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This month my goal is to add more veggies into my life. Last night was baked potato with veggie packed chili and a chicken breast on the side.


Back on the 21 day detox.
Tonight was salmon with homemade salsa on top. Peas and grapes.


I am starting a page to help stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise more. It will also be a place to share recipes and tips for staying active.


Yes my husband has neuropathy relief from Plexus products. No he won't tell you about it!
Yes he is very private about his life, and thanks me daily for sharing it on facebook (a bit of sarcasm).

~Seriously, neuropathy relief with healthy products! Seriously, I pray you will consider this option.


I had a mom call me. Her son has been taking Plexus products for 4 mos, he has used an inhaler since he was 7. This spring, through terrible allergy season, track & now baseball, he hasn't used it once.

This is why I Plexus. :)

What Visceral Fat Does To The Body (The Doctors)

Plexus Slim targets Visceral Fat! Some is good, it coshins things for us, but then extra fat actually tells us to add more fat! This is a great explination from the show "The Dr's" explaining what this type of fat does to our health. Very interesting

If you are not losing lbs on Plexus, patience is your friend. We didn't get here over night. We are getting healthier everyday! YEAH! Right. :)

Excess visceral fat (aka belly fat) leads to heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and even sexual dysfunction. Dr. Travis Stork talks a...

Plexus Slim, a wonderful video that breaks down Plexus Slim.  This is shared by one of our Plexus Doctors!  Wonderful in...
Dennis Harris, M.D. - Explaining "Plexus Slim"

Plexus Slim, a wonderful video that breaks down Plexus Slim. This is shared by one of our Plexus Doctors!

Wonderful insights!

Dennis Harris, M.D., Plexus Product Advisor, talks about the science behind the ingredients in Plexus Slim and why the product is so successful and good for ...


19 mos in on my New Health & Professional Journey

Free of 2 RX's
Free of OTC pain pills, energy drinks, skin creams, deoderant, soda pop, allergy pills,acid reflux pills, digestion aids & more that I will choose not to list on facebook... :)
Free of spending my $$$$$ on all that stuff
Free from my 8-5 work hours
Free from missing Grace's school events

Free.....that is it. I am free.

Free to help others regain their health
Free to be home whenever I need to be
Free to go to yoga at random times!!!!!!
Free to bless others with these amazing products
Free to help others reach their dreams

Relationship Marketing is about Freedom to choose, there is a better way! I am on a mission to tell the world.


How is Plexus helping Kids!

My 13 year old. He had to take Zantac from the age of 6 until he started Plexus. He also has constipation issues to the point that it affects his breathing. Very rare that he has stomach aches now. And occasionally he clogs the toilet if he's not taking the Bio Cleanse. I have him on 2 right now because last week he nearly ruined the toilet. All because he had been skipping it.

My 6 year old takes probio5 daily and cleanse as needed... we started him on it for his attention disorder but it has really helped his BM's he has suffered from chronic constipation since birth!

My youngest son had issues with lactose intolerance but was getting worse with anything I was feeding him... Terrible pain.... He takes the probio and biocleanse and now no issues with any of it at all.... He even drinks milk and stuff now and does great

I have a 3 year old son that has Down Syndrome. He suffers from constipation. I have been giving him Pro Bio 5 mixed in either yogurt or applesauce every evening for the past 2 weeks or so. It has helped him have a BM 1-2 times daily! Yay. He used to go days without one. I hated to see him in such pain with constipation. I will move up to the full capsule after a month.

Amazing my 8 year old uses them is eczema is gone and his stomach issue is also gone his stomach issues have sent him to the hospital before and he has not had an episode sense we started it is amazing.

My son takes 1 Slim each morning. He was having hormonal day altering headaches. He has been free of these horrible headaches since January.

Young People and Plexus. You Can Do This!!

Straight forward, no fluff! Here it is. This gal is college aged, and is almost the top level of Plexus company. Migraine free, free of sugar addictions, life changing energy.

1. You are not too young.
2. You are not too healthy.
3. You are not too broke.
4. You are not too busy!

You're not too young, healthy, broke, or busy for this amazing Plexus business!

Are you willing to take the challenge for the new EDGE/BLOCK a bottle of EDGE (for energy) and a...
Why You Need Block

Are you willing to take the challenge for the new EDGE/BLOCK products.
buy a bottle of EDGE (for energy) and a bottle of BLOCK(amazing carb blocker) and give weekly and end of the month feedback (iT CAN BE IN a private message or in a group).

Just for participating you will be entered in a drawing for a free bottle of Edge (totally worth it)
Ready for a challenge????
This is an amazing time to try these amazing products!
Remember when you were looking for something super easy?? Yep - this is it!
Starting July 1st and going til July 30th so you just need to place the order soon and message me to participate!
Don't forget, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee! (You won't need that, but nice to know it's there)
Message me when you are ready to place your order and I will send you my link. I can not wait to help you!

See how BLOCK's natural, clinically-tested ingredients work immediately to lower carb and sugar absorption.

"So if Slim gives all you Plexus people such great energy, why do you need Edge??"I'm so glad you asked. As I've said ma...
Get Your EDGE!

"So if Slim gives all you Plexus people such great energy, why do you need Edge??"
I'm so glad you asked. As I've said many many times, Slim is NOT an energy drink. It provides the body with lots of nutrients we lack, like chromium and alpha lipoic acid, so as a result of getting the right nutrients, we DO feel pretty darn awesome, all day long. I sleep better, make better food choices, and my blood sugars are balanced. I just feel great!!
There are some people who still want that supercharged burst of energy they're used to from energy drinks and caffeinated beverages. That's where Edge comes into play - it actually increases energy WITHOUT any of the negative effects of caffeine: jitters, major crashing, addiction. It increases mood, focus and energy in major ways! You may also take as a pre workout!! Take 1 before the gym & experience better concentration, energy & performance!! And I can tell you first hand it's amazing as a pre workout!!

Healthy, sustained energy, sharper thinking, enhanced concentration and focus, improved mood. Live life with EDGE.


If I worked for a big corporation and posted that I was hiring for positions (you’d have to purchase some business attire👗, maybe find daycare for your child(ren) 👫, commute back and forth every day🚗, have only an hour lunch ⏰, limited vacation and sick time 🏝 and no real big bonuses and/or incentives)...maybe you would jump at the opportunity.
But when I post about starting your own home based business 🏡, working for yourself🙋, wearing whatever you please 👙 (FYI, there wasn't an emoji of yoga pants 😂), setting your own hours⏲ around your family’s schedule, with unlimited income potential 💰, unlimited vacation and sick time ☀ many of you aren't sure about the opportunity.
I get it. Maybe you think the money isn’t steady. Maybe you think we “sell” stuff instead of loving and sharing a product? You have been watching me and maybe doubting yourself. All valid responses! But the truth is, this is different and you CAN do this! 🙌🏼🎉
I’m truly hoping that at least 1 person who really needs this will reach out to me today. Maybe it's not you but someone you know. Please share! Maybe you don’t need the money, but you’re looking for personal growth, friendships, a hobby (these are reasons I got started) or maybe you just want to feel better! It’s not all about money ... having your own business is so much more.


We are positioned like no other company to provide long-term health and wealth solutions that address significant global issues like obesity, aging and financial stress. Our powerful products and systems paired with our unparalleled business opportunity have helped transform the health and wealth of hundreds of thousands of people around the US & just beginning, around the globe. It's hard to believe that we have this in our path! Today!

How to Make Your Body Ripe for Miracles
How to Make Your Body Ripe for Miracles

How to Make Your Body Ripe for Miracles

You may know that your body is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that repair broken proteins, kill cancer cells, fight infections, retard aging, and generally keep your body healthy....

Massage friends, is this true!  How fascinating!!The human body has 365 points and 12 major meridians, which is reminisc...
Massage This Point On Your Body and Experience the Miracle!

Massage friends, is this true! How fascinating!!

The human body has 365 points and 12 major meridians, which is reminiscent of the amount of days and months in a year.

Massaging this point is one of the oldest methods of treatments in the East, which has been practiced for several thousand years.


1307 N Cedar
Abilene, KS


(785) 280-2188


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