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Operating as usual


AND... We're BACK!

Dundas Osteopathy will be reopening with the province's Step One.

Got a present this morning! Thanks for all the support in these difficult times!

Got a present this morning! Thanks for all the support in these difficult times!

Got a present this morning! Thanks for all the support in these difficult times!


We were told that beginning April 12 we would be allowed to open even during "Grey". But yesterday, April 1, in one of the biggest April Fool's jokes ever, that rug was pulled out from under our feet.
In spite of all our efforts, we are still being treated as non-essential and have been ordered closed for at least 28 days.
Yes people, we are closed again. All of you that have been rebooked over the last week will be rebooked again, this time for May. I am so sorry that I won't be available to help you for a while but this too shall pass.
If you are new to us and seeking treatment, please contact me at: 289-238-9362 or [email protected].
For those of you who already have appointments, please be patient, you will be contacted in priority sequence to schedule a new time.
Thank you for your patience in this difficult time, rest assured I do understand what you are going through.
Hope to see you soon.


As most of you know, we have been locked down... again. This time though we have a re-open date of April 12. If you have had an appointment canceled because of this, it will be rescheduled. If you are looking to book a new appointment, it will be booked after that date! Keep positive, things will improve!


I'm in the process of calling everyone who was cancelled by the last lockdown or who connected while we were closed to book an appointment. If you had an appointment cancelled, don't worry I will get to you.
If you didn't have an appointment or are new to the practice, please leave a message here or call 289-238-9362 and leave a message.
Let's hope this was the last shutdown!


Sadly, Dundas Osteopathy must close again due to the Covid 19 lockdown. This time we have a double header, Hamilton is locked down as of today and Southern Ontario as of Thursday. If you currently have an appointment booked, you will shortly receive a cancellation notice and will be contacted when reopening is imminent, to rebook.
If you don't have an appointment currently but would like one when possible, please email [email protected] to get your name in the queue.

Thanks for your patience and support!


Hi All!

Well, the time has finally come! Osteopathy has been given the green light to open gradually in the Hamilton Region as of the end of this week. I am aiming to begin appointments next week (the week of June 22nd.) I have missed you all and look forward to seeing you again (or for the first time). It seems like forever.

If you had an appointment that was cancelled due to the lockdown, or have been waiting for an appointment for a while, you will be called over the next little while to book. I will do my best to prioritize based on the schedule when the lockdown started. It will take a few days of being open to get an accurate sense of how long everything will take given the new rules so the first while will be a “soft-opening”.

If you are new to the clinic or did not have an existing appointment at the time of the lockdown, it may take a bit longer to get you in.

I will also, of course, weigh the urgency of each situation when assigning priority for booking.

As you may have guessed, it’s not going to be business as usual. Anyone who has been to the dentist, hair dresser, etc. will already have experienced this. Here’s a bit of a description of what to expect.

All appointments will be booked by phone or email only, for now.

As before, you will receive an appointment reminder, but for now, only by email. With that you will also receive a Covid 19 prescreening document as well as the updated intake form, which you must fill out and return at least one business day, before your appointment. These documents must be returned, completed at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you are feeling sick or if you fail the screen, do not come to the clinic but do inform the clinic immediately so that you can be rescheduled and the appointment can be reassigned to others who are waiting for an opening.

It is essential that you come at the correct time. Because of the extra time required between appointments, there cannot be flexibility to adapt to lateness. Because of running at a dramatically reduced number of appointments due to Covid 19 restrictions, please avoid no-shows to prevent being charged for missed appointments.

When you arrive, you are asked to remain in your car or outside the clinic away from the door and the outside corridor leading to the door. Upon arrival, please text my cell phone to inform me. (You will be given the number at the time of your booking.) You will receive a text reply when everything is ready for you to come in. The door will be locked until that time. It is essential that the outdoor corridor is kept clear so that the person before you can leave without contact. Do not come in when you see someone else leave as the facility must be disinfected between appointments. Yes, this means that you will need a cell phone with you (charged). If you don’t have one, please borrow one or have someone with you in the car that has one. Also, make sure I have the correct phone number to text you.

If you need assistance coming into the clinic, or if you are bringing in children for treatment, one extra person may come in, but they must also mask, disinfect and pass the screen. Everyone else should stay home or wait in the car for you. Please do not bring children with you for your appointment, for now.

You will be required to have a mask on when you arrive. If you don’t have one, there will be masks available for $2.00 in the clinic. When you come in, you will be required to disinfect your hands (sanitizer will be available). And, you will be screened again.

For the time being, only Credit Cards and Debit will be accepted for payment to avoid handling money. Credit is preferred as it requires no contact and can be done fully on line. (I never thought I would say that as I’m not a fan of Credit Cards, but there it is…)

When finished the appointment, please leave as quickly as possible, touching as little as possible in the clinic.

The clinic washroom is available but please treat it as “urgent only”. The more it is used, the more frequently it needs to be disinfected which takes time and uses up scarce resources.

If you don’t have access to email and a cell phone, please try to coordinate with family members/friends who do so that we can safely navigate this together.

As I write this all out, it feels very impersonal and institutional. For those of you who know me, you know that is not who I am. This is just a reflection of this snapshot in time and the demands being put on all of us. My goal right now is to provide as many of you as possible the treatment and relief that we all need after this time of stress. Please bear with me and be aware things will become more human over time as we all internalize dealing with the new world of pandemic viruses.


Dundas Osteopathy will be closed until further notice due to the need to slow the spread of Covid-19. Thank you all for your patience.

Museum of Osteopathic Medicine

Museum of Osteopathic Medicine

Sage Sayings: “I am often asked why I have not published Osteopathy in all the papers of the world and let the people know of the ‘wonderful truths of the great discovery.’…I have never wanted to measure my business by the yard stick of number and dollars, but by merit only.” A.T. Still, Journal of Osteopathy, August, 1898.
Image: Museum of Osteopathic Medicine [1983.858.26]

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The man who founded Osteopathy

The man who founded Osteopathy

Sage Sayings: “So thoroughly primitive was Doctor Still, so uncorrupted by academism, that he, too, thought science and talked theory in the language of poetry. His imagery in every-day speech as well as in his scientific work would often recall the glory of the epic. Analogy was his chariot-he often rode too far in it. Metaphor was his natural mode of expression, and he would approximate by allegory truths made manifest to his intuition.” Editorial, The Osteopathic Physician, December, 1917.

Image: Museum of Osteopathic Medicine [1980.444.30]

Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

Major Pivots and Pulleys is a chapter from Robert Johnston's book "Osteopathic Principles: Applied in Mechanics and Treatments”. Read more by purchasing the book at the CAO Bookstore in Hamilton!

Learn More about Osteopathy at: http://www.canadianosteopathy.ca/

Ontario Osteopathic Association

Ontario Osteopathic Association


Did you know Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy, was an honorary member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association?

The OOA has been around since the early 20th century. In its original form it represented Canadian osteopathic physicians who had trained in the USA, and was located in Hamilton, Ontario on James Street. The OOA was inactive in the mid-century, but was brought back to life in 2006, in its current form, representing Osteopathic Manual Therapists (non-physician osteopathic practitioners). It is still located in Hamilton and is PROUD of its historic link to the founder of the profession!

Ontario Osteopathic Association

Ontario Osteopathic Association

Osteopathy is gentle on the patient. It eases the body into correction over time. This allows the body to hold on to the change more easily, making the results more permanent. This is why osteopathy is so effective - it gets results!

Find an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner: https://www.ontarioosteopathy.com

Ontario Osteopathic Association

Ontario Osteopathic Association

The Ontario Osteopathic Association is in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador this week participating as an exhibitor at the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association - CLHIA Annual Conference on Antifraud.

The OOA is also at the conference in a presenting role in two workshops. One on understanding the osteopathic landscape in Canada, and, one a panel of unregulated health professions.

The insurance industry looks to the OOA for guidance in terms of standards and considerations, because of the OOAs high standards in education, professional practice, and fraud prevention.


Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy


All osteopathy reverts back to Nerve, Artery, Vein, Lymphatic. These are the pathways of communication and health & wellness.
Regardless of what osteopathic text you read, regardless of who wrote it, Tasker, Huelett, Littlejohn, nobody would disagree with the importance of nerve, artery, vein, lymphatic, that is the whole thing.


Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Dr. Still describing the ideal characteristics of an Osteopath in (Philosophy of Osteopathy):

“An Osteopath should be a clear-headed, conscientious, truth-loving man, and never speak until he knows he has found and can demonstrate the truth he claims to know.”


Osteopathic Cranial Academy
Osteopathic Cranial Academy

Osteopathic Cranial Academy

New Organ in Human Body — The Interstitium
Of no surprise to osteopaths, researchers reported last week the layers of the body previously believed to be dense, connective tissues are in fact interconnected compartments filled with fluid. They call the interstitium an organ in its own right and one of the largest in the body. Supported by a mesh of strong and flexible connective tissue proteins, the interstitium is a series of connected, fluid-filled spaces found under skin as well as throughout the gut, lungs, blood vessels and muscles, and drains into the lymphatic system.

The cells that reside in this network may also play a role in many body processes, from skin aging to the stiffening of limbs and the progression of inflammatory diseases, according to the report.

Prior to this, the process of preparing tissue for microscopic slides caused fluid loss and collapse of the previously fluid-filled compartments, making the tissue appear solid and obscuring both it’s importance and it’s function.


Ontario Osteopathic Association
Ontario Osteopathic Association

Ontario Osteopathic Association

What do evolution and footwear have in common? The answer: Nothing.

From the humble house slipper and flip flop to running shoes and staggeringly high stilettos, virtually all of the footwear we could possibly own puts our foot in a constant position of planter flexion. Upon review, there seems to be no apparent mechanical advantage to having the foot in planter flexion. There are no positive effects other than aesthetics; conversely, there is a significant list of negative effects ranging from increased risk of ankle/foot injury to low back pain.

Continue reading "A Feet of Engineering" By By Paul McQuade, BSc., Ost., M.ed. on page 4 of Issue 10: https://www.osteopathyst.com/issue-10/#page-4

Dundas Osteopathy's cover photo

Dundas Osteopathy's cover photo


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