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Hi everyone, I know I am bit slow at getting contact out to everyone. As you know part of my practice deals with substan...
C Three Foundation | #OptionsSaveLives

Hi everyone,
I know I am bit slow at getting contact out to everyone. As you know part of my practice deals with substance use concerns. One method for dealing with the "lost off switch" related to alcohol use is The Sinclair Method or TSM - find more about it at If you have lost your alcohol off switch stop by and see what it is about.

If you need care set up an appointment with me at 702 586 5060

Join me in hearing from the experts and prescribers June 12th 2021. I am presenting "What I have learned from patients." I invite you to join.

C Three Foundation is a non-profit foundation that promotes the Sinclair Method (TSM), a treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) that uses an opiate blocker to reduce or eliminate a person's craving for alcohol. It's time to change the things we can no longer accept, using science and medicine to t...


to whom it may concern - SilverArcAPN, and Paul Kapsar are no longer associated with Vance Johnson Recovery Center

Kelly Kapsar - LMT, Spiritual Practitioner

Kelly Kapsar - LMT, Spiritual Practitioner


In the course of life one never knows what you do and say will come back as being important to someone. Usually it is something that was a quick story or a "throw away comment."

Today I received this note from a young man I met when he was an Eagle Scout and I encouraged him in his plans for nursing school, his post school career, and the military. He later left Nursing to go to medical school and is now an ED doc.

After I cut and pasted his comments done in medicalease I realized most of this will be gobbledygook to most of you SO:
- it translates into 25 years ago when I was doing a class for the Army Reserve I related a case study and the importance of thinking differently. (that "doing healthcare like a 2 year old what, why how come?" I mentioned in a previous post). I discussed using 2 different types of oxygen delivery systems on the same patent to insure the patients oxygen needs were met.

Twenty five years later in the midst of the COVID Pandemic he remembered my telling this story and emulated my "odd" method of care and thinking outside the box guidance. He combined oxygen delivery to several very ill patients who were unlikely to do well have survived their infections.

his closing comments were:

"When asked where I got the idea of combining a NC with a NRB, I tell them about an ICU/ED nurse I used to work with in the military 25+ years ago.

Just wanted to say thanks."

I sure cannot ask for a better legacy than that.

An article I wrote that was published in the Decemeber 2020 Nevada Nursing News on addiction treatment. http://epubs.dem...
Nevada Edition 68 Page 6

An article I wrote that was published in the Decemeber 2020 Nevada Nursing News on addiction treatment.

Paul Kapsar MSN, APRN, FNP-BC MEDICATION-ASSISTED THERAPY FOR SUBSTANCE USE IN PRIMARY CARE hy would you want to learn about medication-assisted therapy (MAT)? If no other reason, you can obtain twenty-four hours of continuing education credit, twenty-two of which count as pharmacology hours for boa...

A report out today about the use of masks in this time of COVID-19 - They are not harmful to your lungshttps://reachmd.c...
Exercised Over Nothing: Masks Don't Impair Lung Function During Physical Activity

A report out today about the use of masks in this time of COVID-19 - They are not harmful to your lungs

UCSD.Edu Wearing a facemask helps limit the spread of COVID-19 by reducing respiratory droplets and aerosols spewed into the air when people breathe, talk, laugh, sneeze or cough. But the physical barrier created by masks has prompted concerns that they might impair the cardiopulmonary system by mak...


Hi Everyone, I received a notice today from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requesting I assist in notifying any of my patients who may have been on Suboxone (brand name films not pills) that a settlement has been reached and some folks may be eligible for a refund. I am posting the notice on my new site linked here.

Do not contact me about this my total extent of understanding is what is in the notice.


Good luck if it applies.

The latest CDC guidance on being around peopleIf you think or know you had COVID-19, and you had symptoms, you can be wi...
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The latest CDC guidance on being around people

If you think or know you had COVID-19, and you had symptoms, you can be with others after
At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
Symptoms have improved

visit for more and unto date information

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.


The July 15th newsletter. Maintain social distance, wear your mask when outside of your own home. Call 702-586-5060 for your healthcare needs


It has been a while. Here is the link to the latest SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 newsletter from SilverArc APN

A quick note from Paul and SilverArc APNSilverArc APN and Practice Fusion - the electronic health record - has added Upd...
Mr Paul Kapsar, APRN - Appointments | Patient Fusion

A quick note from Paul and SilverArc APN

SilverArc APN and Practice Fusion - the electronic health record - has added Updox, a telehealth and secure texting software, to our system.

For most of you that will not mean anything unless you have a video appointment then you get a video link from SilverArc APN.

If you are a ‘texter’ you may see a text from “Toll Free number” or email link that say “you have a secure message from your medical provider.” Please take a minute to look at them. I know everyone worries about scam and spam but these will be legitimate texts of emails. You will be directed to a website that requests some information to match it up with our records (remember the world may know you by one name but we will be using your legal name) These both are HIPAA compliant and secure.

For the telehealth video conferencing you will not need to download anything just click on the link from any device with a camera, and you will be connected to the HIPAA compliant video link that allows me to take note as we talk and assist in the care that you need

you can find our Patient Fusion Portal at

Read about Mr Paul Kapsar, APRN on Patient Fusion and schedule an appointment online.


Today's newsletter,



,It was pointed out to me that some people have not driven more than a few miles in the last 6 weeks, and then only on roads with few cars. Driving is a skill that degrades with disuse, whether we like to believe it or not.

I was out on the roads today and it is very clear that many have not driven, or gotten spoiled by so little traffic. Dumb and weird driving were the norm today. I suspect the number of "dumb" traffic accidents will be on the rise.



I just completed todays newsletter. It is a bit lengthly but it is color coded to make it easier to pick out the new stuff. if you have been reader it will let you avoid repetition


New newsletter for you. Since I was making a lot of typing errors and making the grammar police kinda nutty I chose to make this a real pdf newsletter FOLLOW the link


I promise to use the spell check next time!!

Good Morning,I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. the direction lists are getting longer:  Keep your hand clean a...
Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Nevada | Nevada Health Response

Good Morning,

I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. the direction lists are getting longer: Keep your hand clean and away from your face, cough in your elbow, wear your cloth mask, - wash your masks daily, stay at home, the list is getting longer but the risks of not following directions is very high personally and for the community we live in.

some difficult considerations

Medication and vaccines
At present there are no medications that have been proven to stop or control the COVID-19 virus IN PEOPLE. There are a number that work great in a TEST TUBE and seem to have some effect in people. Not everything that works in a set tube works in people at a dose that is safe for people. There are many being studied. Some people are asking for prescriptions to particular medications discussed in the national news. In NV and many states the governors and boards of pharmacy had limited the way these medications can be prescribed. Most require a definite diagnosis of COVID-19 in the hospital or emergency department. Calling you primary care provider for test medication (unless you have been on them long term for another disease) will lead to frustration.

No Vaccines as yet. UPMC in Pittsburgh, the same place that developed the polio vaccine, is reporting they are very close to requesting permission to test their vaccine in people, a number of other companies are reporting 4-12-18months out for a safe, effective vaccine.

Life disruptions

Stay-at-Home; Shelter-in-place-at-Home
I understand being grounded like you were in high school is stressful. People you live with and maybe even really like in normal times can be challenging -" I never realize (they) did that dumb stuff and I tis really irritating and I can’t get away.!” The Nevada Health Response Website and a number of Las Vegas Crisis lines can be found here

we are coping in different ways. out routine has been stopped cold. many of us do not have a workplace to go to, we get to nap all day, when not napping we tend to eat from boredom, and some us turn to substances like alcohol or excess medication use, excess non-prescribed drugs because we are worried, bored, don’t like the voices i our head. or many reasons.. If you think you need or want assistance call the crisis lines. If you believe your alcohol or substance use has gotten to a level of concern call the office for an assessment to see how we may be able to assist you.

Some healthy coping mechanisms

Kelly, at 1:30pm, has been providing a live daily meditation on her facebook site List her site for more information and to review the past days.

Getting outside
Evan standing in your back yard for 10 minute each day will increase you vitamin D and improve your mood, no back yard? Balcony or stand on the front sidewalk. IF you are mobile a walk around the block in the sunshine get you that Sunshine boost and will provide a change oof scenery.

There area couple of challenges to that of course Keeping social distance at lest 6 feet apart

CDC guidance now says it is better to we are a cloth mask (don’t use the healthcare masks, please) when out in public to minimize droplet spread - The trick to this is make sure you have multiple cloth masks and wash and rotate the mask AT LEAST daily. IF left unwashed these cloth masks can be a source of other infections.

We have gotten out of the habit of just going for a walk around the block in the sunshine could be sorting to occupy a bit of time. IF you are local and it is not a violation of the governors orders a visit to saint Andrews Catholic Community in Boulder City NV has a beautiful Labyrinth for quiet meditation. You must be sure to maintain social distancing.

NUTRITION and supplements
A blanched diet meeting the foodplate guidelines is vital. The site also has specific guidance for this COVID-19 dietary planning

I do recommend as good daily vitamin, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C - at this point I will just say follow package directions. Too many vitamins can be harmful, Aron is not for children or men unless specifically prescribed. Also unless prescribed by your provider exceeding 2 multi-vitamins tabs, 5, 000 IU Vitamin D, or 1,000mg of Vitamin C each day are to be avoided.

Essential oils
At the risk of running into naysayers there are numerous benefits to essential oils in the household. We use a lot of peppermint oil and Thieves oil and cleaning products in the office and at home.

SilverArc APN Care and appointments
We are doing all or our “visits” online except for those who must be physical seen in the office for their specific needs. CALL 702 586 5060 to set up your appointments

Have a safe and Healthy week

Paul & Kelly

Get the latest information and resources on the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact within Nevada from the Nevada Governor's Office.

Today while preparing my course I discovered the Ninja Nerd Science Youtube. He explains the coronavirus from SARS, MERS...
COVID-19 | Corona Virus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics

Today while preparing my course I discovered the Ninja Nerd Science Youtube. He explains the coronavirus from SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. This was release March 15, 2020 so some specifics will change as we gain experience with COVID-19 but the underlying information is sound. This video will assist you in sorting out why we are in lockdown today

Ninja Nerds, What is Corona virus? What is COVID-19? Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to mor...


As you are following all this COVID-19 information and disinformation remember the words of Mark Twain

"Be careful reading medical books. You may die of a misprint."

Diets...which is best? The one you stick with and creates a continuous lifestyle change you can deal with. Here is a rep...
Study: No Big Difference Among Popular Diets

Diets...which is best? The one you stick with and creates a continuous lifestyle change you can deal with. Here is a report that showed up in my news feed today. Eat healthy while you are home.

Patient preference should guide choice, authors say

My missive for April fools day No fooling though. Well, maybe except for a memory from Highlights Magazine from 1st grad...
PointNurse | Paul Kapsar (NP)

My missive for April fools day No fooling though.

Well, maybe except for a memory from Highlights Magazine from 1st grade (can’t remember why I wen to the garage but I am clear on 1st grade)
Q: If April showers bring May flowers what to May flowers bring>
A: Pilgrims of course!

Didn’t say it was good. It was 1st grade!!

=== (this my electronic social distancing)

I am available in the office at least Tuesday through Friday from about 9 am through 1pm, The phone is available and will get to me rather than an answering machine. If you do not have a medical requirement to be in the office I am seeing people via PointNurse or PushHealth Enter code: PKAPSARAPRN platforms. Members will be using a different platform, call to schedule that appointment.


1. COVID-19 is still spreading in some concerning ways. I will not be repeating much of the news here because you are inundated with stories every minute of the day.

a. The best way we have so far is Social Distancing, and hand washing. Nevada was recently given an A for social distancing (Sorry I do not have the source - RJ I think)

b. The medication everyone is asking about still has not been proved effective but indications are it may have benefit. The FDA has released it for use. Currently in NV the board of Pharmacy and by governors declaration the only place new prescriptions can be written are the emergency departments. AS I pointed out these medication have a number of side effects and are not to be taken lately if the restriction is lifted. (most states have put up some type of restriction to allow the supply to catch up with the expected demand)

c. Masks - at present the research and CDC indicates masks should be placed on people coughing or show actively have the symptoms. CDC is reevaluating this policy and you may get more ned in the coming days.

d. Research done a number of years ago on cloth bandannas, and cloth masks indicate they are not really helpful. Because cloth is so porous it lets in organisms and may trap them in the mask making the situation worse. If you can avoid cloth masks and bandannas

e. TESTING UNLV Medicine has testing available call 702-583-4408 between 08:30 and 3:00pm to schedule an appointment for a drive through testing.


2. Need a little bit of a break? Some meditation? Kelly is on facebook everyday at 1:30 pm with a short meditation Kelly-Kapsar-LMT-Spiritual-Practitioner-109878083993260

Kelly is offering on Th 4/2 4:30 pm for the intro to 7 generation work that I am being called to share with the world. You can go to this link and sign up to get the zoom link to participate.
Please share with those you think might be interested. you must go online to schedule your participation in this introductory session


Another way to get some outdoor time and manage some distance is to walk the labyrinth at Saint Andrews Catholic Community We were there Sunday afternoon and it was a very relaxing time 1779177762098901


3. RANITIDINE The FDA announced that anyone with ranitidine (Zantac) should stop using it. They directed the manufactures to remove it from the shelves and storage and destroy it. Appraently the N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a probable human carcinogen can increase in strength with improper storage. So if you have it time to destroy what you have and consider a different acid reducer. They are over the counter but you may want to check in with your provider for options.


Take care, Wash your hands, and keep your distance


Paul Kapsar APRN
SilverArc APN
4560 S Eastern Ave
Suite 14
Las Vegas, NV 89119

office 702 586 5060
fax 702 463 7377
mobile 702 575 2173

Paul is an APRN since 1999 and RN since 1977. He has a broad experience base including Family Practice, Wellness care, Internal Medicine, Addiction, and Sexual Health. He is retired from the US Army Reserve Nurse Corps. Has his own office where he works with his massage / cranio-sacral therapist wif...


4560 S Eastern Ave Suite 14
Las Vegas, NV


(702) 586-5060




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Why choose Integrative Care?

SilverArc APN is a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated center for integrative and functional healthcare. In this model of care the focus is on using as many care modalities as needed to meet your healthcare needs. Paul Kapsar APRN is an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner experienced in family care, internal medicine, emergency care, addiction, pain recovery, and AquaStretch(™). Our integrative office brings the skills and knowledge of Kelly Kapsar LMT of Knots Unwound back into the same office again. Kelly has 13+ years as a massage therapist, cranio-sacral therapist, a deep understanding of the chinese meridians, meditation, spirituality, AquaStretch(™) as both a facilitator and instructor. She brings a deep and powerful energy to the practice center.

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The best care I've ever received! I'm certain they've helped safe my life! Everyone is awesome, caring, and so helpful?
Essential oils Video....BTW do not use winitergreen essential oil in place of aspirin they are not interchangeable....
Kevin Fitzpatrick and Crystal Lemiesz I'm happy to introduce you to Paul Kapsar and Kelly Kapsar. I really feel they can help. Kind and gifted healers. George had the Aqua-stretch and Cranio-Sacral and together are very powerful. Check it out when you can!