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This particular technique for sleep is a combination of progressive muscle relaxation and meditation.
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DM to book your sessions if you face any mental disturbance.


Having mental disturbance is not crime but ignoring and not seeking therapy is.
Take a step for yourself.
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Book your session of 45 min in only 1000 rs both online and in person. Never ignore your mental health. Seek help

How to know when you are having panic attack1 heart palpation 2 shortness of breath 3 butterflies in stomach 4 foggy tho...

How to know when you are having panic attack
1 heart palpation
2 shortness of breath
3 butterflies in stomach
4 foggy thoughts
What to do?
Deep breath
Breath in a paper bag
Try to figure out 5 things you can touch
4 things you can hear
3 things you can see
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste
Its called mindfulness which helps with anxiety and panic attacks


Do u know a child who has any psychological issue or learning problems? Do you know any autistic child? Child with hyperactivity issues, child having down syndrome, or any learning reading or writing issue? Are their patents looking to consult specialist or require home sessions for their child to give extra assistance?
Please contact so I can help


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If you are suffering from any sort of mental distress, don't hesitate to seek help.
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You know how sometimes we feel distant with everyone around us, how our close ones starts feeling like strangers, how old habits and leisure activities seems boring and uninteresting?
Its totally natural to feel that way but what we should do is try to feel these things at certain point and then deliberately stop ourselves and get back to start enjoying these small things and small moments. That's life


Its all in our hands. Whether to grab it or drop it, its all in our mind whether to retain it or restrain it.





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