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You fitness trainers know who you are

You fitness trainers know who you are

Sometimes it’s just about priorities.

Sometimes it’s just about priorities.

It’s true. Mainly men, but people really do be like this.

It’s true. Mainly men, but people really do be like this.

True story. Sometimes some people just need what’s called self awareness.

True story. Sometimes some people just need what’s called self awareness.




Throwing in some jump squats with the bar to work on explosion. It was all legs today and it was tiring, but it happens. So much stuff happening that it’s a little hard to focus on the prep so hopefully everything comes together on the day.


First session of basketball training. Working on building a good foundation to carry over to the other phases. Right now it’s just working on loading up the hip, glutes and legs to be able to generate more power.


This is how all our leg days start. You gotta be like cream and rise to the TOP!!!! Sometimes you gotta get your macho man on and hit the weights.


Leg day focusing on the posterior chain. Stiff Leg deadlifts, hip thrusts and Nordic curls.

It was a lot of sets and a lot of reps.


Certain things you don’t want to be at the gym. One of the biggest things is don’t be this guy at any gym. Set your hooks up right so you don’t cause a scene.

In all seriousness though all you people making that effort to better yourself keep on keeping on and don’t let anything discourage you.




535 pin squat

Warming up for those big numbers.

Warming up for those big numbers.


Sometimes elite doesn’t actually mean elite. Feel free to tag any “elite” training places in the comments.

I like to think I’m pretty passionate about training and I’m not gonna let people get away with 1)Not knowing what they’re doing and charging for their limited knowledge 2) Not putting the effort to learn more about TRAINING not sales tactics.

If me doing this offends anybody I do not apologize for it, there is no excuse for bad training if it’s what you say you’re passionate about.


225 for 3 things is getting real. Deadlift day...every Friday is deadlift day 😑we getting it in here who trying to get them gains?


worked up to a top set of 205 for 3. Putting in work and staying consistent always pays off. Now on to making her wish she was still doing the easier week 1 stuff.


Got that new bar. Decided that it could only be broken in one way, the next Mexican Viking way..who would have thought it would be love at first sight 💕💕



Went up to 515 for 1. Not too bad


Pin SSBS. Went up to 335 for 6 then a back off set to finish. The lever arms and the leverages of this exercise help because leverages is the word of the years. Everybody talks about it so why not throw it in. If you ever miss a lift it isn’t because you weren’t strong enough to lift it, it’s because of leverages of course.

In all honesty I think people now a days over think lifting way too much. Everyone throws out how they messed up their leverages so they missed the lift or how they need to work on their technique more. Don’t get me wrong you should work on form, but at the end of the day you just need to man up, shut up, lift weights and just get stronger. Stop over thinking things and just lift.


225 for 1. Yeah buddy . She thought it was gonna be too heavy, but that mentality doesn’t fly here. If I see a client can do a little more then we’re gonna go for it. She got and after a few more tweaks on the form it will be no time before she’s hitting 315.


Old video but still putting it up is all strawwng. She got 185 for 5 even though I only filmed 3.


been watching strongman since I was in junior high. Staying up til 2 am just to see some of the greats lift....on a side note who wouldn’t want to see licis vs Slicis, ITS ON!!!!


Deficit deadlifts. So hard yet so beneficial


6 singles on squat with 475. I did a bunch of other stuff, but it was late and I didn’t record because I was trying to get the hell home.


Got 250 up and it was only a huge pain in the ass. Looking back I probably should have done it on a different day and not after heavy squats, but I did so oh well.


Block pulls from my last heavy day. Went up to a heavy 8 then did some other heavy stuff.

Block Pull 1x8@455


.ramos_notthatfit heavy single of 455. You can’t see, but he’s got that serious prepping look on his face.


SSBS last day of the third week and a deload next week. Went heavier than expected because I’m deloading, so why not try it.

SSBS 1x8@340


Managed to get 210 up for 8. Going into this set I did not think I would get it. The set before was a lot harder than expected, but I wasn’t gonna feel sorry for myself, so I manned up and finished strong.


.doug.fit_ hitting box squats before he left to some cold ass weather. ❄️☃️


Everybody squats here. No time for excuses on why you “can’t” squat.


Suppose to be a rest day but decided to work on some form on the stone to shoulder.


It happens to all of us, but food always wins.


He wanted to try it so we gave it a shot.


455 .ramos_notthatfit


Deadlift day! 475 for 5.


Some simple agility stuff, nothing fancy. Having everyone get after it everyday they come is the secret to getting them better.


55lbs for 2. My daughter started wanting to workout so we started this past week. She’s liking it so far and is surprisingly strong considering she just started.....for those of you thinking it, no I do not make her go heavy, this is a one time thing because she wanted to test herself.


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