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Pink Solution Natural Products Natural Enzyme Cleaner, Environmentally Safe, Free of Allergens, Odourless, Organic, Bio-degradable, Safe for Children, Pets and Asthmatics HEALTH CONSCIOUS PEOPLE USE HEALTH CONSCIOUS CLEANING PRODUCTS!!

Cleaning your environment means ridding your home from germs, toxins and pollutants. PINK SOLUTION IS: A NATURAL ENZYME CLEANER, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, FREE OF ALLERGENS, ODOURLESS, ORGANIC, BIO-DEGRADEABLE,


Cleaning your environment means ridding your home from germs, toxins and pollutants. PINK SOLUTION IS: A NATURAL ENZYME CLEANER, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, FREE OF ALLERGENS, ODOURLESS, ORGANIC, BIO-DEGRADEABLE,


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Hi everyone, I hope your enjoying the summer with family and friends !!!
If you have run out of product or looking to try out the Pink Solution Product, I am doing a promotion price of 20% off which brings it to $45.00 taxes in. You can reach me at 613-841-0700 or call and text at 613-869-1190. Take care, live well. Gail


Thank you to everyone who likes the Pink Solution products. I am proud to use it and love the idea that it is CANADIAN MADE!!!!


Pink Solution and Mothers Choice work great in the classroom!
I've been using it lately on the tables to remove marker, crayon and other stains that the kindergaten children have done. Works wonders and non toxic to the little ones and me.


Use 1 cup (240 ml) Heavy Mix in shampoo machine. Always check manufacturer's specifications. For a Bissell, mix 1 cup (240 ml) of Heavy Mix with 1 gallon (4 litres) of water.


TIPS FOR TODAY: Sept: 27, 2012


Check for colorfastness. Removes all stains except rust, permanent dye, & paint. Some food products now contain permanent dyes.

Spot cleaning:
Spray on Heavy Mix, let sit 2 minutes, wipe dry with terry cloth. For heavy carpet stains, apply Paste Full Strength with a very wet terry cloth, rinse thoroughly, dry with terry towel.



FIBERGLASS, TILES & GROUT, SHOWER CURTAINS, MARBLE, PORCELAIN: Apply Paste Full Strength with a Teflon safe scrub sponge, let sit 1 to 12 hours & rinse. For tough stains use Mother's Choice.

GLASS, MIRRORS & STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES: Spray on Light Mix & wipe dry. If streaking occcurs dilute solution with boiling water.


Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo

Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo


For a Light Mix Solution, mix 1 tbsp. or 15 ml of melted
(not boiled) Pink Solution paste and add to 1 gallon of hot water. Again, (not boiled).

For the Heavy Mix Solution,

Melt 2/3 cup Pink Solution paste in microwave or on stove top (do not boil) and add to 1 gallon of hot (not boiled) water.

Have a great day!


Plant idea!

Spray rosebushes & houseplants with Light Mix to remove aphids.


Pink Solution can be used as a hand cleaner!

Combine one part Pink Solution Paste to 10 parts water.
To protect your hands, before you start work, apply a smalll amount of paste full strength as a lotion and let air dry. This acts as a barrier so that dirt cannot pe*****te to the skin.


Hi everyone, hope you have all had a great summer and had time to relax with friends and family.

Now is the time to start thinking about cleaning all your lawn furniture and preparing to bring them indoors for the winter. Pink Solution or the Mother's Choice are a great alternative to those strong cleaners that you buy. You can use the Pink Solution straight from the bucket with a sponge or dilute it water and use with a spray bottle. The Mother's Choice is used straight from the container with a sponge or rag. You don't have to worry about rinsing it down with a hose on your grass. It is completely safe for you, the environment, your pets and the kids.
Do effective cleaning with no worries on your health!
Take care everyone.

Gail Lapointe Pink Solution Representative


To my friends and clients who buy Pink Solution Products, please be aware that you can reach me at 613-841-0700 and 613-869-1190 at this time. I have made some changes and would like everyone to know that you can call these numbers at anytime and leave a message for the product and I will get back to you. Thank you and sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. Gail


You can buy Pink Solution in the a deodarant stick form.
Great for traveling and carrying in your purse for those unexpected times when accidents happen and your not close to home to treat the stain right away.


If you have grease spots in your driveway, you can use the Pink Solution right from the bucket or use in a diluted strength. (Heavy mix).
Apply the solution to the area and work in with a brush or broom.
I usually just pour some over the spot to cover it well. I also do this at the end of the day, leave overnight and then wash away the next morning with a hose.


Use Pink Solution right from the bucket to clean the siding of your house!

Yesterday, I had someone come over to clean all my exterior windows (as I don't have the time) and as he was doing the windows, I decided to try out the Pink on the siding of the house.

Of course what triggered this activity was he mentioned the siding needed to be done also and of course he does that work too.

Anyway, to save myself not time but money and from using any strong chemicals to clean the exterior around my plant beds, I took out my bucket of Pink Solution and decided to go try a spot while he was still there doing the windows.

I took an old rag and soaked it in some warm water and scooped up some of the Pink Solution on the wet rag and started wiping down a section right beside the window guy.

I was pleasantly pleased and just about bragging how well the Pink Solution was cleaning the siding without any effort at all.
All the green stuff, dust and sand and soil from the rain splashing on the house was coming off like you wouldn't believe.
This was even after years of not washing it. Wow, I was so happy.

He was also very impressed and I happily gave him a couple of business cards to pass around. Although the grime was coming off very easily with the Pink, he mentioned using a pressure washer to simplify the task or get it done faster. Adding the solution is a bonus and it has no toxic chemicals in it. It has no ill effect on the environment or you.

If you don't have a pressure washer, just use a nice pail of warm water, a soft scrub brush and your Pink Solution. Add the Pink Solution directly onto the brush or rag or add a handful to your pail of water. All jobs are different and you may need to use the product full strength or diluted. See what's best for you and the job your doing.

Happy cleaning everyone !!


Keep your Pink Solution close by to apply on freshly made stains from oils, grass stains, grease, food stains, etc. As soon as the stain is made, wet the surface and rub in some product right from the bucket and work into the spot(s). Leave sit for a short period of time and wash out with clear water.

Also available from Earthcare products is the laundry bar. It is 6X the strength of the Pink Solution. It is also available in a deodorant stick style for traveling.


Use Pink Solution right from the bucket and apply with a soft, wet brush to your leather shoes to remove old dirt and grass stains.
Wipe with a damp cloth afterwards.

It will make your shoes look new.


Use a light mix solution to use on plants with mildew or bugs.

Make up the light mix with your Pink Solution and spray on affected plants to kill the mildew and stop any further damage. I used it last year on my honeysuckle plant and it worked very well.

Only a very mild solution is needed to do it.


Use the Mothers Choice to wash the inside of your dishwasher.
Cleans it very well with no chemicals.

Wet the teflon sponge and put the Mothers Choice on your sponge. Wash the inside and sides of your dishwasher and then wipe with a damp cloth.


Use Pink Solution straight from the bucket to clean your leather runners. Put the Pink Solution on a soft damp brush (I dip the wet brush into the bucket of Pink) and then work it into your shoes. Wait an hour or so and wipe off with a damp cloth. Works well on grass stains and shoes you wear in your garden. It will clean and renew the leather of your shoes.


Children and babies spend a lot of play time on the carpets or floor of your home. Remember that Pink Solution has no chemicals in it and is allergen and odour free. If you spend time playing with your child on the carpet, you can use the heavy mix of Pink Solution to shampoo your carpet with no worries.
Believe me, I use it around children everyday and I am so grateful that I can use a product that I know is safe and works well too.
Have a great day!!! Gail



For cleaning areas and changing rooms around swimming pools, Pink Solution is a great choice as it is non-toxic and is an environmentally safe product with a low ph in the event that any should get into the pool itself.

Dampen the surface using a hose, apply Pink solution (an enzyme cleaner) full strength with a long handled scrub brush. Allow to sit for 10 to 15 minutes, scrub again and hose off.

Note: Do the entire collar around the pool at one time. When you complete the loop, you will be ready to scrub again and rinse.


Pink Solution contains sea kelp, vegetable tallow, coconut oil, soda ash and water. There are no fragrances, perfumes or...
Pink Solution

Pink Solution contains sea kelp, vegetable tallow, coconut oil, soda ash and water. There are no fragrances, perfumes or dyes.

It is great for bird owners and works great for cleaning bird cages!!

For more information go on the website and click on tips and uses and click on publications on the left side.


Pink Solution's Unique uses for cats:

A group of Himalayan breeders in Canada working with chocolate and lilac colors have been using Pink Solution for some time and love it!!
They include:
John & Galina Friesen of Prairiecat cattery in Strathmore, Alberta
Jan Finley of Eagles Wings cattery in Victoria, Van. Island. B.C.
(just to name a few)
These breeders have discovered that besides Pink Solution's obvious uses for safe cleaning in the cattery, it is also a useful shampoo and cleaning alternative for cats with skin conditions.

For more information go to PandEcats
The Online Magazine Devoted to Persian and Exotic Shorthair Cats


First manufactured in 1990 in Canada and named for its original color, Pink Solution is a natural enzyme clelaner which emulsifies dirt, grease and grime when mixed with water. Derived from seaweed kelp, the enzymes emulsify even old laundry and carpet stains. Because it contains no chemicals, Pink Solution can be inhaled, eaten and handled without any gloves without ill effects. Naturally, it is a perfect choice for use around children and pets.

Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo

Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo

Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo

Pink Solution Natural Products's cover photo

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone has tried adding something to pink solution mixes to make them smell nice - anything with citrus or something> Not sure if you can add essential oils to it or not. Looking to add some good smell to laundry detergent and multipurpose house cleaning products. any tips?
How does this work in "high efficiency' washers?
Can I use this in my dishwasher?