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Spiritual Advisor, Medium World's only FTM Intersex psychic medium & modern day Edgar Cayce (deep trance channeler). Certified USUI Reiki Teacher, founder of Zora sound therapy.

Genuine, honest, LGBTQI friendlyPast life, health, children, gender, sexuality, career, relationships. "He's like a modern day Edgar Cayce, except he lived as a woman too, bonus!" - Mimi (client, Florida, USA) "If the world has a Gender Master, it's Dan!" - A.L (client, Canada) "To describe Dan in one word...loving" - K. Smedley (Reiki client, Canada) ********************** I welcome you with open arms dear one! Do you think it's a coincidence that of all the psychic medium pages on FB, you land on the 1st ever (and only) FTM Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Deep Trance Channeler born Intersex! Oh and I'm also a Certified USUI Reiki Teacher, Shadowalker/paranormal specialist,, author, and the founder (and only practitioner) of Zora sound therapy My story: I was born Intersex (that means I was a boy on the outside but female inside) Surgeons castrated me at 4 to make me a girl. Yep! My gender was chosen FOR me. I believed the lies, and lived as a woman for 35 years. A lesbian one. I had more experimental gender assignment surgeries at 11. No therapy, no support. This left me with PTSD, anxiety, phobias, depression, obesity, .and low self-esteem,. At 35, flesh eating bacteria ate a 20" x 20" deep hole in my left side. I lived in an isolation room for 6 months. I didn't walk for 6 months, housebound for 5 years. I caught a VRE and MRSA. Went blind for 1 yr with cataracts. My kidneys became scarred from a pill I was on. It made me swell to 620lbs. It gave me gout, IBS, cysts, a blood clot to the lung, and 3 in my legs, The hole in my lung gave me pulmonary hypertension. I healed myself from all of the above and dropped 320lbs of fluid. But then I died during the excess skin removal surgery in 2014. Doctors can't explain how I've healed myself or how I could grow a second kidney when I was born with one only. I was sent back with instructions that my life as a woman, gender transition, and illnesses were all training for what is to come. I came back with the ability to channel my guide. He would speak through me, giving people their Akashic records information, past lives, emotional wounds, people's minds, reprogram the energy template of the body. I can your see possible futures, see the root causes of illness in the body and my duty is to point you in the right direction for medical care. I've always been a skeptic of new age spiritual stuff because I'm a logical person with an IT and graphic design background. So I tested my abilities by reading for some of the world's largest online psychic sites. So far I've done 100's of readings worldwide. I'm still a skeptic of those who claim to be psychic. That's why my approach is "Don't tell me I'll tell you". I am here to be of service to you! I lived as both genders in one lifetime, cured myself of incurable diseases, died twice and even grew a kidney. so I can help you on your journey.toward self-love and forgiveness.


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Reading week & Easter special!
Full reading (includes total past lives as male,female, and with your family friends or spouse!) of current events,health issues (no diagnosis only guidance on root causes of illnesses), finances, life purpose, and of course relationships! That's 3hrs for only $60!!! Unmatched accurate rates, see testimonials and notes pages to read what past clients have to say.

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Fall's coming - back to school time - my guide's playing this in my head...What's your back to school song?

Music video by Scorpions performing Wind Of Change. (C) 1991 The Island Def Jam Music Group


new HD AUDIO remastered recording of me channeling AKU for a ZORA sound treatment. I'm the only human who can channel ZORA - listen to this FREE 5 MIN TREATMENT - at bedtime & share with your friends!

HD Audio recording of myself channeling Master Guide AKU doing the world's newest sound therapy called ZORA. It works on the same principles as an MRI machin...

Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy Not Cancer
Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy Not Cancer

Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy Not Cancer

There are over 14 million people living with cancer in the United States, and the sad fact is more people are dying from the chemotherapy given by doctors than the disease itself. Chemotherapy is nothing more than toxic chemicals and they do not do anything but help people die, sick and in pain. Unf...

This is what AKU explains in the upcoming book The Orgasmic Universe #orgasmicuniverse
Addiction now defined as brain disorder, not behavior issue

This is what AKU explains in the upcoming book The Orgasmic Universe #orgasmicuniverse

Addiction is a chronic brain disorder and not simply a behavior problem involving alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, experts contend in a new definition of addiction, one that is not solely related to problematic substance abuse.

The color of Love is NOT Red
The color of Love is NOT Red

The color of Love is NOT Red

From the color spectrum Red is the lowest vibrational manifestation. Is that how we consider our love to be? Colors are energy, specific frequencies, each correspondent to a vibrational leve...


"What we couldn't see then was the fact that we were already limitless gods so there was no need to see ourselves as inferior to anyone else in the universe. It was the Master Creators who helped us activate our DNA to unlock the higher portions of our consciousness so we could access the universal data centre. That's where the truth is stored. The truth is that we are all gods! We were the gods who created the chaos, the pain, the diseases, and the illusion of power on our home planet. What you must know is that the universal data centre didn't just hold the truth but the solution as well. The solution to us finding the peace we had failed to achieve was to drop the concept of separation. This newfound awareness of our limitlessness made our ancestors choose to live as a collective consciousness. We stopped being competitive and combative against one another and began collaborating. So we could begin creating our reality from a place of love instead of fear. It became a satisfying and joyous experience to help each other. One's goal became everyone's goal. Why? Well, why wouldn't you want to see your neighbour succeed at whatever it is they want to accomplish. Even if it is not to their best interest there's always some level of benefit to all choices made, all assets gained or lost.

Choosing to create a new reality meant freeing ourselves from our world governance. Adopting personal governance, compassion, and altruism as the way to the peaceful society we live in worked and god was pleased with how much our consciousness had evolved. Sure we had hurt a lot of innocent people young and old in the process. But this time we proved it to god that we had learned our lessons and were never going back to living the way we did. Dropping the “I” and speaking as “we” was the best decision our people made. Every sentence became a reminder that the needs of others need to be taken into consideration in all decisions we made. " - Master guide AKU

Remove evil dark energies using sound! 5 minutes

play this in any room to remove unwanted dark energy

Play this out loud in any room to remove all dark, negative, and evil energies before moving into a new place or after an unwanted person leaves. listen to i...


Greetings beautiful people!

I've changed my page status to "local business" so i now have a REVIEWS Tab for you to rate and comment on your experience with my readings.

this post is for all those who have had a reading with me. i'm asking you to please take a few seconds out of your busy lives to rate and give your honest opinion of my and/or your experience of your reading(s) with me.

The more reviews left on this page the more i'll be able to help people worldwide!

AKU & myself thank you so very much for believing in the work we do and the teachings AKU is sharing. it's going to be an exciting year. look for more filmed teachings too!

much love,

Dan the shadowalker


AKU & I would like to kick off the new year with an excerpt from the book we are working on called.

The buddha once said: "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

We have spoken to you in many different ways using all sorts of methods. When we see your consciousness level rising to a new level, your mind becomes less rigid and allows for comprehension of concepts that were once too unbelievable to accept. When this occurs we choose someone to be a medium for the new knowledge. The energy of the information is adjusted to match the consciousness level of the intended recipients. The information we “download” into your consciousness grid can be philosophical, scientific, technological, artistic, and even military.

A man named Thales taught you that the first and most important element on your planet is water. Socrates gave you rules of personal governance you've turned into western philosophy. Siddhārtha Gautama was born a prince yet chose to leave his material wealth to find the root cause of human suffering and illness. After 7 years of meditation, he became the one you call the Buddha. By this point you had a good foundation on how circumstances find you , why they effect you, and how to free yourself from their impact. You were ready to learn about the next important ingredient. That love, compassion, and forgiveness are the keys to activate the new consciousness grid.

For hundreds of years we told you that your next great prophet, would set the foundation for this new consciousness. We chose King David's lineage because it was one of kindness and generosity. His DNA had a naturally strong resistance to the influence of earthbound dark entities. Five hundred years later a young Hebrew girl had a vision from the Archangel Gabriel and later had a baby named Yeshua ben Yosef, the one you refer to as Jesus the Christ. Then you had an uneducated man named Muhammad al-Mustafa , God's messenger, the last prophet. Many of you gravitated to the knowledge these two shared. Like moths to a flame, the knowledge could either enlighten you or destroy you if you'd be irresponsible with it. Imagine our disappointment when the earthbound dark entities began using it to carry out their twisted agenda of destruction, all in God's name. We assure you we will never allow the dark ones to dominate earth's consciousness grid.

There have been many prophets and scriptures given to you since. But you believe that for it to be valid spiritual truths, it must be ancient. It took many hours to make the paper, transcribe the words, or carve the symbols into stone tablets. Do you think they did all that work just to let it sit in a cave for 2000 years because it wasn't ready for them to read and follow yet? No, of course not. From our point of view, you have many modern day Jesus's Buddhas, and Mohammads. Some are driven by the illusion of power and money but others genuinely care to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution.
If there's already so much information of how to heal past life wounds, heal your physical body using your mind and energy body, and how to manifest a healthier more joyful life for yourselves. Why write this book? What makes the information we're about to share with you different than what you've already learned through your previous spiritual teachers?


That's right, sex, but not from the physical sense. Sex as the sum of both masculine AND feminine energies existing in harmony within one body. Sexual energy is all around you. You've been writing about it and singing its praises for centuries. Songs like “Sex Bomb”, “I want to sex you up”, and “let's talk about sex” where big hits in many of your countries were they not? These songs surpassed race, gender, and social status. And why do you think that is? It's because they were written to activate your sexual energy centres! If these songs were so good then why have they faded off to the wayside? It's because they were masculine energy dominant songs written at a time where the old masculine dominant consciousness grid was still active. Even the music created by women was masculine energy dominant.
By now you're probably thinking “If feminine energy is so great then why is it that God is not just entirely made of its energy? God could of easily chosen to duplicate its feminine energy into a separate God (which, in our opinion, would of been a lot of unnecessary work) because if you're God, anything is possible correct?. The answer is simple yet complex. It's just like your laws of electricity. If feminine energy is the current flowing that gives you light. It needs to be grounded so it's not so volatile. If all you have is volatile electrical current or nothing but a grounding wire, you might as well hang a “hazard” sign on your creation room door.

So you see, God had to be both forms of energy. For centuries you've been hearing that God made you “in his image” or that you were created “in the likeness of God”. You've had many teachers attempt to interpret those few simple words. But the old consciousness grid was too focused on religious dogma and the physical world to fully understand the true meaning behind them. Consider this book as a new kind of sexuality course.

But why now? There are hundreds of books that talk about sex and spirituality. You have The Kama Sutra, The Tao of Sex, and The Tantric Universe . But look closely, these teaching focus on technique. Ways to perfect and control the contraction and expansion of your sexual energy centre so you can reach new levels of self mastery. But what IS sexual energy? What is it that you're releasing when you have an orgasm? What does an orgasm even look like from an energy perspective? Orgasms can be different colours depending on your mood or physical health level that day. So wouldn't like to know what colour your orgasm was today or yesterday...or last week?

Unlike most of the channeled material that has been brought forth to you in the last 30 years. We won't be focusing on ascension, extra-terrestrial contact, divine awakening, dimension shifts, or DNA cell activation. t's time you became acquainted with God's sexual energy so you can finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

we will share why there has to be harmony between your masculine-feminine energies for prayers to be answered. We will describe the characteristics of each energy and how they became imbalanced when you chose to separate yourselves from your home. The chaos that imbalance has created on your planet (and in your lives) physically and spiritually for thousands of years. Finally, we will teach you that it is sexual energy that creates life. We'll explain why being subjected to abuse from your peers leaves you unable to manifest the joy your heart desires.
We will assist you with identifying the different ways people (and even dark spirits) can feed off your sexual energy centre. How to heal your wounded soul fragments so you can free yourself from lifetimes of pain.

It is our intention that you emerge from reading these pages with a new understanding of the creation process. Your world within your world and the people around you. This book aims to transform the relationship you have with yourself (before embarking on new ones) by giving you the knowledge and tools to re-balance the masculine/feminine energy within you. We have been watching you try to be master creators for long enough. For you to become masters of the universe. You must first learn to become the masters of yourselves. We will show you how we create worlds, how Gaia created the beautiful landscapes that leave you in awe, and how God created the universes, galaxies, dimensions, and microcosmos that makes existence possible. We want you to join us as the miracle makers you are all destined to be.

- excerpts from the Introduction

15 year old Yogi. No eat, no drink, no sleep... Only Meditation!

Greetings everyone,

Did you know that earth's spiritual capital is Nepal?

and that

the religion with the highest frequency and purity are Buddhism and Kabbalah?

Nepal has once again been chosen to reincarnate by the Buddha himself!

Currently living as a 15 year old boy in Nepal, born just a few kms away from the Buddha to a woman with the same name as the Buddah's.

This boy has been meditating non-stop for 10 months without food or water or movement. His body has not lost any muscle mass and he's been bitten by cobras and his body re-balanced itself without medical intervention. he's also been seen sweating which shows that he's in total control of his autonomous body functions without electrolyte or nutritional imbalances.

The boy told his mother he will meditate for 6 years and become Buddah. he told his brother he wants to feed directly from God and not man. His brother has chosen to be public speaker and manager of his little brother as the chaos and madness around the phenomenon. this is sadly a modern day problem.

Is this the 2nd coming of the Buddah?

Please watch this 46 minute Discovery Channel documentary and judge for yourself.


much love,

Dan & AKU

Discovery channel documentary on 15 years old boy...who did nothing but meditation. He reveals the power of meditation is above any worldly gains. http://en....


i've created a new closed group called Psychic Misfits. We are offering FREE psychic readings including medical intuitive, paranormal, and past lives readings. New and experienced readers are welcome to join and practice. Please share and join!!!


See you in the group!



Just a little bit of info about me:
I'm a deep trance channeler of 3 entities AKURARMATU (AKU), AXESOZI, MUI, I'm clairvoyant, a medium, medical intuitive, level III Usui Reiki Healer, and Sound vibration healer. I've worked as a professional advisor on bitwine and a few other sites. I've survived 7 near death experiences.


A new psychic has been questioning the information she receives and was doubting her accuracy. She asked me for guidance. I've withheld her name but would like to share the advice I gave her with you all.

"i've just read everything you said. what you FIRST get ...then elaborate on. I see the doubts you have. i had it for a long time too. i'll tell you what you're doing. ready? YOU ARE LETTING YOUR MIND GET IN THE WAY! .... Ok,let's use your current reading. You "got" the words "leaving the country" - that's the data given to you by either your info guide or primary angel. then your logical, left-btained, reason based, full of layers of environmental and personal beliefs, kicked in and immediately began to question "why am i getting that message for this woman?" - now you're doing what's called "filtering". taking the raw data from spirits and processing it adding your own seasoning mix to it by telling the client all the different meanings that could mean. causing theim to walk away from their reading wondering if they'll move to another state or have a long distance romance that'll take them out of the country. the human mind ALWAYS NEEDS TO FILL IN THE BLANKS - remember that when communicating information you get. then if it doesn't happen to them, they'll go on telling everyone you're a sh*tty reader. i have f**ked up many readings. so off base i had clients make complaints and freeze my paypal account for their money back.

i remember one reading. the message i got from AKU started with "had a birth in august, a girl..." i said no way this is wrong, he's too immature to have a kid.so i said you have no kids.... WRONG! YOU SUCK! (his words)

he was a skeptic to begin with trying to test me and i failed because i filtered the info. he did have a kid in august! so i learned that it's not for me to wonder why i'm getting this and that for people. the messages are pertinent to their lives not ours. so i guess what i'm saying is, detach! too many readers are trying to be like a life coach or therapist, a guidance provider. by doing that in a way is influencing the choices they'll make when the future events you've foreseen present themselves in their life.

what we see is not 100%. it is what is coming up ahead if they continue as is. if they stop smoking, they'll alter one of the outcomes of their lives.

if you tell someone you see a man coming into her life in the fall, a romance. she comes back to you saying he dumped her after 3 weeks. well, you were still accurate. a man came into her life and they had sex.

our guides don't show us the outcome sometimes for a reason. long story short my dear, just give the info and let them figure out the meaning! ..."


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