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What Is Pediatric Urinary Incontinence or Enuresis? -

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While children under 3 years old will not have control over their bladders, older kids that still have issues with bladder control may have something known as urinary incontinence or enuresis. As a pediatrician, we understand that this issue can be distressing for kids and their parents. Here’


Our office will be closed Wednesday 6/16/21.

If you have a medical emergency please call 911.

Our answering service is available for urgent matters by calling 708-448-2438.

We will be back in the office on Thursday 6/17/21 at 9:00am.


We are currently having issues with our phones. We have a ticket in with our provider and they are working to get us back up ASAP.

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Keeping Up With Your Child's Immunization Schedule -

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We understand that bringing your child in for a shot certainly isn’t fun for anyone, but keeping your child updated on vaccines is one of the most effective ways to protect them against serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. As soon as your child is born, they will begin to get a s


We are looking for recommendations for a carpet cleaning service for our office.

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FAQs about Children's Nutrition -

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When you turn to your pediatrician for nutritional advice or help, they will always take a personalized approach to help your child meet their nutritional goals, whether that’s losing weight, getting more regular activity, or eating a healthier diet. You may have questions about your child&rsq

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Symptoms Of Your Child's Ear Infection -

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Wondering if your child might be dealing with an ear infection? While you will certainly know when you’re dealing with an ear infection; unfortunately kids, particularly newborns and toddlers, can’t tell you that they are experiencing ear pain. Ear infections are incredibly common in y

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Know the Symptoms of Mononucleosis -

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Mono, nicknamed the “kissing disease” because of how easily it spreads from person to person, is a viral infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Pediatricians most often see this infection in teens and it may be mistaken for the flu. While most cases of mono will go away on the

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Bringing Your Child in for Whooping Cough -

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Pertussis, more commonly referred to as whooping cough, is a contagious bacterial infection of the lungs. The nickname comes from the “whooping” sound that occurs when a child breathes. While many people assume that whooping cough is an infection that no longer exists, it’s actuall

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Your Pediatrician's Guide To Thumb-Sucking -

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Reflexively, your baby is born with the ability to suck. It makes sense. After all, your little one must be able to suck to get nutrients, whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Thumb sucking also has the ability to soothe and calm your little one. However, there are moments as your child gets old

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Head Lice And How To Treat It -

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You’ve just received a call from the school: someone in your child’s class has head lice. We know that hearing that your child has or might have head lice can be stressful, but don’t worry. Your pediatrician can help guide you through the best methods for getting rid of pesky head

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When Does My Child Need Stitches? -

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We all know how accident-prone kids can be. They get bruises, bumps, cuts, and scrapes from time and time. Most of the time, these boo-boos are nothing to worry about, but sometimes a cut or laceration may require turning to your pediatrician for stitches. Does your child need stitches? We know it i

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Diabetes in Children -

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In the past, the most common type of diabetes to affect children and teens was type 1 diabetes. This is also referred to as juvenile diabetes. In children with type 1 diabetes, their bodies do not produce insulin, a hormone responsible for helping deliver glucose into the cells. While type 1 diabete


Our office is closed today, Wednesday February 3rd.

If you have a medical emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Our office will be open tomorrow, Thursday February 4th @ 9:00am.

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When Should My Child Get a Tetanus Shot? -

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All children need to get a tetanus shot. When we think of tetanus we often think of rusty nails; however, this bacterium isn’t just found on rusty metal items, it also lives in soil and dirt. If bacteria come in contact with a wound or opening in the skin this can lead to a serious infection.

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Keeping Your Child Safe While Traveling -

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Whether you’re simply taking a weekend trip to visit the grandparents, or you and the family are flying internationally, you must know how to keep everyone healthy and safe while on vacation. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is looking up local hospitals near your hotel in the

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Does My Child Have a Broken Bone? -

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Accidents happen. Perhaps your child hurt themselves falling off their bike or taking a rough tumble down the stairs. In these instances, the first thing you’ll probably do is check your child over for bumps, bruises, and possibly broken bones. It’s important to recognize whether your ch

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Signs of a Pediatric UTI -

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A urinary tract infection isn’t just something that happens to adults. Children can also develop UTIs. Since children are more likely to suffer from kidney damage as a result of a UTI you must see your pediatric doctor right away if you suspect that your child may be dealing with a urinary tra

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Keeping Your Child Safe in the Car -

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You may be surprised to learn that many car seats are not used properly. In fact, around 46 percent of car and booster seats are improperly used, which greatly impacts their efficacy. With car accidents being the leading cause of death in children in the US, parents must know how to keep their child


Our phones are still not working. Our carrier is working on an outage in the area. We do not have an estimate on when they will be back in service.

If you have a medical emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.


We are currently experiencing a phone outage. We have our carrier working on the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have a medical emergency please go to your closest ER or call 911.

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Your Child and Chicken Pox -

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You just got the call from your child’s school: someone in your kid’s class has chickenpox. This highly contagious virus isn’t usually anything to worry about, but it can certainly cause some very unpleasant symptoms for your child, including a terribly red and itchy rash all over

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Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma -

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Asthma is one of the most common chronic disorders that pediatricians diagnose in children and teens. While there is no cure for asthma there are effective ways to manage your child’s symptoms to prevent flare-ups and attacks while also ensuring that they are able to live a full, healthy life.

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Conjunctivitis: What To Know -

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Your child won’t stop rubbing their eyes. They say it’s incredibly itchy. When you go to examine it, you notice their eyes are also bloodshot and inflamed. Oh no, it sounds like conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is often a communicable eye infection that ca


We have our flu shots!
Please call for an appointment.

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Tips to Help Your Child Eat Healthier -

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You want your child to lead a healthy, happy life but it can be difficult if they are picky eaters or only seem to crave junk food. If you’re having trouble making smart nutritional choices when it comes to your kids, your child’s pediatrician can help you create some healthier eating ha

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The Importance Of Preventive Care -

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What parent doesn’t want to protect their child from getting injured or sick? While it will happen at some point, there are certainly ways that both you and your pediatrician can work together to ensure that your child doesn’t have to deal with completely avoidable injuries or illnesses.

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Child Behavior Problems -

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While we may not love it, all kids are going to act up, throw tantrums and be irritable at times; however, if your child is displaying negative actions and behaviors regularly, you may be concerned that there is something more going on. Is your child just “going through a phase” or is th

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Make Sure Your Child Gets Their Regular Check-Ups -

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To ensure that your child grows up healthy and strong, they need to see a pediatrician for regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccines. These well-child visits are incredibly important for your child’s health and wellbeing and begin within the first week after your child is born. Since your ch

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Seeking Help for Your Child's Sports Injuries -

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Regular physical activity is so important for your child’s health. If they have decided to start playing on a sports team this can also be a great way for them to build confidence and socialize. Of course, pediatricians also understand just how important it is to keep your little athlete healt

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How To Brush Your Child's Teeth -

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So, your child’s teeth just started to come in. We know that this can be an exciting milestone for parents. Of course, this also means considering your child’s oral health. Just as you brush and floss your teeth every day, you will now need to begin brushing your child’s teeth. Whi

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When To Get A Vision Test For Your Child -

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Parents want nothing more than their children to be healthy and happy. This applies to every element of their well-being, including their eyes! Your pediatrician recommends that all children receive a comprehensive eye exam by the age of one. These tests detect any problems that require correction.


Our office will only be open for a few hours tomorrow morning, Friday 06/12/2020, due to a planned protest which will shut down college drive. We, unfortunately, will not have any availability for sick visits tomorrow but we will be back in the office on Saturday (06/13/2020) at 9:00am.

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Signs That Your Child May Have Autism -

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that affects how a person views and interacts with the world around them, including other people. In most cases, differences become apparent by the time your child reaches 24 months. Mainly, parents notice behavioral differences and languag

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Signs of Tonsillitis -

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Everyone is born with two tonsils. These are lymph nodes located right in the back of the throat. They help out the immune system by housing important white blood cells. Even so, the tonsils themselves can become infected, which is known as tonsillitis. The tonsils swell up, causing pain and discomf


7600 W. College Dr
Palos Heights, IL


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Miss Jessica Lysaught joined us at the doctor’s office today. Liam is all ready for kindergarten and Madison is ready Pre-K. Dr. Calvert is a great pediatrician!
THANK YOU Drs. Calvert and Cassie, the awesome nursing staff, and everyone else in the office who are just THE BEST! Happy Nurses Week! Thank you for taking us when we are sick and putting yourself at risk to make others well! Be well! ❤️🌈
We thank all the staff for the sacrifice that you and your families make to keep us healthy today and everyday. We are staying home and in our own yard so this can end soon! ❤️ Love Joey & Josh.
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