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AcerHealth a Revenue Cycle Management Company serving Medical Practices, Ambulatory Service Centers, and midsize hospitals in over 20 states throughout the country. We provide revenue cycle and practice management services for healthcare providers with many different specialties: internal medicine; cardiology; nephrology; pulmonology; dermatology; ear, nose, and throat; OB/GYN; pediatrics; podiatr

y, and psychiatry. AcerHealth offers a fully integrated, comprehensive service that simplifies every aspect of practice management, from appointment scheduling to the tedious billing and remittance tasks that follow each patient visit. Our goal is to maximize client’s earnings by reducing their expenses and increasing the net revenue of our client's practice – freeing the doctors to spend more time with patients, less time with paperwork. We use in-house built proprietary and cutting-edge technologies along with outstanding customer service to differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competitors. In addition, all our clients have realized a revenue gain of 10% to 20%, after they started getting the services from us.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: How Patient-Centric Billing is Changing the Game in 2024IntroductionIn 2024, the healthcare ...

Revolutionizing Healthcare: How Patient-Centric Billing is Changing the Game in 2024

In 2024, the healthcare industry is witnessing a transformative shift toward patient-centric billing, fundamentally changing how medical services are billed and paid. Leading the charge in this revolution is AcerHealth, a trailblazing company dedicated to simplifying healthcare billing through innovative, patient-centred practices. Recognizing the growing demand for transparency and streamlined billing processes, AcerHealth prioritizes patient needs and satisfaction, offering solutions that make the often-confusing world of medical billing clearer and more manageable.

With rising healthcare costs, regulatory changes, and increased patient demand for transparent financial communication, traditional billing models are no longer sufficient. AcerHealth is at the forefront of developing tools that empower patients, such as digital billing statements with transparent cost breakdowns, flexible payment plans, and proactive financial counselling.

AcerHealth understands that today's patients desire clarity and flexibility when managing their medical expenses. Through technology-driven solutions, AcerHealth offers a seamless patient experience that reimagines how medical billing should be done. From providing intuitive digital invoices to supporting personalized financial planning, their approach not only enhances patient satisfaction but also strengthens the provider-patient relationship by reducing financial misunderstandings and stress.

This shift towards patient-centric billing is not only improving patient satisfaction but is also helping healthcare providers align their practices with modern patient expectations. In this article, we'll explore how AcerHealth is driving this change, key components of their innovative billing model, and the profound impact it's having on the healthcare landscape. We'll also consider practical steps healthcare organizations can take to implement or improve their patient-centric billing strategies in 2024 and beyond.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations - The Role of Medical Billing and Credentialing at AcerHealthIntroduct...

Maximizing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations - The Role of Medical Billing and Credentialing at AcerHealth

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare administration, efficient management of medical billing and credentialing processes is paramount. AcerHealth, a leading healthcare provider, stands as a testament to the significance of these practices in ensuring smooth operations and delivering quality care. In this blog, we delve into the essential benefits of medical billing and credentialing and explore how AcerHealth harnesses these practices to optimize efficiency.

Understanding Medical Billing and Credentialing:
Medical billing involves the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for services rendered by healthcare providers. On the other hand, credentialing is the process of verifying and assessing the qualifications and credentials of healthcare professionals to ensure they meet the standards set by regulatory bodies and insurance providers.

Significant Benefits of Medical Billing and Credentialing:

Revenue Optimization: Effective medical billing practices enable AcerHealth to maximize revenue by accurately documenting and processing claims, reducing the risk of denied or delayed payments.
Compliance Adherence: Credentialing ensures that AcerHealth's healthcare professionals comply with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of legal and regulatory issues.
Enhanced Patient Experience: Streamlined billing processes contribute to a seamless patient experience, with timely and accurate billing statements fostering trust and satisfaction among patients.
Improved Operational Efficiency: By implementing efficient billing and credentialing procedures, AcerHealth minimizes administrative burdens and reallocates resources to focus on patient care and service quality.
Cost Savings: Proper billing and credentialing practices help AcerHealth avoid costly errors and penalties, leading to significant cost savings in the long run.
AcerHealth's Approach to Optimizing Efficiency:

Utilizing Advanced Technology: AcerHealth employs cutting-edge billing software and credentialing platforms to automate processes, reduce errors, and improve accuracy.
Dedicated Training and Education: Continuous training programs ensure that AcerHealth's staff stays updated with the latest billing regulations and credentialing requirements, enhancing competency and efficiency.
Collaboration and Communication: AcerHealth fosters collaboration between billing and clinical teams to streamline workflows and ensure seamless integration between billing practices and patient care.
Proactive Monitoring and Analysis: Regular audits and performance evaluations enable AcerHealth to identify areas for improvement and implement proactive measures to enhance billing accuracy and compliance.
Client-Centric Approach: AcerHealth prioritizes the needs of its clients by offering personalized billing solutions and responsive customer support, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.


The effective management of medical billing and credentialing processes plays a crucial role in AcerHealth's commitment to delivering quality care and ensuring operational excellence. By harnessing the benefits of these practices and leveraging advanced technologies and strategic approaches, AcerHealth continues to set the standard for efficiency and innovation in healthcare administration.

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Navigating the Healthcare Landscape with AcerHealth: Innovative Strategies for Maximizing Doctor ReimbursementsIn today'...

Navigating the Healthcare Landscape with AcerHealth: Innovative Strategies for Maximizing Doctor Reimbursements

In today's dynamic healthcare environment, where regulatory changes and shifting reimbursement models are the norm, doctors face constant challenges in ensuring fair compensation for their services. Maximizing reimbursements has become a crucial aspect of practice management, requiring physicians to stay informed about the latest strategies and adapt proactively. Let's explore how AcerHealth, a fictional healthcare practice, navigates this complex landscape effectively:

1. Embrace Technology Solutions:

• AcerHealth's Cutting-Edge EHR System: AcerHealth has implemented a state-of-the-art Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that streamlines documentation, reduces errors, and ensures accurate billing, ultimately maximizing reimbursements.
• Investment in RCM Software: AcerHealth utilizes advanced Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software to automate billing processes, identify coding errors, and track claims, improving efficiency and revenue capture.

2. Stay Informed about Regulatory Changes:

• Dedicated Regulatory Compliance Team: AcerHealth maintains a dedicated team tasked with staying abreast of changes in Medicare and Medicaid policies, such as updates to the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), to optimize reimbursements.
• Continuous Training on Coding and Documentation Guidelines: The practice provides regular training sessions to ensure all staff members are knowledgeable about coding changes and documentation requirements, ensuring accurate billing and compliance with regulations.

3. Optimize Coding and Documentation Practices:

• Code Optimization Strategies: AcerHealth's coding specialists ensure proper coding for services rendered, utilizing the most specific and appropriate codes to accurately reflect the complexity of care provided.
• Thorough Documentation Protocols: The practice emphasizes thorough documentation practices among its staff, including capturing all billable services, procedures, and diagnoses, to support claims and prevent denials.

4. Negotiate Contracts with Payers:

• Strategic Contract Negotiation: AcerHealth's leadership team actively negotiates with insurance payers to advocate for fair reimbursement rates, leveraging data on practice performance and patient outcomes to demonstrate value and secure favorable contracts.

5. Explore Alternative Payment Models (APMs):

• Participation in Value-Based Care Initiatives: AcerHealth actively participates in value-based care programs, such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) and bundled payment arrangements, which incentivize quality outcomes and cost savings.
• Innovative DPC Model Implementation: The practice has introduced a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, offering comprehensive primary care services for a retainer fee, reducing reliance on traditional fee-for-service reimbursements and fostering stronger patient-provider relationships.

6. Utilize Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring:

• Expansion of Telehealth Services: AcerHealth has expanded its telemedicine offerings to reach a broader patient population, increasing access to care and potentially qualifying for reimbursement under telehealth reimbursement policies.
• Integration of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): The practice leverages Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technologies to remotely monitor patients with chronic conditions, improving care coordination and potentially qualifying for reimbursement through remote monitoring codes.

7. Optimize Practice Efficiency:

• Continuous Workflow Optimization: AcerHealth identifies and eliminates inefficiencies in practice operations, such as reducing wait times and optimizing scheduling, to increase the volume of billable encounters and enhance overall practice efficiency.
• Investment in Staff Training: The practice invests in ongoing training for staff members to enhance coding proficiency, billing accuracy, and compliance awareness, ensuring optimal practice performance.


AcerHealth exemplifies how a proactive approach to practice management, combined with innovative strategies and technology solutions, can lead to successful reimbursement optimization in today's healthcare landscape. By staying informed, embracing innovation, and prioritizing efficiency, AcerHealth sets a precedent for other healthcare practices striving to maximize reimbursements while delivering high-quality care to their patients.

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An overview of how Acerhealth will thrive in a value-based healthcare industry in 2024.Introduction:In the ever-evolving...

An overview of how Acerhealth will thrive in a value-based healthcare industry in 2024.


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the transition to value-based care has been a significant paradigm shift for organizations like Acerhealth and its affiliated physicians. Beyond the traditional fee-for-service model, value-based care emphasizes quality over quantity, incentivizing healthcare providers to deliver better outcomes for patients while controlling costs. As we delve into 2024, it's crucial for Acerhealth and its physicians to understand the financial implications of this transformative approach.

Understanding Value-Based Care:
Value-based care centers around the idea of delivering high-quality care efficiently and effectively. Unlike the fee-for-service model, where physicians are reimbursed based on the volume of services provided, value-based care focuses on outcomes, patient satisfaction, and overall health improvements. This shift encourages preventive care, care coordination, and patient engagement, ultimately aiming to enhance the patient experience and reduce healthcare spending.

Financial Implications for Acerhealth and Its Physicians:

Shift in Reimbursement Models:
Acerhealth and its physicians are adapting to new reimbursement models under value-based care, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), bundled payments, and capitation. This transition requires Acerhealth to negotiate contracts with payers that align with value-based care principles, while physicians must adjust to new payment structures, such as shared savings and bonuses for meeting quality metrics.
Focus on Quality Metrics:
Physicians affiliated with Acerhealth are evaluated based on performance metrics such as patient outcomes, readmission rates, preventive care measures, and patient satisfaction scores. Acerhealth supports its physicians in meeting these metrics through quality improvement initiatives, care coordination efforts, and patient engagement strategies. Achieving these metrics is crucial for Acerhealth's financial success and reputation.
Investment in Technology and Infrastructure:
Acerhealth invests in technology and infrastructure to support its physicians in delivering value-based care. This includes implementing electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, and data analytics tools to facilitate care coordination, track patient outcomes, and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging technology, Acerhealth aims to enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and optimize financial performance.
Care Redesign and Efficiency Measures:
Acerhealth collaborates with its physicians to redesign care processes and implement efficiency measures that align with value-based care principles. This may involve developing care protocols, care pathways, and team-based care models to streamline workflows, reduce unnecessary utilization, and improve patient outcomes. Through continuous process improvement, Acerhealth and its physicians strive to deliver high-quality care while managing costs effectively.
Risk Management and Collaboration:
Acerhealth and its physicians work collaboratively to manage risk effectively in a value-based care environment. This includes collaborating with hospitals, payers, and community resources to address social determinants of health, enhance care coordination, and optimize patient outcomes. By sharing data, resources, and best practices, Acerhealth and its physicians mitigate risks and achieve better financial outcomes.
In 2024, Acerhealth and its affiliated physicians embrace the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. By understanding the financial implications and investing in technology, care redesign, and collaboration, Acerhealth and its physicians position themselves for success in delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. Through their collective efforts, they not only thrive in a value-based care landscape but also contribute to improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare as a whole.

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Navigating Healthcare Finances with AcerHealth: A Comprehensive Guide to Patient Financial Advocacy for Medical Billing ...

Navigating Healthcare Finances with AcerHealth: A Comprehensive Guide to Patient Financial Advocacy for Medical Billing Companies in 2024

In the labyrinth of healthcare finances, AcerHealth emerges as a beacon of guidance and support for patients and medical billing companies alike. This comprehensive guide explores the pivotal role of AcerHealth in patient financial advocacy, elucidating strategies to empower patients and optimize revenue cycles in the dynamic healthcare landscape of 2024.

Understanding AcerHealth:

AcerHealth stands at the forefront of patient-centric healthcare solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and empathetic expertise to revolutionize the patient financial experience. As the main character in our narrative, AcerHealth embodies dedication to patient well-being and financial empowerment.

Challenges Faced by Patients:

In the realm of healthcare finances, patients encounter myriad challenges, from deciphering complex medical bills to navigating insurance intricacies. AcerHealth recognizes these challenges as opportunities for intervention, guiding patients through the financial maze with compassion and clarity.

The AcerHealth Approach:

AcerHealth's approach to patient financial advocacy transcends conventional billing practices, emphasizing transparency, education, and proactive communication. As the protagonist of this narrative, AcerHealth exemplifies the principles of patient-centered care and financial empowerment.

Key Strategies for Patient Financial Advocacy with AcerHealth:

Transparent Billing Practices:

AcerHealth promotes transparency in billing processes, ensuring patients understand their financial obligations and available resources.
Educational Initiatives: AcerHealth educates patients about insurance coverage, financial assistance programs, and potential out-of-pocket expenses, empowering them to make informed decisions.
Proactive Communication Channels: AcerHealth establishes open lines of communication with patients, addressing concerns, answering questions, and providing ongoing support throughout the billing journey.

Advocacy and Negotiation:

AcerHealth advocates on behalf of patients to resolve billing disputes, negotiate favorable payment arrangements, and maximize insurance reimbursements.
Technology Integration: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, AcerHealth streamlines billing processes, accelerates claim processing, and enhances overall efficiency for medical billing companies and healthcare providers.

Benefits of AcerHealth's Patient Financial Advocacy:

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: AcerHealth enhances the patient experience by alleviating financial stress, fostering trust, and promoting positive interactions with healthcare providers.
Optimized Revenue Cycles: AcerHealth's proactive approach to billing and claims management minimizes claim denials, accelerates payment collections, and improves financial outcomes for medical billing companies and healthcare organizations.

Compliance and Risk Management:

AcerHealth ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigates risks associated with billing errors or disputes, safeguarding the financial well-being of all stakeholders.


As the protagonist of patient financial advocacy, AcerHealth illuminates the path to equitable healthcare access and financial empowerment. By embracing AcerHealth's principles of transparency, education, and proactive communication, medical billing companies can navigate the complexities of healthcare finances with confidence and compassion, ensuring a brighter future for patients and providers alike in 2024 and beyond.

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AcerHealth's Journey, Navigating Billing Compliance in 2024Introduction: In the bustling corridors of AcerHealth, a fict...

AcerHealth's Journey, Navigating Billing Compliance in 2024

Introduction: In the bustling corridors of AcerHealth, a fictional healthcare provider renowned for its commitment to quality care, the stakes are high as the organization navigates the ever-changing landscape of billing compliance in 2024. Join us as we follow AcerHealth's journey, highlighting key updates and essential strategies to ensure adherence to billing regulations while upholding its reputation for excellence.

1. Transparency as AcerHealth's Guiding Principle:

• At AcerHealth, transparency isn't just a buzzword—it's a core value ingrained in every aspect of the organization's operations.
• The leadership team recognizes the importance of upfront communication with patients regarding billing processes and costs, fostering trust and transparency.
• AcerHealth's billing statements are models of clarity, providing patients with detailed breakdowns of charges and clear explanations for each item billed, reinforcing its commitment to transparency.

2. Fraud Prevention: AcerHealth's Vigilant Watch:

• AcerHealth remains steadfast in its commitment to preventing healthcare fraud, viewing it as a betrayal of both patient trust and organizational integrity.
• Robust monitoring systems, coupled with regular audits, serve as the frontline defense against fraudulent billing practices.
• Through continuous staff education and training, AcerHealth empowers its team to detect and report any suspicious billing activity promptly.

3. Technology Integration: AcerHealth's Technological Edge:

• Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, AcerHealth has streamlined its billing processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.
• Automated billing systems minimize errors and ensure adherence to coding and documentation requirements, allowing AcerHealth to stay ahead of regulatory changes.
• Telehealth services have become an integral part of AcerHealth's offerings, with the organization implementing specific billing guidelines to ensure compliance with regulatory standards while delivering quality virtual care to patients.

4. Documentation Accuracy: AcerHealth's Commitment to Detail:

• AcerHealth understands that accurate documentation is the cornerstone of billing compliance and reimbursement.
• Through rigorous training and quality assurance measures, AcerHealth ensures that medical records accurately reflect the services rendered, supporting both billing accuracy and quality patient care.
• By maintaining meticulous documentation practices, AcerHealth safeguards against potential billing discrepancies and promotes continuity of treatment for its patients.

5. Coding Guidelines: AcerHealth's Adaptable Approach:

• AcerHealth's coding team remains vigilant in monitoring and implementing updates to coding guidelines, recognizing their impact on reimbursement rates and billing practices.
• Through ongoing education and training initiatives, AcerHealth's coding staff stays abreast of the latest coding updates, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
• By embracing a proactive approach to coding guidelines, AcerHealth maintains billing accuracy while adapting to changes in the regulatory landscape.

Conclusion: As AcerHealth continues its journey through the intricacies of billing compliance in 2024, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to transparency, fraud prevention, technology integration, documentation accuracy, and adherence to coding guidelines. By embracing these essential strategies, AcerHealth not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also upholds its reputation for excellence in delivering quality care to its patients. Through AcerHealth's journey, we glean valuable insights into navigating the complexities of billing compliance, guiding us toward a future where ethical billing practices and patient-centric care reign supreme.

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Breaking New Ground: Denial Prevention Innovations Shaping 2024 TrendsIntroduction: In the dynamic world of healthcare r...

Breaking New Ground: Denial Prevention Innovations Shaping 2024 Trends

In the dynamic world of healthcare revenue cycle management, AcerHealth emerges as a trailblazer, navigating the intricacies of denial prevention with innovative strategies and technologies. As we embark on the journey through 2024, AcerHealth leads the charge in adopting cutting-edge trends to fortify its denial prevention efforts. Let's delve into how AcerHealth pioneers denial prevention innovations in the evolving healthcare landscape.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration:
AcerHealth embraces AI integration to revolutionize denial prevention. By leveraging predictive analytics and advanced algorithms, AcerHealth's AI-powered systems proactively identify potential claim denials, enabling preemptive interventions. With AI's predictive capabilities, AcerHealth optimizes revenue streams and enhances operational efficiency, setting new standards in denial prevention.

2. Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics:
Powered by predictive modeling and robust data analytics, AcerHealth gains invaluable insights into denial patterns and root causes. Through comprehensive data analysis, AcerHealth anticipates denial triggers and implements targeted interventions swiftly. Real-time analytics empower AcerHealth to make informed decisions, driving continuous improvement in denial prevention strategies.

3. Automation and Workflow Optimization:
AcerHealth revolutionizes denial prevention workflows through automation and optimization. Automated claim scrubbing and intelligent coding assistance streamline processes, minimizing manual errors and maximizing efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks, AcerHealth's workforce focuses on strategic initiatives, delivering exceptional patient care while safeguarding revenue integrity.

4. Collaboration and Communication Platforms:
AcerHealth fosters seamless collaboration and communication across revenue cycle teams, clinical staff, and payers through innovative platforms. Real-time communication and task assignment facilitate swift resolution of denial issues, promoting transparency and accountability. AcerHealth's collaborative approach ensures alignment and efficiency in denial prevention efforts.

5. Patient Engagement Solutions:
AcerHealth prioritizes patient engagement in denial prevention, empowering individuals to actively participate in the process. Patient engagement solutions enable AcerHealth's patients to verify insurance information and understand their financial responsibilities upfront. By promoting proactive patient involvement, AcerHealth enhances data accuracy and reduces claim rejections stemming from patient-related errors.

6. Regulatory Compliance and Documentation Integrity:
Compliance with evolving regulations and meticulous documentation integrity are cornerstones of AcerHealth's denial prevention strategies. AcerHealth utilizes innovative regulatory compliance software and documentation integrity tools to ensure adherence to coding guidelines and payer policies. By prioritizing comprehensive documentation and regulatory compliance, AcerHealth minimizes denial risks and upholds revenue integrity.


As a visionary in denial prevention, AcerHealth spearheads transformative change in the healthcare revenue cycle landscape. Through AI integration, predictive analytics, automation, collaboration platforms, patient engagement solutions, and regulatory compliance initiatives, AcerHealth sets new benchmarks for denial prevention excellence. By embracing innovation and leveraging emerging trends, AcerHealth fortifies its position as a leader in revenue cycle management, ensuring financial viability and operational excellence in the years ahead.

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Unlocking AcerHealth's Revenue Potential: Essential Tips for Doctors to Maximize Reimbursements in 2024Introduction:In t...

Unlocking AcerHealth's Revenue Potential: Essential Tips for Doctors to Maximize Reimbursements in 2024

In the intricate world of healthcare, maximizing reimbursements is not just about financial gain; it's about ensuring the sustainability of medical practices and providing quality care to patients. As we step into 2024, the landscape of healthcare reimbursement continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and opportunities for doctors. In this blog, we'll follow the journey of AcerHealth and explore actionable tips to empower doctors within the organization to optimize reimbursement strategies effectively.

Understanding the Current Landscape:

AcerHealth understands that to thrive in 2024, it must first grasp the intricacies of the current healthcare reimbursement landscape. With shifting insurance policies, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements shaping reimbursement processes, AcerHealth commits to staying informed and adaptable..

Tips for Maximizing Reimbursements:

Precision in Coding and Documentation:

AcerHealth prioritizes accuracy in coding and documentation, ensuring that each service provided is meticulously coded and supported by comprehensive documentation. By implementing robust documentation practices, AcerHealth strengthens its claims and minimizes the risk of denials.

Optimize Revenue Cycle Management (RCM):

AcerHealth streamlines its billing processes using state-of-the-art RCM software, reducing inefficiencies and revenue leakage. By monitoring KPIs such as days in accounts receivable and denial rates, AcerHealth identifies areas for improvement and enhances revenue flow.

Negotiate Favourable Payer Contracts:

AcerHealth engages in strategic contract negotiations with payers, leveraging data analytics to demonstrate its value and negotiate higher reimbursement rates. Through partnerships and collective bargaining, AcerHealth enhances its negotiating power and secures favourable contracts.

Embrace Technology:

AcerHealth embraces innovative technologies such as telemedicine and remote patient monitoring to expand its service offerings and reach a broader patient population. By investing in EHR systems with integrated billing functionalities, AcerHealth streamlines documentation and coding processes, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Enhance Patient Engagement and Satisfaction:

AcerHealth fosters strong patient-provider relationships by actively involving patients in their care plans and addressing their concerns. By implementing patient-friendly billing practices and transparent pricing, AcerHealth reduces patient financial burdens and enhances satisfaction.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance:

Compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and MACRA is paramount for AcerHealth. Through ongoing staff training and adherence to regulatory standards, AcerHealth minimizes audit risks and ensures compliance, safeguarding its reputation and financial stability.

Looking Ahead:

As AcerHealth looks to the future of healthcare reimbursement, it recognizes that adaptability and innovation will be essential for success. By implementing these tips and embracing change, AcerHealth and its doctors can navigate the complexities of reimbursement in 2024 with confidence and resilience.


Maximizing reimbursements is a strategic imperative for AcerHealth as it continues to deliver exceptional care and drive innovation in healthcare. By prioritizing accuracy in coding and documentation, optimizing revenue cycle management, negotiating favourable contracts, embracing technology, and enhancing patient engagement, AcerHealth sets itself on a path to thrive in the dynamic reimbursement landscape of 2024.

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