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Join us on 6/1/23 at 6:30pm EDT to discuss this topic and others from the book ‘The Elves of Lily Hill Farm’ by Penny Ke...

Join us on 6/1/23 at 6:30pm EDT to discuss this topic and others from the book ‘The Elves of Lily Hill Farm’ by Penny Kelly - Live via Zoom. Register at link in bio


Meet our first speaker this Saturday 4/23 Kenosha Awakening Spiritual Market at 12pm Donna Cornille speaking about Pyramid Pyrogenics.

What is Pyramid Pyrogenics??

Pyramid Pyrogenics is an ancient Egyptian Thoth physics. It uses mathematical equations from the pyramid's harmonic structures that possess the spectrum of light.

For the beauty, the splendor, and the wonder of hair and its healing abilities. Our hair is sacred and significant to who we are as an individual, family, tribe, and community. This strong cultural identity promotes self esteem and a sense of belonging. Hair symbolizes physical strength, instinct, and physical attraction.

Concentrated in the hair are the virtues and any properties of a person.

Our hair is alive. It is our biology. Each strand has consciousness and has record of what has been going on in your life, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, and chemically. It is a literal time capsule.
Hair is the extension of the crown chakra, which is the energy center for universal knowledge and spiritualism, connecting you to the Divine and Oneness.

Information we need from our environment is gathered with our "hair-tennae." This antennae communicates to the biophotonic waves that enter into the hallow tubular hair shaft. This light energy circumnavigates into our nervous system, brain hemispheres, spinal column, blood vessels, tissues,and cells.The language of energy information is transmitted internally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, through various patterns and waves in our hair directions. The sacred geometric pyramid serves as a template for a process of precise angular cutting either physically or etherically, of the hair to allow optimal light energy flow,, increasing vitality and new life.

The purpose of this process is to communicate with the hair consciousness, release trapped energy, allowing it to flow freely. This achieves higher illumination and the synchronization of the unity in motion, promoting restoration of strength and nourishment at multidimensional levels.

Pyramid Pyrogenics Benefits: Improved Cognitive Function,, Enhances Balance and Coordination, Improved Disposition

Pyramid Pyrogenics Aids : Hair Loss , Hair Thinning, Migraine Headaches, Psychological and Behavioral Conditions, Learning Disorders...ADD, ADHD, Autism, Central Nervous System Issues...Alzheimer"s, Parkinson Disease.

The outcome from this presentation will be a new awareness to give honor, respect and gratitude to each hair strand on our head. To understand what hair does and the role it serves in our health and well being. We are holographic beings interacting within nature. Every aspect of us, the whole of us, has the Universe in it...All That Is. By changing the texture of your hair and awakening sensory dynamics, you harmonize with creation, changing life trajectories.



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