust that's 7 billion years old, tucked away in a massive, rocky meteorite that struck our planet half a century ago.

Mother Dolphins Sing To Their Babies In The Womb
Mother Dolphins Sing To Their Babies In The Womb

Mother Dolphins Sing To Their Babies In The Womb

The intelligence of dolphins never fails to amaze us less-flippered friends – and we’re not just talking about the dolphin that stole a woman’s iPad this w

New Moon In Scorpio meditation and manifesting
New Moon In Scorpio meditation and manifesting

New Moon In Scorpio meditation and manifesting

Tue, Oct 29, 2019, 11:30 AM: **Kristin's Office**suite 240F in Wellness CenterWhat Intentions Are YOU Brewing Up this NEW MOON?Join Certified Angelic Healer and Medium, Kristin Gilbert, as we come tog

Mini Acupressure Point Healings with Bonnie
Mini Acupressure Point Healings with Bonnie

Mini Acupressure Point Healings with Bonnie

Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 12:00 PM: Bonnie is a trained and certified Holistic Intuitive Energy healer who specializes in energy points, with essential oil‘s, and sound frequency for vital relaxation.. She w


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Opening Up To Spirit

“As We have a need, and as We believe, our Universe shall provide...”

I have always known that spirit is close, very close, and all around us! I spent my childhood playing in and around the woods of my grandparents tiny, stone, artists cottage, very close to the vortex of Great Falls, Va.

This cottage was built by hand, by my Great Uncle Arved, who migrated to the United States from Riga, Latvia, as an accomplished artist and archictech in 1930. Although this cottage was built for a single man and consisted of one room, a kitchen and a huge artists studio, the war overseas, brought the rest of his family (his mother, 2 sisters, his brother and his family of 5) all to live in the U.S. with Arved in 1950, at which time dear Arved (the only English speaking among them), died of a heart attack.

I was born 14 years after his death and knew these magical woods as my childhood home. Many hours were filled with my “friends” of other realms and their kind loving energy. One energy portal existed inside a special rhododendron cluster, one was atop a spruce tree, and another in cluster of spruce next to the tiny pond. My I talked with my friends (some fairy, but, mostly animal and Adult Spirit “protectors” - I knew them all by feeling ) until I was told by a concerned adult to “knock it off”. That began a period of listening and believing that I was “making it up”.

That didn’t stop the magic from happening. I would ask for something and it may appear right in front of me (depending upon how open my heart was). I may gaze into a tree and see a face looking back. Likewise I may look out a window and see a scene playing out in a room with people and all the little details, like what is sitting on a table or what they are wearing. Everyone around me was taking mind altering drugs in the mid to late 70’s, I was just taking it all in with a sober light and feeling more and more isolated. Eventually, I thought, “if you cant beat’em, join’em” and played along with every single social game there was. I was miserable, depressed and never felt “good enough”! I had officially swallowed the “kool-aid” and believed every put down that was thrown at me!

A breast cancer diagnosis in 2001 and complications from surgeries that included a near death experience, caused me to take a look at my underlying abilities and open myself up to explore and remember them fully. I asked the Universe to show me the way, and within a week I was invited to participate in a Life Changing Merkaba Reiki Training and within another two weeks, an Angelic Messenger Course. Opening up to your gifts allows divine energy to compliment all that your Soul Purpose intends...come along and ride the “wave of lights’, and remember who you are. We are all divine light, buried under trauma, judgement, pain, social conditioning and other blocks that have nothing to do with our essence. If this resonates with you, contact me, I am honored to be of service or to hold space for you without judgement.

Peace Be With You - Wave of Lights - Kristin


Kristen, I came in hopeful and believing in Spirit, but with no expectation or even questions. You made me feel so at ease and open. My excitement had built since you told me my grandmothers were chatting with you the day before our appointment. Today, you brought me love. You brought me peace and a lightening a load I didn't really know I had been carrying. The only hope I've really ever had in regards to my loves who have passed is that they are together. Learning today that my high school love and twin are together brought me a profound joy and sense of relief. I always thought, well if I couldn't have them, could they have each other? I feel loved and I feel calm and my gratitude to you is endless. Thank you for sharing their messages me with such empathy and love.
You were incredible tonight! Can’t wait to learn more Jedi master 🙏
I have no idea where to begin. I am still feeling the energy from the reading I had with her and all the messages that was revealed to me has me smiling from ear to ear 😁 . She is the most gracious and sweetest person I know ...Kristin gave me insight into another realm that seemed out of reach but I now know that it is not ..Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to say I am recommending everyone that I come in contact with to contact you ...