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Here are five common signs of language disorders in young children. If you’re worried about your child’s language abilities, consider working with a Speech-Language Pathologist! Essential Speech & ABA offers a unique program that combines ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Learn more about our program on our website!


Autism isn’t a tragedy, but ignorance is. Happy everyone! 💙🧩


May 18th is National Learn to Swim Day! This summer, teach your little ones the importance of pool-side safety with our interactive social story, “Pool Safety!” Download the free PDF here:


According to the NIDCD, about 2 - 3 out of every 1,000 children are affected by hearing loss. In infants, hearing loss may look like:

💙 Not startling or being upset by sudden loud noises
💙 Not recognizing their parents’ voices by the age of 3 months
💙 Not turning their head toward a sound by the age of 6 months
💙 Not imitating sounds or simple words by the age of 12 months

In toddlers and older children, hearing loss symptoms include:

💙 Delayed language skills
💙 Abnormal speech
💙 Insistence on listening to television or music at a high volume
💙 Learning difficulties
💙 Not paying attention to conversations
💙 Not responding when someone calls their name
💙 Trouble hearing over background noise

Early intervention services play a vital part in helping your child reach their full potential. Learn more about early intervention on our website:


May is in full swing, which means it’s time to think about vacations! 🏖️ If your child has ASD, consider taking a vacation to a certified autism resort. These vacation spots, which are certified by organizations like the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards and Autism Double-Checked, often provide access to preferred foods, supply activities geared toward a child’s interests, and offer spots to take sensory breaks.

If you’re considering a certified autism resort for your next vacation, here are five of the most popular hotels:

☀️ Beaches Turks & Caicos
🐬 Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas
🏝️ Legoland Resorts
🌊 Great Wolf Lodge
🐋 Autism on the Seas, Royal Caribbean Ships


Happy Mother’s Day from Essential Speech & ABA Therapy! 💙


What are Speech-Language Pathologists? Speech-Language Pathologists (also known as SLPs) help children with all types of speech and communication issues. In school or in private practice, SLPs may work with kids on language, speaking, listening, and reading skills.

By focusing on rhyming words, speaking in longer sentences, and building vocabulary, SLPs help children with ASD build skills that help them communicate their wants and needs. SLPs also help children develop and understand nonverbal languages - such as eye contact, posture, and gestures.

Are you interested in developing your child’s speech and language skills? Contact Essential Speech & ABA Therapy! Our unique program combines ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy all under one roof. Learn more on our website!


Autism isn’t a language barrier. Children with autism communicate through a language all their own. 💙🧩


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! If you’re looking for tips on how to help your child develop language skills at home, check out our new blog post! This month, Essential Speech & ABA Therapy’s co-founder, Nafisa Obi, reviews some helpful, home-based strategies to help your child expand their communication skills. Read more on our blog!


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! To celebrate, co-founder Nafisa Obi addresses how SLPs help your child develop effective communication skills. Watch the full video here!


Life takes on many unexpected journeys, but we love our tour guides all the same. ❤️ Happy from Essential Speech & ABA Therapy!


Happy ! Today, we’re looking at the most supportive states for raising a child with ASD. Here are the top ten states:

- Colorado
- Massachusetts
- New Jersey
- Connecticut
- Maryland
- New York
- Pennsylvania
- Wisconsin
- Rhode Island
- Montana

These states are the most supportive as they offer 1) robust insurance coverage 2) specialist schools 3) ABA therapy providers and 4) sensory gyms. !



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The world can be overwhelming for a child with ASD. Between the loud sounds, bright lights, and other stimuli present in our daily lives, children with ASD can easily become overstimulated. It’s vital to teach children relaxation strategies before anxiety escalates, especially if they’re entering a new environment.

If you’re looking for a free resource to teach your child about preventing sensory overload, download our social story: How to Calm My Body! All our social stories are available on our website or through this link:


🗣️ Attention, caregivers! 🗣️

Do you have a child with ASD? We’d love to hear your story.

Let us know how your little one changed your perspective on life. Leave a comment below to be featured on our social media pages!


What is an Autism-friendly business? These companies have committed to providing an environment for customers and employees alike that takes their unique needs into account. Autism-friendly businesses may offer break areas, dietary accommodations, employment programs, and more! Here are several Autism-friendly companies that might be in your neighborhood:

Walt Disney World: If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, Walt Disney World offers a wide variety of services to help children with ASD enjoy their vacations. From advanced ticket purchases to break areas, Walt Disney World offers many solutions to keep your little ones calm on vacation.

Walgreens: Walgreens runs a program called REDI, which is short for Retail Employees with Disabilities. Working with local agencies, they provide externs with training in specific skill areas and then evaluate each individual to place them appropriately.

Home Depot & CVS Caremark: Both Home Depot and CVS Caremark have partnered with an organization called Ken’s Krew to recruit and train people with ASD. This program provides job matching, training, job coaching, community support, and more!

AMC: AMC Theatres have a FOCUS program, which stands for Furthering Opportunities, Cultivating Untapped Strengths. This employee development program is specifically directed toward hiring individuals with ASD. The Autism Society is even one of their partners for the program!

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream: This brand is on a mission to create jobs for people with ASD! Located in Katy, Texas, Howdy offers in-store and online purchasing options for those with ASD. Roderick Baston, who operates our Essential Speech and ABA Cypress location, is passionate about providing opportunities for those with ASD in his community. If you visit Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, tell Roderick we said hi! 👋🏾


Did you know? According to the CDC, girls are 4x less likely to be diagnosed with ASD than boys.

While some researchers point to a genetic factor, there’s another, more insidious reason many girls go undiagnosed: our diagnostic criteria is based on male behavior. According to Susan F. Epstein, Ph.D., a clinical neuropsychologist, “The model that we have for a classic autism diagnosis has really turned out to be a male model. That’s not to say that girls don’t ever fit it, but girls tend to have a quieter presentation, with not necessarily as much of the repetitive and restricted behavior, or it shows up in a different way.”

Epstein notes that: “....where the boys are looking at train schedules, girls might have excessive interest in horses or unicorns, which is not unexpected for girls. But the level of the interest might be missed and the level of oddity can be a little more damped down. It’s not quite as obvious to an untrained eye.”

So, what can caregivers do to help? The first is to trust your instincts. If you suspect your child has ASD, find a psychologist, pediatrician, or neurologist who understands that boys and girls may present differently. The second is to advocate for a broader spectrum of diagnosis. As we expand the clinical definition of ASD, we can help others who present “quietly” receive the diagnoses they need.



Happy World Autism Awareness Day from Essential Speech & ABA Therapy!


Sometimes the things that make us different are the things that make us strong. Happy World Autism Month from Essential Speech & ABA Therapy! Throughout April, we’ll provide followers with different resources to support the community and promote acceptance. Stay tuned!


Establishing a morning routine is critical for all children, especially for those with autism, who thrive in environments that emphasize routine.

You can simplify the morning routine by breaking down your child’s morning into easily identifiable steps. From there, create a checklist of things to do for the morning. Your list might look like this:

🛏️ Get out of bed
🥞 Eat breakfast
👕 Get dressed
🎒 Pack your backpack
🏠 Leave the house

For more tips and information, visit our website!


Q: Does Essential Speech & ABA Therapy encourage caregiver involvement?

A: YES! At Essential Speech & ABA Therapy, we encourage caregivers to be involved in every step of their child’s program. As a caregiver, you’ll be involved with every step of the treatment process and review your child’s plan with our team.

If you’re looking for a clinic that provides ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy all under one roof, contact Essential Speech & ABA Therapy today! Visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!


Established in 2007, World Down Syndrome Day educates the world about Down syndrome while advocating for fair treatment within communities. Here are several ways to advocate for those with Down Syndrome:

🧦 Wear colorful socks - Back in 2013, socks were adopted as the unofficial symbol of World Down Syndrome Day, as they look like chromosomes. Grab a mismatched pair from your drawer, or buy new ones that show off your personality.
💼 Educate your coworkers - If a loved one has Down Syndrome, take a moment to tell their story. Use the moment to educate coworkers on how individuals with Down Syndrome are vital to the community.
🏫 Involve your school - Kids love wearing bright, colorful socks! Have them pick out a special pair for World Down Syndrome Day. You can ask your school to educate their students on Down syndrome, hand out flyers, or even make yellow and blue cupcakes. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate neurodiversity, visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!


Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you! Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Essential Speech & ABA Therapy team! 🍀

It’s National Napping Day! If your little one is struggling to sleep, here are a few tips to help them catch some 😴. Wha...

It’s National Napping Day! If your little one is struggling to sleep, here are a few tips to help them catch some 😴.

What helps your child sleep better? Leave your advice in the comments. 👇🏽


Anyone can be an advocate! Whether you’re learning about IEPs or navigating the world of ABA therapy for the first time, advocacy is an important tool to help children on the spectrum reach their full potential. Read our blog post to learn how to advocate for your child!


This , we’re discussing early signs of ASD in children. ASD can be diagnosed as early as 18 months! Typically, these children will display one or more of the following behaviors:

- Avoids or does not keep eye contact
- Does not respond to name by 9 months of age
- Does not show facial expressions by 9 months of age
- Uses few or no gestures by 12 months of age (for example, does not wave goodbye)
- Does not point to show you something interesting by 18 months of age
- Does not notice when others are hurt or upset by 24 months of age

If you suspect your child is on the spectrum, please contact your pediatrician. They will evaluate your child and refer you to a specialist, if necessary.


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a child with autism to raise the understanding, awareness, and empathy of the village. Happy everyone! 💖


Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Today, we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and contributions of our amazing employees. The team at Essential Speech & ABA Therapy is vital in changing the lives of children on the spectrum and breaking the status quo in therapy. To our Essential Speech & ABA Therapy family, thank you for all you do!


What is Parallel Play?

Parallel Play is when children engage in play alongside each other, but without interacting. This important skill is the first stage of play that helps language development while encouraging children to develop social relationships. At Essential Speech and ABA Therapy, we use parallel play to help children develop social skills and boost their confidence!

Happy  ! Here are just a few benefits of early intervention.  🧸 What is early intervention? According to the NIH, early ...

Happy ! Here are just a few benefits of early intervention. 🧸

What is early intervention? According to the NIH, early intervention takes place when a child is 2-3 years old. During this period, a child’s brain is still forming, which means it’s more “plastic” or malleable. Due to this plasticity, treatments that occur during this time have a better chance of being effective in the long term. To quote their website: “Early interventions not only give children the best start possible, but also the best chance of developing to their full potential.”

Are you looking for a team of dedicated professionals to help your child thrive? At Essential Speech and ABA Therapy, your child’s team meets daily to give them a head-start on independence.

Visit our website to learn more!



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