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Nit Hunters Ottawa Lice Removal Nit Hunters Ottawa Lice Removal is Ottawa's preferred head lice treatment and lice removal company. We offer all natural lice removal treatments and a full 30 day guarantee.

Nit Hunters Ottawa Lice Removal is Ottawa's Mom-Owned-and-Operated Head lice Removal company. To help Ottawa families, schools and camps we offer our Signature 'Done in One' Head Lice Removal Services - A Full 100% 30 Day Lice-Free Guarantee - All Natural, Chemical Free Products and Lice Treatments - Fixed Priced Services (No surprises on your bill!) -
Netflix, Television & Play Area for the Kids - Premises that have been Certified by Ottawa Public Health...

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How does head lice transfer? Who is MOST likely to get it?

Watch this short video to learn all about lice transmission and how it happens!

Nit Combs!

What makes a good nit comb? Aren't they all the same? NOPE!

You'll save yourself a TON of time and energy investing in the best tool for lice and nit removal.

Check out this short video to learn all about it!

Not sure what the best way forward is for your lice situation? Take this quiz to find out:


What you never thought about when doing your own lice treatments....and some tips to help you out!!

Effective Drugstore Products

Are there any good lice treatments out there? Before you dash off to the drugstore or place your online order, watch this video to know what to buy and what NOT to buy!!

What's actually TRUE vs. what is FALSE about head lice.

What's actually TRUE vs. what is FALSE about head lice.

Myths & Truth

The Facts (& Myths) About Head Lice!
Calm your nerves and anxiety and know what's what.
All explained in print. See post titled "What's actually TRUE vs. what is FALSE about head lice."

Why Do Lice Exist and Where Do They Come From?

Lice have been around for millions of years...and have survived many pandemics. Covid-19 may have slowed them down but they're still around and they'll come back in full force.

Still, I'd rather have social contact once again! Lice can be dealth with easy-peasy when you come to Nit Hunters Ottawa Lice Removal!


Happy New Year and Thank You Ottawa!

The best do it yourself digital course on head lice treatment and removal

If you're battling head lice and need help but prefer to do it yourself at home, consider the best digital course online - LICE FREE IN 1-2-3.

In these curated video, I coach you in what you need to know and do to get lice out of your life for good! Here is the link:

And...if you just need to know how to check for lice/nits, I've got a fabulous FREE video tutorial that will show you how to do that too. Here is that link:


Stop struggling with head lice! Call or text 613-212-0072 for help ☺️

Lice Removal Academy

Head Lice help from the convenience of your own home 😁

It’s frustrating, I know!

Every friend, relative, and neighbor is telling you what you need to do to get rid of head lice and…

…they’re all different.

And then you turn to Google and YouTube and 2 hours later you’ve got about 10 more different remedies to make your family’s lice go away.

You’re exhausted.

But sure! I know all these ‘helpful people’ who tell you to “just do this or that”, who claim it’s super easy to get rid of lice, make you feel like a failure.

It’s easy to compare yourself to them and get discouraged. (been there done that!)

But what if I told you that all you needed to FINALLY get results was knowing the 3 THINGS necessary for successful lice removal?

After everything you’ve heard and been told, it may sound unbelievable. I mean, it’s just head lice, right? How hard can it be?

But…it is. And all over the world, moms like you struggle for weeks, sometimes months, to get rid of it.

So, what WILL help you?

Having a step by step PLAN for conquering head lice and getting rid of it for good! That is exactly what I teach in my BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 19 VIDEO COURSE: Lice Free in 1*2*3 !

This Course is everything you need to know, learn, and do to GET RESULTS FAST.

Think of it as one stop shop for all your lice treatment and removal needs.
…and right now, this $99 Course is 50% off for $47!

Inside this training, you’ll discover why common drugstore products and nit removal combs DON’T WORK, and just leave you spending weeks throwing your time, money, and energy at treatment after treatment.

If you want to get rid of lice fast, and you already know that the right products, tools, and method will completely make a difference, AND you want to know how to do it the RIGHT WAY, click the link below to get access to this 50% OFF COURSE!

go to: to learn more about the course!


Hope everyone is coping ok with our new “normal”’s not easy and my thoughts are with you ❤️. I hope this passes soon 🙏🏻 Keep well and sane! Also here are some good things to watch/do to feel better: As mentioned during my live, go to Dude Dad and watch this video: My Wife In Quarantine...made me laugh several times!!

And if you want to take a good self assessment to see whether you may have any symptoms, go here (even if you don't live in Canada, just tick off any province and then take the quiz):

Lice Removal Academy

Lice Removal Academy

Q&A TIME! Questions asked:

1) What to get when you find out your daughter has head lice?
2) Are black bits combed out eggs?
3) What’s the difference between hair dye and eggs?
Link to send in your questions:

Does your child fight you every step of the way? Does she make nit combing absolutely IMPOSSIBLE? Does he accuse you of ...

Does your child fight you every step of the way? Does she make nit combing absolutely IMPOSSIBLE? Does he accuse you of "torturing" him? If so then tune in on Sunday 9pm est Lice Removal Academy for my tools and tactics I use to get kids to cooperate 🤓


It is *not* easy to detect a lice infestation, especially in the early stages. Watch this short video to learn why and then check out the fb Live I did recently @liceremovalacademy to learn how to do it properly.

Or go here and watch these step by step video tutorials on how to effectively check for head lice:


Lice Eggs vs Dandruff! How to know which is which? Watch this short video to learn more...

Castor Oil -- natural lice killer?

A lot of parents prefer to go the "natural" route when it comes to illiminating head lice. Plant based oils make great combing aids, but what about actually killing head lice by means of suffocation? Is it an effective head lice treatment? Watch this short video to see the effects of castor oil on head lice in synthetic hair.


Get rid of your lice in ONE visit, not two or three or four. Our signature Done In One Lice Treatment and Removal Service comes with either a 30 day or 3 month guarantee. Our promise is that you will leave with peace of mind and a guarantee that backs up our work ☺️

This is why lice can go undetected for so long!

Unless your child is scratching her head a lot, it is easy to miss seeing the actual bugs in her hair. See if you can find the adult female in this head of hair. HINT: follow the little circular flames!

Lice Eggs and Nits!

The best way to see lice eggs is in a white bowl. It contains them as well as any bugs should you comb out more than just eggs! Dry combing is definitely a quick and easy option if the hair is relatively "easy".

Later time for tonight's live - 9pm. I'll share the 5 Biggest things I've learned from being in the lice removal trenche...

Later time for tonight's live - 9pm. I'll share the 5 Biggest things I've learned from being in the lice removal trenches for 5 years. Some of them might surprise you!

Hope to see you there tonight and if you can't make it, you can always catch the replay. Go to Lice Removal Academy to watch😁



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Really nice and professional. Clean environment. Tv, free wifi, toys for the kids to keep entertained.