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This was yesterday! The rain compelled us to indulge in a pakora party. (of course homemade)
Pakore toh nahi but here are a few healthy #monsoon tips for you:

1. Eat easy to digest seasonal food - washed fruits and vegetables like jamun, gheeya, tori, tinda, moong dal, white channa salad. Use creeper vegetables instead of green leafy veggies in monsoons.

2. Include seasonal grains like ragi (Nachni) , barley(jaun) and sorgham (jowar), rajgeera (amaranth), kuttu in daily diet in different forms like roti, daliya, chilla.
Avoid refined flours which are available throughout the year and take the edge off your immunity.

3. Moonsoon brings lots of contaminations and disturbed gut health.
Involve yourself in drinking infused drinks like tulsi infused water, peppermint water, curry leaves water.
Use herbal tea or spiced tea (kadha) homemade like zeera tea, mint tea, ajwain tea, lemon ginger water to prevent cough and cold.

4. Improve your immunity by having roasted black channa with powdered black pepper and enjoy it with above mentioned teas.

5. Gargle with warm water with a pinch of sea salt every morning for throat infection.

6. Relax your liver once in a week during monsoon by having light meals. Like sawan fast once in a week.

7. Include fresh curd with pinch of roasted flaxseeds or lassi as probiotic. Avoid refrigerated foods.

8. Use less spices to stay active. Soaked seeds like pumpkin and sunflower and Indian condiments adds flavour to feel.

9. Once in a week include khichri in your diet for assimilation.

10. Use cold pressed mustard, coconut or peanut oil. Do not use refined oil for pakore in monsoon. ( Do not reheat the oil to avoid oxidation).

11. Avoid litchi fruit in monsoons. Have mangoes if they are fresh and washed. Always peel before fruits and vegetables

12. Avoid street foods, cut fruits from outside.

13. Do not forget to enjoy monsoon bhutta (corn) roasted or boiled with lemon and salt.

14. Avoid animal fat, in monsoons it has big chances of harmful bacteria.

15. Avoid high salt, watery fruits, excess lemon and tamarind in monsoons as it can cause water retention.

16. Our skin mostly remains oily in this humid weather, so make sure to wash your face twice in a day and hydrate it well with non-greasy natural products like aloevera gel + vitamin E (capsule) added to it.

17. Rainy season should not be an excuse to skip your workout! So, get up and do your indoor workout such as- Yoga, breathing exercises to get that amazing 'mitti ki khushboo' or some mat exercises which can easily be done at home. Do breathing exercises daily for cleaner respiratory tract.

18. Use sautéd, steamed, boiled or baked salads than raw to ease digestion.

19. Enjoy monsoons stress free with family and friends.

20. Remember: The weather and environment around us can influence our food choices, and it’s perfectly fine to indulge once in a while when your body signals you to.

#MonsoonHealth #Rain

Photos from Mubashir Hashmi's post

Photos from Mubashir Hashmi's post

Photos from Mubashir Hashmi's post

Photos from Mubashir Hashmi's post

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