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Anyone driving from Austin to Houston?


Loving everyONE means BEing LOVE for every part of yourself… and when you find something other than love then that's an opportunity for you to INbody more love!
Bhakti Light ✨💗✨


When perceived s**t 💩 seems to hit the fan.
Remind yourself this is the place of your expansion and growth. Lean in…this is where you receive soul much gold! Bhakti Light✨💗✨

Tomorrow Night…. You’re gonna wanna show up in person or online!!! authentic

Tomorrow Night…. You’re gonna wanna show up in person or online!!! authentic


When you have zero attachments of
“needing or wanting” you remember you already have and so it is:)!!
Hehe 🥰♥️
Bhakti Light


Nothing to do…Already done… already ONE…
Now have fun!!!
Bhakti Light


What if we all stopped figuring out “how” and start fully living and BEing here NOW!!
Bhakti Light


I have found connectIN is the highest form of currency! When you connect IN you are connected with ALL!
Bhakti Light


I Am Journey


Wow!! Last night I uncovered a whole new layer of I AM a Gift!! Wasn’t expecting to go through such a HUGE movement and I surrendered into my movement. It took me to let go and let God. Sometimes we have certain expectations and we required to let go of those expectations. The way we think things are supposed to be and allow them to happen the way they’re meant to be. My agreement is I show up fully as I AM Completely unmasked! Which gives me new opportunities of loving things within myself that I’ve yet to love! ❤️

Far too long we have given away our power in the belief “be alive in” we are separate from and placing blame in our oute...

Far too long we have given away our power in the belief “be alive in” we are separate from and placing blame in our outer world 🌎!

I am committed and I stand strong for restoring our POWER back into LOVE 💗!!

For my birthday this year, I Am giving me the greatest gift!! ✨💝✨

I am fully reclaiming me BEing a leader and BEing the inspiration for my amazing powerful sisters who are internally, ready to peel back the layers and stand powerfully in their authentic Truth!!!

They are women who are priestesses/NeW Earth Guardian Leaders who are here to lead by BEing in their BIG PLAY “Power Love Aligns You” and pave a NEW way…

We lead the way leading is meant to be as we re-claim our iNpowerment bc we are meant to be in our power and stop BEing afraid of our power, bc we are restoring our POWER back into LOVE!! 🔥❤️🔥

We are dissolving the old ways of leading power over through the lens of separation or being put on a pedestal.

NOW we are calling in the new ways of BEing a leader from the lens of love and unity in ComeUnity!!

We remember we are God sovereign BEings experiencing other God sovereign BEings through the divine mirrors of ourselves!

I use to have a lot of resistance and judgment around the word leader and power.

Last year at my Sounds of the Soul reTreat I gave birth to my new relationship with the word power and leader.

I was able to revise my old story/belief “be alive in” from the lens of a wounded child into what being a leader means. Ever since my Re-birthing experience my whole life changed in the most magnificent ways!

Through my new agreement with BEing a leader, this is what I have remembered and found through my journey:)…

BEing a leader is being ALL IN for my dreams and my visions even when it scares the f**k out of me!!

BEing a leader is making a decision to be your dreams fully lived instead just dreaming your dreams.

BEing a leader is committing to staying in my big PLAY and willing to pave a new way!!

Being a leader is a whole new level of responsible… hearing the call of your heart and responding with inspired action that brings forth your aligned attraction!

It’s having courage to trust even when you have no clue where the resources may come, from and remembering I am resourceful and when I connect with being resourceful, I reconnect with source fully!

It’s my willingness to persevere and “pre-serve my highest self” through all my perceived fear.

It’s being willing to be on the edge of uncomfortable (the place we grow the most) and dive into the unknown)

Being a leader is having such a deep connection with your highest self and trusting your inner guidance no matter what may appear in your outer world!

Being a leader is SHOWing UP fully for yourself and being willing to INbrace the wholeness and fullness of yourself and emerge from the darkness into light and shine bright!

Being a leader is letting go of the attachment of control and trust in the divine flow.

Being a leader is asking for support and allowing yourself to receive support and remembering you are not meant to do it all, and you are not alone bc we are all ONE:)!!

BEing a leader remembers the capacity of your receiving is the capacity of your giving. You constantly remember to slow down and take great care of you.

BEing a leader you remember to fill your cup up, soul you can continue to give from an overflowing place of love! 💦💗🌊

Being a leader is allowing yourself to delegate, so you can elevate by staying in your zone of genius!!

BEing a leader is dissolving all the lenses of separation and division by being in celebration of the divine mirrors of you. 

BEing a leader looks through the lens of love and sees through the eyes of God.

BEing a leader is sharing your gifts and encouraging others to share theirs because our gifts are meant to be shared.

I Turly light up and feel soul much joy witnessing others, share their gifts:)!! 🥰💝💞

BEing a leader is being the beacon and  frequency of love, and simply being in your vibrational frequency, others are naturally inspired, simply by who and what you are BEing!

BEing a leader doesn’t focus on HOW, we focused on on WHO we are BEing NOW!!

BEing a leader is leading with your BEing, and allowing the doing support who you are BEing! 

BEing a leader is willing to be zero f**ks given, bc you are no longer in agreement with people pleasing.

BEing a leader is shedding the mask of the persona of what you think others want you to be, and be willing to show up powerFully for who and what you’re meant to be! 

This is what I have discovered what BEing a leader is NOW… ever since I restored my relationship with BEing a leader, and what I have remembered is I AM A LEADER and I am paving the way for others to remember what it means to be a lead with LOVE ❤️!

There's nothing to do because it's already done… NOW its time for me to simply receive and BE and I get to witness other powerful women remember and birth in their God Sovereignty!!

I am soul deeply greatFull for Chelsea Gay and AY WA for showing up as my divine, feminine and masculine support and allowing me to remember life isn't meant to be hard, life is actually fun and easy when you remember to receive what you have asked for:)!

Thank you to my hubby Alexander Mayhill who loves me in all my ways I SHOW UP and you are always there supporting me through my journey:)!

My support use to show up as enabling Support when I was a child, and now I have my INpowered support where I get to simply be ME and stay in my zone of genius:)! 

I am beyond greatful for all of my experiences I had in my life that has lead me to be who and what I am NOW:)!!

Thank you to all the divine mirrors of me in my life, my list can go on infinitely, I Trust you know who you are;)!! 💞🪩🥰🪩💞

Thank you to all my sister’s who heard the call of your heart and you responded:)!!

For anyone who is internally ready to be the powerful leader that you are meant to be, come join me and my amazing sisters, and together we all rise:)!!! 💥🚀🔥

Thank you Fam Mie my amazing VA angel 👼🏻 who has co-created this video with me and who has soul much divine patience:).

My video is finally complete for my reTreat 🙂!!

I am Bhakti Light ✨💖✨
I’m here to ignite your light within and shine bright! 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥

"🌟 Join the Sounds of the Soul Movement! 🌟Calling all New Earth guardian leaders, Priestesses, and magical beings, it's time to gather in divine remembranc...

Join me and James Waves this Friday at Om Loka Yoga for a magical deep soul journey of your divine remembrance activatin...

Join me and James Waves this Friday at Om Loka Yoga for a magical deep soul journey of your divine remembrance activating your soul blueprint as we connect with our “Wild Inner Tender Child Heart ♥️”
For our quantum activation for “I AM A WITCH.”

Dress as any Witch you choose to be and allow your inner child be freeee!!!

Bring something to write on and with for our inner child journaling afterward.

Tomorrow is the last day for early pay so sign up NOW to seCure your spot!


The gift of perseverance…persevere “pre serve your highest self” When you desire something and it aligns FULLY with your heart ♥️ everything is possible!! When there is a Will there is allWAYs a way!!

Come join me at Om Loka Yoga on October 20th for a deep soul journey of your divine remembrance of your Truth that lives...

Come join me at Om Loka Yoga on October 20th for a deep soul journey of your divine remembrance of your Truth that lives inside YOU!
This one I invite you to dress up as whatever WITCH you choose to be and allow your wild inner child FREEeeeee!!!

Receive the golden steps for quantum manifestation as you plant seeds in fertile soil!!

Sign up NOW and SeCure your spot!!

Link in the comments!!

Are you ready to be the Eye of the Storm,  be calm amongst all the perceived chaos, and experience two polarities simult...

Are you ready to be the Eye of the Storm, be calm amongst all the perceived chaos, and experience two polarities simultaneously as ONE!!

Are you willing and ready to take a radical stand for LOVE and be in gratitude for all of your experiences even the perceived challenging ones?

Are you willing to dance through the storms and STOP running away from them?

When you feel you're fully body YESSS and you are ready to SHOW UP fully and willingly to have radical shifts in your life…

Join me and other amazing souls at Om Loka Yoga for this powerFull quantum activation of LOVE for being the Eye 👁️ of the Storm as you tap deeply into your divine remembrance and connect with the temple of your body through the altar of your heart!


Family fun at Family ReSOULutions:)

 Tips for creating a stronger bond of connection with your family 💞Tip 1: INbrace Imperfection, INbrace Connection, and ...

Tips for creating a stronger bond of connection with your family

💞Tip 1: INbrace Imperfection, INbrace Connection, and allow deep reflection

Instead of striving for perfection, INbrace the messiness of family life.
Remember, it's in those imperfect moments that real connections are formed.
INbrace being authentic, share your challenges, and let your loved ones support you. Together, you'll discover the beauty of authentic connections that transcend perfection.

💞Tip 2: Play and Rediscover Joy

Take the time to play and have fun as a family. Engage in activities that bring out your inner child and allow everyone to let loose. Play games, create art, or embark on outdoor adventures. By embracing playfulness, you'll create a positive and joyful atmosphere where everyone can express themselves freely and find common ground. PLAY “powerful love aligns YOU” is the fast way:)!!

💞Tip 3: Practice Active Listening, compassion, and acceptance.

Truly hearing and seeing each other is the foundation of a strong family bond. Practice active listening by giving your undivided attention to your loved ones. Allow yourself to view through their lens and see through their perspectives and acknowledge what they feel. Show empathy and compassion, and accept them for the way they are will help you create a safe and seCure space for open and honest communication. This will foster deep connections and a sense of belonging within the family.

💞Tip 4: Celebrate Individuality, Share Gifts

Each family member brings unique gifts and talents to the table. Celebrate and honor the uniqueness of each family member by creating opportunities for them to share their passions and talents. Encourage everyone to shine in their own way, fostering a sense of appreciation and support for one another. By recognizing and nurturing individual strengths, you'll create a harmonious and empowering family dynamic.

💞Tip 5: Cultivate Gratitude and Mindfulness

Practice gratitude and mindfulness as a family. Encourage each other to focus on the present moment and appreciate the blessings in your lives. Create rituals of gratitude, such as sharing what you're thankful for during meal times or before bed. By cultivating gratitude and mindfulness, you'll foster a sense of peace, contentment, and unity within your family.

If this is something you too choose to cultivate deeper and INjoy this experience for you and your family then…

Join us for our Family ReSOULutions ReTreat , where you'll experience the transformative power of embracing the messy, be in your creative expression, connection, and reflection, and discovering the magic within your family.

As you decide to be the ReSOULution: “the decision to reUnite with your divine mirrors of YOU” !

Together, let's create lasting memories and a stronger, more connected joyful family.

Message me for more information and SeCure you spot NOW we only have a couple more spots:)!!


I love BEing the INbodiment of LOVE!“Live On Valuable  Eternity”
Bhakti Light


What happens when you allow YOUSELF be witnessed by your divine mirrors of your soul:) Nicole Juliano


What happens when you allow YOUSELF be witnessed by your divine mirrors of your soul:)


I Am an UGN “Universal Galactic Networker”
I love bringing webs of galactic connections together!! You are not alone we are AllONE!!
Bhakti Light ✨💗✨


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My Story

Janaki Mayhill grew up in a home where yoga was in her everyday life as a child. From the time, she could walk , she was chanting, meditating and exploring her body & mind.

In 2008, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and she has been advancing her studies faithfully since then, with a focus on Therapeutic yoga. She loves the practical application of Yoga Therapy and she finds that customizing her classes to the individual’s personal requirement and level of growth facilitates a deeper healing of awakening.

For Janaki, yoga is a more than a physical and mindful practice; yoga is a deep connection to our feelings and a oneness with ourselves and all creation, a whole new level of awareness. She believes that when we reintegrate with our heart energy, we are receptive to our deepest feelings. She calls her classes Transformational Heartful Yoga because she believes that our connection to our heart and our feelings allows for real transformation to occur when we stay in our space of love.