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We had a fight over which ZeroPoint shrimp recipe was best and you’re the winner: Here are all three. Which gets your vote?

To find these recipes in the WW app:
🔎 “Chile-lime shrimp” (1 Point)
🔎 “Baked shrimp in lemony garlic sauce” (2 Points)
🔎 “Cajun-broiled shrimp by Millie Peartree” (0 Points)


Important discovery: the grilled nuggets at Chick-fil-A are 0 Points (and the Zesty Buffalo Sauce is only 1 Point) 🤯

What other fast food hacks do new WeightWatchers members need to know?


Quick! Before you get sick of it... What's the breakfast you can't start your day without?

We'll get things started: Bacon & Egg Cups 😋🥓


Just 15 more minutes of scrolling before we meal plan for the week. Okay, maybe 20 🙈 Whose videos can you not stop watching? We’ll go first: WW member Makenzie!

To make Makenzie’s Twix Apples, all you need is: apples, sugar-free caramel, sugar-free chocolate, and Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend.


This twist on an OG comfort food is here to give you a vacay from adulthood ✌️


If you’re not putting pickles in your chicken salad… WHY NOT?

🔎 “Chicken salad” to find this in the WW app.


No more wandering aimlessly through the aisles. WW beginners, it’s time to stock 👏 up 👏

Comment what haul you want to see next ⬇️

*Members on the Diabetes Plan should check the WW app for Points values!


Oh hey 👋

Welcome to the fam, WeightWatchers newbies! Any questions we can answer for ya? Seasoned WWers: drop your best tips and what you wish you knew when you started ⬇️


This is the *one* time you should track your ZeroPoint foods so when the universe tries you in 2024, you can bring the receipts📱

We’re right, right? Preeeetty sure we’re right ✌️

We’re right, right? Preeeetty sure we’re right ✌️

DudewithSign is here to remind you that January 1st is on a Monday in 2024... 👀 What are your tips for starting again (t...

DudewithSign is here to remind you that January 1st is on a Monday in 2024... 👀 What are your tips for starting again (that don't suck)?


Not sure who needs to hear this, buuuuut 8 Trader Joe's chicken cilantro mini wontons are only 2 Points, FYI 👀


All in favor of nominating Sarah as our 2024 pregame captain, say aye ✋


SOS we already finished our leftovers… 😭

Show us pics of yours? 👀

Already working on next year’s wishlist… ✍️ What gifts did we miss? 👀

Already working on next year’s wishlist… ✍️ What gifts did we miss? 👀


Gingerbread houses are overrated… we’re making this instead.

🔎 Search “Gingerbread nice cream” to find this in the WW app


You love the Points Program, and so do we! That’s why it’s here to stay. Our Head of Program & Food, Laura Smith, answers some of our members’ recent questions.


Wanna be a hero but *also* spend your morning lounging and drinking coffee? Same.

🔎 “Mushroom-and-Swiss potato breakfast casserole” to find this in the WW app.


Each is special in its own way. Introducing two new WeightWatchers solutions to support those living with obesity. (Not shown: our OG birkins—the WeightWatchers Points and Diabetes Programs)


How many veggies is too many in soup? The limit does not exist.

🔎 “Fresh vegetable soup” to find this in the WW app.


These are kinda sweet and a little nutty—just like our family holiday parties. 🤪 Who can relate?


Not a typo! You really do get 8 (!!!!) pancakes for only 1 Point.

🔎 “Banana lover’s pancakes” to find these in the WW app

*For members on the Diabetes Program, these are 4 Points


First, know that the Points Program is NOT changing. Second, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is spot-on: For those taking GLP-1 meds, the missing 🧩 has been a program that address their unique needs. So we built it.


It’s time to fix the problem, not be part of it. We’re fighting back against the myths, the bias, and allll the other BS around obesity. Our Truth Serum Coffee Cart is coming in HOT.

If you’re in NYC, meet us this Thursday on 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus at 10 am EST. Your caffeine fix with extra shots of hard facts is on us.



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