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First aid for heart attack..

First aid for heart attack..

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Sovaldi, a new medicine for Hepatitis C is now available with Ferozsons Labs in Pakistan


8:56AM, October 8, 2005

RIP to all those who lost their lives in this disastrous most earthquake, in the history of Pakistan.



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-Take care of your skin

Let the satin soft skin of your baby be free of rashes
and allergies. Monsoon is a breeding ground for harmful
bacteria and fungi. The most common rashes occur due
to continuous use of nappies. Change the nappy every
three – four hours or as soon as it gets dirty. Use baby
wipes before and after a nappy change. It is a good idea
to give your newborn a few minutes of nappy-free time.
Humidity can make your baby sweat. Wipe off the sweat
gently, carefully and playfully to avoid itching and
skinning. Take proper care to wash your baby’s clothes
using a mild detergent. Try drying them in the sun
whenever possible although it is ‘peek-a-boo season’
for the sun. Sunlight is the best natural disinfectant and
it prevents many skin problems and fungal infections
that arise due to wearing damp clothes.

MONSOON CARE FOR NEW BORN BABIES:Cool breeze, refreshing drizzles, terrific thunder,dancing lightning and a hot cuppa! T...


Cool breeze, refreshing drizzles, terrific thunder,
dancing lightning and a hot cuppa! These adjectives
that we usually associate with the monsoons may not
apply if you have a newborn at home. Monsoon, a
season that is synonymous with diseases, can bring
you a lot of anxieties about your little one’s health.
Blocked nose, congested chest, rashes, infections and
a crying baby might make you go insane, especially if
you are a first-time parent. Relax. A little bit of care
can make the rainy season refreshing and safe for
both of you. Here are a few tips to help you look after.

A wet towel on the bed, used snack plates on the sofa
and shoes under the chair – gone are those carefree
days. Welcome to the world of parenthood. Be a
responsible parent and keep your home and
surroundings as clean as possible because moisture in
the atmosphere can be a breeding ground for various
harmful microbial organisms and mosquitoes. Always
keep your baby clean. Humidity can be harmful for your
little baby. Giving her a splash in lukewarm water can
be refreshing. Remember to clean the creases on her
body while you give her a bath. A drop of Neem oil in
the bathing water works as a disinfectant.
Motherhood is a demanding task and you are most
likely to find yourself hard pressed for time. Make it a
point to follow proper personal hygiene even though life
as a new mother is hectic. Keep a watch on your nails,
clothes and hands. If you have older children, teach
them to use the bathroom properly. Pets are walking
carriers of diseases during monsoon. Avoid frequent
contact with your pets, at least until the monsoon is
over. And what about the garden? Let daddy be the
gardener for a change who keeps it clean and devoid of
stagnant water.

(Stay tuned for next tip)

WHAT IS JAUNDICE? Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and eyes.This condition forms when there is too muchbilirubin in you...


Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and eyes.
This condition forms when there is too much
bilirubin in your system. Bilirubin is a yellow
pigment that is formed by the breakdown of
dead red blood cells in the liver . Normally, the
liver gets rid of bilirubin along with old red
blood cells.
Jaundice can indicate a serious problem with
the function of your liver, gallbladder , or
pancreas .


Yellow-tinted skin and eyes characterize
jaundice. In more severe cases, the whites of
your eyes may turn brown. You may also have
dark urine and pale stools.
If an underlying health condition such as
hepatitis is to blame for jaundice, you might
experience other symptoms, such as excessive
fatigue and vomiting .
Some people misdiagnose themselves when
they experience yellow skin. According to the
National Institutes of Health (NIH), patients
who have jaundice usually have both yellow-
colored skin and eyes. If you only have yellow
skin, you may simply have too much beta-
carotene in your system ( NIH, 2011). Beta-
carotene is an antioxidant found in carrots and
pumpkin. An overdose of this antioxidant is
not a cause of jaundice.


Old red blood cells travel to your liver, where
they’re broken down. Bilirubin is the yellow
pigment formed by the liver’s breakdown of
these old cells. Jaundice occurs when your
liver doesn’t break down bilirubin the way it is
supposed to.
Your liver might be damaged and unable to
perform this process. Sometimes, the bilirubin
simply can’t make it to your digestive tract to
be eventually removed through your stool. In
other cases, there may be too much bilirubin
trying to enter the liver at once or too many
red blood cells dying at one time.
Jaundice in adults is often indicative of:
alcohol abuse
liver cancer
cirrhosis (scarring of the liver)
gallstones (cholesterol stones made of
hardened fat (lipid) material or pigment
stones made of bilirubin)
hepatitis (swelling of the liver that decreases
its ability to function)
pancreatic cancer
parasites in the liver
blood disorders, such as hemolytic anemia
(a decreased amount of red blood cells in
the body, which leads to fatigue and
an adverse reaction to or overdose of a
medication, such as acetaminophen
Jaundice is also a frequent occurrence in
newborns, especially in babies who are born
prematurely. An excess of bilirubin may
develop in these newborns because their livers
haven’t fully developed yet.


Your doctor will first conduct blood tests to
determine the cause of your jaundice. A blood
test can not only determine the total amount
of bilirubin in your body, but it can also help
detect indicators of other diseases such as
Other diagnostic tests may be used, including:
liver function tests : a series of blood tests
that measure levels of certain proteins and
enzymes that the liver produces when it is
healthy and when it is damaged
imaging tests : includes abdominal
ultrasounds (using high-frequency sound
waves to generate images of your internal
organs), computed tomography (CT) scan,
and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
liver biopsies: a small piece of liver tissue is
removed for testing and microscopic
The severity of jaundice in newborns is
generally diagnosed with a blood test. A small
blood sample is taken by pricking the infant’s
toe . Your pediatrician will recommend
treatment if the results indicate moderate to
severe jaundice.
The type of treatment your doctor
recommends for jaundice depends on the
underlying cause. Mild cases may go away
without treatment. However, severe cases can
eventually damage the brain. Your doctor will
work at treating the cause of the jaundice, not
the symptom itself. Once treatment begins,
your yellow skin will likely diminish.
According to the American Liver Foundation,
most jaundice cases in infants resolve within
one to two weeks ( American Liver Foundation ,
Moderate jaundice is treated with
phototherapy ( light therapy) in the hospital or
home to help remove excess bilirubin.
The light waves used in phototherapy are
absorbed by your baby’s skin and blood. The
light helps your baby’s body to change the
bilirubin into waste products to be eliminated.
Frequent bowel movements with greenish
stools are a common side effect of this
therapy. This is just the bilirubin exiting the
body. Phototherapy may involve the use of a
lighted pad, called a biliblanket, which mimics
natural sunlight and is placed on your baby’s
Severe cases of jaundice are treated with
blood transfusions (injections of donor blood)
to remove bilirubin.
Jaundice usually clears up when the
underlying cause is treated. Outlook depends
on your overall condition. See your doctor right
away to improve your chances of a quick
recovery. Mild cases of jaundice in newborns
tend to go away on their own without
treatment and cause no lasting liver issues.
23 Possible Causes of Yellow Skin
Alcoholic Liver Disease
Alcoholic hepatitis occurs when the liver becomes
inflamed and damaged from long-term overconsumption
of alcohol. Symptoms include loss of appetite,
abdominal pain, and jaundice.

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Diarrhea, the frequent passage of very loose or watery bowel movements, is a symptom of an underlying disorder, which may have been caused by stress, dietary problems, travel etc.
Severe diarrhea should be treated well with antibiotics.
--in a baby it is very dangerous and can cause severe dehydration. Treatment is with ORS
--Herbal treatments are with blackberry root bark.

--Some antibiotics also lead to diarrhea because they kill certain bacteria that live in the intestines and help normal functioning.
--Eating yogurt can help in this matter.

During an attack avoid solid foods, coffee, milk products and spices.
Take frequent sips of fluids, soups, rice water etc.


Happy Labor Day!
To all the hardworking, sincere, dedicated and loyal workers!

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HAPPY EARTH DAY Everyone!Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to dem...


Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature's equipoise was later sanctioned in a Proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. A month later a separate Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Ga***rd Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970. Nelson was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award in recognition of his work. While this April 22 Earth Day was focused on the United States, an organization launched by Denis Hayes, who was the original national coordinator in 1970, took it international in 1990 and organized events in 141 nations. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.

Minute to Read It

Minute to Read It

Have you been eating crushed beetles?

Carmine or carminic is generally disguised as natural food coloring and is actually extracted from crushed beetles. Most candies, ice creams and other confectionary products get their bright colors from cochineals, a scaled sessile parasite native to tropical and subtropical South America and Mexico.

CHRISTMAS DISEASE:This is a rare genetic disorder known as Haemophilus B or Factor IX Haemophilia in which blood does no...


This is a rare genetic disorder known as Haemophilus B or Factor IX Haemophilia in which blood does not clot properly.
People with this condition lack the clotting factor IX and they experience spontaneous and bleeding.
They experience excessive, unexplained bleeding and easy bruising.
It is very common in males.
In most of the cases the condition is inherited and in a few, is due to gene mutations that occur during foetal development for unknown reasons.

Christmas disease has no cure.

The disease is named after Stephens Christmas who was first diagnosed of the condition.

HOW TO SURVIVE A HEART ATTACK WHEN YOU ARE ALONE??Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without h...


Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help,the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.

However,these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough, and the cough must be deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again.

Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm. In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital. Tell as many other people as possible about this. It could save their lives!!

A cardiologist says If everyone who sees this post shares it to 10 people, you can bet that we'll save at least one life..

Rather than sharing jokes only please contribute by forwarding this info which can save a person's life..

EAT WHOLE GRAINS BREAKFAST!Swapping your regular bowl of corn flakes for a breakfast of porridge or muesli could help ke...


Swapping your regular bowl of corn flakes for a breakfast of porridge or muesli could help keep the mid-day munchies — and the extra pounds — at bay. Trust, porridge and whole grains are the breakfasts of champions to avoid overeating. It may be a subtle switch-up, but at a meeting
hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists last week, researchers from Purdue University said that eating a breakfast that falls on the lower end of the Glycemic Index (GI) may help prevent a blood sugar spike throughout the morning and prevent people from overeating throughout the day.

Satiety was even found to stretch after the next meal. Foods with a low GI rating are considered healthier as they result in gradual rises in blood sugar and insulin levels, compared to foods with a high GI, which can cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket, a particular danger for people at risk for diabetes. Meanwhile, for their study, US researchers focused specifically on the effects of adding almonds, a food that falls on the low end of the glycemic index, to people’s morning meals.

Participants, who ate a breakfast that included whole almonds said they experienced longer feelings of satiety and also had lower blood glucose concentrations after both breakfast and lunch, compared to those who started their day off with high GI foods.

Meanwhile, another US study published last year in the journal Obesity also suggests starting the day off with a protein-rich breakfast like eggs and low-fat cheese to help curb hunger pangs throughout the day.

Breakfast foods that have a low GI include porridge, muesli, and whole grains. Avoid corn flakes and white bread, which fall on the other end of the GI.

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We are not operational as a pharmacy anymore in Lahore, Pakistan however our marketing team shall keep posting articles of community health inshaAllah



is a recombinant human erythropoitin, a 165 amino acid glycoprotein produced by Chinese hamster o***y cells into which a human erythropoietin gene has been inserted. Epoetin is used as an antianemic. It increases red blood cells (RBCs) production in body and effective in the treatment of anemia associated with chronic renal failure or dialysis or anemia caused by AZT in HIV-infected persons. Epoetin is administered intravenously or subcutaneously.

Brand name: Eprex Injection

Epoetin:is a recombinant human erythropoitin, a 165 amino acid glycoprotein produced by Chinese hamster o***y cells into...

is a recombinant human erythropoitin, a 165 amino acid glycoprotein produced by Chinese hamster o***y cells into which a human erythropoietin gene has been inserted. Epoetin is used as an antianemic. It increases red blood cells (RBCs) production in body and effective in the treatment of anemia associated with chronic renal failure or dialysis or anemia caused by AZT in HIV-infected persons. Epoetin is administered intravenously or subcutaneously.

Brand name: Eprex Injection


Nail Conditioning SolutionBy: Neostrata CanadaAvailable at Paramount Distributors

Nail Conditioning Solution

By: Neostrata Canada
Available at Paramount Distributors

Zoofanoon's Photography

Zoofanoon's Photography

You can't make happy the whole world.. so let them living on their own.....

Zoofanoon's Photography

Zoofanoon's Photography

EID MUBARAK everyone :)

Pay attention when buying toothpaste, at the bottom of the toothpaste tube there is a color bar. And do you only know th...

Pay attention when buying toothpaste,
at the bottom of the toothpaste tube
there is a color bar. And do you only know
the original meaning of the color bar!
Try to choose green and blue, there are four kinds:

Green: natural;
Blue : Natural + Medicine;
Red : Natural + Chemical composition;
Black : pure chemical.

please share to all......



Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a time of fasting for Muslims. Each day during this month, Muslims all over the world abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, as well as participating in anything that is ill-natured or excessive; from dawn until the sun sets. Fasting is intended to educate the Muslim in spirituality, humility and patience. It is a time to cleanse the soul, focus attention on God, and put into practice selflessness. Ramadan is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God and to put forward more prayer than is customary.
Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of the Islam. Restraint from everyday enjoyment and curbing wicked intentions and cravings are considered as an act of compliance and obedience to God, as well as amends for sins, faults, and mistakes. During Ramadan, Muslims request forgiveness for sins in the past, pray for direction and assistance in abstaining from everyday troubles, and endeavor to cleanse themselves through self-control and great acts of faith.

Ramadan conveys an extraordinary sense of emotional enthusiasm and religious eagerness among Muslims of all ages. Even though fasting is compulsory for adults alone, children as young as eight readily watch fasting with their elders. Children look forward to the thrill of the moon sighting and eating unique meals with their relatives. Adults are grateful for the chance to double their rewards from God and ask for pardon for their past sins. Ramadan highlights Muslim brotherhood and customs and brings about a special feeling of closeness.


The Prophet (peace be upon him) was reported to have said that "When Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened." The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for one to do the deeds that could bring him/her closer to Paradise.

Fasting in Ramadan is also an opportunity to atone for one's sins. Abu Hurayrah quoted the Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying, "Who ever fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah will have all of his previous sins forgiven."

Fasting also provides protection from evil for those who sincerely fast. Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) was reported to have said, "Fasting is a shield."

Allah has a special reward which He personally gives one who fasts faithfully. Abu Hurayrah related that the Prophet (peace be upon him) quoted Allah as saying, "Every act of Adam's descendants is for themselves, except fasting. It is meant for Me alone, and I alone will give the reward for it."

Perhaps the greatest and most unique merit of Ramadan lies in the fact that the Quran, which is the last and only unchanged book of Divine Guidance remaining in the world, was revealed during this month. Allah states:

"The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down as a (pure source of) guidance for mankind. In it are clear teachings showing the Right Way and the Criterion (for judging truth and falsehood)." [Noble Quran 2:185]

This act of revelation represents the greatest blessing from Almighty Allah to mankind, who had become steeped in darkness and ignorance since the time of the prior revelation. Without this supreme act of mercy, the weakening glimmer of guidance would have gone out completely and oppression would have reigned in all corners of the globe.


Fasting gives the individual a real taste of hunger and thirst which helps him to realize the experience of the poor. This experience should instill a desire to want to help those who are less fortunate by sharing food and wealth with them.

It is required that the individual give up not only food, drink and sexual relations, but also that he restrain from all forms of lying (e.g. backbiting, slander, etc.). This is confirmed by the Prophet's (peace be upon him) statement, "Allah has no need for the hunger and the thirst of the person who does not restrain from telling lies and acting on them even while observing the fast." He also said, "When one of you is fasting, he should abstain from indecent acts and unnecessary talk, and if someone begins an obscene conversation or tries to pick an argument, he should simply tell him, 'I am fasting'." So, if one observes the fast according to the above principles, it should improve his moral character, making him more truthful and more careful about what he says and does.

It has also been noted by medical experts that fasting improves the physical health in numerous ways. For example, during the fast the body uses up stored cholesterol (fats) which are often deposited in the blood system, as well as in other fatty areas of the body. Thus, it helps to keep the body firm and minimizes the danger of heart attacks.

May this holy month of Ramadan be a month of blessings, a month of forgiveness
and guidance for all of us.

Ramadan Kareem Mubarak


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